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Commentary:  Due to rules put in place by the Obama Administration, it limited the number of things the Republicans could put in the FIRST PHASE of their new Healthcare Plan.  TWO MORE PHASES remain and many more additions and revisions will be incorporated in it before it is finalized and put to a vote in both Houses of Congress.  Ignore the negativity coming from the Democrats and their mentally twisted allies in the press.  As this Republican Health Care bill unfolds, we will see the great improvements it has over the disastrous Obamacare plan.  vtb

Introducing the American Health Care Act - "We're delivering on our promises to repeal and replace Obamacare with President Trump's proposed health care reforms."

7 Best Things About the American Health Care Act - "By repealing and replacing Obamacare with the AHCA, we’re offering the American people freedom, protection, and compassion."


President Barack Obama's Complete List of Historic Firsts [Updated periodically] - Morally corrupt Obama's acts of "treason" against the American public.

Let's Make America Great Again, Together - "The Movement Continues - The Work Begins!" - President Donald J. Trump


MUST SEE VIDEO!  Hermit of Loreto’s 1980s Premonition about President Trump - "In this VIDEO, Father Capoverde shares an amazing premonition this Hermit of Loreto had all the way back in the 1980s about Donald J. Trump. Please watch as Father shares this incredible story."


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"The Prime Minister was seen in the voting lobby at the time of the attack - she was bundled into a car and rushed from the scene with official sources saying she is unharmed."

BAD ADVICE FROM POPE FRANCIS: "It is not licit for the faithful by any manner to assist actively or to have a part in the sacred [rites] of non-Catholics (Canon 1258 §1).  Whoever in any manner willingly and knowingly helps in the promulgation of heresy, or who communicates in things divine [=assists at sacred rites] with heretics against the prescription of Canon 1258, is suspected of heresy (Canon 2316)."

"When you're CNN, you publish annual articles suggesting Jesus never existed. It's what you do."

"..a marble slab covering the rock-carved tomb was lifted for the first time in more than two centuries, allowing restoration workers to examine the original rock shelf or “burial bed” on which Jesus’s body is thought to have rested. A small window has been cut into marble slabs to allow pilgrims a glimpse of the rock."

"In the new edition of my book Unveiling the Apocalypse: The Final Passover of the Church, I attempt to show how the apparitions which took place at Knock, in County Mayo in Ireland in 1879, were intended to announce the opening of the scroll sealed with seven seals described in the Apocalypse."

"Members of the intelligence community "incidentally collected" communications from the Trump transition team during legal surveillance operations of foreign targets, a top Republican lawmaker said Wednesday afternoon."

"By leaving in place Obama political appointees President Trump risks that these people will work to undermine his stated agenda."
Commentary:  We need to be more patient. Trump inherited a huge mess, and we have to give him time to unwind it, one step at a time. vtb
Some readers felt as though Obama was being too cautious:
"His actions are questionable...His daughter will be graduating soon. so why all the gates walls etc. especially when he would not secure Our border. but wants his property secured," one reader commented.

"Clean energy companies will face setbacks from much less R&D support, while oil and gas companies are optimistic about the gutting of environmental regulation."
Commentary: The need for a military build-up is a greater priority and therefore, Trump's budget makes a lot of sense. vtb

".. the Democrats appear petty and partisan, while Judge Gorsuch is acquitting himself with eloquence, dignity and wit. Over and over again, Judge Gorsuch stressed his fealty to the law, including to the Constitution.

“Many of these same critics have spent the last eight years attacking the Little Sisters of the Poor,” Cruz continued, “a Catholic charity of nuns for having the audacity to live according to their deeply held religious beliefs.”  You really need to take a long look in the mirror if one day you find yourself attacking nuns, attacking the Little Sisters of the Poor, and the next day, you find yourself orating on the need to protect the little guy."

"The new directive is not an offshoot of xenophobia or hatred towards Muslims, but rather a conducted consensus of American Intelligence officials proving that terrorists from the Islamic State and Al Qaeda are becoming more persistent in their attempts to illegally import explosive devices via electronic machines such as laptops, tablets, printers, etc. The President has a duty to shield this nation from foreign (and domestic) threats. As of now, this means enhancing security measures from countries that may pose a security risk, even if that hurts some people’s feelings. Discontentment is preferable to lost lives that could have been saved by partaking in the proper course of action."

"The defunding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is long past overdue. No president, including Ronald Reagan, has seriously pushed an immediate winding down of this corrupt and outdated waste of taxpayer funds. Who would have ever imagined that Donald Trump would be the first to do it?"

"Future prospects for the unity of the church are grim. This episode has sent a clear message to conservative Anglo-Catholics that they are not wanted. The same logic that barred North from his diocesan post will surely be applied to suffragans before long."

"The whole Democratic narrative may be collapsing. As of today, there is still no proof whatsoever of collusion between Trump and the Russians, despite an ongoing investigation since last July. But there's plenty of evidence that the Democrats have pushed a false narrative for reasons of political gain."


"Never, absolutely never, has a Pope lent his name to such a radical deviation from the Church’s constant teaching and intrinsically related practice. The sham of “discernment” clearly pertains to the situation of which Sister Lucia warned Cardinal Caffarra: “[T]he final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family.”

"Rejecting Mika Brzezinski’s suggestion that Comey was “compelled” to make the revelation, Halperin added that Comey “says the standard is, if the public is interested in something, I’ll reveal an ongoing probe. I’ve never heard of this standard. I think it’s a dangerous one to set.”

"Paul Manafort said he “had no involvement” in Russia’s intervention in the 2016 presidential elections, including its email hacking of prominent Democratic groups and figures, and never spoke to Russian officials who claimed to be involved."

"FBI Director, James Comey:  “With respect to the president’s tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, I have no information that supports those tweets.”  That statement, of course, has been reported loud and long by every fake outlet of the fake news media...Mr. Comey went on to say that his initial statement does not preclude the possibility that “other surveillance methods” were used against Trump and his staff, both before and after the election.  That statement, of course, has been roundly ignored by pretty much every fake outlet of the fake news media."

Commentary: To call James Comey "bi-polar" makes the writer of the above article as bad or worse than the man he is criticizing.  Name calling is very immature and does not belong in any form of journalism.  vtb

"...the core claim underlying Trump’s tweets is true: people acting on the authority of Obama opened an investigation into Trump’s campaign, then criminally leaked mention of it to friendly news outlets in an attempt to derail his election. When is Obama going to apologize for that?"

"One source said superiors in the Uniformed Division told Secret Service personnel to remove the sensors and piece them together for use elsewhere. They were never replaced."

Republicans had a far more positive view of their own party, with 79 percent saying they had a favorable view of the GOP. Only 65 percent of Democrats had a favorable view of their own party."

"Documents obtained by a government watchdog show that the originator of the “After School Satan Club” received speedy tax-exempt status while conservative groups were stuck in bureaucratic red tape under the Obama administration."

"..the left has recently stepped up the humiliation offensive on their eternal enemies, the racists, the sexists, and the homophobes. That is how I interpret the judicial effort to humiliate President Trump and his effort to reduce the jihadi quotient from certain Middle Eastern nations."

"Canada is slated to accept just 7,500 refugees this year, less than half the number they accepted last year. Even a liberal government in a liberal country isn’t immune to immigration politics. Trudeau can read the news dispatches from Europe as well as you or I can."

"President Trump has nowhere near the mastery of the language of someone like Churchill or Reagan, he’s brilliant in keeping his message simple and Anglo-Saxon: bad, good, amazing, huge, sad, great, jobs, deal, wall.  And so connects with his friends."

"Obama is very careful to launch dirty attacks without getting any on his hands. The insults are anonymously sourced. The retaliation comes out of the bowels of the bureaucracy. And he only finds out about it from the media. That allows him to retain what he cares about most: his popularity.  Obama and his people like to think that their dishonesty is a superpower. They pat themselves on the back for stabbing everyone else in theirs."

"U.S. attorneys are all political appointees who serve at the pleasure of the president. They are routinely replaced when a new president, particularly of the opposite party, takes office."

"But Republicans had a far more positive view of their own party, with 79 percent saying they had a favorable view of the GOP. Only 65 percent of Democrats had a favorable view of their own party."

"This is a budget plan that will surgically remove trillions of dollars of wasteful spending from the obese $3.9 trillion federal budget. Many agencies will have to live with cuts of 5, 10 and 30 percent, while other outdated, duplicative or unproductive programs will go to the graveyard."


Judges impartial?  Not in today's liberal thinking world.

Our veterans need all the help they can get.  Their sacrifices for our country must not be forgotten.

Pope Francis routinely indirectly criticizes President Trump and others who appeal to the general population.  However, he, himself is constantly seeking to do things that are popular.  Thus, he contradicts himself.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn is attempting to "water down" traditional Church teachings on adultery to appeal to the pope and others who are in favor of using the same tactics.

In today's confused world all sorts of beliefs are being redefined to suit a liberal audience.  Among them is a new definition of "compassion."

Satan has a huge following among those favoring killing human beings thorough abortions.

A ridiculous investigation.  Who cares if someone spoke with an Russian Ambassador or anyone else in the Kremlin.  The fact remains that there is no way Russia could dramatically influence the outcome of a Presidential election.  Conservative websites do not influence voters anymore than liberal websites.  Actually, since there are far more liberal websites, they potentially have the greater influence.  This so-called "investigation" appears to be more politically motivated than anything else. 

"FBI Director James Comey could do no wrong in his eyes yesterday on Capitol Hill.  He was so full of himself and so cocky, I am sure he thought he was bulletproof.  But I would say to him, you failed to tell the truth and the full truth; thus, you failed, Director Comey."

…”when did you notify the White House, the DNI and congressional leadership”?
BOOM!  Watch an extremely uncomfortable Director James Comey outright LIE… by claiming there was no active DNI -which is entirely false- James Clapper was Obama’s DNI."

"What is with the pope as the head of the Catholic Church commemorating the Reformation in the "We" modality?  Luther wanted to replace the "devilish" Pope's Church at least in the "German nation" by his new-believing church. The result was the division and separation of his community from the Church."

"US President Donald Trump repeatedly rebukes the media for "dishonest" coverage and "fake news."  Despite its fury over the accusations, however, the press continues to prove him right -- albeit inadvertently."

"These figures mirror “hate crime” statistics in the US and Europe, where antisemitic hate crimes far outpace all others. Here in the States, anti-Jewish hate crime is almost triple anti-Muslim hate crime, but enemedia, academic and cultural elites bang the “Islamophobia” drum daily, and never more than after a jihad attack."

"A  video from late last year which has garnered more than a half a million views displays half an hour of alarming footage of the European Islamic migrant crisis and warns, "Witness the gradual collapse of Europe."

"It was a year ago the U.S. declared ISIS guilty of genocide in the Middle East. Little has changed since then. The junior senator from Oklahoma says President Trump can begin helping by naming an ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom."

Many Democrats talk about "religion" but most rarely practice it.


The truth no longer matters with some people, only their feelings matter.  They convince themselves that if they tell a lie often enough, it will become the "truth."  Thus, they only fool themselves.

You cannot change your the sex you were born with.  You may change the "cover," but your DNA reveals your cannot change the insides of the "book."

Almighty God created each of us for a purpose.  Keeping our conscience clear is the first step in finding out who we are and why we are here.  No sin is too big to not be forgiven by our Lord.  If confused, talk out your problems with a good priest and you will find peace.

The Lord's blessings come in many differnt ways. For some, to remain blind is a great blessing because they are able to experience interior spiritual things people with sight cannot. With God, no one is disabled,  He sees our soul, and not any bodily imperfections we have.  In Heaven our body will be "perfect" for all eternity.  What old age or any other deformity has done to our body here on earth will no longer exist in Heaven. This a great lesson we must constantly learn & re-learn.

Love can, and does heal.  To feel love from others, first we have to give them our love, and forgiveness is a large part of it. This makes life so much easier.

Beautiful Irish songs.  Danny Boy is especially emotional for me since I lost my son from a stroke on July 15, 2016 at age 47.  However, I know he led a good life and was greatly loved by many people, and that along with the fact that many, many other families have lost someone very dear to them and have carried on with hope in their hearts, gives me comfort.

President Trump is living up to his campaign promises, although much of the so-called "mainstream" media will not acknowledge it.  Therefore, it is best to not watch or listen to their biased broadcasts.

A beautiful prayer from the United States Conference of Bishops

Catholic writer Flannery O’Connor, using rather blunt language, tells it like it is.  But how many in the Church will hear him, and among those that do, will they take some form of peaceful, intelligent action?

A liar attempts to destroy the reputation of a good woman simply because she sees the good Trump is doing.  A typical dirty tactic of the dysfunctional Left-Wingers whose lives are lacking peace due to their many sins.

Although prudence is always a requirement for any type of investigation, when you delay an investigation in order to "protect" the guilty, it becomes a scandal. 

Cardinal Marx is having a very difficult time attempting to explain and justify some of the thinking and actions of Pope Francis, and he is not being very convincing. 

Trump makes more sense on this issue than many bishops, and even the pope.  To attack the character of a man like Trump who is only trying to do his duty and protect Americans is playing dirty politics.  Trump is not against immigration, he only wants immigrants to come into our country LEGALLY.  This is only common sense.  The self-righteous Left that have infiltrated even into the Church, should remember that a day will come when they will face the punishment God has reserved for those who fail to practice charity.

True faith is not affected by the atheism preached by some in the scientific community.  Let them believe what they choose to believe.  Many scientists place their beliefs in theories and assumptions that are without any factual basis. Their intellect is focused on what might have been, and their search for the truth is clouded by their intellectual pride.

The Church in Italy has become liberalized, much like the Church has in other nations of the West, although some question if Italy is truly part of the "West."  For Russia to be more concerned about the moral implications of a homosexual scene in this movie than the Bishops in Italy are, shows us just how deep into the filthy mud parts of the Catholic Church has  sunk.

"Devout" is an often misused word when describing someone seen as "deeply religious."  When you are truly devout you have a relationship with God that brings you peace and you practice charity.  Rather than describing someone as "devout" who is involved in killing people or any other type of immorality,  a better, more accurate description would be, "mentally twisted." 

A welcomed new book that teaches the danger of porn to offset the approval of porn as given to us by those who love the world far more than they love Almighty God, that is, if they have any love at all for Him.

ABC again confirms it is run by sick minded immoral executives who choose to promote trash that many Americans find totally immoral.  However, we also continue to learn that homosexuals are not content to live out their lives in a private manner, they want more and more people to not only accept their lifestyle, but desire that more misguided Americans, especially our  young, join them and become "one of them."

How far Google will go with its censorship remains to be seen.  While it appears to have some merit, why are pornographic  sites still allowed on Google?  Unfortunately, there is a great deal of money involved, and for worldly organization like Google, money has a very loud voice in their executive decisions.

Sadly, many people are addicted to eating an excessive amount of food and cannot find the time, or have the will to exercise.  This is due, in a large part, to the almost daily anxieties they are experiencing.  For these poor souls, life has become very difficult and they have lost hope that things will ever change.  This is where their faith, or lack of faith comes in.  In many cases, their relationship with the Lord has become weak, or is almost non-existent, and until they find their way back to Him, things will continue to look hopeless. 

Very true, however many people today don't really care how long they live.  As mentioned in the above commentary, their lives are difficult and they are unaware of their need to put God first in their lives.   The best response is prayer, especially from family members.

The sore losers continue to go on a rampage, and their frustrations continue to grow.  Many Democrats do not know what it is to be a good person.  They are filled with hate and want "revenge" in any way they can get it.  What a pitiful group of people they have become!

This type of positive news will not reach very many voters due to the censorship employed by major news outlets, but there is a smaller, but very vocal number of conservativss that WILL make it known.

Trump's voice is being heard and some leaders of the nations of the G-20 don't like it, and some do not understand his determination to "shake up" what was previously a superficial agreement between the members of the G-20.


Finally the voices of truly fair judges came out with a clear condemnation of the 3 member panel of judges who unfairly ruled against President Trump's temporary travel ban.  This is very helpful in restoring our nation's confidence in our justice system, although there no doubt are many other poor judges still on the loose.

More nonsense from the defenders of Amoris Laetitia.  Ignored is the divisions and confusion created by Pope Francis due to his lack of clarity in the writing of that document.  It should not take "interpreters" to explain what the Pope meant.  Statements coming from the Supreme Pontiff should always be clear and to the point. 

The title of this article speaks for itself.

Another attempt to justify immigration as if countries don't already know this.  However, "using" St. Patrick in your argument is going too far. Not mentioned of course, is the violence caused by immigrants who are not properly vetted, and the need for immigrants to come into other countries legally. There is a definite lack of balance in Archbishop Martin's weak "sermon."

Not a complete story, but St. Patrick gives us enough glimes of his Mission and faith to make it very interesting.

More interesting information about this great saint.  He even endured a great scandal that turned his fellow bishops against him.

How amazing it is to think that anyone could live only on the Eucharist!  This again confirms the sanctifying grace and the blessings that come to us if we receive Christ in a worthy  manner.

This is a 3 part series with live support and has loads of good information for caregivers.

Not good news as far as White House security.  Hopefully this "lesson" will eliminate any future attempts from suspicious characters. A very embarrassing situation for the Secret Service.

Catholic bishops are deaf to this kind of news in-so-far as tying it to immigration.  They preach "love" for immigrants without looking at the need for Americans to feel protected.  How many terrorists attacks in the U.S. must take place before our bishops (and Pope Francis) realize their lack of honesty regarding illegal or uncontrolled mass immigration?

There is a huge "fear factor" that greatly influences that "silence."  ISIS knows that Trump would intensify military actions against them and make it even more difficult for them to infiltrate into the U.S. with regular immigrants who simply want to live the lifestyles and enjoy the opportunities offered here.


Ironically, that sign was up for 10 months with no complaints until NBC got wind of the story.  NBC is not noted for being "fair & balanced" as they are easily identified as simply another arm  of the immoral Democratic Party.

This is not a very pleasant story, but it is revealing concerning the type thinking coming from a minority of Muslims. Of course, you will not see it on the major news networks.

The laity, especially those who have been to Medjugoje are not worried about its authenticity.  It is the lack of faith among those investigating this holy place that have people worried.

The ROSARY and MARY are our most powerful weapons since Satan hates and fears them.  However, frequent CONFESSION and receiving HOLY COMMUNION worthily, are the other two necessary parts of our spiritual armour.  They too draw fear from the many devils that are constantly on the prowl for souls so that they may drag them into Hell.

It is always good to read labels and be cautious about anything containing artificial ingredients or overdosing on natural herbs or vitamins because that too can be very harmful.

Public Television has plenty of sponsors and does not need money from tax payers to survive.  Their programing can be very good, but they also allow profanity in the movies they broadcast and have a number of shows that are atheistic in nature, as well as a number of Left-leaning programs. They have a number of appeals to viewers that bring in a fair amount of money, so they will no be hurting too much, if at all.

Obama never did get along with Putin.  Basically, because Putin could see right through his hypocrisy and his lack of experience in dealing with foreign affairs, and Obama knew it.  Obama's ugly pride more than any other factor, contributed to the poor relations between Russia and the United State.  

These judges were playing politics rather than going by the powers given to the President in the Constitution.  No other issue should have been brought into their decision except what the Constitution reads. This was a very unfair decision by two unelected federal judges who if the law allows should be removed from the bench.

The confusion over this issue will continue until Pope Francis clarifies his position.  Sadly, it does not look like that is going to happen.

According to every phone book I have looked at, Catholic parishes are not listed under the heading of "Christian Churches."  If that were corrected it would be a big step in clearing up that mistaken idea.  

Cardinal Nichols unwisely defends Pope Francis on this issue. Why did Francis bring up this issue at all if it won't happen?  All Pope Francis is succeeding in doing is creating more false hopes and/or confusion in the Church, especially among priests.


The existence of human life on other planets is completely against the Sacred Scriptures.  CHRIST suffered, died, and was resurrected ONCE for all of mankind that has existed on earth since Adam and Eve.  No where in the Gospels or the Old Testament is there any mention of life in any other place but here on earth.  

History shows that King Henry VIII was not a good person. Therefore, the question remains, why would anybody in his or her right mind follow his brand of "religion"?

Go again to Confession, but with a different priest and explain to him your concerns is the best solution.  Also, before you go to Confession try to remember to ask our LORD to guide his priest so that you will receive GOD'S WORD for your soul.  In addition, pray for that priest who caused you so much anxiety, this will bring you peace.

The answer is simple. Confront them and ask them to repent of their sin and the scandal it causes, if not excommunicate them.  But what bishop has the courage and faith to do this?  Therefore they have the GREATER SIN by participating in the scandal and allowing it.

Misleading title - there is no "discrimination" involved.  It should remain a freedom of choice for any employer or any other citizen to refuse to be associated with someone who practices an immoral lifestyle.  This is part of "freedom of religion" and should remain so. Those who disagree are the ones who are guilty of discrimination.

The sufferings of JESUS were so deep and intense that words cannot adequately describe them.  Yet, in today's Church, they are passed over in order for Catholics to have a "good time" at what has become a "social event" rather than the solemn, Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This is a great scandal, but is allowed by most bishops and many, many priests.

Francis appears to be very good at rewriting Church history to suit his own agenda.  However, he is getting away with it as very few bishops or cardinals are challenging those beliefs.

Very true, since St. Padre Pio declared that Luther was in Hell.

Changing or revising the truths taught by the Church to "appease" other religions for the sake of "unity" was wrong, and it continues to be very wrong.  But it remains a goal of a growing portion of the clergy in the Church.

For those who believe in God, no further proof is needed.  For those who do not believe in God, no proof is satisfactory.  

As the number of grave sins grows, Satan becomes more powerful.  We receive what we deserve.  Only our faith in CHRIST and His CHURCH will bring us the peace we desire.

A Grand Jury & Justice Dept. Federal investigation proved the police to be innocent and a robbery did in fact take place.  Despite all this proof, liars continue to believe the opposite.  This again shows that you cannot reason with unreasonable people.

Ireland is deep into the ways of the world.  St. Patrick would be very disappointed to see its moral decay.  However, prayers can be very powerful, so there is always hope, for nothing is impossible with God.

We must never forget what JESUS has done for us because of His great and immense love.

Experienced Christian teachers can be trusted to properly guide oor children.

It is about time pro-life Trump gets the credit he deserves.  Not only from the press and Democrats, but also from the Vatican.

"What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder" is the main reason.  Unfortunately, many couples are not brought together by the Lord, but by their own wills and uncontrollable passion.  

If approved, it could be a HUGE MISTAKE.  Once you open this door, many other priests are going to request that they too be allowed to marry.  Most Protestant Ministers are married, and their ministry is much more difficult and the number of sexual abuse cases involving minors is as great, if not greater than in the Catholic Church.  The main difference is they are not publicized.  St Paul gave us good advice when he explained the benefits of remaining single, especially in the priesthood.  The life of a priest and his ministry should be TOTALLY dedicated to the LORD, and they cannot do this if married.

We all need reminders from time to time.

An amazing story that helps restore the faith of those who feel they have lost much of it.

242 - Bahamas
246 - Barbados
264 - Anguilla
268 - Antigua
284 - British Virgin Islands
345 - Cayman Islands
441 - Bermuda
473 - Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique
649 - Turks and Caicos
664 - Montserrat
721 - St. Maarten
758 - St. Lucia
767 - Dominica
784 - St. Vincent and Grenadines
809, 829, and 849 - Dominican Republic
868 - Trinidad and Tobago 
869 - St. Kitts and Nevis
876 - Jamaica

It may not be "politically correct" to post this article, but Americans have the right to decide for themselves what is necessary and educational.  

What a humble saint!  We could learn a great deal from her in today's world which is filled with proud men and women.

No more freedom of speech on Facebook or Twitter that shows its members the killing and violence being committed by Muslims.

Love truly did conquer all with these loving parents.

Contrary to her belief on the matter of faith, it actually comes about through our will and intellect.

This is not something those who believe in the "right to kill" an unborn human being would want the public to know.

This is being done with the approval of Pope Francis who to date has not admonished those liberals in the Church who are involved with those lies and attacks against a truly good man.  

Pope Francis apparently does not care for anyone who has conservative or traditional values.  Therefore Cardinal Burke and President Trump are not on his "best friends" list.  Francis wants things his way and even goes to the extreme of calling them "populists," although this description fits him to a greater degree than Burke or Trump.

Why was it necessary for a group of cardinals to express their "support" for the pope unless there is a movement that is gaining strength in its efforts to oppose his at times, irrational thinking?

Pope Francis, without question, already is already DIVISIVE and has caused untold harm to the unity of the Church.


A severe betrayal and erosion of Catholic values started with the revisions to the Mass in the 1960's.

It is ironic that the Holy Bible teaches us that when you do the LORD'S WORK, you will be persecuted.  However, rather than Pope Francis, the persecution is being felt by President Trump and Pope Francis is contributing to it.

Withholding federal funds has a way of restoring common sense to local and state politicians who have lost it.

Far Left Democrats, who are guilty of approving of the mass murder of millions of unborn human beings, are morally unfit to represent or lead our country in any capacity.

One of the consequences of a sinful lifestyle.

In today's world, and even in the Church, we are being asked to "tolerate" evil using a false definition of "Mercy" that ignores JUSTICE and SIN.

Correction: It is not "Christian" to be critical of a country that has the right to protect itself, nor is it Christian to encourage and approve of illegal immigrants breaking the border laws of another country.

It is hypocritical to claim it to be a "Reformation" when it resulted in divisions, confusion, and hundreds (if not thousands) of new doctrines, Bible interpretations and questionable teachings. 

Europeans complain to their government leaders about too many Muslims, but fail to complain to their bishops about the decline of Christianity.

This is either a poor translation or a poor manner of explaining such a grave subject.  A more simple and plain way of expressing his thoughts would have been far more beneficial to the general public.  

Democrats have been spreading these lies for months without any evidence to support their foolish claims.

This fact will never be printed or heard on T.V. through the main street news media.


(Political, Social & Spiritual News)

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"We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through.   I do not think that wide circles of American society or wide circles of the Christian community realize this fully.  We are now facing the FINAL confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel."

---Karol Cardinal Wojtyla (St. Pope John Paul II), November 9, 1976

Although many believe we are not actually in the "End Times," but at the beginning of the End Times, it is not hard to see the similarities of the things that are happening today, versus what has been Prophesied: 

"Know also this, that, in the LAST DAYS, shall come dangerous times.  Men shall be lovers of themselves, covetous, haughty, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, wicked.  Without affection, without peace, slanderers, incontinent, unmerciful, without kindness. Traitors, stubborn, puffed up, and lovers of pleasures more than of GodHaving an appearance indeed of godliness, but denying the power thereof.  Now these (people) AVOID." (2 Timothy 3:1) 

See:  The State of the Church  (Internal link - backspace to return}

"Today I have set before you life and prosperity, death and doom … 
I call heaven and earth today to witness against you I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse"  (Dt 30:15, 20).

The Third Secret of Fatima &  Our Lady of Akita, Japan Messages - "The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, and bishops against other bishops."

Commentary:  As you may be aware, this is happening now as shown in a number of the below reports.  vtb

The Shrine of Our Lady of Loreto in Italy
- Contains Mary's original house.


Also see:  

Demystifying the Pope Francis Enigma - "Many of Francis’ pronouncements do not have the binding authority of obligatory teaching; i.e., they are not “magisterium” in the proper sense of the term—people are free to listen and pay attention or not, free to let themselves be challenged, motivated, or convinced. The Holy Father’s language touches the hearts of many, perhaps more than their minds—and presumably this is precisely the pope’s intention. He does not offer refined analysis, carefully weighing all aspects in order to arrive at affirmations that are beyond criticism. What he wants to do is surprise, challenge, provoke, or reassure, console, and support."

Commentary: The above explanation does not excuse Pope Francis from clarifying his statements for the good of the Church and for the good of those outside the Church, rather than remaining silent and causing confusion as to exactly where his positions are on certain grave moral issues.  In addition, it does not excuse him from failing to correct cardinals and bishops with radical liberal views that vary from Church doctrines and traditional teachings

While I admire much of what Pope Francis says about spiritual things, and many of his writings and works involving compassion, I cannot give my approval to the divisions and confusion he is causing.  Therefore, within some of the below CATHOLIC REPORTS I have brought to the attention of the public and those within the Church some of the scandal he has created, and continues to create, knowingly or unknowingly.  However, also following God's Holy Will, he continues to remain in my daily prayers, along with all the clergy and members of religious orders in the Church, so that it will again become One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. 

"(May) the God of patience and of comfort grant you to be of ONE MIND
 towards another, according to Jesus Christ"
Romans 15:5

Vincent T. Bemowski - Editor: Catholic Messages


Quotes Against Sodomy From Catholic Saints

Saint Jerome (340-420)

“And Sodom and Gomorrah might have appeased it [God’s wrath], had they been willing to repent, and through the aid of fasting gain for themselves tears of repentance.”

Saint John Chrysostom (347-407)

For such is the burning of Sodom, and that conflagration!
"Consider how great is that sin, to have forced hell to appear even before its time!… For that rain was unwonted, for the intercourse was contrary to nature, and it deluged the land, since lust had done so with their souls. Wherefore also the rain was the opposite of the customary rain. Now not only did it fail to stir up the womb of the earth to the production of fruits, but made it even useless for the reception of seed.

For such was also the intercourse of the men, making a body of this sort more worthless than the very land of Sodom. And what is there more detestable than a man who hath pandered himself, or what more execrable?

Saint Augustine (354-430)

Pope Saint Gregory I is called “the Great.” He is both Father and Doctor of the Church. He introduced Gregorian chant into the Church. He organized England’s conversion, sending Saint Augustine of Canterbury and many Benedictine monks there.

"Sacred Scripture itself confirms that sulfur evokes the stench of the flesh, as it speaks of the rain of fire and sulfur poured upon Sodom by the Lord. He had decided to punish Sodom for the crimes of the flesh, and the very type of punishment he chose emphasized the shame of that crime. For sulfur stinks, and fire burns. So it was just that Sodomites, burning with perverse desires arising from the flesh like stench, should perish by fire and sulfur so that through this just punishment they would realize the evil they had committed, led by a perverse desire."

Saint Peter Damian (1007-1072)

"Truly, this vice is never to be compared with any other vice because it surpasses the enormity of all vices.… It defiles everything, stains everything, pollutes everything. And as for itself, it permits nothing pure, nothing clean, nothing other than filth.…

"The miserable flesh burns with the heat of lust; the cold mind trembles with the rancor of suspicion; and in the heart of the miserable man chaos boils like Tartarus [Hell]…. In fact, after this most poisonous serpent once sinks its fangs into the unhappy soul, sense is snatched away, memory is borne off, the sharpness of the mind is obscured. It becomes unmindful of God and even forgetful of itself.

This plague undermines the foundation of faith, weakens the strength of hope, destroys the bond of charity; it takes away justice, subverts fortitude, banishes temperance, blunts the keenness of prudence.

"And what more should I say since it expels the whole host of the virtues from the chamber of the human heart and introduces every barbarous vice as if the bolts of the doors were pulled out."

Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)

Saint Catherine, a great mystic and Doctor of the Church, lived in troubled times. The Papacy was in exile at Avignon, France. She was instrumental in bringing the Popes back to Rome. Her famous Dialogues are written as if dictated by God Himself:

"But they act in a contrary way, for they come full of impurity to this mystery, and not only of that impurity to which, through the fragility of your weak nature, you are all naturally inclined (although reason, when free will permits, can quiet the rebellion of nature), but these wretches not only do not bridle this fragility, but do worse, committing that accursed sin against nature, and as blind and fools, with the light of their intellect darkened, they do not know the stench and misery in which they are.

It is not only that this sin stinks before me, who am the Supreme and Eternal Truth, it does indeed displease me so much and I hold it in such abomination that for it alone I buried five cities by a divine judgment, my divine justice being no longer able to endure it. This sin not only displeases me as I have said, but also the devils whom these wretches have made their masters. Not that the evil displeases them because they like anything good, but because their nature was originally angelic, and their angelic nature causes them to loathe the sight of the actual commission of this enormous sin.

Saint Bernardine of Siena (1380-1444)

"No sin in the world grips the soul as the accursed sodomy; this sin has always been detested by all those who live according to God.… Deviant passion is close to madness; this vice disturbs the intellect, destroys elevation and generosity of soul, brings the mind down from great thoughts to the lowliest, makes the person slothful, irascible, obstinate and obdurate, servile and soft and incapable of anything; furthermore, agitated by an insatiable craving for pleasure, the person follows not reason but frenzy.…

They become blind and, when their thoughts should soar to high and great things, they are broken down and reduced to vile and useless and putrid things, which could never make them happy.... Just as people participate in the glory of God in different degrees, so also in hell some suffer more than others. He who lived with this vice of sodomy suffers more than another, for this is the greatest sin."

Saint Peter Canisius (1521-1597)

"As the Sacred Scripture says, the Sodomites were wicked and exceedingly sinful. Saint Peter and Saint Paul condemn this nefarious and depraved sin.

In fact, the Scripture denounces this enormous indecency thus: 'The scandal of Sodomites and Gomorrhans has multiplied and their sins have become grave beyond measure.' So the angels said to just Lot, who totally abhorred the depravity of the Sodomites: 'Let us leave this city....' Holy Scripture does not fail to mention the causes that led the Sodomites, and can also lead others, to this most grievous sin.

In fact, in Ezechiel we read: 'Behold this was the iniquity of Sodom: pride, fullness of bread, and abundance, and the idleness of her, and of her daughters: and they did not put forth their hand to the needy, and the poor. And they were lifted up, and committed abominations before me; and I took them away as thou hast seen' (Ezech. 16: 49-50). 

Those unashamed of violating divine and natural law are slaves of this never sufficiently execrated depravity."
(Taken from Defending A Higher Law: Why We Must Resist Same-Sex "Marriage" and the Homosexual Movement) — with Ai Syl Rose.

The Priest (Father Scheier) who spoke with Jesus Christ! - A Must See Video!! - "We are living the Book of Revelation."

Father Steven Scheier Judgment Experience - SECOND interview with Mother Angelica

Booklet: Part 2 - "The Messages to the Churches"  Although these Messages are primarily intended for those of the Catholic Faith, they of course apply equally to  Shepherds & people of every Faith.  (Internal link - backspace to return)

(Internal link - backspace to return)

THE MANSIONS OF THE LORD (MUSIC VIDEO) - Beautiful tribute to our fallen soldiers! (Includes additional videos).  As a veteran, (Berlin Wall Crisis - Vietnam) it brought tears to my eyes when I thought about the sufferings of my fallen brothers and their families.  I hope it also touches your heart!  ----Vincent T. Bemowski

What Did the Saints Say about Islam? - "The hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you, will think that he doth a service to God.  And these things will they do to you because they have not known the Father, nor me.  But these things I have told you, that when the hour shall come, you may remember that I told you of them."  (John 16:2-4)

Commentary:  We must not be fooled or be naive about Islam.  Although there are many good Muslims, as we are experiencing, things change rapidly when they are in the majority, rather than the minority.  Muslims are strongly influenced by their religious leaders who control their country or the region they occupy. 

Unfortunately, many of their leaders are basically radical in their beliefs and have no conscience when it comes to persecuting, torturing, or killing those of other Faiths who choose not to convert to their Islamic religion.  However, as we have experienced, even when Muslims are in the minority, radical elements of their population will commit grave acts of terrorism.    vtb


There is nothing wrong with sharing your opinions with family and friends through "round table" discussions or emails, but when you form an organization without proper spiritual advisers and then publicly make known opinions that may not correspond to Church teachings, you are creating scandal, and that is not to be taken lightly.  Never rely solely on lay people.  There are many conservative cardinals and bishops (Cardinal Burke, etc.) who by their example of obedience and loyalty to the Church, that will provide you with the correct manner of expressing your opinions.  If you don't do this you will quickly lose your "moral credentials" and do more damage to your cause than good.  
Yes, there are many liturgical abuses being committed by the clergy in relation to how they "pray" the new Mass and/or ignore the Traditional Latin Mass.  However, the Lord knows this and those lax priests and bishops will face a severe judgment if they do not change.  Holy Mass is the center of our faith, and when it is prayed poorly or "staged" to appear like a "social event," this causes many people (especially our youth) to lose respect for our priests and bishops.  Therefore, the young drift away from attending Mass as soon as they reach adulthood.  The Commandments become "up-for-grabs" and are viewed as "options" and not as true Commandments from the Lord

Knowledge of what is going on in the Church and of the Word of God no longer becomes a priority, and people drift into a spiritually lukewarm state without realizing the harm it causes their souls or the souls of others.  Then, not only the Church, but all mankind suffers the consequences resulting in wars, persecutions, riots, disasters, and other forms of sufferings.  As confirmed by the teachings of the Church, and numbers of saints, the importance of the clergy and laity truly participating at Holy Mass in a devout manner cannot be overstated.  vtb

LORD OF THE WORLD: POPE ENDORSED PROPHETIC NOVEL WITH WARNING OF APOSTASY, ANTI-CHRIST, WORLD GOVERNMENT- "This the novel that Pope Francis recommends -- as a warning.  A final attack occurs just as the last of the faithful, having taken vows to die in the name of faith, are singing the Tantum Ergo.  The last words of the novel: 'Then the world passed, and the glory of it.' 

Pope St John Paul II: The Spark from Poland - "'As I was praying for Poland, I heard the words:' 'I bear a special love for Poland, and if she will be obedient to My will, I will exalt her in might and holiness. From her will come forth the spark that will prepare the world for My final coming.' (The Diary of St. Faustina, 1732)."

"He who rebels against the Church is a rotten member, and what is done to His Vicar on earth, (the Pope) be it reverence or insult, is done to God in Heaven. Think not that God is sleeping over the injuries that have been done to His Spouse" (the Church)."

The Secret of the Poor Souls in Purgatory - An interview with Maria Simma of Austria - "Since 1940 (she was then aged 25), a privileged soul, named Maria Simma, has had regular visits from the souls in Purgatory to explain their sufferings and to ask for prayers and Masses to be released from Purgatory.

What does Our Lady say about Purgatory? - "There are many souls in Purgatory. There are also persons who have been consecrated to God – some priests, some religious.  Pray for their intentions, at least the Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be, seven times each, and the Creed.  I recommend it to you. There is a large number of souls who have been in Purgatory a long time because no one prays for them." 

Pope Francis and Economic Justice by Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia - "I think it would be a mistake to describe him (Pope Francis) as a 'liberal' — much less a 'Marxist.'  As I told the Italian newspaper La Stampa in an interview some weeks ago, words like “liberal” and 'conservative' don’t describe Catholic belief. They divide what shouldn’t be divided.

We should love the poor and love the unborn child. Service to the oppressed and service to the family; defense of the weak  and defense of the unborn child; belief in the value of business and belief in restraints on predatory business practices — all these things spring from the same Catholic commitment to human dignity.

There’s nothing 'progressive' about killing an unborn human child or allowing it to happen.  And there’s nothing 'conservative' about ignoring the cries of the poor."
Commentary: Some believe we are at the BEGINNING of the end times and a Great Chastisement awaits us if we do not turn back to the Lord. The intensity of that Chastisement depends upon the number who repent and try to live by God's Word and the teachings of His Church, rather than living by man's word and the teachings of the world.  I share their belief.  vtb 


"Love not the world, nor the things which are in the world. If any man love the world, the charity of the Father is not in him.  For all that is in the world, is the concupiscence of the flesh, & the concupiscence of the eyes, and the pride of life, which is not of the Father, but is of the world." (Romans 1:25-32)


 "O how good an sweet is thy spirit, O Lord, in all things!  And therefore thou chastisest  them that err, by little and little; and admonish them, and speakest to them, concerning the things wherein they offend; that leaving their wickedness, they may believe in thee, O Lord...

Because they did works hateful to thee...  merciless MURDERERS OF THEIR OWN CHILDREN... (ABORTION).  Wherefore thou hast also greatly tormented them who in their life have lived foolishly and unjustly, by the same things which they worshiped.  For they went astray for a long time in the  ways of error, holding those things for gods (material things) which are the most worthless among beasts, living after the manner of children without understanding

Therefore thou hast sent a judgment upon them... they suffered by those very things which they took for gods..." (the loss of material things).
(Wisdom 12:1-2,4-5,23-25,27)



I feel it very important that I share this spiritual information and I hope that you will not be offended by my efforts.  No matter what the level of your faith or your religion, please take the time to listen to this man whether you believe all that he says or not.  As it did mine, It will greatly benefit your soul and make it much easier to understand the holy path we all must take to be worthy of Heaven.  Thank you and God bless you!  
Vincent T. Bemowski

Life of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich (Internal link - backspace to return)
"Told by Our Lord  that her gift of seeing the past, present, and future in mystic visions  was greater than that possessed by anyone else in history."