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"But when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will teach you all truth.  For he shall not speak of himself; but what things soever he shall hear, he shall speak; and the things that are to come, he shall show you."  (John 16:13)
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"My Jesus, I believe that Thou art present in the Blessed Sacrament. I love Thee above all things and I desire Thee in my soul. Since I cannot now receive Thee sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. As though Thou wert already there, I embrace Thee and unite myself wholly to Thee; permit not, that I should ever be separated from Thee. Amen"



THE MANSIONS OF THE LORD (MUSIC VIDEO)  - Beautiful tribute to our fallen soldiers! (Includes additional videos).  As a veteran, (Berlin Wall Crisis - Vietnam) it brought tears to my eyes when I thought about the sufferings of my fallen brothers and their families.  I hope it also touches your heart!

AMAZING GRACE  - Another beautiful music video! (Includes additional videos)

"We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through.   I do not think that wide circles of American society or wide circles of the Christian community realize this fully.  We are now facing the FINAL confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel."

---Karol Cardinal Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II), November 9, 1976

Pope St John Paul II: The Spark from Poland - "'As I was praying for Poland, I heard the words:' 'I bear a special love for Poland, and if she will be obedient to My will, I will exalt her in might and holiness. From her will come forth the spark that will prepare the world for My final coming.' (The Diary of St. Faustina, 1732)."


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CONSERVAPEDIA - "A clean and concise resource for those seeking the truth.  We do not allow liberal bias to deceive and distort here... We have received over 250 million page views!"

DRUDGE REPORT - Political & social news stories.  (Includes many links).

FREE REPUBLIC - "The premier online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the web."  (Includes Breaking News & Front Page News).

MEDJUGORJE WEB (Monthly messages & Info.) - "Since the apparitions began in 1981, over 40 million people of all faiths, from all over the world, have visited Medjugorje and have left spiritually strengthened and renewed.  Countless unbelievers and physically or mentally afflicted, have been converted and healed." (Includes news & opinions) - "Free membership... connects service members, military families and veterans to all the benefits of service – government benefits, scholarships, discounts, lifelong friends, mentors, great stories of military life or missions, and much more."

NEWS BUSTERS - "Exposing and combating liberal media bias."

SPIRIT DAILY - Catholic & social news stories + prophecy, revelations, & spirituality. (Includes many links).

STANEK REPORT - "Up-to-the-minute pro-lfe news."  (Includes many links).

VATICAN NEWS (News.VA) - News about Pope Francis & other news from the official Vatican network.

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- the growing immorality throughout the world is not going unnoticed by the Lord


CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA - "Full and authoritative information on the entire cycle of Catholic interests, action and doctrine."  (Click on a letter to research a topic).

DOUAY-RHEIMS BIBLE + CHALLONER NOTES - (Includes Search box) "This online DRV contains all 73 books, including the seven Deutero-Canonical books."

HAYDOCK'S DOUAY-RHEIMS CATHOLIC BIBLE COMMENTARY, 1859 EDITION - Side by side Scripture verses & commentary (very detailed explanations). 

IN DEFENSE OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH - "This web site was developed mainly for non-Catholic Christians, but is also for Catholics who want to explain their faith to Protestants and non-Christians."  (Categories are listed at the bottom of the Home page).

THE HOLY SEE  - Official Vatican website.  Information about Pope Francis & the Vatican (partial listing):

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The Third Secret of Fatima &  Our Lady of Akita, Japan Messages - "The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, and bishops against other bishops."

LORD OF THE WORLD: POPE ENDORSED PROPHETIC NOVEL WITH WARNING OF APOSTASY, ANTI-CHRIST, WORLD GOVERNMENT - "This the novel that Pope Francis recommends -- as a warning.  A final attack occurs just as the last of the faithful, having taken vows to die in the name of faith, are singing the Tantum Ergo.  The last words of the novel: 'Then the world passed, and the glory of it.'  (Resources:  free version of  Lord of the World)."

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"The hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you, will think that he doth a service to God.  And these things will they do to you because they have not known the Father, nor me.  But these things I have told you, that when the hour shall come, you may remember that I told you of them."  (John 16:2-4)

ISLAM - IS - OF - EVIL - "We are a group of Ex-Muslims; of different countries and cultures, some of us are from Saudi, Egypt, Algeria, or Morocco. We have converted from the dark of Islam to the light of Christ. Some of us are simple, but the other have had degree in the Islamic law. Some of us are poor, but the other rich. Some of us were even terrorists, but the other harmless. Some of us are still young, but the other are elders. Some of us are male and the other female, educated and uneducated. We are all different, but One in Christ..."


Latest Catholic Reports

Fear Envelops Russia After Killing of Putin Critic Boris Nemtsov - "About two weeks before he was shot and killed in the highest-profile political assassination in Russia in a decade,  Boris Y. Nemtsov met with an old friend to discuss his latest research into what he said was dissembling and misdeeds in the Kremlin."

Boris Nemtsov Joins a Long List of Murdered Putin Critics - "I moved in the same circles as Paul Khlebnikov, an American and the editor of Forbes in Russia until he was gunned down in 2004 for an exposé of corruption. Anna Politikovskaya was shot in 2006 for writing against Russian policy in Chechnya. That same year Alexander Litvinenko on his death bed openly accused Putin of ordering two agents to poison him with radioactive material. Sergei Magnitsky was tortured to death in the dungeons of the Lubyanka in 2009 for exposing corruption among officials.

Clement of Rome (died 110 A.D.) - "St. Clement of Rome was the third successor of Peter the Apostle as bishop of Rome, and therefore, our fourth Pope.   St. Irenaeus, himself a Father of the Early Church, tells us that Clement 'saw the blessed Apostles and conversed with them, and had yet ringing in his ears the preaching of the Apostles and had their tradition before his eyes, and not he only for many were then surviving who had been taught by the Apostles."

Is Confession Dead? - "Why have we forgotten these things? Have we been so misguided by warped interpretations of Vatican II that we think that serious sin has disappeared? Do we even know what is venial and what is mortal? Do we think that examination of conscience and an act of contrition are always enough to prepare for the Eucharist? Do we really understand what is sin and what isn’t? Are we so naive as to think that secular psychobabble can replace doctrinal truth?"

As number of seminarians surges, Madison diocese seeks $30M to fund priest training - "There are now 33 seminarians, or priests-in-training, up from six in 2003 when Bishop Robert Morlino arrived. But that increase comes with responsibility, Ganshert said."

Low Oil Price May Stifle Deepwater Drilling And Oil Sands But Not Fracking - "Saudi Arabia and OPEC may have dropped oil prices to stifle production in the U.S. and other competing nations, but they didn’t drop it enough to stifle the U.S. oil and gas boom from fracking, a senior expert with McKinsey and Company said in Chicago."

How Vietnam Haunts the Democrats - "The decision to retaliate would for all intents and purposes mark the beginning of the American war in Vietnam—a conflict that would last eight more years, take the lives of 58,000 Americans and millions more Vietnamese. At home it would create a permanent rift within the Democratic Party."

Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links - "THE internet is stuffed with garbage. Anti-vaccination websites make the front page of Google, and fact-free "news" stories spread like wildfire. Google has devised a fix – rank websites according to their truthfulness."

Irrational Disbelief: The Hypocrisy of Scientific Atheism - "We are confronted with atheists who claim that science, rather than faith, has sole claim to real knowledge. Atheism, they claim, is a more reasonable and informed position than faith. Faith is portrayed as superstition; something that stands purely above reason. We have faith, they say, because we prefer being faithful to being reasonable. Some atheists claim that people of faith would rather be told what to believe than to use intelligence to determine truth for themselves."

Antarctica's spectacular glaciers melting faster - "Water is eating away at the Antarctic ice, melting it where it hits the oceans. As the ice sheets slowly thaw, water pours into the sea, 130 billion tons of ice (118 billion metric tons) per year for the past decade, according to NASA satellite calculations. That's enough ice melt to fill more than 1.3 million Olympic swimming pools. And the melting is accelerating."

Even as the eastern U.S. freezes, there’s less cold air in winter than ever before - "'We are still on pace to break the all-time record — no question about it,' says Jonathan Martin, a professor of meteorology at theUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison. 'Despite the brutal cold in the eastern U.S., the whole hemisphere is warmer this winter than it has ever been in history.'”

The Warming World: Is Capitalism Destroying Our Planet? - "Since 1880, when global temperatures began to be systematically collected, no year has been warmer than 2014. The 15 warmest years, with one single exception, have come during the first 15 years of the new millennium."

US officials move to deport Bosnian suspects over war crimes - "As many as half of these were believed to have played a role at the 1995 genocide in Srebrenica... where Bosnian Serbs killed 8,000 Muslim boys and men. The total number of suspects could top 600."

Ted Cruz: ‘We Should Repeal Every Word of Common Core’ - "Cruz believed that the only way to stop Common Core, or even change the direction of the United States from the lawless path it is currently on under the Obama administration, may rest with the grassroots. He reiterated a comment he has said before, 'If we look to Washington for the solution, these problems will not be solved.'  Soberingly, he stated, 'Washington is fundamentally broken.'”

Renewing Catholic Culture Starts With The Mass - "The Tridentine Latin Mass  brings forth a genuine uniformity and unites us as Catholics in its eloquent beauty and tradition. One in which we all share that same faith and where we can all feel at home. Whether we are in France  or in Spain and are not familiar with the language, we can always know what is going on in the Mass. That is that Heaven has just come down to earth."


CASTING OUT THE DEVILS FROM YOUR LIFE - "Saint Ignatius of Loyola, in his rules for discernment (Rule 13, first week of Rules for discernment) states that devil likes to work in secrecy and strives to get us to keep our interior lives secret to everybody. This secrecy even includes hiding our state of soul to our Confessor or Spiritual Director."

Angels & Dragons - "In these dark times we must contemplate and understand the spiritual battle we are facing. We must take a step back and ask ourselves, 'What is happening to the world and to us?' The answer is that mankind is at the threshold of the greatest combat we have ever faced. The Church and the world are at crossroads. We are under siege! In the words of Pope Benedict XVI on February 17, 2013, 'The time of testing is here!'”

The ‘Easter duty’ is still applicable - "Q: I am an elderly person, and I remember having to fulfill the Easter Duty. Does that still apply? My younger relatives look at me like, 'What are you talking about?'”

Florida family buries 2 children from incurable disease; prays for miracle at Children's Hospital to save 9-year-old daughter- "By the time her oldest were teenagers, they showed symptoms of brain and colorectal cancer. After seeing doctors and researching online, it was discovered that the tumors were caused by a genetic mutation called Lynch Syndrome." 

Boris Nemtsov, Putin Foe, Is Shot Dead in Shadow of Kremlin - "The shooting, on a bridge near Red Square, under the towering domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral, ended Mr. Nemtsov’s two-decade career as a champion of democratic reforms, beginning in the wake of the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991, and just days before he was to lead a rally to protest the war in Ukraine."

Abortion Clinics: An Inside Look - "The following are portions of an interview with a woman who used to work at an abortion clinic. Her story is a look into another world where abuse has become an industry, and extermination a daily routine."

Husband, 108, wife, 105, celebrate 82 years married - "The couple plan to celebrate a milestone few others will see with family, friends and well-wishers at their home, where they live with a daughter, Marie Eveillard."

A lawmaker who believes saltwater and baking soda can cure cancer - "'Treatment is based on the theory that cancer is caused by a form of yeast infection and that sodium bicarbonate can kill the yeast,' the post reads. 'This claim is not supported by science or clinical evidence and is contrary to widely-accepted basic facts of oncology and microbiology.'"

Pope Francis offers tips on preparing for Confession - "Pontiff urges faithful to receive the Sacrament of Penance in Lent."

Lying About Benghazi Sole Hillary Accomplishment - "Documents from Judicial Watch show that Hillary Clinton's closest advisers knew from the onset, before she launched an inflammatory video lie, that Benghazi was a terrorist attack for which Ansar al-Sharia claimed responsibility."

The ‘imperial presidency’ is here and we aren’t doing much to reverse it - "President Obama’s serial abuse of Executive authority is leading us to a time when the rule of law will mean as much to the American people as it does to him."

Why Don't Liberals Care About Black-on-Black Killing? - "Author Leovy's angle is that routine murder in African American ghettos is invisible, in the sense that individual murders don't get a write-up in the paper. So she decided to do something about it, The Homicide Report, a blog that documents each and every murder in LA."

Walker got it exactly right - "Unions are like terrorists - Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Thursday that his experience taking on thousands of protesters in his state helped prepare him to take on terrorists across the world."

‘We have been BRAINWASHED to hate you by our prayers’– former Muslim message to Obama about Islam - "In a very interesting message from 'Brother Rasheed,' the Moroccan-born former Muslim demands that Obama stop hiding behind multi-culturalism and political correctness and call those extremist monsters what they are – representations of Islam."

Sarah Palin: Obama responsible for rise of ISIS - "Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a Republican, has said the main reason for the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was U.S. President Barack Obama's decision to pull American troops out of Iraq."

Making the Moral Case for Fossil Fuels - "In his recent book, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, Alex Epstein challenges the ethical bias of environmentalists who oppose fossil-fuel use and deftly argues that fossil fuels have vastly improved the planet and the lives of its human inhabitants."

Obama the radical - "Our presidents were an unusually diverse group.  But, despite their differences, all of them agreed that America was an exceptional nation and all of them extolled the Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution.  All, that is, except Barack Obama."

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in the Case of Barack Obama and his Muslim Brother Malik - "There has been a major breakthrough in the case of Malik Obama. It may also help to explain why members of Congress, mainstream media, and shockingly, even the attorneys for Tea Party groups targeted by the IRS have chosen to ignore the earth-shattering scandal involving the President’s eldest brother. This new discovery reveals a mosaic of intrigue that has never before been presented. It’s a scandal with everything… and more."


The Pope Emeritus experiment is working - "Two years ago Benedict XVI became the first Pope Emeritus in the Catholic Church’s history. Thanks to his wisdom and restraint the historic innovation hasn’t led to disaster."

Pope Francis Defends Human Nature Against Gender Radicals - "Pope Francis appears to reject the postmodern conceptualization of gender as a moveable point along a spectrum that is fluid and changeable. He does not accept the progressive claim that gender is socially constructed rather than God-given and instead appears to embrace gender in a traditional “binary” category of male and female. For progressives, (permissive liberals) this is heresy."

Liberal bias - "The essence of liberal bias is to dismiss or even to censor opposing views. For liberals, to allow the airing or publishing of an opposing view creates the risk that people might discover errors in the liberal viewpoint."

Beyond My Comfort (Food) Zone - "Initially, when I started to see that I could go without some of my favorite foods, I realized that there are so many things in this world that we become so attached to, so many 'needs' that aren’t really needs at all."

Strengthening Experiences from Patients while Dying - "Death is a great part of the human experience.  Through these experiences that I shared and others, I am convinced it is an experience that we will not go through alone.  I have seen many patients of all religions, races, and backgrounds receive great peace and comfort from these spiritual visits at the end of their lives.  I cannot explain them fully based upon any scientific principles, but I am grateful that they occur."

What Is Hell? - "Some people cannot fathom howHellcould be a reality if God is truly an “all-loving” and “merciful God.” Yet, Hell could be said to be both the definitive expression of God’s justice and of the lofty calling and dignity of man. What do I mean by this?"

Militants abduct more Christians, smash ancient artifacts - "Younan Talia, a senior official with the Assyrian Democratic Organization, said IS had raided 33 Assyrian villages, seizing as many as 300 people. Edward said his group had documented the names of 255 missing people."

World Christianity by the Numbers - "The annual “Status of Global Christianity” survey published by the International Bulletin of Missionary Research is a cornucopia of numbers:  Some are encouraging; others are discouraging; many of them are important for grasping the nature of this particular moment in Christian history."

New Dietary Guidelines Reverse Flawed Recommendations on Cholesterol - "Cholesterol is also important for brain health, and helps with the formation of your memories. Low levels of HDL cholesterol have been linked to memory loss and Alzheimer's disease, and may also increase your risk of depression, stroke, violent behavior, and even suicide."

Who’s watching all that Christian media? Christians, but not many others - "All the preaching, teaching, music and entertainment beamed by Christian TV and radio is primarily consumed by evangelicals and weekly churchgoers — the folks most often found in the pews. Meanwhile, 2 in 3 Americans are tuned out, a new survey finds."

Walker Thrills a Packed House at Conservative Political Action Conference - "After spending some time touting his strong domestic record as governor of Wisconsin, Walker sharply criticized the Obama administration for ineffective strategy in the fight against the Islamic State, and its disapproval of Israeli prime ministerBenjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming address before Congress."

Scott Walker Is Trying to Woo CPAC. And It's Working - "The Wisconsin governor continued his pivot toward the right in his CPAC speech Thursday, and the crowd loved it."

CPAC highlights, from the speeches to the swag - "The 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference(CPAC) kicked off Thursday in National Harbor, Md., with a gaggle of potential Republican presidential candidates pitching their 2016 credentials at the annual event.  The highlights so far..."

‘Jihadi John’: Islamic State killer is identified as Londoner Mohammed Emwazi - "The world knows him as “Jihadi John,” the masked man with a British accent who has beheaded several hostages held by the Islamic State and who taunts audiences in videos circulated widely online."

Austria is taking controversial steps to tighten a 100-year-old ‘Law on Islam’ - "Lawmakers made the changes to a 1912 law that codified Islam as an official religion in Austria. Now, Austria's roughly 450 Muslim organizations face new limits on foreign funding, a move that has generated criticism from around the world, since other religious communities can still receive international support. Many of Austria's roughly 500,000 Muslims hail from Turkey, which finances and sends imams to the European nation."

The Jew-hatred behind the world’s problems - "Evidence that society’s oldest prejudice endures after a post-Nazi dormancy, Elias’ letter to the editor reflects the bigotry that’s inciting lethal anti-Jewishness in Europe and existential threats to Israel, the only nation-state of the Jewish people and the sole democracy in the Middle East’s radicalized swamp."

U.S. Tornado Count at Its Lowest 3-Year Total Since 1950, and Here's Why - "In the three years since then, the United States hasn't seen a tornado count above 1,000 in any single year. We're able to report more tornadoes than ever due to technology advancements and an increase in spotters, yet the numbers have remained lower than average over the last 36 months."

Thinking of God makes people bigger risk-takers, study suggests - "Reminders of God can make people more likely to seek out and take risks, according to research published in Psychological Science, a journal of theAssociation for Psychological Science. The findings suggest that people are willing to take these risks because they view God as providing security against potential negative outcomes."

Scott Walker: I will not take the media's bait - "Gov. Scott Walker refuses to let the media dictate the conversation.  'There has been much discussion about a media double standard where Republicans are covered differently than Democrats, asked to weigh in on issues the Democrats don't face,' the potential GOP presidential candidate wrote Wednesday in an op-ed for USA Today. 'As a result, when we refuse to take the media's bait, we suffer.'"

Giuliani was right about Barack Obama. “End of story!” - "Reporter Charles C. Johnson remarks that, 'His father (Obama's) still left him with his radically left-wing views.' The unintended consequence of the revelation concerning the very close father-son relationship may come back to haunt both David and Barack Obama who must now deal with questions about how much he loves our country."

Russia revives 'KGB methods' in Europe - "Russia is busily enlarging its spying network in Europe along the former Soviet KGB model because of theUkraine crisis, Germany's domestic intelligence chief warns."

Russia is the only center of non-slaved civilization, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin believes - "'Russia is the third Rome. Russia is the only center of non-slaved civilization, which is capable to reveal itself as Christian. Thus, our patriotism is not chauvinism, not a call of the blood, not emotional passion for native land alien to any criticism, first of all, it is understanding the importance of the unique Christian mission which, I believe, our people live for,' the priest (Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin) said in his interview with


8 Quick Tips for Getting More Out of Mass - "Many people go to Mass with the expectation that they are supposed to “get” a lot out of it. But, what you get out of Mass is dependent on what kind of changes you are willing to make in your efforts before, during and after Mass, because what you put into Mass determines what you get out of it."

Last Night I had the Strangest Dream - "I confronted one of the atheists.  I said, 'the prayer is not hurting you, why won’t you have some respect for a dying man, what happened to your chant of live and let live, have some respect.'”

Walker breaks out in national GOP race - "PPP's newest national Republican poll finds a clear leader in the race for the first time: Scott Walker is at 25% to 18% for Ben Carson, 17% for Jeb Bush, and 10% for Mike Huckabee. Rounding out the field of contenders are Chris Christie and Ted Cruz at 5%, Rand Paul at 4%, and Rick Perry and Marco Rubio at 3%."

Cardinal Dolan Must Step Down as Parade Grand Marshal - "I wonder if the parade committee—that bastion of integrity—has reassured the Cardinal that any additional groups it chooses to march will also not promote “an agenda” contrary to Church teaching. It’s hard to believe Dolan is so naïve as to think that groups with names like Irish Queersand the Lavender and Green Alliance seek nothing more politically potent than a moment in the sun on Fifth Avenue."  Also see:Homosexuality

The Left's War on White America - "A WMD of the Left's assault is the hate and violence generating lie that white men, particularly police, routinely murder young black males. When you teach black youths that criticizing the president is racist, that Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were murdered by whites, than black flash mobattacks, the knockout game, polar bearing hunting, and assassinations of police are to be expected."

Saudi court gives death penalty to man who renounced his Muslim faith - "Under the Wahhabi interpretation of Sharia Islamic law, apostasy demands the death penalty, as do some other religious offenses like sorcery, while blasphemy and criticism of senior Muslim clerics have incurred jail terms and corporal punishment."


Pope Francis declares Armenian saint Doctor of the Church - "St. Gregory of Narek is widely revered as one of the greatest figures of medieval Armenian religious thought and literature. Born in the city of Narek in about 950 A.D., St. Gregory came from a line of scholars and churchmen."

New study reveals the global impact of debris on marine life - "Nearly 700 species of marine animal have been recorded as having encountered man-made debris such as plastic and glass according to the most comprehensive impact study in more than a decade."

Italy and Vatican on guard after ISIL threat - "The Italian government is on high alert after threats from the Islamic State called Italy "the nation signed with the blood of the cross." And the country would probably need help to confront the militant group."

Isis releases video of child soldiers training for jihad in Syria camp for 'cubs of the caliphate' - "They are dressed in combat gear and wearing black headbands styled after the militant group’s black flag.  Some of the conscripts are believed to be as young as five and the group could include the foreign sons of fighters who left their home countries to join Isis’ bloody campaign to establish a hardline Islamic 'caliphate'."

SUICIDE BOMBERS - "Some claim that "suicide bombers" are against Islam, since SUICIDE is forbidden in Islam, even one of the major sins. Why then do these attacks happen on such a regular basis? Why are those people celebrated as martyrs?"

Obama sued Louisiana to keep low income blacks trapped in bad schools, and lied about why he did it - "In response to Obama’s claim that the vouchers discriminated against blacks, Louisiana Education Superintendent John White pointed out that almost all of the students using the vouchers were black, and said that “it’s a little ridiculous” for Obama to claim that these vouchers caused discrimination against blacks. The Washington Post reported that 90% of the students who receive the vouchers are black."

Up Close and Personal with the Families of the 21 Beheaded Copts - "Like others, Yousef Shoukry, 24, put his trust in God. His mother, Theresa, told Jones that his faith gave him the courage to go to Libya in the face of danger. 'I have one God, he's the same here and there,' she remembers Yousef saying."

Good for you, Rudy. Don’t back down - "Rudy revealed the fears of many Americans; fears our national media won’t discuss. If President Barack Hussein Obama has nothing to hide, then why was the first Executive Order he issued, right after his swearing in, an order sealing his biographical and academic records. Why won’t he show the American people what he has kept from us?"

If Obama Loves America, Why Did He Transform It? - "'We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,' candidate Barack Hussein Obama said on Oct. 30, 2008, just before his election as our 44th president. Was it just rhetoric?"

ISIS Will Grow the Church And the Church will change history once again - "The greatest scandal in the history of the Church has been the disunity of Christians, tearing apart the Body of Christ and weakening our witness.  When the heirs to the truth of Christ began proclaiming vastly different doctrines, skepticism and relativism quickly followed.  Martyrdom unites the Church like nothing else."

Anecdotes in New Reagan Book Showcase His Unique Character - "A new book, 'Reagan Remembered,' edited by former Amb. Gilbert A. Robinson, offers the personal and in many cases never before revealed recollections of 80 individuals, high and low, who worked in the Reagan administration."

Scott Walker Is a Threat to the Existing Social Order - "You can see now what is fueling the reaction on the left.  If Scott Walker can run for president, he is challenging the basic cultural class identity of the mainstream left. He is more than a threat to the Democrats’ hold on political power. He is a threat to the existing social order."

What's the Matter With the American Military? - "Less than 1 percent of the U.S. population has served in the country's recent wars. But if that's a problem, what's the solution?"

5 terror groups getting more brazen - "The United States has a list of 59 designated terror groups, but here are the five that have been making news this month."

Jindal: Obama ‘Not Qualified’ to be Commander-in-Chief - "'For some reason our President, doesn’t seem to want or doesn’t seem to be capable of recognizing that what we’re at war with is a set of evil beliefs. These individuals, they want to kill us, they want to enslave us, they want to treat women as second-class citizens. We’re not going to fight this with a jobs program. We need to understand what’s at stake here,' said Jindal."

Radical-in-Chief - "When I finally reconstructed what had gone on at these Socialist conferences that Barack Obama attended, I truly was amazed because what I saw was a kind of map of Barack Obama’s entire subsequent political career.  It was at this Socialist conferences in New York in the mid-’80s that Barack Obama encountered the groups, the strategies, and the mentors who would guide him throughout his entire political career.  Now, what do I mean?  Well, for one thing, these Socialist conferences touted community organizing as the key to the future for American Socialism."

HOLY MATRIMONY - "The Catholic teaching on Matrimony - The book of Tobias and the Catholic ideal of Matrimony - How to be Good Parents - How to have a Happy Marriage - The Nature of Marriage - The Sins Against Marriage."

Obama’s Multipronged Assault on Truth and Reality - "Obama a truly post-modern president, in which there is no objective truth but simply narrative. Mr. Obama doesn’t just distort the facts; he inverts them.  He makes things up as he goes along."

Ranting About Rudy Giuliani’s criticism of Obama has sparked fury—because it rings true - "The ranting has obscured the reasons why so many Americans take Giuliani’s remarks to heart. Starting with his (Obama's) June 2009 speech in Cairo, when he apologized for American actions in the Middle East, Obama has consistently given credence to Islamic grievances against America while showing reluctance to confront Islamic terrorism."

How Thomas Jefferson Responded to Islam in 1801 Puts Current Administration to Shame - "The radical Islamic jihadists that make up the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria are engaged in a war to reestablish the former Islamic Caliphate and spread their version of fundamentalist Islam around the world.  This is really nothing new, as radical Islamists have been waging jihad against 'infidel unbelievers' since their inception in 800 AD."

Indicting Christ With the Atrocities of Islam - "The Bible is a threat to liberal, leftist dogma because it is truth that diametrically opposes the humanist statism that is the utopia of the American left.  Atrocities committed by Islamists are met with only nervous smiles or with blathering inanities about jobs for ISIS because Islam is not an American institution to be dismantled.  Liberals rush to smear all of Christendom with the ancient history of the Inquisition because Christian doctrine opposes their deification of the state. And, dredging up the corpse of the Crusades is intellectual so long as it bashes the faith of countless Christians."

Also see:  The Battle over the Crusades - "The Crusades, of course, are a far more complicated series of events in history than the anti-Catholic statements of early Protestant historians would suggest. The Crusades should be understood within the context of the times and by their reality, rather than through the myths created for purposes of propaganda."


Obama’s Own Prayer Breakfast Words Echoed By ISIS In Gruesome Christian Beheadings Video - "The black-clad terrorist used the word 'crusaders' to describe the enemies of the Islamic State. The use of 'crusaders' in the ISIS video recalled that less than two weeks earlier, Obama referred to the Crusades of many centuries ago in apparently trying to compare the actions of Christians with the murderous brutality of present-day radical Islamists… though Obama never used the words 'radical Islam.'"

The Jihad That Led to the Crusades - "Obama’s remarks about the evil of the Crusades, needs to be factually examined in detail. Here is such a list..."
Also, if you have time (it is very lengthily) please review this explanation of the Crusades.  vtb 

It Doesn’t Matter One Bit What Obama Thinks ‘True Islam’ Is - "In the United States, the president is Barack Obama, a non-Muslim. His childhood experience of Islam, which ended when he was just ten, occurred in Indonesia — the world’s most populous Muslim country, but a non-Arabic one where the teaching and practice of Islam is very different from what it is in the Middle East."

ISIS plans to storm Europe, cause 'pandemonium' in cities - "ISIS is planning to use Libya as a 'gateway' to Europe and has raised the possibility of storming southern European cities to cause 'pandemonium' or closing international shipping lines in the Mediterranean Sea."

TREASON: Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney Accuses Obama Of “Aiding And Abetting The Enemy” By Revealing Mosul Battle Plan - "McInerney said it’s unlikely the Islamic terrorists will flee ahead of time, knowing what’s coming: 'They’re going to stay, probably, and it’s still going to expose our forces to a certain risk because they’re (ISIS/ISIL) going to be doing a lot of defensive preparation... All those kind of things that are going to make our troops more vulnerable.”

Remember when Obama called Bush “unpatriotic”? - "There has been much harrumphing and hand wringing about Rudy Giuliani’s comments about Barack Obama not loving this country. The NY Slimes, (New York Times) as usual, went right after Giuliani instead of even considering the content of Giuliani’s words... (Giuliani) face adverse consequences?  For WHAT?  I remember a candidate named Barack Obama calling a sitting US President 'unpatriotic.' Here it is. See for yourself (Video)."

Commentary:  Obama never admits his faults unless he gets some attention from biased TV interviewers, who while agreeing with his attacks against Republicans, laugh off any personal faults he chooses to reveal due to the false humility he often displays to viewers & the general public.  The arrogant Obama, (The King of Hypocrites) continues to get a free pass from much of the media because it is controlled by dysfunctional, permissive, immoral Democrats.  vtb

Rudy Giuliani: Obama A Communist (Video) “Something Wrong With his Guy” - "'I don’t (see) this President as being particularly a product of African-American society or something like that.  He isn’t,' the former mayor added. 'Logically, think about his background...   When Obama was 9, he was living in Indonesia with his mother and his stepfather... Obama’s grandfather having introduced him to Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party."

Walker called out for 'silence' on Giuliani - "'The mayor can speak for himself,' he said on CNBC the next morning. 'I’m not going to comment on what the president thinks or not. He can speak for himself as well.'"

What Scott Walker Actually Said - "Yes, believe it or not, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker actually spoke at some length at the dinner (sponsored by the Committee to Unleash American Prosperity) this past week where Rudy Giuliani charged that President Obama doesn’t love America. All the hullabaloo went to Giuliani, but in terms of the Republican presidential race, a number of Scott Walker’s pointed comments about policy and politicians are not to be missed."

Scott Walker Doesn’t Need a Degree — and Neither Do You - "The pundit class is raising questions about whether Scott Walker’s lack of a college degree is qualifies him from being America’s 45th president. This is what educators call a “teachable moment,” because the issue goes much deeper than Governor Walker’s biography. Of course a college credential shouldn’t be a prerequisite for the presidency, but that’s also true for many jobs that today require a degree even when it’s not really necessary."

Cheap Laughs: A Weekly Review of the New York Times - "Now February serves as a point of collision between presidential celebration and marginalized black history.” So Dunbar (Professor of African-American Studies Erica Armstrong Dunbar) wants to show us the real George Washington, and take a cheap shot at Abe Lincoln while she’s at it."

Not a Single Illegal Immigrant in 7 Months... In Australia - "Compare this to the preceding four year period: over 50,000 illegal immigrants arrived on Australian shores. More than 800 boats. Upwards of 1000 people drowned at sea.  A budget blowout of more than 10.3 billion dollars."

Muslim Dutch Mayor to Muslims: Accept Western Values or Leave - "Muslim mayorof Rotterdamsays Europe has no place for extremists who are not willing to live within the bounds of its norms."

Are You Ready For Total Currency War? - "The real war is economic, financial and currency related and the empire is already over-extended in debt, military operations and financial manipulation. Surely the near-term dollar strength is evidence that while defeat is not imminent and that all markets can be manipulated for a season, ultimately real global market forces will prevail.

The Islamist Spring and the West’s Decline - "As the Arab Spring has toppled regimes in the region, it has created a situation of instability and great uncertainty in many countries. There is a power vacuum slowly being filled by new groups. What’s coming next?"

Couple Attacked By Their Pit Bull While Driving Through Costa Mesa - "Authorities said the couple both sustained serious injuries. Witnesses said both were bitten repeatedly in the arms."

Commentary:  Whats it going to take before Pit Bulls are banned in the United States?  More severe injuries?  More deaths?  Those monsters need to be banned or put to death, and their owners heavily fined.  vtb

10 Things Catholics Are Tired of Hearing - "Despite the many stereotypes that hang over our faith, the important thing to remember is our Church has stood the test of time and remained for more than 2,000 years.  Whether you are Catholic or Protestant-- we are all followers of Christ, and He is the ultimate goal."

How a supporter of women’s ordination left the Anglican Church to become a Catholic - "Six years later she recognizes 'how essential [conversion] was for me.' She explains it thus: 'It was not until I came to be enclosed in the Catholic Church – making it impossible for me to carry out the public ministry of a woman priest in the Church of England – that I understood that confinement within this anchorage not of my making could ultimately lead to freedom.' Indeed, she discovered that she could point towards the mystery of unconditional love “without insisting that my views were right and everyone else’s wrong.”

The Blessed Eucharist - "The sacrament of the Blessed Eucharist is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ under the appearances, or accidents, of bread and wine. Unlike the other sacraments, it not only bestows grace, but contains the Author of Grace Himself. According to St. Thomas Aquinas (S.T. III, q.65 a. 3, C.), all the other Sacraments point to, or are servants of, the Blessed Eucharist."

Cardinal Napier: African Bishops Have Higher Priorities Than Communion for Divorced and Remarried - "The same bishops’ conference adopted a statement on Nov. 15, 2014 at the conclusion of its plenary assembly, which drew attention to 'the Church’s perennial and unchanging teaching on the family' and that 'God determined marriage to be indissoluble, as Jesus affirmed,' ‘What therefore God has put together, let no man put asunder.’"

The Gift of Sorrow for Sin – A Meditation on the "Mass for the Gift of Tears" in the Missal - "Most Catholics have lived so long in a culture that dismisses, excuses, or makes light of sin that they have very little notion of just how serious sin can be. That God had to send His only Son to die in order rescue us from our sins shows just how serious they are; weeping for our sins is not some 'extreme' reaction."


Pope: Don’t let meatless Fridays be selfish, soulless, seafood splurge - "'There might be someone who thinks, Today is Friday, I can’t eat meat, but I’m going to have a nice plate of seafood, a real banquet, which, while appearing to be an abstinence from meat, is the sin of gluttony,' the pope said."

Russian tensions could escalate into all-out - "General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, Nato's deputy supreme allied commander in Europe, says Vladimir Putin could try to invade and seize Nato territory."

Putin: Russia's military strength is unmatchable - "'No one should have the illusion that they can gain military superiority over Russia, put any kind of pressure on it. We will always have an adequate answer for any such adventures,' he was quoted as saying in an address dedicated to theDefenders’ of the Fatherland Day holiday next week."

Chris Christie Finds Himself Squeezed Not Just by Bush but by Walker - "New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker appeared together in Hudson, Wisconsin in September last year. With both of them gunning for higher office, things might not  be so friendly for long."

HHS Messed Up 800,000 Obamacare Tax Forms - "The errors occurred on a new form that helps Obamacare enrollees figure out whether they qualify for a subsidy that would pay all or part of their premiums, and how big that subsidy should be. Information used to calculate those subsidies was wrong on about 20 percent of tax forms, HHSofficials said. The errors would cause some taxpayers to claim too large a subsidy and others to claim less than they’re actually eligible for."

Race for Chicago mayor splitting Democrats apart over economic issues - "Garcia (Mexican American, Cook County commissioner) has emerged as a nothing-to-lose dissenting liberal voice who has channeled frustration with Emanuel’s rocky first term into an aggressive campaign against the mayor. The Chicago fight has become the latest front in a simmering nationwide battle between the establishment governing wing of the Democratic Party and a more restive, populist wing that is demanding a more openly liberal agenda."

Antarctica: Mystery continent (may hold)) holds key to mankind's future - "'Antarctica in many ways is like another planet,' said Jose Retamales, the director of the Chilean Antarctic Institute, while aboard a navy ship cruising along Deception and the other South Shetland islands. 'It's a completely different world.'

Commentary:  Although the above is an interesting article, some foolish scientists are always looking for ways to justify their lack of belief that Almighty God is our Creator.  So we have to take some of their far-out theories & assumptions with a grain of salt.  vtb

In new interview, Francis strongly defends criticisms of capitalism - "Jesus tells us that it is the 'protocol' on the basis of which we will be judged, it is what we read in Chapter 25 of Matthew:

'I had hunger, I had thirst, I was in prison, I was sick, I was naked and you helped me: dressed me, visited me, you took care of me.'"

Meet Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Pope Francis' Former Secretary Of State - In depth interview on the personalities of Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis.

A beautiful letter from St. Pradre Pio to Pope Paul VI - "In the name of my spiritual sons and of the 'Praying Groups' I thank Your Holiness for the clear and decisive words You have spoken in the recent encyclical, 'Humanae Vitae,' and I reaffirm my own faith and my unconditional obedience to Your inspired directives."

Commentary:  Pope Paul VI has often been unfairly criticized for "allowing the new Mass and doing away with the Traditional Mass said in Latin."  However, from a number of different sources we learn that he greatly suffered from all that happened during his time as Pope.  The many priests who left their vocation and the many other priests & bishops who wrongly interpreted the documents of Vatican IIand turned the Mass into a "show," caused Pope Paul VI a great amount of suffering.  He was indeed, a very holy man and his memory deserves a place of honor in the minds of the members of the Church.  vtb

Also see: Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) on the Latin Mass - Reform of the Roman Liturgy (Gamber, 1992) - "We have a liturgy which has degenerated so that it has become a show which, with momentary success for the group of liturgical fabricators, strives to render religion interesting in the wake of the frivolities of fashion and seductive moral maxims."  (For additional research, type in as a search description, Cardinal Ratzinger - Mass has become a show).

Fluoride is 'The Devil's Poison' - "'The Devil’s Poison' became fluorine’s nickname in the 17th and 18th centuries. After studying volumes on the subject, spanning several centuries, from here and abroad, it has become clear to me that fluorine and its fluoride compounds have probably caused more disease and death than any other substance known to mankind. This information has been cataloged in my book titled 'The Devil’s Poison: How Fluoride is Killing You.'”


Miracle! Crucified Jesus icon weeps since SYRIZA won the elections (video) - "A ground-breaking political change occurred in Greece, when the radical leftist took over the power of the debt-ridden country and sent the conservative and faithful  Samaras to opposition seats of Greek Parliament."

‘Planned Parenthood is worse than ISIS’: Lawmaker’s bill would stop the beheading of babies - "'Planned Parenthood abortionists in Sioux Falls are similarly beheading unborn children during dismemberment abortions,' Latterell said.  Dismemberment is a common form of abortion in D&E abortion (Dilation and Extraction, or Dilation and Evacuation). According to WebMD, such procedures usually take place after 16 weeks of pregnancy."

I Gave It Up for Lent - "None of our sacrifices are worth the effort if the intention that drives them is not the correct one.  Father Edward Leen, very likely my favorite spiritual writer (I strongly recommend his In the Likeness of Christ), points out that our service to God “consists not in our actions and doings but in the mode of our actions and doings. Our service consists not in what we do, but in the spirit in which we do it.” The secret of life, Fr. Leen declares, is doing all that we do out of love for Jesus Christ."

OF LENT, TEMPTATION, AND MYSTERIOUS PASSAGE ON ADAM AND EVE: WHAT WAS THE APPLE IN THE GARDEN? - "What exactly was the sin? What was the apple? What got them sent from a paradise on earth, causing original sin?"

The Synod, the Faith and the ‘Reluctantly Divorced’ - "What I cannot understand, however, are the priests and prelates who are suggesting the Church is somehow going to change her doctrine concerning the reception of Communion for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics. Their public speculations and hand wringing — no doubt motivated by a sincere (but nonetheless false) sense of compassion — does nothing to actually assist those truly affected by the issue.  Indeed, they only undermine the efforts of divorced Catholics struggling to remain faithful to their wedding vows while waiting to receive a decision on the validity of their marriage. Furthermore, they will certainly be the cause of additional suffering for the divorced and remarried when the false hope they’ve created is inevitably dashed, because the Church will not — because she cannot change her teaching on the reception of Communion. Finally, they may actually weaken the resolve of those who are thinking about beginning the annulment process."

Bishop James Conley: Does Radical Redefinition of Marriage Concerns You? (7 Concerns on the Redefinition of Marriage) - "The world is very confused about the meaning of marriage, about the importance of families and, ultimately, the world is very confused about happiness, and joy, and peace.  The world is a dangerous place for anyone who is seeking real love.  Christ’s love—and His plan for each one of us—is the antidote to that danger.  That concerns each one of us."

St. Augustine’s Wisdom: Adam, Eve, Christ, and the Church - "As Lent begins, there is wisdom to be gained if we listen to Augustine’s insights on the biblical story of the Fall."

New map shows America's quietest places - "Craving some silence?  Head (quietly) toward the blue regions on the map... Based on 1.5 million hours of acoustical monitoring from places as remote as Dinosaur National Monument in Utah and as urban as New York City, scientists have created a map of noise levels across the country on an average summer day."

Vatican security 'very high' Alfano says - "The Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin suggested there were no serious concerns despite threats issued frequently by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists."

Beheadings Sign of Gathering Genocide in Middle East - "While ISIS has claimed responsibility for the beheading of the 21 Copts, in effect, the targeting of Copts is part of a more systematic targeting of Christians in Libya since 2012 which corresponds to the rise of Islamist militant groups taking over of large parts of the country."

Britain Says It Sent Warplanes to Intercept Russian Bombers Off Cornwall - "Typhoon warplanes took off from an air base in eastern England and escorted the two Russian airplanes in international airspace “until they were out of the U.K. area of interest,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement."

Psychologist banned from practising because he opposed homosexual relationships - "Philip Pocock's case is one of the rare occasions when the nation's medical watchdog has suspended a practitioner without any complaints received by patients."

Pro-Vaccine but Afraid to Vaccinate: Inside One Family's Doubts - "Sophie Beglinger has hundreds of seizures every day and walks unsteadily, here supported by her mother, Elizabeth Aquino, in their Los Angeles backyard.  Aquino says the seizures began shortly after Sophie was vaccinated as a baby, raising fears about vaccinating their other children."

Scott Walker to attend private dinner with supply-siders in New York - "The gathering, set for the upscale “21” Club in Manhattan, is the latest effort by the potential Republican presidential contender to bolster his relationships with the GOP’s anti-tax wing. It also reflects the interest business-friendly conservatives have in his possible candidacy, in spite of the recent ascent of former Florida governor Jeb Bush."

The Permissive Liberal Left: Scott Walker Must Be Destroyed - "Governor Scott Walker has the Left quaking in fear in a way not seen since Ronald Reagan.  Every time Walker appears, they hyperventilate, and feign a lightheaded sort of dizziness, as if they are about to pass out or double over in nausea."

How Scott Walker Brings Out the Worst in the Left - "Those who have followed Walker’s career know this is nothing new. Over the past four years, he has won three political races in a largely blue state, including a contentious union-led recall effort. Things often got ugly.  At January’s Iowa Freedom Summit, Walker described how left-leaning labor activists threatened to 'gut' his wife 'like a deer.'  Walker’s victories in this hostile environment—with progressive groups devoting major resources to try to take him down—have gained him major buzz as a GOP frontrunner for 2016."

Did Governor Scott Walker Graduate? - "For starters, he left after three and a half years “in good standing,” according to all accounts. That would put him just a half year shy of graduation, with roughly five courses to make up."

He’s a Raging Partisan - The big lie of Obama’s presidency - "Obama hasn’t governed like Ike, a unifying national leader. Almost instantly, he became a highly partisan president.  He had promised to consult Republicans in Congress and listen to their ideas. Yet he’s done that rarely and then usually in a false show of bipartisanship.  He insinuates Republicans have nothing worthwhile to tell him."

Rudy Giuliani: President Obama doesn’t love America - "'I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America,' Giuliani said during the dinner at the 21 Club, a former Prohibition-era speakeasy in midtown Manhattan. 'He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country.'”

Commentary:  There is one thing that the vain Obama does love more than anything else, and that is, himself.  vtb

'Always faithful' pals help save Marine's life after snakebite - "Second Lt. Anthony Kemp was bitten by a rattlesnake while he and two other Marines were hiking in the Wichita Mountains in southwestern Oklahoma."

CONFESSION - "Questions and Answers on Confession - Confession and Sacred Scripture - How to make a good confession - Examination of Conscience for Adults - Importance of Examination of Conscience and how to examine - Examination of Conscience Going to Confession - The Church Father speak on Confession - Living In The World, But Not Of The World."

Jane Fonda on Vietnam War comments: 'I made a huge, huge mistake' - "'Whenever possible I try to sit down with vets and talk with them, because I understand and it makes me sad,'  Fonda told a relatively full theater, responding to a submitted question. 'It hurts me and it will to my grave that I made a huge, huge mistake that made a lot of people think I was against the soldiers.'”

Obama 'an apologist for radical Islamic terrorists' - "Cruz praised al-Sisi, a Muslim, who used the occasion of his New Year’s Day speech to speak out against religious extremism.  'Why don’t we see the president of the United States demonstrating that same courage just to speak the truth about the face of evil we’re facing right now?' he asked."

Geology documents dinosaurs fleeing Noah’s Flood - "Swim tracks are found all over the world, including dinosaur tracks in northern Spain, which consist of claw marks made on the sand surface as the animal was on tip-toes trying to move through deep flowing water."


Cardinal Wuerl attacks "brother bishops" as "dissenters" - "It is an open secret in Washington, D.C., that Donald Cardinal Wuerl has effectively bannedRaymond Cardinal Burke from entering the Archdiocese of Washington... stemming from Wuerl's disdain for any priest or bishop who opposes giving Communion to Catholics who publicly dissent from Church teachings.  Since Summorum Pontificum was issued by Benedict XVI in 2007, Cardinal Wuerl has instituted numerous obstacles to priests who wish to offer the traditional Latin Mass and sacraments using the 1962 books.  Traditional confirmations have been denied, even requests from priests offering to administer the sacrament themselves."

Commentary: Cardinal Wuerl is a rather narrow minded Cardinal who wants things his way and no other way.  He is very articulate, but does not have the wisdom to be believed by those who have a knowledge of Church doctrine.  Like some others in the Church, he "uses" Pope Francis to justify his lack of faith and trust in some of the traditional teachings of the Church.  vtb  

SOMBER THOUGHTS ON A 'NEW WAR' THAT MAY HAVE HAD ITS SYMBOLIC START WITH AURORAS AND SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 - "It is becoming as it was back in the Middle Ages -- when Muslims decimated churches, destroyed relics, and desecrated statues of the Madonna.  And as back then, it is starting to involve Europe in a substantial way."

Girl Scout Cookies: Now That I Know, No Thank You - "GSUSA’s membership, alongside the International Planned Parenthood Federation in the Coalition for Adolescent Girls, which includes “abortion-related care” among its goals."

An Exorcist and his Deliverance Team Comment on Fifty Shades - "  Leaders from the Catholic Church warn it is immoral.  Domestic violence groups warn that it dangerously glorifies sexual violence against women."  The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Office for Film & Broadcasting has reviewed this film as follows:

"The film (Fifty Shades of Grey) contains excessive sexual content, including graphic deviant behavior and non-marital sexual activity with much nudity, a benign view of casual sex and contraception, several uses of rough language and at least one crude term. The Catholic News Service classification is O -- morally offensive. The Motion Picture Association of America rating is R -- restricted. Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian."

Libya civil war: Italy ready to train anti-Isis forces to protect its own borders - "As well as fueling anti-immigrant sentiment in Italy, which is suffering a deep economic slump of its own, the crisis has also heightened security fears, particularly after this week’s beheadings of the Egyptian Christians and ISIS messages threatening Rome."

In honour of our 21 martyrs of Libya - "What faith! What courage! What valiance! What heroism! What tongue can find enough words to praise these men who laid down their lives before them, and who went to their Creator crying out and proclaiming, 'O my Lord, Jesus!' to the last breath?!"

Panel approves $7.8 billion for Amtrak - "'This is a good reform bill that firmly moves passenger rail towards greater transparency and accountability, and forces Amtrak to operate like a true business,'"

Federal Reserve minutes indicate no rush to raise interest rates - "Policymakers voted in unison last month not to raise interest rates, but the discussions leading to the vote show considerable levels of hand-wringing over the course ahead."

Opinion: Why the U.S. will have to bail out Greece - "The U.S. doesn’t want Greece to turn into a failed state — there are already too many of those on the other side of the Mediterranean.  Nor does it care one way or the other whether the euro succeeds as a currency or not. Indeed, as a long-term rival to the dollar, it would probably prefer if it didn’t."

Is the Administration legitimizing ISIS’ acts of terror? - "This is what the Obama Administration doesn’t understand—and it could end up tanking what’s left of their strategy in the fight against ISIS. They don’t understand the idea of asserting their power, because they’re too busy worrying about all the ways that their power may or may not be offending the rest of the world."

A Bloody Retreat From Debaltseve as Ukrainian Forces Suddenly Withdraw - "Mr. Poroshenko (President) sought to cast the retreat in a positive light, but the loss of the town was clearly a devastating setback for the army at the hands of the separatists. Still, by avoiding capture, the soldiers who made it out also avoided handing the rebels a powerful bargaining chip."

Indiscretion: Obama Admits Personally Changing the Immigration Law - "'The crux of the states’ claim is that the defendants violated the Constitution by enacting their own law without going through the proper legislative or administrative channels,' said the judge."

Natural Gas: Saving More and Emitting Less - "Customers are deriving financial savings from using natural gas.  For instance, households that use natural gas for space heating, water heating, cooking and clothes drying save an average of $693 per year compared to customers who use electricity to power these activities."

BAPTISM - "Baptism is the First Sacrament, without it, no other sacrament can be validly received. The Old Covenant was entered into through circumcision; the New Covenant is entered into through Baptism."

How One Nebraska Woman Lost Her Health Insurance Three Times Under Obamacare - "'I’ve been pulled into the middle of all this through no fault of my own, and there’s nothing fair about it. It is what it is, and you move forward,' said Pamela Weldin, who lost health insurance coverage three times."

West Virginia Combined Cycle Plant Will Be First to Burn Ethane and Natural Gas - "The West Virginia Public Service Commission (PSC) approved the siting certificate for Moundsville Power LLC to construct a 549-MW combined cycle natural gas power plant in Marshall County. It will be the first to also burn ethane. The company is also touting the project’s role in helping to offset the effect of area coal plant closings."


“Their blood confesses Christ”: Pope Francis on the murder of Egyptian Christians by ISIS  - "'They were killed simply for the fact that they were Christians. … The blood of our Christian brothers and sisters is a testimony which cries out to be heard.'  Pope Francis responded today to the news that 21 Egyptian Christians have been beheaded by Islamic State militants. 'Their blood confesses Christ,' the Holy Father said to a visiting delegation representing the Church of Scotland. 'The martyrs belong to all Christians.'”

Commentary:  Please pray for the Holy Father, Pope Francis.  He may be in great danger for speaking out against the ISIS and defending Christians.  Thank you.  vtb

ISIS atrocity in Libya demonstrates its growing reach in North Africa - "ISIS is under pressure in parts of Iraq and battling a variety of adversaries in Syria, but it's metastasizing at warp speed elsewhere, most dangerously in Egypt and Libya."

After beheading Coptic Christians, Islamists say they will ‘conquer Rome’ next - "Militants declaring loyalty to Islamic State in Libya single out Rome as a target."

Islamic State militants 'burn to death 45 in Iraq'- "Exactly who these people were and why they were killed is not clear, but Col Qasim al-Obeidi said he believed some were members of the security forces."

Libyan Terrorists Take Dozens of Egyptians Hostage as Revenge for Airstrikes - "In the wake of the attack on Derna by warplanes from Egypt,  Egyptian nationals, many of them it seems farm workers, have been picked up by gunmen. The first reports were that seven men had been seized, but by mid-afternoon, it was being said that at least 35 had been reported missing."

On the "Reform" of Islam - "If violence, terror, beheadings, forced conversions, subjection of women, and intolerance of others are removed or “transformed” in Islam, is it still Islam?"

Iraqi bishop: 'We are hated because we persist in wanting to exist as Christians' - "During the past year, more than 125,000 Christians have been forced to flee from their villages only because they chose to remain Christians and refused the conditions ISIS imposed on them. They had to leave at night, under the cover of darkness. Many of them trod their own path of Golgotha for long hours, having left everything behind, other than their bare clothes."

What ISIS Really Wants - "The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here’s what that means for its strategy—and for how to stop it."

Heart Disease: Cholesterol Is Not the Real Enemy (Sugar Is the Villian) - "Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, author of the book The Great Cholesterol Myth, says the real cause of heart disease is inflammation, not cholesterol."

McConnell: Court Ruling Against Obama Amnesty Means Senate Dems Must Stop DHS Obstruction - "Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is calling on rank-and-file Senate Democrats to break free from the clutches of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, vote their conscience and stop filibustering a House-passed Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill."

5 Saints Who Totally Had Superpowers - "God acts in mysterious ways. That truth is made particularly evident in the types of things he does with those who are especially close to Him."

Alleged Russian secret service employee Briton Graham Phillips accidentally exposed invasion of Russia's regular troops at Debaltseve (VIDEO & PHOTOS) - "A column of Russian T72B3 tanks, of the 2012 make are preparing to attack the Ukrainian positions at Debaltseve."

Italy Experiencing a Massive Baby Shortage Due to Abortion - "While some abortion advocates decry overpopulation, Italy’s birth rate has fallen to its lowest level – 8.4 per 1,000 people — since 1861."

Disarm young Blacks says Bloomberg. It’s for their own good - "Blacks are bound to be seen and heard when 400 to 500 murders are committed each year on Chicago’s West and South sides. That’s the sort of trend that causes panic in the Mayor’s office, for although the vast majority of victims of black criminals are also black, it is only a matter of time until white neighborhoods are affected."

And God Saw That It Was Good - "The deep reason why the Church has been a friend to natural science is to be found in Genesis and the Gospel of John.  For God in the beginning created all things and declared them each to be good, and the whole of the world together, very good."

Homosexual movement threatens these freedoms - "It is pointless to answer the insincere, bully arguments of militant homosexual activists, because they will not accept the truth, no matter how plainly, simply and in small words it is presented to them."

US Officials Admit Concern Over Syrian Refugee Effort - "Top U.S. counter terrorism officials say they worry a potential terrorist could be hiding among refugees who are looking to come to the United States after escaping the brutal war in Syria."

Moscow’s helping hand - "Topping the list is an agreement in the energy sector, where Egypt is currently facing a crisis that led to recurrent nationwide blackouts last summer. The two sides have agreed to cooperate in the construction of a nuclear power plant in Dabaa, on the northwestern coast overlooking the Mediterranean."

Why does income equality exist? - "Because we are uniquely created, we are endowed by Christ with a specific set of gifts. We can further the Kingdom of Christ by knowing our gifts and pursuing them with excellence. Economists refer to this as comparative advantage."

Playing the Race Card Against Israel - "With the White House campaign against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu running out of steam, the administration’s supporters scraped the bottom of the barrel last week, suggesting that the Israeli leader is a racist for accepting the invitation from Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner (R-Ohio)."


Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Battling the New Gnosticism - "We must, at this dangerous time, be courageous... demonstrating the continuity of the Divine doctrine on marriage and its practice throughout the two thousand years of the history of our Church."

Will the real Pope Francis please stand up? - "The surface tension in the pope's rhetoric on subjects such as family size is part of a larger pattern, which has been especially intense lately, of Francis doing or saying things that leave lots of people deeply confused."

US cardinal voices doubts on Vatican reform, Communion for divorced - "Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, vice president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, was recently elected by US bishops as one of four US delegates to an October Synod of Bishops at the Vatican."

New York Archdiocese Parishioners See System of Secrets as They Fight Church Closings - "'I’ve never seen anything like this before, and I can’t imagine its purpose, except to prevent the parishioners from exercising their legitimate appeal rights.'"

It is where evil entered the world - House where Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 still plagues Austrian village - "

The photo is of the Blessed Virgin Mary statue at Mercy Hospital in Council Bluffs - "With the snow covering the statue, it almost appears that Mary is carrying a young person on her back.  Interestingly, the statue rests outside the hospital's Cancer Treatment Center."

Police say Copenhagen gunman (believed to be Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein) had criminal record, gang past - "The slain gunman suspected in the deadly Copenhagen attacks was a 22-year-old with a history of violence and may have been inspired by Islamic terrorists."

Christian hostages behea----ded in Islamic State (video), reports say - "A video released by the Islamic State purportedly shows militants beheading Christian hostages. There is speculation that these 21 detainees are Egyptian Coptic Christians that were kidnapped weeks ago."


Fatal peanut allergies could be cured by probiotic bacteria, say Australian doctors - "The breakthrough followed a trial in which a group of children were given increasing amounts of peanut flour, along with a probiotic called Lactobacillus rhamnosus, over an 18-month period. About 80 per cent of the children who had peanut allergies were subsequently able to tolerate peanuts."

Former Muslim, Brother Rachid Schools (Corrects) President Obama on Islam (Video) - "Brother Rachid addresses President Obama about ISIL and Islam; he explains to him how ISIL is imitating the prophet Muhammad in every detail they do. ISIL represents Islam."

Poll: Troops Turn on Obama; Deeply Unpopular - "Military Times asked active-duty service members, 'Do you approve or disapprove of the way President Obama is handling his job as commander in chief?'  55 percent of active-duty personnel said they 'disapprove' while only 15 percent said they 'approve.'  Similarly, Obama’s popularity fell from 35 percent in 2009 to just 15 percent this year among active-duty soldiers."

Commentary:  This is not surprising. Obama has never been popular with our military. They, because they know what true patriotism really is, easily see through the false image Obama presents to the general public. Our armed forces know what sacrifice is, they know what duty is, they know what honor is. And they know that President Obama lacks all of these qualities.  vtb

U.S. Bishops: 'No such thing as an illegal human being' - "'Migrants –including children, immigrants, refugees, and victims of human trafficking– are our spiritual brothers and sisters,' said Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, auxiliary bishop of Seattle and chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Committee on Migration. 'They often find themselves isolated, alone and separated from family, their ability to live out their lives in fullness severely restricted. Often family members are separated from one another because of deportation, detention, or related immigration laws that inhibit family reunification.'”

Commentary:  The bishops are not approving of violence or vandalism, but are simply restating a belief based upon the Holy Bible and the teachings of the Church.  However, they also believe that those who choose to enter our country must do so lawfully.   The main point is that no matter how they get here, they must be treated with respect because they are our brothers and sisters in Christ.  vtb

Man wakes up after 12 years in ‘vegetative state’: reveals, ‘I was aware of everything’ - "Martin Pistorius hates Barney. And it's no wonder why. For 12 years, while he was in a coma that doctors described as a 'vegative state,' nurses, thinking that he couldn't see or hear anything, played endless re-runs of Barney as he sat, strapped into his wheel chair."

"And Jesus beholding, said to them: With men this is impossible: but with God all things are possible."  (Matthew 19:26)

Paris anti-terrorism rally draws millions - "At least 3.7 million people, including world leaders, marched in an anti-terrorism rally in Paris on Sunday, the French Mission to the United Nations said, calling the massive gathering the largest in France's history."

Commentary:  Their fears can be understood, but can you imagine what Our Lord would do if those 3.7 million people prayed to Him for peace?   vtb

"When I tell you this, I am not addressing myself strictly to you, child, but I am making this appeal to the world.  Today, man empties things of their true value. Those who are continually committing sins are doing so without any acceptance that what they are doing is wrong."

Our Lady of Kibeho—The heavenly warnings that went unheeded with tragic consequences - "The Rwandan Genocide--The prediction of “a river of blood” - The Holy Rosary—The instrument through which the genocide could have been averted - Jesus warning 12 years before the genocide - A summary of what occurred during the genocide - The Rwandan genocide is a warning and a precursor to what could come to all of humanity.

"Beloved, do not trust every spirit but test the spirits to see whether they belong to God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. This is how you can know the Spirit of God: every spirit that acknowledges Jesus Christ come in the flesh belongs to God, and every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus does not belong to God. This is the spirit of the antichrist ..."  (1 John 4:1-3).

LIFE BECOMES FREE AND FULL OF JOY WHEN WE BREAK FROM THE 'CAGE' AND SEEK GOD'S 'ANOINTING' - "A "higher anointing" is when the Lord decides it's time for you to change, to move, to operate at a higher level, in a higher place, in a more potent role, with more opportunities (to progress, to do good), and with a bit more ease (even a lot more ease). It means you are in His power, His favor (instead of that of the world). Things start falling into place. Suddenly, there are favorable conditions."

4 Literally Awesome Facts About Our Lady of Guadalupe - "Seeing an apparition of Mary, having her grow roses in the middle of winter and use them to create a miraculous image to prove it to the archbishop, then converting 9 million Aztecs within seven years.  That would be… awesome."

Pro-abortion Margaret Sanger award recipient condemns torture says Black Lives Matter - "Hillary Clinton Denounces Torture, Says Black Lives Matter."

Commentary:  Black lives matter Hillary denounces torture?  Oh really?  What about the pain unborn black human beings experience when they are aborted?  Do their lives matter?  The two faced, pro-abortion, hypocrite Hillary Clinton again confirms that she lacks the moral qualifications to be President of the United States.  vtb

Black America’s real problem isn’t white racism - "Though blacks are outnumbered 5-to-1 in the population by whites, they commit eight times as many crimes against whites as the reverse. By those 2007 numbers, a black male was 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the reverse."

Commentary:  I have met many dignified African Americans and they will be the first to tell you that to solve our race problem blacks must first look inward at themselves rather than point fingers at the white population.  But in addition, without a strong faith in Our Lord, we as a nation will never experience true peace.  You cannot approve of, or actually murder an unborn human being through a deliberate abortion and expect to experience peace and understanding between the races in our country or any other country.  vtb

Obama Announces U.S. and Cuba Will Resume Relations - "Senator Robert Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey and the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, was also sharply critical. 'Let’s be clear, this was not a "humanitarian" act by the Castro regime. It was a swap of convicted spies for an innocent American,' Mr. Menendez said in a written statement. 'President Obama’s actions have vindicated the brutal behavior of the Cuban government.'

Meet the ‘Cuban Five’ at the center of the blockbuster U.S. announcement on Cuba - "Their names are Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero and Ramón Labañino. They are part of the Cuban Five, a group of Cuban nationals convicted of spying in Miami in 2001. The two other members, René González and Fernando González, have already been released (in 2011 and earlier this year, respectively)."

Gov. Scott Walker of WI critical of U.S. moves to normalize relations with Cuba - "I think it's a bad idea," Walker told reporters Wednesday. 'I don’t think there’s been any noticeable change towards making that a more free and prosperous country. There’s a reason why we had the policy in the first place.'  Walker said he hasn't seen solid evidence that Cuba has made changes that would warrant a shift in U.S. policy, which has remained in place through administrations of both parties."


Pope Francis & Canada brokered Cuba deal - "'Pope Francis personally issued an appeal thorough a letter that he sent to President Obama and to President Raul Castro, calling on them to resolve the case of Alan Gross and the cases of the three Cubans who have been imprisoned here in the United States and also encouraging the United States and Cuba to pursue a closer relationship,' the official noted."

Commentary:  The key point is that in the process of pursuing a "closer relationship," the United States must do so in a cautious, step by step manner.  Cuba must first be tested as to its sincerity and its willingness to cooperate in a fair and meaningful manner each step along the way.  If they refuse to do this, it would be foolish to continue to resume normal relations with that outlaw country.  vtb

We Are Not Darren Wilson - "America is preoccupied with setting standards for China, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Africa; for the world,” Kagumba adds. “Standards that are too high to attain, even for itself…. When America fails to practice what it preaches, it loses its moral authority. It loses its relevance on the global stage.”

Commentary:  Again, the main fault lies with the dysfunctional President Obama who continues to use the "race card" whenever it fits his viewpoint.  He is the number one instigator of all the protests, riots, and vandalism that are occurring in various parts of the USA and the world.  Obama more than anyone else, is responsible for destroying the moral image and leadership the United States once gave to the world.  vtb

Isis: the inside story - "One of the Islamic State’s senior commanders reveals exclusive details of the terror group’s origins inside an Iraqi prison – right under the noses of their American jailers."

- "The media invariably sugarcoat black behavior. Even the news reports of the very crimes I dealt with in court were slanted. Television news intentionally leaves out unflattering facts about the accused, and sometimes omits names that are obviously black. All this rocked my liberal, tolerant beliefs, but it took me years to set aside my illusions and accept the reality of what I see every day. I have now served thousands of blacks and their families, protecting their rights and defending them in court. What follows are my observations."

Commentary:  In spite of all the vandalism we have seen and read about in St. Louis and Ferguson, Missouri and elsewhere, we know that there are many good, dignified African Americans.  However, there is also a rather large number of African Americans who are not very dignified.  They choose to further divide our country, and try to justify their unruly behavior by accusing the white population of being "racist."  Unfortunately, many others with the black population agree with that accusation. 

The above link represents the testimony of a public defender who has a lot of experience concerning the conduct of African Americans who break the law.  The media usually only presents one side.  You are asked to study another viewpoint and decide for yourself what is actually the truth.  Thank you.  vtb

For more answers, please see category:  African Americans

Strangers send greeting cards to help dying girl celebrate her last Christmas - "'It angers me that they can't figure out what's wrong, what's taking my little girl,' said Fausett, who quit her job to take care of Addie. 'I know even if they found out what it was, they wouldn't be able to stop it. I would just love to know what it was, because it's hard to know your kid's sick but to not know what it is.'"

Like Lower Gas Prices?  Give Credit to Bush - "Despite claims from some Democrats that Obama deserves the credit for the oil boom, his administration has done nothing to earn such praise. In fact, Obama’s policies are stunting oil production and preventing billions of dollars of development and the creation of millions of jobs from occurring in order to appease his leftist base... It was Bush — not Obama — who enacted policies that encouraged the development of lands in North Dakota, South Dakota and elsewhere. It was Bush who allowed companies to attain vital permits to drill offshore and onshore, creating countless jobs and generating billions of dollars of revenue. It was Bush that prevented the Environmental Protection Agency from imposing unreasonable and burdensome regulations on drillers while he was in office."

Commentary: President George W. Bush unjustly got blamed for many things the Democrats were actually responsible for.  President Bush was a good man and greatly loved by our troops.  In his term of office, we had good relations with Russia.  And although it is believed that going to war with Iraq was based on incorrect information from our intelligence agencies, there is still good reason to believe nuclear weapons were actually in Iraq, but were moved out before the inspections were made (see below link).

Bush also got blamed for the slow reaction to the hurricane damage in New Orleans, but these questions remain:

* Why didn't those people listen to all the warnings they were given? 
* Why weren't they prepared and have food, water, and medicine on hand like they do in Florida when warned of a hurricane? 
* Why didn't they leave when they had the chance? 

While it is true the recession happened under Bush's watch, he certainly did not create it and if we had followed his advice and enacted a much smaller Stimulus Package, we would not be in the terrible financial situation we are now in.  Bush placed his trust in the American people's ability to contribute to the recovery, Obama places his trust in big government and wasteful spending.

Obama has tried to take credit for some of the good things President Bush initiated, but more and more people are beginning to see that Obama's false smile reveals an insincere man who loves himself far more than he loves his country. The only real things Obama can assume responsibility for is our country's loss of power & prestige, turning our country into a huge "welfare state," and our country's 18 TRILLION dollar debt that could eventually cause great harm to our economy and hardships for many citizens for generations to come.

However, his greatest "legacy" will be giving (along with his fellow Democrats) approval to the killing of millions upon millions of unborn human beings through deliberate abortions.  vtb

Iraq's WMD Secreted in Syria,  Iraqi general, Georges Sada Says - "Mr. Sada, 65, told the Sun that the pilots of the two airliners that transported the weapons of mass destruction to Syria from Iraq approached him in the middle of 2004, after Saddam was captured by American troops. 'I know them very well. They are very good friends of mine. We trust each other. We are friends as pilots,' Mr. Sada said of the two pilots. He declined to disclose their names, saying they are concerned for their safety. But he said they are now employed by other airlines outside Iraq

The pilots told Mr. Sada that two Iraqi Airways Boeings were converted to cargo planes by removing the seats, Mr. Sada said. Then Special Republican Guard brigades loaded materials onto the planes, he said, including 'yellow barrels with skull and crossbones on each barrel.' The pilots said there was also a ground convoy of trucks. 

The flights - 56 in total, Mr. Sada said - attracted little notice because they were thought to be civilian flights providing relief from Iraq to Syria, which had suffered a flood after a dam collapse in June of 2002.  'Saddam realized, this time, the Americans are coming,' Mr. Sada said. 'They handed over the weapons of mass destruction to the Syrians.'"

Commentary:  You no doubt did not see General Sada's testimony of what actually happened to those weapons of mass destruction on any major TV news broadcast because they are very biased and produced by people belonging to, or sympathizing with the morally corrupt US Democratic Party.  vtb

Love, American Style: Iraq's Kurds fans of all things US, Bush - "The roots of the Kurdish affection for America lie in the U.S.-led operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. While the first, under President George H.W. Bush, did not topple the hated Hussein, it served notice that America was his enemy.  U.S. military forces ousted Hussein in 2003 and brought him to ultimate justice in 2006, when he was executed on orders of an Iraqi tribunal.

Tens of thousands of Kurds were murdered, many with chemical weapons, on orders of the former Baath Party leader. Once Hussein was gone, the oil-rich Kurdish region began to prosper.  Kurds openly express their hope that the United States will help them become a completely independent country."

Also see:

- the growing immorality throughout the world is not going unnoticed by the Lord


Please give what you can to one or more of these Catholic aid organizations: 
Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) - "Each year local  Catholic Charities agencies  serve more than 10 million  people regardless of their religious, social, or economic  backgrounds.  The mission of Catholic Charities agencies is to provide  service to people in need, to advocate for justice in social structures, and to call the entire church and other people of good will to do the same."
Catholic Relief Services - "Giving Hope to a World of Need" - "Provides humanitarian relief and development assistance to the poor and marginalized in over 100 countries and territories around the world.  Overseas, we work through CRS offices located in the regions of Africa, AsiaEurope, the Middle East and Latin America and the Caribbean.
CRS also works through regional offices within the United States to support Catholic individuals, parishes and dioceses as they strive to live their faith in solidarity with the poor and make decisions as consumers, voters and advocates to promote more just and peaceful societies."
Catholic World Mission - "Disaster Relief - Philippines - North America - Central America - South America - Child Sponsorship Program - Change for Change Program - Evangelizer Newsletter - Annual Fund Drive - Glory Stories."
For more opportunities, see: 


Pope St John Paul II: The Spark from Poland - "'As I was praying for Poland, I heard the words:' 'I bear a special love for Poland, and if she will be obedient to My will, I will exalt her in might and holiness. From her will come forth the spark that will prepare the world for My final coming.' (The Diary of St. Faustina, 1732)."


"We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through.   I do not think that wide circles of American society or wide circles of the Christian community realize this fully.  We are now facing the FINAL confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel."

---Karol Cardinal Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II), November 9, 1976

"He who rebels against the Church is a rotten member, and what is done to His Vicar on earth, (the Pope) be it reverence or insult, is done to God in Heaven.  Think not that God is sleeping over the injuries that have been done to His Spouse" (the Church)."

The Secret of the Poor Souls in Purgatory - An interview with Maria Simma of Austria - "Since 1940 (she was then aged 25), a privileged soul, named Maria Simma, has had regular visits from the souls in Purgatory to explain their sufferings and to ask for prayers and Masses to be released from Purgatory.

What Catholics believe: 10 truths about purgatory - "Does purgatory still exist? Even though we don’t hear about it as much as in earlier times, Catholics do believe in purgatory. It is a matter of faith, supported by the Bible and tradition, clarified at the Council of Florence in 1439 and the Council of Trent (1545-1563) and explained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church."

What does Our Lady say about Purgatory? - "There are many souls in Purgatory. There are also persons who have been consecrated to God – some priests, some religious.  Pray for their intentions, at least the Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be, seven times each, and the Creed.  I recommend it to you. There is a large number of souls who have been in Purgatory a long time because no one prays for them." 

Pope Francis and Economic Justice by Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia - "I think it would be a mistake to describe him (Pope Francis) as a 'liberal' — much less a 'Marxist.'  As I told the Italian newspaper La Stampa in an interview some weeks ago, words like “liberal” and 'conservative' don’t describe Catholic belief. They divide what shouldn’t be divided.

We should love the poor and love the unborn child. Service to the oppressed and service to the family; defense of the weak  and defense of the unborn child; belief in the value of business and belief in restraints on predatory business practices — all these things spring from the same Catholic commitment to human dignity.

There’s nothing 'progressive' about killing an unborn human child or allowing it to happen.  And there’s nothing 'conservative' about ignoring the cries of the poor."

DEATH OF LONG ISLAND MAN TIED TO ALLEGED SPANISH APPARITIONS PUTS ACCENT ON A HOST OF MYSTERIES - "Garabandal has always been a supreme mystery.  I visited there in the early 1990s, staying at a bed-and-breakfast owned by the uncle of reputed seer Conchita Gonzalez -- a wonderful man in this exquisitely beautiful, towering spot in the Cantabrian Mountains of north-central Spain. At one point during the day, I was the only pilgrim there (later joined by an American). Something surely happened here."
Journey to heaven, hell, purgatory After a near-fatal motorcycle crash 30 years ago, priest said guardian angel showed him the afterlife - "'In  HELL: They had seemed very holy on Earth, but it was  hypocrisy.  It was sad; I felt sorry for them,' he said. Numbered among the lost souls were priests and bishops who were not faithful to their calling as shepherds. He also noted a great deal of hatred  and in-fighting that occurred between the eternally condemned.'"
Saving Catholic Culture from Destruction - "In centuries past, those seeking to level or confiscate sacred edifices were the Church’s sworn adversaries, who tried to storm her fortresses and attack her from without.  In this, our own day, however, there are Catholics in many places whose biggest perennial fear is not savage invasion, but the euthanizing of their parish at the hands of their very own bishops and pastors. Is it not time for an honest  recognition and acknowledgement of the deep spiritual and psychological harm caused by this phenomenon?"
Fatima Still Matters - "In Fatima, two anti-Catholic socialist newspapers sent reporters to witness how foolish it was that so many people came out believing there would be a miracle. Instead, the papers carried reports of an amazing miracle  witnessed by all who were there."
9 truths about purgatory - "What Catholics need to know about the ‘anteroom of heaven.’" 
WHILE MOST PASSAGES TO THE OTHER SIDE ARE FILLED WITH A SENSE OF PEACE, THERE ARE DARK, EVEN SCARY EXCEPTIONS - "I felt some type of dark cloud present in the room.  The lights grew dimmer, and the temperature plummeted. The room was  freezing cold as though the temperature had instantly dropped a hundred degrees. The warmth I'd come to expect when Heaven's door  opened seemed to have been replaced by the opening of a liquid nitrogen canister. The room appeared dark and shadowy, as if it were being swallowed by a  black abyss."
THE "SMOKE OF SATAN" IS BECOMING A RAGING FIRE! - "For the good of the Catholic faithful and all people, the Church provides clear teaching concerning  Satanic worship. This activity separates people from God and the human community, it is  contrary to charity and goodness, and it places participants dangerously close to destructive works of evil."
When sufferings come, offer them up as a sacrifice to God. (03/29/1984)
By means of the cross God is glorified through every person. (11/29/1984)
Dear children, during these days my Lord is allowing me to intercede for more graces for you... With these graces, dear children, I want your sufferings to be joy. (06/19/1986)
I desire also that your cross be a joy for you.  Especially, dear children, pray that you may be able to accept sickness, and sufferings with love - the way Jesus accepted them [sufferings]. Only in that way will I be able, with joy, to give to you the graces and healings which Jesus permits me. (09/11/1986)
Today I invite you to offer your crosses and sufferings for my intentions... Little children, offer your sufferings as a gift to God so that they may become a most beautiful flower of joy. Therefore, little children, pray that you may understand that suffering can become joy, and the cross a way of joy. (09/25/1996)
When you are tired and sick and you do not know the meaning of your life, take the rosary and pray; pray until prayer becomes for you a joyful meeting with your Savour.  I am with you, little children, and I intercede and pray for you. (04/25/2001)
Courage, little children!... Through each of your tribulations and sufferings, God will find the way of joy for you. Therefore, little children, pray. We are close to you with our love. (03/25/2006)
Let your suffering be united in his [Jesus'] suffering and love will win. (03/25/2013)."
Devil is working hard on securing end times - "Pope Francis is not shy about preaching on how the battle between good and evil has already begun."
Commentary: Some believe we are at the BEGINNING of the end times and a Great Chastisement awaits us if we do not turn back to the Lord. The intensity of that Chastisement depends upon the number who repent and try to live by God's Word and the teachings of His Church, rather than living by man's word and the teachings of the world.  I share their belief.  vtb 
Pope Benedict XVI stated: "The attacks on the Pope and the Church do not just come from  outside, but the sufferings of the Church come precisely from within the Church, from the sin that is in the Church.  This has always been known, but today we see it in a really  terrifying way:

The greatest persecution of the Church does not come from external  enemies, but is born from the sin in the Church.  
The Church, therefore, has the profound need to learn penance again, to accept purification, to learn on one hand forgiveness, as well as the need for justice.  Forgiveness does not replace  justice."
 Lisbon, Portugal, MAY 11, 2010 (
"Love not the world, nor the things which are in the world. If any man love the world, the charity of the Father is not in him.  For all that is in the world, is the concupiscence of the flesh, & the concupiscence of the eyes, and the pride of life, which is not of the Father, but is of the world." 
(1 John 2:15)
 "We adore Thee, we bless Thee, & we thank Thee O Christ, because by Thy Holy Cross & Thy great sufferings, Thou has redeemed  the world!"
"Who changed the truth of God into a lie; and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature.  And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error.  
And as they liked not to have God in their knowledge, God delivered them up to a reprobate sense, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all iniquity, malice, fornication, avarice, wickedness, full of envy, murder, contention, deceit, malignity, whisperers, Detractors, hateful to God, contumelious, proud, haughty,  inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents.
God delivered them up: Not by being author of their sins, but by withdrawing his grace, and so permitting them, in punishment of their pride, to fall into those shameful sins.
Foolish, dissolute, without affection, without fidelity, without mercy.  Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent (approve of their actions) to them that do them." 
(Romans 1:25-32)
 "O how good an sweet is thy spirit, O Lord, in all things!  And therefore thou chastisest  them that err, by little and little; and  admonish them, and speakest to them, concerning the things wherein they offend; that leaving their wickedness, they may believe in thee, O Lord...
Because they did works hateful to thee...  merciless MURDERERS OF THEIR OWN CHILDREN... (ABORTION).  Wherefore thou hast also greatly tormented them who in their life have lived foolishly and unjustly, by the same things which they worshiped.  For they went astray for a long time in the  ways of error, holding those things for gods (material things) which are the most worthless among beasts, living after the manner of children without understanding
Therefore thou hast sent a judgment upon them... they suffered by those very things which they took for gods..." (the loss of material things).
(Wisdom 12:1-2,4-5,23-25,27)
"Know also this, that, in the LAST DAYS, shall come dangerous  times.  Men shall be lovers of themselves, covetous,  haughty, proudblasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, wicked, Without affection, without peace, slanderers, incontinent,  unmerciful, without kindness. Traitors, stubborn, puffed up, and lovers of pleasures more than of GodHaving an appearance indeed of godliness, (like President Obama) but denying the power thereof.  Now these (people) AVOID."
(2 Timothy 3:1-5)
I feel it very important that I share this spiritual information and I hope that you will not be offended by my efforts.  No matter what the level of your faith or your religion, please take the time to listen to this man whether you believe all that he says or not.  As it did mine, It will greatly benefit your soul and make it much easier to understand the holy path we all must take to be worthy of Heaven.  Thank you and God bless you!  
Vincent T. Bemowski
Editor - Catholic Messages
Please see:
Four common tactics of the devil - Deception - Division - Diversion Discouragement -  "The devil deceives us with many false and empty promises. Most of these relate to the lie  that we will be happier and more fulfilled if we  sin, or deny aspects of the truth.  
Whatever passing pleasures  come with sin, they are in fact passing. Great and accumulated  suffering eventually comes with almost all sinful activity. Yet, despite this experience, we human beings remain very  gullible, we seem to love empty promises and put all sorts of false hopes of them.... 
So many things help drive this division, and the devil surely taps into them all: anger, past hurts, resentments, fears, misunderstandings, greed, pride, and arrogance. There is also the impatience that we so easily develop regarding those we love, and the flawed notion that somehow, other more perfect and desirable people should be sought. 
And thus many abandon their marriages, family, churches and communities, always in search of the elusive goal of finding better and more perfect people and situations...  
The devil causes us to fixate on fears about passing things, and thereby not to have a proper fear of the judgment which awaits us. 
Jesus says:  "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell."  (Matt 10:28) 
Satan temps us to impatience with our self or others. And, in our aspirations, expected in unreasonably quick time, there comes a lack of charity toward our self or others. Some grow discouraged with themselves or others and give up on the pursuit of holiness. Others give up on the  Church because of the imperfections found there."
Also see:

* Prophecy given for "Saint" Loretta ("A fragile flower loved by the Lord") & I - Nov. 13, 1988 (I believe It is meant to be shared with as many people as possible). 
* Warning from Our Lady at Akita, Japan.
* Garabandal - The Warning - Punishment - Messages of Hope - Interview with Bishop Del Val Gallo.
* Prophecy of Therese Neumann for the USA in 1946, just after the end of World War II.
* The Message and Secret of La Salette - Includes end times  prophecy.
The following are not my original thoughts. They are based upon prophecies and revelations that I have read over a period of many years and they are offered here for your discernment:
Our once great nation will continue it's moral decline, destroy itself  economically, and lose the respect of many other nations throughout the world.  True wisdom will continue to disappear from the mouths of our leaders. Moral corruption will be everywhere - a great number of our citizens will be looking for a free hand-out.  
Promises will be broken - with the exception of those who place their trust in the Lord, fear and confusion, rather than love and peace, will dominate the hearts and minds of men and women. 
Those who possess  true faith will become rare, even among those who call themselves "Christians."  But through the intercession of the  Blessed Virgin Mary and the power of the Holy RosaryAlmighty God will act, and after a period of wide-spread  immorality,  people throughout the world will be cleansed and again be made  pleasing to God.  vtb 
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THE PROPHETIC PULSE: STUNNING ANNOUNCEMENT THAT POPE WILL RESIGN COMES DURING TENSE, DRAMATIC TIMES - "As so many now know, St. Malachy foresaw that after a pope associated with the sun (John Paul II was born and his funeral was on the day of an eclipse, and he was closely tied to Fatima, where there was the famous sun miracle) there would be just two popes left; one would come as a pope de gloria olivae,  'from the glory of the olive.'  
St. Benedict and the popes who took his name have often been associated with peace-making (the olive branch) and St. Benedict's very order, the Benedictines, are also known as 'Olivetans' and has an olive branch as its symbol."
Booklet: Part 2 ("The Messages to the Churches")  Although these Messages are primarily intended for those of the Catholic Faith, they of course apply equally to  Shepherds & people of every Faith.  vtb
Therese Neumann was a German stigmatist and mystic, who for many years did not sleep and lived without food or liquids except for the daily Eucharist.
When asked by an American GI if the United States would ever be destroyed or invaded in a war, her answer was: "No, but at the end of this century America will be destroyed economically by a series of NATURAL DISASTERS."
"Told by Our Lord  that her gift of seeing the past, present, and future in mystic visions was greater than that possessed by anyone else in history."
 The Servant of God - Luisa Piccarreta, Little Daughter of The Divine Will - The highest spiritual state you can achieve here on earth.  "Everything is in the Divine Will; therefore It wants to love together with you, and if you call It, It gives you Its Love in your power in order to be loved; It gives you Its sanctity to make yourself a saint, Its light to make Itself  known and to eclipse your weaknesses, miseries and passions, so that they may no longer have life in you, but only Its Willlaying and forming Its Life in your little act…"
(From the Letters of Luisa – January, 2, 1939)
Center for the Divine Will - "Information on the writings of  Luisa Piccarreta - We pray, dear pilgrim, that whatever benefits are received from reading the information contained in this site will redound to the greater glory of the Most Holy Trinity and hasten the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will to Reign on earth as in Heaven."
Collection of Letters sent by Saint Hannibal Mary Di Francia - "To the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will."
Luisa Piccarreta being Slandered - Commentary: There is some controversy  concerning the promotion and/or spiritual practices connected with the Luisa Piccarreta's writings about the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  Luisa's Cause for Beatification is now being investigated through the Magisterium of the Church.  Unfortunately, her good name is being slandered and her "Cause"  being scandalized by numbers of "Catholics" through various means, such as  websites and articles in Catholic magazines or other news sources. vtb
Feeling down, discouraged, or depressed?  Turn on your sound & see: Four Candles
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Jackie Evancho - To Believe - Very beautiful and inspirational song!
God Doesn't Make Mistakes - Affectionate dog  interacting with a beautiful young child  with Down Syndrome.
Healing Messages - Designed to bring you encouragement and increase your self-esteem and hope
THE EXISTENCE AND PERSON OF JESUS - EVIDENCE IN THE OLD TESTAMENT CONFIRMED IN THE NEW TESTAMENT. - His birth, life, sufferings, Resurrection, Second Coming.  Plus Scripture for those going through difficult trials and sufferings. 
 OUR HEAVENLY MOTHER - THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY.  The Holy Rosary, Fatima, Association of the Miraculous Medal, Doctors of the Church, St. Maximilian Kolbe, Queen of the Divine Will, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Garabandal, Apparitions, La Salette.
Spiritual Guide For Daily Living Due to your current state of health, daily duties, or your other responsibilities, you may not be able to accomplish all of these things each day, but it is good to set daily goals that will not only spiritually benefit your own soul  and the souls of those in your care, but the entire Church.
Pope Francis tells Benedict: 'We are brothers' - "Pope Francis and Benedict XVI came face-to-face Saturday (March 23, 2013) for the first time since Francis' election."
Commentary: Knowing the mental and physical condition of Pope John Paul II in the months preceding his death, it appears that Pope Benedict XVI drew a comparison to his own mental and physical condition.  
This does not mean he felt Pope John was not efficiently carrying out his duties because his illness was of a different nature.  It means that although Pope John Paul II may have assumed he had little time left, Pope Benedict  feels his remaining time on this earth is  unknown.  
Therefore he feels he can best  serve the Church in a different capacity  while allowing another, who is in a far better state of health, to assume the heavy responsibilities of his Holy Office
We owe it to this humble man  (Pope Benedict XVI) to pray for him so he will have peace and strength in his remaining days on earth.  
However, we are especially grateful that God has granted us another  holy Pope to continue to bring about the renewal of His Church in these dangerous times where the light of true faith is growing dimmer and dimmer.   vtb
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Benedict XVI prays penultimate Angelus: “The time of testing is here, let us focus on God again” - "'The time of testing is here. We must not use God for our own ends. Resignation is a testimony of faith.  Don’t be afraid to fight the evil spirit, what is important is that we do it alongside Christ the Victor,' the Pope said during today’s Angelus before a crowd of 50 thousand faithful, urging them to turn to 'the Mother Mary.'  
'Let us trust in the intercession of the Virgin Mary in this time of testing,' he added.  'Through her we will feel the powerful presence of  His Divine Son, so we may ward off temptation with the Word of Christ  and place God at the centre of our lives.  
We must reject the false images of the Messiah as Jesus did when faced with the temptations the Temptor presented him with, the most serious of which is using God for one’s own ends,' Benedict XVI said during the course of the Angelus prayer."

Padre Pio Foundation of America - "Padre Pio's Early Life - The Stigmata - The Sacraments - His Teachings - His Life - People Who Knew Padre Pio - The Padre Pio Foundation of America - Fr. Bob's Stories of Mercy - Everyday Intercessions."

 Saint Padre Pio Devotions - "Contains the  prayers of Padre Pio, his voice, 35 testimonials, 45 of his spiritual maxims, 50 photographs, and more."
Liturgical Calendar - Women for Faith & Family - Prayers & Devotions.
Saint by Date - Monthly listing - "Most saints and holy people have specially designated feast days.  On those days we remember these holy men and women in a special way."
Also see category: Devotions & Feast Days
 About/Contact - Apostolic blessings - endorsements - spiritual guidance & counseling - healing prayers - prayer requests.
Apologetics & Bible Study - Catholic Bible study, apologetics, & theology resources. Plus articles, forums, & studies.
"We adore Thee, we bless Thee, & we thank Thee O Christ, because by Thy Holy Cross, Thou has redeemed the world!"
Charismatic Gifts - Spiritual value of Charismatic Gifts and how they benefit the Church.  
Devotions & Feast Days - Christmas, Epiphany, Holy Week, Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday, First Friday Devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Feast of the Ascension, the Shroud of Turin, Stations of the Cross, First Saturday Devotions to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, The Marian Movement of Priests, Spiritual Guide for Daily Living, Holy Relics.
Miracles in Catholic Church - Although they are to us, "miracles" to Almighty God are of course not extraordinary, for "With God, all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26).  
Shown & explained here are of some of the thousands of great miracles that have occurred in, and through members of the Catholic Church. 
However, as you may be aware, miracles can, and do occur through members of other Churches, primarily in the way of healings, although other forms of miracles also take place.  All believers are aware that a solid faith and sincere prayers are the main ingredients that allow great and little miracles to happen in our daily lives.  vtb
Spiritual Advice - "Spiritual resources designed to offer prayer, encouragement, & personal support for those suffering from spiritual confusion, the loss of a loved one, a bad relationship, health problems, abuse, abandonment, a divorce, a physical or mental illness, suicidal tendencies, or from depression."
Testimonials - Some of the responses I have received from those who needed spiritual advice or just needed someone to listen while they shared their burdens.

Designed to bring you encouragement and increase your self-esteem and hope. 
* Difficult Trials and Sufferings
* Encouragement and Lessons of Christian Virtues
* An Army Is Needed To Help The "Poor In Spirit"
* God Is Love
* The Glory of Heaven
* We Need Christ In Our Lives
* Comfort for those who Mourn
* Possessed, Morally Corrupted, or Mentally Ill?
* A Poem for those who are Suffering
* Giving Thanks and Giving to Others
* Becoming More Like Jesus
* Random Acts of Kindness
* Christ is "The Way, The Truth, and The Life"
* "Voices"
* The Power Of Our Word
* Crying In My Heart
* After the Rain
* Measure Everything in Relation to Heaven
* A Dream We Can Believe In
* The Fear of Death
* Random Thoughts
* The Tragedy of Suicide (Sadness, Discouragement, and Depression)
* Remember When....
* Do you live in an Oasis or the Desert?
* Forgiveness
* Sometimes You Just Need Someone To Talk To
Spiritual Links - Recap - Includes beautiful picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and additional spiritual advice.
Spiritual State of Catholic Church - "Thou therefore gird up thy loins and arise, and speak to them all that I command thee.  Be not afraid at their presence, for I will make thee not to fear their countenance... And they shall fight against thee and shall not prevail, for I am with thee saith the Lord, to deliver thee."  (Jeremias 1:17,19).
The Catholic Man - This is a spiritually beautiful letter that should be read by all Catholic men & their families.
Worldly Diocese - Bishop Ricken of the Green Bay Diocese refuses to study and address the causes of these grave moral issues.  You will find that many of these issues reflect the spiritual state of the average diocese in the USA and other nations of the West.  Therefore this letter is just as timely today as the day it was written.

Aid Organizations & Missionaries - Catholic aid organizations & missionaries. 
Angels & Saints - A variety of information about great saints & the activity of angels.
Bride of Christ - WHEN GOD CALLS A WOMAN TO THE CONSECRATED LIFE - Mother Assumpta Long on Divine Courtship.
Catechisms & Church Laws - Catholic Church Canon Law - Catechisms - Catholic Encyclopedias

Church Communities - Spiritual Communities & Movements in the Catholic Church
Church Societies - Spiritual Societiesin the Catholic Church
Foreign Countries (Catholic Spirituality) - CATHOLIC SPIRITUAL ACTIVITY IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES - General Information - Australia - China - England & Wales - Italy - Papua New Guinea & Solomon Islands - Russia - Ukraine - United Kingdom
Holy Priests? - IS THE AVERAGE PRIEST IN TODAY'S CATHOLIC CHURCH TRULY HOLY? - It is essential that for the good of the Church the clergy become more aware of the reasons why the laity have a right to expect that their priests are truly seeking  holiness.
Letters - I have received & written many letters over the years and I believe it would be beneficial to you if I shared some of them.  You may not agree with all of the conclusions I have arrived at, but hopefully they will provide you with some "food for thought."
Lukewarm Priests - Do you love the Church?  Or are you among the lukewarm who defend those who create scandal in the Church?  Catholic Messages contains letters and a booklet sent to Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI that reveal the lukewarm spiritual state of today's Church in America and the West.
Ministry & Life of Priests - "In order to be a good guide of his People, the priest must also be attentive to the signs of the times: those larger and deeper ones which concern the universal Church and Its sojourn in the history of man, and those which more closely affect the specific situation of a particular community."
Motherhood - Choices About Child Rearing & Careers by Helen Alvare - How John Paul II Helped Women Understand Their Vocations
Pregnancy - INCLUDES RESOURCES FOR WOMEN & THE GREAT NEED FOR PRAYER - SPIRITUALITY FOR PREGNANT MOTHERS by AGNES PENNY - Pregnant Pause: Spirituality for Expectant Moms - Agnes Penny Pens a Guide to Help With the Joys and Trials
Spiritual Inspirations - Some thoughts I felt inspired to write down.  I hope to add to them from time to time.  I also hope they will be of benefit to you and someone you love.
Webmaster's Mission - It is part of my Mission to "awaken" our shepherds and their sheep as to the Lord's Word for today's Church, for the good of their souls and for the good of the Church from which all mankind benefits.
Woman of God - THE JOY OF BEING A WOMAN OF GOD by RONDA CHERVIN - A Divine Plan for Happiness.
*** Sacred Heart Picture - Receive beautiful and uplifting messages for your soul.  (This category also contains a recap of all of the spiritual resources offered on this website).
Animals & Pets - A variety of helpful information.
Cancer Updates - Cancer treatments can be very expensive and complicated and I am not an expert on these matters.  Therefore I cannot endorse every type of treatment.  However, I believe it is very beneficial to present a variety of traditional and non-traditional treatments so that we are better able to make correct decisions regarding the various types of cancer treatments now available.
Catholic & Non-Catholic Movie Reviews - Very few movies made today in Hollywood and elsewhere are pleasing to God.  However, since most movie critics have become "accustomed" to many forms of immorality, they often view immoral portions of a film as "art" or as "necessary" elements that enhance the "quality" of the film.
Communications - Catholic Magazines, Newspapers, Radio & Television.
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Family Links - Catholic & non-Catholic resources.
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Prophecy for USA
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- the growing immorality throughout the world is not going unnoticed by the Lord