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SIGNIS - World Catholic Association for Communication - "A non-governmental organization that includes members from 140 brings together radio, television, cinema, video, media education, Internet, and new technology professionals."
Catholic Press Association - "Catholic Advertising Network.  Diocesan Newspapers. Other  Newspapers.  Magazines.  Newsletters. General Publishers. Foreign Language Publications.  Eastern Rite Publications. Service Members. Freelance Writers.  Honorary Members."
Crisis Magazine - "We are dedicated to the proposition that the crisis of modernity can be answered by a Christian humanism rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church.  We bring the wisdom of the Catholic tradition into direct dialogue with contemporary politics and culture."
Inside The Vatican Magazine - "We judge our readership to predominantly among thoughtful Roman Catholics, including several thousand priests and religious."
Magnificat - "Have you ever wished for a resource that would help you participate more fervently in the Mass ... That would give sound guidance regarding prayer... Or That would help you grow in your spiritual life without putting excessive demands on your busy schedule?"
New Oxford  Review - Magazine.  Filled with letters from readers and manuscripts.  Unafraid to allow discussions on Church issues other Catholic publications shy away from.
The Word Among Us Magazine - "Intended to assist people in reading, meditating on and understanding scripture [and to] provide sound, practical advice for Catholics on the living out of the Christian life."
Catholic Newspapers - "Bishops Conferences.  International Publications. National Publications.  Diocesan Publications." Note: Some news may be out of date, but other information is useful. 
Catholic Press Association - "Catholic Advertising Network.  Diocesan Newspapers. Other Newspapers.  Magazines.  Newsletters. General Publishers.  Foreign Language Publications.  Eastern Rite Publications.  Service Members.  Freelance Writers.   Honorary Members."
National Catholic Register - Weekly newspaper.  "National News, Vatican News, World News... Inperson interviews... History and Saints, Books & Education... Culture of Life."
Catholic Radio Association - "To serve the Church in its mission to bring all people to holiness in Jesus Christ by assisting and uniting Catholic radio apostolates to reach more people with efficacious programming."
EWTN - Catholic Radio and Television Live programing, as well as audio and video recordings of some of it's programs for those unable to receive it's radio and/or television signals, and for those who have missed certain programs.
United Catholic Music and Video Association - "As an umbrella organization, the UCMVA creates an atmosphere in which artists, producers, arrangers, retail stores, radio stations, concert promoters, dioceses, and parishes can come together and unify their efforts in order to benefit the organization as a whole."
Vatican Radio Categories: Charity & Solidarity - Church - Culture & Society - Synod - Ecumenism - Family - Youth - Justice & Peace - Politics - Religion & Dialogue - Science & Ethics - Audiences & Angelus - Pastoral Visit(s).
Vatican Television Center - CTV (Centro Televisivo Vaticano) - Click on play box below sketch of the world.  (Live broadcasts may not be available at certain times of the day depending on your time zone).
World Family of Radio Maria - Click on an area of the world, and check for web address of radio station.
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