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DEC. 7, 2007 - "Tokyo Rose" was a nickname generated by allied military personnel during World War II for a group of female broadcasters working for the Japanese government who claimed to "support" soldiers while psychologically attempting to demoralize them.
Today's "Tokyo Roses" are "Queen" Hillary Clinton & the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.  Although the vast majority tell our troops they are "dying in vain," and their "mission is not needed or worthless," every politician in the Democratic Party also claims to "support our troops."
What a contradiction!!  Along with the vast majority of our soldiers, I claim Democrats are hypocrites whose motives are political rather than patriotic.  Our troops are VOLUNTEERS, and not draftees.
Because of the Democratic Party's refusal to support a Human Life Amendment to our Constitution almost 4,000 unborn Americans are killed through abortions EVERYDAY!  Yet these fools, and their "lapdogs" in the media complain about the deaths of almost 4,000 American soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for their country in Iraq since March, of 2003.
A war resolution approved by Congress, is far more "just" than an undeclared war against unborn Americans who are being sentenced to a cruel death without a trial simply because they are not wanted.  Those who approve of the mass murder of our unborn often claim they are "pro-choice," but what choice are our innocent unborn children being given?
---Vincent T. Bemowski - Webmaster/Editor
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