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"If I shall touch only his garment, I shall be healed."  JESUS: "Be of good heart daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole."
"Spiritual resources designed to offer prayer, encouragement, & personal support for those suffering from spiritual confusion, the loss of a loved one, a bad relationship, health problems, abuse, abandonment, a divorce, a physical or mental illness, suicidal tendencies, or from depression." 
Dear Visitors,
Welcome to a spiritual resource designed to renew your hope and increase your faith or that of someone you love.  There are no limits to the ways the Lord can heal or touch the hearts of people - an encouraging word can do wonders to lift your spirits and contribute to the healing of the mind as well as the body.
My main role is spiritually advising people as to how they can obtain healing or begin the healing process and obtain an answer to their prayers.   
It makes no difference to me what religion you practice or if you are not a believer.  We are all brothers and sisters and children of God.  We are all in need of healing prayers and at times, spiritual advice.
It is important to remember that everyone who is prayed for receives some type of healing - it may not always be visible, but may occur spiritually.  If you are not healed in the way you would like, that does not mean you are less loved by God or your faith is weak - it means He has a different plan for you. 
I give confidential spiritual advice to those who request it to help them regain their self-esteem and confidence as you can see in the testimonials I have received.  I am not a professional counselor, but through the Gift of Wisdom I have given spiritual advice to many people for many years (I was born in 1940).  My wife, Loretta (see below paragraph) & I were married for almost 43 years (she died April 22, 2009), and we had three children. 
Before continuing, please say a prayer to this powerful intercessor and ask her help for your healing: "Saint" Loretta  (This is an internal link, you must backspace to return to this section of this page)
I am always willing to listen to those who need someone to share their physical, emotional & mental pains with so they do not feel so alone.  Please do not be afraid to contact me.  (All correspondence is kept private and your e-mail address is not shared with any other party). 

Tha\nk you,

Vincent T. Bemowski
Website Editor
We cannot recapture the good things that happened to us in the past,
And the Spirit of God does not allow us to see fully the things that will happen to us in the future.
Like our ancestors, we must live by faith,
Faith in God, faith in His Church, and faith in ourselves.
Our inner hurts and unseen pains God is always aware of,
So be thankful for the Grace you receive from Him.
Never forget what JESUS and His Mother suffered for us,
Especially when you too are suffering physical and mental pains.
Always remember that even if no one else seems to care,
God is always with us, and will never abandon us or fail to give us His Peace.
So with sorrow, acknowledge and confess your sins,
But do not dwell upon them, for they are immediately forgiven. 
Think frequently about the eternal joy and glory that awaits you in Heaven,
And with hope for your future, live for the moment.
(Posted 6-19-10)
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There is more information about how JESUS heals His children and will heal you, in the category:  Spiritual Links(This is an internal link, you must backspace to return to this section of this page).
Vincent T. Bemowski 
(See: Testimonies (internal link) from those who were helped by my spiritual messages and spiritual advice). 
"When one has a heart pure and is united to God, one feels in oneself a balm, a sweetness which intoxicates, a light which dazzles. In this intimate union, God and the soul are like two pieces of wax melted together; they can no longer be separated...It is a happiness that one is not able to understand. Prayer makes time pass with great speed, and so agreeably that one doesn't notice its duration.  The more one prays, the more one wishes to pray." 
---Saint John Vianney
*Angels Online - "Angel encounters, spiritual awakenings, self discoveries, and healing miracles.  The stories are told in the contributors own words, and they have produced a profound effect not only on the lives of the authors but also on the lives of their friends, family, and to those who have visited the website.  As a consequence, these stories have offered thousands of people around the world a renewed sense of hope and spiritual strength."
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Some thoughts I felt inspired to write down.  I will be adding to them from time to time.  I hope they will benefit you and someone you love.
* CHOICES ABOUT CHILD REARING & CAREERS by Helen Alvare - "How the Pope (John Paul II) Helps Women Understand Their Vocations."
* SPIRITUALITY FOR PREGNANT MOTHERS by AGNES PENNY - Very helpful information that is beneficial to not only pregnant mothers, but for all engaged and married couples.  Also, priests and others at the parish level will find good ideas about what can be done to help bring encouragement and an increased understanding about child rearing.
* THE JOY OF BEING A WOMAN OF GOD by Ronda Chervin - "Ronda Chervin on a Divine Plan for Happiness."
10 points to help you truly practice your holy Faith and bring you peace during your spiritual journey.
Praying the Rosary, or portions of it, everyday (sincerely, and from your heart) is recommended by Our Heavenly Mother not only to obtain the favors we seek, but also to obtain the grace needed to discern God's Holy Will.
* PASTORAL LETTER TO CATHOLIC MEN - This is a spiritually beautiful letter that should be read by all Catholic men and their families - "May, 2002. A Pastoral Letter to the Catholic Men from the Catholic Bishops of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands."
* The Existence & Person of Jesus - Evidence from the Old Testament confirmed in the New Testament  - His birth, life, sufferings, Resurrection, Final Coming.  Plus Scripture for those going through difficult trials and sufferings."
* SPIRITUAL ESSAYS - SPIRITUAL MESSAGES FOR THE SOUL - Designed to bring you encouragement and increase your self-esteem and hope. 
* THE STATIONS OF THE CROSS - "PRAYED DAILY BY THOSE WITH A DEEP LOVE FOR CHRIST" - (Through Creighton University's Collaborative Ministry Office).  This devotion was originated by the Mother of God following the death of her son Jesus. "The most important reason for reviving the practice of making the Stations of the Cross is that it is a powerful way to contemplate, and enter into, the mystery of Jesus' gift of himself to us.  It takes the reflection on the passion out of my head, and makes it an imaginative exercise.  It involves my senses, my experience and my emotions. To the extent I come to experience the love of Jesus for me, to that extent the gratitude I feel will be deep.  Deep gratitude leads to real generosity and a desire to love as I have been loved."
 * Women For Faith & Family - "To assist orthodox Catholic women in their effort to provide witness to their faith, both to their families and to the world.  To aid women in their efforts to deepen their understanding of the Catholic Faith.  To aid faithful Catholic women in their desire for fellowship with others who share their faith and commitment.  To serve as a channel through which questions from Catholic women seeking guidance or information can be directed."
Prayers & Learning About Prayer - Scripture readings and intercessions - Companion in Illness - Prayers for children - Prayers for guidance - Prayers during Advent and Christmas, Lent/Easter.
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Saints And Intercessory Prayer - from Scripture Catholic - "Words from the Sacred Scriptures:
1. We are One Family in Christ in Heaven and on Earth. 
2. God Desires and Responds to Our Subordinate Mediation -Intercessory Prayer. 
3. Specific Instructions to Mediate/Examples of Subordinate Mediation. 
4. Veneration/Honor of the Saints. 
5. Posture in Prayer...
Closing Notes: No matter what your Faith, please remember the help Our Mother Mary offers us, her dear children, whom she keeps safe in her Immaculate Heart when we stay free of serious sin.  When we become discouraged, are tempted by the devil, or need help even in the smallest of things, a powerful prayer to say is: "Blessed Mother help me."  She will never fail to respond to your request.  As others have, you will increasingly gain confidence in her intercessory power.  (I use the above prayer many times during the day, and for the more difficult decisions, I add: "Holy Spirit guide me").
I hope you, or someone you love benefits from some of this spiritual information.
Thank you for visiting this special web page.  Please return whenever you feel down or discouraged.
There is more information about me and my Mission on the Contact  page of this website.  God bless you.
Vincent T. Bemowski
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