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"Told by Our Lord that her gift of seeing the past, present, and future in mystic visions was greater than that possessed by anyone else in history"

"Who is Bl. Anne Catherine and what is to be found in her contemplations of JESUS' life?  Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich (8 September 1774 – 9 February 1824) was a Roman Catholic Augustinian nun, stigmatic, mystic, visionary and ecstatic.  During her later, bedridden years, the poet Clemens Brentano interviewed her at length and wrote books based on his notes of her visions.  Anne Catherine was beatified on October 3, 2004, by Pope John Paul II. When considering Anne Catherine's cause for beautification, the Vatican focused on her own personal piety and disregarded the books written by Brentano.  On the other hand, many people find these books of Anne Catherine's visions to be a quite worthwhile source for further reflection upon the Bible and the life of Jesus Christ."

Commentary: For the Vatican to ignore the writings of Clemens Brentano appears to be very foolish.  There is no doubt that Our Lord wanted her visions & revelations shared with those who value their faith & wish to deepen their knowledge of it.  Only Satan would desire to have Christians ignore these writings.  It is common for writers to expand upon the notes they take, that is because good writers do not need to take word for word notes, but use outlines to remind them of what was revealed in an interview.  Good writers have excellent memories & other than minor errors or occasional language translation errors, can accurately relate the intentions of the person they are interviewing.  

It is the OVERALL MESSAGES that Our Lord would have us learn from, & any human errors, as readers will testify, certainly have not diminished those messages.  Unfortunately, that Vatican investigating committee appears to have had little knowledge of the Lord's Holy Will & the spiritual importance of these writings regarding the good they can accomplish for the Church & mankind.  vtb


"If you’ve spent any time looking at Catholic Prophecy on the Internet, you’ve no doubt seen the excerpted portions of the visions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich on the “relationship between two popes”  and the “baleful consequences” of the “false Church” that would supposedly follow."

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