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"Asking President Trump not to tweet would be like asking Teddy Roosevelt to carry a smaller stick. Or advising Abraham Lincoln that it’s more concise to just say “eighty-seven years ago.” President Trump will tweet until his final day in office, and he’d be a fool not to."

"This traditional priest speaks the truth, something many bishops fail to do these days."

"Babe Ruth Always Found His Way Back to the Catholic Faith.  In a letter written shortly before his death, Ruth explained his lifelong faith journey. And it was, quite literally, lifelong.  He explained that even if children do not understand or appreciate their upbringing in the Catholic faith, “once religion sinks in, it stays there–deep down.”

A DEEPLY SPIRITUAL PLACE - This is the only officially recognized Marian apparition in the United States - "To this day, no wildfire in the U.S. has ever caused more deaths. It is estimated close to 2,500 people perished in the raging 2,000-degree inferno. But there is an incredible side-bar to this story. Miraculously, there was a small group of people who were not harmed at all and they were right in the middle of the blaze. They were with Adele Brise."

"The new Prayer and Events Center will be able to take its 300 chapel capacity to 1,200 people.  "Last year, our attendance topped 150,000 people and we are projecting that number to hit nearly 160,000 for 2018. We need this building now to be able to handle that growth," said Champion Shire chief operations officer, Don Warden said."

"The homosexuals are working together with their allies in the dinosaur media to shift all the focus away from the problem of clericalism in the Church.  They are desperate to get the focus off of themselves and onto someone else.  Hence, they are determined to victimize Catholics who are simply trying to hold the teachings of the Church which their lobby want to bring down."

"Porn use has reached global, epidemic proportions and the harmful effects are widely documented.  In Growing Up in a Pornified Culture, Dr Gail Dines says that our children are growing up hyper sexualised; and in particular, girls are either not seen at all, or seen for their fuckability. Martin Daubney from Porn on the Brain describes it as a world of male domination and female humiliation. Divine describes the effects as a trauma to the soul, “…psycho spiritually, degrading a person by objectifying and or humiliating them is a soul trauma wound from which recovery is a difficult journey. No one escapes the damage, those in the camera sites, nor those watching, plus there is the ripple effect on families and society."

"The greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?"

"The creators of this video know that abortion is a highly sensitive topic and even many pro-lifers find brutally honest pictures of aborted babies very unsettling. So this “Interview,” filled with images of unborn babies, while very haunting, strikes a nerve for very different reasons."

“What is hidden from the public who are using HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce these receptors,” said Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director of Children of God for Life, a pro-life organization and ethics which monitors the use and amount of aborted fetal material in medical and cosmetic products (per year)."

"To bear witness to corruption in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church was a painful decision for me, and remains so. But I am an old man, one who knows he must soon give an accounting to the Judge for his actions and omissions, one who fears Him who can cast body and soul into hell. A Judge who, even in his infinite mercy, will render to every person salvation or damnation according to what he has deserved.  Anticipating the dreadful question from that Judge – “How could you, who had knowledge of the truth, keep silent in the midst of falsehood and depravity?” -- what answer could I give?"

Commentary: One of the greatest scandals ever to involve the Catholic Church, & Pope Francis is part of it.  This is a "must read" for all those seeking the truth!  vtb

"Lately it seems that the evil one has ramped up his attack on the faithful and on the Church. Consider the current revelations on sexual abuse by the clergy, and cover-ups of the same by high-ranking clergy. Then there’s the perception held by many Catholics that the Church hierarchy’s response to these issues is woefully inadequate. A rock star who favors abortion gets an audience with the pope. Abuse victims claim they can’t get the pope to respond to them."

Archbishop Viganò’s third testimony indicates a way through the current morass - "The former nuncio to the United States has taken steps — small steps, but determined and measurable — toward the very reconciliation to which Cardinal Ouellet called him."

"Viganò’s principal allegation, Arroyo specified, is that “between 2009 and 2010, Pope Benedict imposed a penalty on Archbishop McCarrick, because he knew they had paid settlements to men that he had abused. He also took him out of public ministry,” he said. “Now when Pope Francis became pope, Vigano said he informed the Pope himself of McCarrick’s misdeeds, the Pope ignored this and restored McCarrick. That’s the charge.”

"Cardinal Raymond Burke stated to (November 1). He explained that the law of God “is higher than, for example, the pontifical secret”.  Burke described Viganò as “a person of the greatest integrity."

"Is it healing liquid? Or a simple sign of concern, distress, or sorrow? Is it because the enemy rises with such force and deceives so many — so very many? Good or bad? A sign that he is short of human warriors, and that the enemy is multiplying? Or is it simply a case whereby the supernatural sought to show itself and this was the nearest outlet?"

Commentary: When a statue or painting weeps, it can only mean one thing and that is SORROW.  It makes sense because the world is growing so corrupt and sin has become rampant in every nation on earth.  

True wisdom is becoming harder and harder to find.  Fools exists everywhere.  Once religious nations no longer trust in the Word of Almighty God, but rather, place their trust in the opinions of foolish and evil men.  The Church has been deeply weakened by scandal.  

Many nations accept abortion as a "right."  Same sex relations and "marriage" have met much of the public's approval.  In the United States, the Democratic Party has been filled with morally corrupt politicians who no longer truly love our country.  The news media is filled with arrogant, vengeful reporters who have lost any degree of fairness or objectivity.  

What is the answer?  It is very clear.  Prayer, especially the Holy Rosary, & the reading of the Sacred Scriptures as well as attending Holy Mass as often as possible.

Spiritual laziness and indifference to what is happening throughout the world can only result in a depressed state of mind.  

JESUS said: "I am the vine: you the branches: he that abideth in me, and I in him, the same beareth much fruit: for WITHOUT ME YOU CAN DO NOTHING." 
---John 15:5 

Therefore let us follow Him, and not the teachings of the world.   vtb

"The following is a transcription of a homily given in Medjugorje at the English Mass on July 24, 2017. Although the priest did not introduce himself, we know from the homily on the following day that this priest's name is "Fr. Johnny."

"The Brown Scapular shall be a special sign of salvation, a protection in danger, and a pledge of peace. Whosoever dies wearing this Scapular shall not suffer eternal fire.”

"Traditional Catholics have been criticized, even punished, for their supposed “disobedience” to the Second Vatican Council—although no text of binding force is ever produced from which they actually dissent—while large numbers of parishes around the world are run by clergy who do not hesitate to dissent from the most basic Church teachings, including those of the New Testament and the first seven Ecumenical Councils."

Priest Scheier Condemned to Hell by Jesus -  "Father Stephen Scheier met an accident in 1985, died, and was condemned to Hell by Jesus Christ but wondrously saved by the Blessed Mother and was given a chance to return back to earth!!! "
"What if — just if — when we die, and we look at our lives through the Eyes of God, there are going to be a number of surprises: that matters we thought to be of much gravity, worldly ones, are not of so much gravity, it turns out, while other things we neglected or never thought of as 'sin' are."

"The purgative stage happens before one gets to the stage of experiencing suffering for the sake of love. That second description is what one experiences in purgatory. One has seen God in all His Beauty and loves Him. The separation from that Love is part if not all of the pain of purgatory. This is key and a great insight. Suffering for the love of God means desiring purgation only for that love."

“But of that day or hour, no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father” (Mark 13:32).  Still, we are given signs, and if we are wise, we will consider them and “learn a lesson from the fig tree” (Mark 13:28), as Christ points out. Wars, disasters, tribulations, attacks on marriage and family — all of this has been foretold. We don’t have to look far to see this playing out.

"The Church’s ultimate trial: Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers."

"Commenting on the cable news network CNN, Bishop E.W. Jackson said that it was founded by the notorious atheist Ted Turner and his mindset, which is "anti-God and anti-Christian," permeates the entire news outlet. This anti-Christian spirit is apparent in CNN's lead anchor, added Bishop Jackson.  "CNN was founded by a renowned, convinced, convicted atheist," said Bishop Jackson on his Nov. 15 radio program, The Awakening.  "Ted Turner, as far as I know, has not changed his mind."

"David Horowitz Freedom Center Restoration Weekend 2018. Bongino gives a detailed explanation on the Trump/Russia collusion narrative perpetrated by the Deep State and why it is the greatest scandal in US political history, and why former NSA Direct Mike Rogers is a national hero. He also references why the former director of the GCHQ (the UK's NSA) resigned immediately after Trump won the election."

"Our repeat mistakes involve declaring that Trump’s claims are “lies” when they are matters of opinion, or when the truth between conflicting sources is unknowable; taking Trump’s statements and events out of context; reporting secondhand accounts against Trump without attribution as if they’re established fact; relying on untruthful, conflicted sources; and presenting reporter opinions in news stories—without labeling them as opinions."

"President Trump on Wednesday signed into law a bill that would allow those with potentially terminal diseases to try experimental treatments and bypass the U.S. Food and Drug Administration... 'Patients with terminal conditions should have access to experimental treatments that could potentially save their lives...'"

"Within the span of a week, two high-profile Democrats verbalized their party’s perspective on politics. “When they go low, we kick them,” former attorney general Eric Holder frothed to a group of loyalists. “That is what this new Democratic Party is about,” Barack Obama’s former cabinet official proclaimed to shouts of “fight, fight, fight.” (Holder later backtracked.)