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Copy of Cardinal Stickler's Endorsement Letter 
(This  letter was included with the information sent to Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI - A faxed copy will be sent to you if you desire it).
 Nov. 11,1997 
Alfons M. Card. Stickler S.D.B.
Dear Mr. Bemowski,
Thank you for your
letter of October 30 and for the booklet enclosed.
I have read it with great pleasure and I agree with you completely. ------ I am also convinced that in the actual ----- in the world and - especially - in the Church only The Almighty Himself through Our Blessed Lady can help us to overcome the tremendous crisis of faith, life, pastoral activity (the real one!).
God bless you and your mission(This is an internal link, you must backspace to return to this page) Continue to pray for yours in Christ
Alfons M. Card. Stickler
(At the very bottom of his letter, Cardinal Stickler provided me with the address of a Cardinal from Viet Nam). 
Dec. '07 Pontiff Mourns Death of Cardinal Stickler - "The Holy Father (Pope Benedict XVI) described the cardinal as a 'sincere and zealous collaborator of the Holy See' who in all his duties 'provided precious testimony of fervent faithfulness to Christ and to the Church.'"
Commentary: It was also a very sad time for my family because this holy man gave my two part booklet a powerful endorsement and blessing that I will always be grateful for.  This booklet is titled: Is Today's Church Pleasing to God? and The Messages to the Churches.
Vincent T. Bemowski - Website Editor

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