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Please note:  Due to your current state of health, daily duties, or your other responsibilities, you may not be able to accomplish all of these things each day, but it is good to set daily goals that will not only spiritually benefit your own soul and the souls of those in your care, but the entire Church.
1.  Truly "practice" your Faith.  When possible, attend daily Mass.  Also, try to pray the Holy Rosary, recite the Divine Mercy prayers, and meditate on portions the Stations of the Cross each day (especially "The Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ" as revealed to Luisa Piccarreta ("Little Daughter of the Divine Will" - See: How Luisa Piccarreta is Being Slandered   
Go to Confession at least on a monthly basis, but if you are able, weekly or every two weeks will be of greater benefit to your soul.  Read a few pages from the Holy Bible each day (especially the New Testament).  Do these things and you will come to know Christ, the "Lamb of God."
2.  Always be respectful towards bishops and priests for they represent Christ.  The charismatic Gift of Wisdom is not given to everyone and you must not assume you possess this Gift.  Advise them of their lack of spirituality should the Holy Spirit prompt you to do this, but do not do so in a disrespectful manner.  When bishops/priests are corrected in a firm manner by a person with the charismatic Gift ofWisdom, that authority comes from the Lord - He knows the degree of admonishment a bishop or priest needs (it is given in proportion to the spiritual state of their soul).
3.  When you go to church, go there to give praise and thanks to the Lord.  Try not to look for imperfections in the priest or in the manner in which the Mass is being said or presented (this may at times be difficult, but it is good to make an effort in this area so that you will have greater peace during Holy Mass).  Focus on visiting with Our Lord - try to keep your thoughts on Him and try to give Him your whole heart.  Remember, angels are present, and you must spiritually prepare yourself to receive Our Lord worthily with a pure mind, heart, and soul.  It is a precious Gift to receive the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord in the Most Holy Eucharist.
4.  Pray daily for the Holy Father, bishops, priests, and all who lead the Church.  Include them in your morning prayers as you pray: "Lord, I offer You all my prayers, works, sufferings, and actions of this day, to be used in union with Yours, for the good of my soul, for the good of Your Church, and for...." (add your intentions).
5.  If you continue to be spiritually disturbed by a priest's lack of holiness and he has ignored your reminders as given through the Holy Spirit, search for another parish where you will feel more spirituality comfortable, but do not leave the Holy Catholic Church, for that would not be pleasing to the Lord and would reveal pride and a weak faith.
6.  When you write bishops and priests about lukewarmness, scandal, incorrect teachings, etc., always use Canon Law, the teachings of the Church (the Catechism, or Papal Encyclicals), and especially Holy Scripture, as the basis of your arguments.  When you correctly use these "spiritual weapons" you will find they will be unable to respond to your concerns and therefore will ignore your letter, or they will excuse themselves and their "brothers" without directly answering your concerns, or they will attempt to discredit you and find fault with your intentions.  (The Pharisees did this to Jesus).
You must remember that lukewarm religious who work within the Church do not like being corrected, especially if they are truly guilty and living in a state of sin, and therefore their pride will manifest itself in their response or lack of response.  This will confirm that what you say is from the Lord.  When this happens you often can do no more, except continue to pray and leave the matter in God's Hands.  Try to remember the good Shepherds who truly love you and the Church and you will find peace.
7.  Do not expect many people to understand your concerns for the Church as most are lukewarm and will not have the same degree of spiritual interest you possess.  Many times you will have to stand alone or with the support of only one or two friends, but do not lose hope and Jesus will help you, especially when you first go to His Mother and ask her to intercede.  A powerful prayer to be used in all that you do, is: "Blessed Mother help me, Holy Spirit Guide me, and give me wisdom and understanding for ......" (list your intentions).
8.  Perform works of charity, but remember that the greatest workers in the Church are those who silently suffer for the Church.  Therefore, prayer is necessary so that you are better able to accept your Crosses with joy and obedience, rather than trying to avoid them.  They are gifts from the Lord and accepting them will not only benefit your soul, but many, many souls within and outside the Church.  And your acceptance will help you gain a great reward in Heaven.
In addition, time spent visiting Our Lord and silently listening to Him or speaking with Him while sitting or kneeling before the Tabernacle (a few minutes after Mass). This will bring you many graces, discernment as to the Lord's Holy Will, and peace of mind.  This is part of the "rest" the Lord gives to all who are "weary, and burdened" - see Matthew 11:28).  Do not neglect or underestimate the spiritual value of these visits.  They will bring you His Counsel and give you understanding for these difficult times.  Also, if you are well enough, seek to mortify yourself through penance, humility, and fasting.
9.  Upon waking each morning also pray: "Heavenly Father, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, I consecrate myself, my family, and all whom I love, to you."
10.  Study your holy Faith while praying for guidance. Caution: Do not overload your mind with too many books for you will lose the simple way the Lord Wills for you and may become confused concerning the "signs of the times."  Keep your life simple and you will find great peace.  Say from your heart often during the day: "Jesus, I trust in you."
Thank you for reading this teaching.  If it is spiritually beneficial to you, please share it with others.  God bless you,
Vincent T. Bemowski - Website Editor

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