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Pope brands financial system selfish, short-sighted - "The recent crisis demonstrates how financial activity can at times be completely turned in on itself, lacking any long-term consideration of the common good," he said.
Holy See Fears Rich Countries Becoming Stingy - "The Holy See affirmed that without a broad revision of the financial system, a real solution to the crisis won't be found."
Economic crisis shows why life shouldn't be built on money, pope says - "On sand is built only things we can see and touch: success, career, money.  Apparently they are real, but one day they pass," he said.  He said the banking crisis demonstrated how quickly they can disappear."
Pope Had `Prophecy' of Market Collapse in 1985, Tremonti Says - "German-born Ratzinger in 1985 presented a paper entitled 'Market Economy and Ethics' at a Rome event dedicated to the Church and the economy.  The future pope said a decline in ethics 'can actually cause the laws of the market to collapse.'''
Employment Opportunities - "The U.S.'s largest online job site." - Worldwide.  "A search engine for jobs, allowing job seekers to find jobs posted on thousands of company career sites and job boards."
IRS Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center - "Small Business Forms and Publications - Employer ID Numbers (EINs) - Starting, Operating, or Closing a Business - Taxes - Videos & Other Educational Products - A-Z Index for Business..." - "Complete an Online Job Application for over 1,000 Companies Now!  Part-time Vacancies or Full-Time Positions.  When You Are Looking for a Job, We Have the Job Application You Need For Every Major Employer: Fast Food, Retail, Restaurant, Airline, Grocery, Pharmacy, Hospitality Employment Forms Are All Here." - "Admin Support Jobs - Technology Jobs - Sales jobs - Healthcare Jobs - Hourly/Skilled - Management Jobs - Finance Jobs - Human Resources Jobs - Public Service." - "Find Jobs by Location - Start your job search by selecting a location from the map below." - "Use our nifty tools to find local jobs, identify trends, research salaries, and secure that offer letter." - "Search Jobs and Careers: Find your Ideal Job. 1000's of New Jobs daily." - "This is a United States Office of Personnel Management website... the Federal Government's official one-stop source for Federal jobs and employment information."
Resumes & Cover Letters
Free Blank Resume Form - "Resume sample, edit resume examples"
Resumes & Cover Letters - From
Your Job Search from AARP - Preparing Your Résumé and Cover Letter 
Consumer Guides & Protection
 Economic Indicators
Stock Market
Better Business Bureau - "Can alert you to complaints against companies in your area."
Better Business Bureau Online - "Use our safe shopping site to locate companies that are members of their local Better Business Bureau, pledge to meet the BBBOnLine Seal ( See: Standards for ethical online business practices ) and have agreed to resolve complaints using the BBB's dispute resolution program or a similar program.  Companies must live up to these promises or lose the right to remain in our program." - Stock Market data, analytics, and financial news.
Bureau of labor Statistics - The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor is the principal Federal agency responsible for measuring labor market activity, working conditions, and price changes in the economy. Its mission is to collect, analyze, and disseminate essential economic information to support public and private decision-making.
Business Week - Today's Top Stories - "We base our unique brand of journalism on accurate information, gathered honestly and presented fairly."
Choose to Save - "Financial security is one of the most important issues for most Americans. Whether it's putting kids through college, saving for an emergency, buying a house, or saving for retirement - having enough money for life's demands is among our biggest concerns. And yet, many Americans have not taken even the first steps toward a secure financial future.  The Emmy and Telly award-winning Choose to Save® national public education and outreach program is dedicated to raising awareness about the need to plan and save for long-term personal financial security." - Jobs & Economy section. - "An independent Web-based consumer news and resource center.  We are not a government agency..."   Shown are hundreds of complaints & product reviews as received from actual customers Accuracy is not guaranteed, but the volume of complaints provides a good guide for making decisions about businesses and products. - "A “one-stop” link to a broad range of federal information resources available online.  It is designed so that you can locate information by category − such as Food, Health, Product Safety, Your Money, and Transportation." - "Product Reviews and Ratings."  Subscription required for magazine & aother for online services. - "Reviews hundreds of product reviews, analyzes them, distills the information shoppers need and recommends which products are the best."
Credit Report & Score Services - Comparisions & Reviews from - "There are a lot of ways to get free credit reports and credit scores and a lot of credit monitoring services out there.  The reality is that most of them are the same services repackaged by different has researched and tried all of them and and has created the below comparison and reviews for only the services that we have found offer the best features and information at the best price."
Debt Settlement USA - "Through the established relationships that we have with the creditors and financial institutions, we are able to successfully negotiate the debts of our clients at a substantial discount.  Creditors are willing to negotiate a debt with us on behalf of our clients with the understanding that the settled amount will be paid in a timely manner."
Federal Trade Commission - "Education is the first line of defense against fraud and deception; it can help you make well-informed decisions before you spend your money." - Financial Times - "Comprehensive coverage of global markets...timely comment and analysis."
Kelley Blue Book - New/Used Car Market Values.  A very popular and reliable guide - used by many banks, credit unions, and loan institutions.  "Before buying a new car, be sure to get the Blue Book value of the car you own now.  Choose Trade-In Value if you intend to sell your car to a dealer, Private Party Value if you intend to sell your car to another consumer."
Managing your budget - Living within your means and avoiding money mistakes - "Budgeting...These 20 tips can help you face up to your finances and achieve your monetary goals. [Related content: savings, budgeting, save money, emergency fund, financial planning]."
Commentary: One of the easiest ways to budget your money is to place your weekly expenses in  four envelopes (food, allowances, medications, & gasoline expense).  Budget other periodic expenses in your savings & checking accounts and don't take your check book or credit card with you when you shop.  In addition, when deciding where to cut expenses, measure them as to their annual cost.  And most importantly, don't forget to ask the Lord to help you: "Without me, you can do nothing."  Vincent T. Bemowski - Webmaster/Editor
MarketWatch - Stock Market Quotes, Business & Financial News. - "State and provincial governments working together to safeguard and return your lost funds."  You may be entitled to special refunds especially if you have moved.  It is worth checking out. 
Reuters - Business, Investing (Markets, Stocks). News - U.S. & International.
The Wall Street Journal (Online edition) - Business - "Provider of business content & information services across all consumer & enterprise media channels."
USAA - United Services Automobile Association - "To help facilitate the financial security of military families. Certain products and services are also available to non-military individuals, and there are no membership fees... Active Military, Military Veterans, Spouses of USAA Members, Widows, Widowers and Former Spouses of USAA Members, Individuals Whose Parents Are/Were USAA Members, Former USAA Members, Other Individuals."
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission - "The CPSC is committed to protecting consumers and families from products that pose a fire, electrical, chemical, or mechanical hazard or can injure children."
U.S. Department of Commerce - Economic News, Press Releases, Secretary's Speeches, Resources.
U.S. Department of Treasury - Economy, Financial Markets.
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