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Pope Benedict XVI: The Role of the Priest is Irreplaceable! - "Benedict XVI indicated that "the lack of priests does not justify a more active and abundant participation of the laity. The truth is that the greater the faithful's awareness of their own responsibilities within the Church, the clearer becomes the specific identity and inimitable role of the priest as pastor of the entire community, witness to the authenticity of the faith, and dispenser of the mysteries of salvation in the name of Christ the Head."
"The function of the clergy is essential and irreplaceable in announcing the Word and celebrating the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist. ... For this reason it is vital to ask the Lord to send workers for His harvest; and it is necessary that priests express joy in their faithfulness to their identity."
Commentary: While the laity should appreciate the great works the clergy accomplish for the Church and pray for them, it is also necessary that the clergy make every effort to beome truly holy and not follow the teachings of the world so that they may truly follow Christ and lead by example.  
Below, and in other categories on this website are some beneficial spiritual resources to help them in their spiritual journey.  It is essential that for the good of the Church, the clergy become more aware of the reasons why the laity have a right to expect that their priests are truly seeking  holiness.
Vincent T. Bemowski - Webmaster/Editor
"It is my work, which I myself am now carrying out, in order to gather from all sides the little remnant which will remain faithful to Jesus and to His Gospel, to the Pope and to the Church united with Him...If indeed His return is close at hand, then my motherly action becomes more concerned and vigorous, in order to assist all my children to remain ever in the truth of the faith.  This is why I have asked you to consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart. This is why, in these times of yours, I have spread everywhere my Marian Movement of Priests." 
- Messages to Fr. Gobbi from our Blessed Mother.
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EXCERPTS: DIRECTORY ON THE MINISTRY & LIFE OF PRIESTS -"In order to be a good guide of his People, the priest must also be attentive to the signs of the times: those larger and deeper ones which concern the universal Church and Its sojourn in the history of man, and those which more closely affect the specific situation of a particular community."
HOLY VERSUS LUKEWARM PRIESTS - How to identify a truly holy priest and the marks of a spiritually lukewarm, "crowd pleasing" priest.
"THE TRANSITORY THINGS OF THIS WORLD" - Saint Joseph Cafasso and others tell us what it means to be a holy priest and Pope John Paul II writes of the good example set by St. Joseph of Cupertino.