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Dear Visitors,
The following are some thoughts I felt inspired to write down.  I hope to add to them from time to time.  I also hope they will be of benefit to you and someone you love.
God bless you.
Vincent T. Bemowski - Website Editor
A life of suffering is a rich life, filled with blessings not seen by those who love the world.
Everything on earth has a time limit, nothing is permanent or lasting except God's love for us.
Our free will is a great Gift from God, but how few use it for good.
Loneliness is a great suffering, but not as great as being addicted to things that bring harm to our soul or inflict physical harm upon our body & control our emotions.
A smile & a hug are the best gifts we can give to little children and those who feel abandoned.
Prayer never disappoints or leaves us empty - only when we rely on other things to escape our problems do we feel lost & alone.
A true friend does not accuse or judge you.  Although he did not commit sin when complaining about his life & difficult trials, those who claimed to be JOB's friends accused him of not having a strong faith, but after he was healed their prayers were not heard and only through JOB's prayers did God forgive them.
A good father is never forgotten, but a good mother never leaves your heart.
A very young child is helpless without his parents, but no matter what their age, the sick & disabled are helpless without our compassion & understanding.
Wisdom is to be used for the good of others - selfishness should be kept private.
The weather can be unpredictable,  but an evil man's response is always predictable.
A woman may be very beautiful, but if her soul is ugly her looks will not attract a man with wisdom.
Age should not be judged by appearance.  If the heart remains young, age will not dominate the mind.
Knowledge without wisdom is like a owning a well without water.
Love for country must never exceed your love for God.
Speakers:  Wisdom without humility is wasted & never makes a deep impression upon your audience.
Life's greatest danger comes from devils who compete for your soul.
If you don't truly love God, you don't truly love anyone.  
A spiritually shallow man is never content, he is always in search of a new amusement or distraction.
A man who abandons his spouse will be abandoned by God.
Many so-called "religious" people are often jealous of the spiritual Gifts and goodness others possess.  However, they are never jealous of the great sufferings those same people have experienced.
A young child because of his innocence will quickly see the cause of a dispute.  Adults filled with bitterness have no knowledge of how to reconcile.
How few intellectuals realize that the Sacred Scriptures contain the greatest works of theology, apologetics, philosophy, and psychology known to man, and They should be the foundation of every discussion and teaching in everyday life, at every level of education.
A man who reads the Holy Bible like a textbook is like the fool who attends a university simply to obtain a degree to hang on his wall.
A soul that feels "abandoned by God" during a difficult spiritual trial is closer to God than souls who constantly give testimony of how deep their faith is.
Without prayer and the use of their Gifts, people become spiritually lukewarm - they accept the fact that God exists, but are too lazy to strengthen their faith.  Therefore, in times of trouble they follow the teachings of fools and ignore the teachings of those with wisdom.  
When a good person suffers it benefits his soul and the souls of others.  When an evil person suffers he benefits no one.
A good woman is a great blessing to her family but her sacrifices are not fully appreciated until she after she dies.  A wicked woman brings discontent to her family & after her death is rarely spoken of.
The wealthy have a loud voice in the churches, but seldom will a poor man's opinions be heard.
Many long-suffering souls are rarely visited, their sufferings make their friends & relatives uncomfortable.  A healthy man has many friends, but few are sincere.
I have known good times and difficult times, but learned far more through the latter.
It is often said that there is a vast difference between being alone & being lonely.  The wise know that contentment depends upon your disposition & not the noise of a crowd.
God will test a man who has faith in Him with many trials & if he remains faithful his reward will be to experience the glories of Heaven for all eternity, a Place he believes exists.  God will not test an unrepentant sinner that has no faith in Him with any type of trial & his punishment will be to experience the fires of Hell for all eternity, a place he does not believe exists.
When the pain in your heart brings you to tears, immediately think of someone else who has suffered far more.  Your hope will be renewed & you will be blessed by God for the love you have for others less fortunate.
It is difficult to wait a long period of time for the Lord to answer our petitions & then be disappointed with the results, but it is far more difficult to make our own plans & have no one to blame but our self.  Those who wait for the Lord eventually see the fruits of their prayers & learn why God allowed them to suffer all those disappointments.  Those who do not trust in God never come to realize the Mind of God contains Wisdom far beyond man's understanding.
We will be judged by the degree of love we expressed in every relationship & decision.  Every willful thought, word, & action of ours will determine our place in Heaven for all eternity.
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