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With added commentary by Vincent T. Bemowski - Editor, Catholic Messages


"I think Pope Francis is the Pope who fulfills the apocalyptic prophecy during the period relating to the last Pope of the Malachy prophecy. There simply is no more room for another Pope according to this prophecy before the final events unfold ...time will make things clearer as to his plans and agenda, as he moves beyond his now famous rhetoric toward implementation. So for now, I withhold any conclusions, instead giving Pope Francis the benefit of the doubt, always remaining obedient to the Church as a faithful Catholic theologian. But, alert and investigative I shall remain, and I think that if he is a valid Pope, and the prophecies are wrong and his disturbing rhetoric is just for effect, he will be glad for my vigilance on behalf of the Church."

Commentary: While it is true prophecies cannot be judged properly until there are clear happenings that reveal the truth, this study, while very extensive, still leaves the reader with questions and uncertainty.  However, that is where our prayers for discernment and patience remain very important.  vtb


"I have seen scandal come from Pope Francis’ actions too many times and it hurts me to see Holy Mother Church in the state it is today, divided, broken and bleeding, and I will be open about that with people because I believe it is important to talk about. But as much as I dislike Pope Francis, I still pray for him for the sake of our Church and I hope you will, too."

"Their dour, unsmiling archbishop was turned overnight into the smiling, jolly Pope Francis, the idol of the people with whom he so fully identifies. If you speak to anyone working in the Vatican, they will tell you about the miracle in reverse. When the publicity cameras are off him, Pope Francis turns into a different  figure: arrogant, dismissive of people, prodigal of bad language and notorious for furious outbursts of temper  which are known to everyone from the cardinals to the chauffeurs."

Commentary: It may not all be true, but there is a significant  amount of information and testimonies that provide ample evidence of the true character of Pope Francis.  vtb

"But it is not only the world which lives in the frenzy and in the vapid and demagogic discourse. The Church herself, in her doctrinal and moral teaching, lives today in a cacophony, in the confusion of theses, in the duplicity, in the double or triple truth, in an avalanche of  interpretations and a pastoral demagogy which one could consider to be a great ecclesiastical disorder."

"In the present moment there is confusion and error about the most fundamental teachings of the Church, for example with regard to marriage and the family. For instance, the idea that people who are living in an irregular union could receive the sacraments is a violation of the truth with regard both to the indissolubility of marriage and to the  sanctity of the Eucharist."

Commentary: Yes Francis, that is true. The Left is always looking for "new ways" to slander people, change history and traditions, weaken or destroy the family, kill and murder the  unborn, and tell lies to the general public.  vtb
Commentary: Dear Francis, when you excuse, tolerate, or sympathize with evil, you become a part of it.  vtb 

"Bauman observed that the general trait of individualistic  modern man is to flow through his own life like a touristchanging places, jobs, spouses, values and even sexual orientation and gender. Bauman said the modern tendency is to exclude oneself from traditional networks of support,  while at the same time freeing oneself from the  restrictions or requirements those networks impose.  This trend towards such unbridled individualism has created societies in which “everything is unstable and changeable,” Messori noted, and referred to the “rapid change” not only in sexual  behavior but also in politics where legislators have given up on long term governance.  Quoting Bauman, he said it is becoming acceptable that “change” is the “only permanent thing” and that “uncertainty” has become the “only certainty.”

"Because Robert C. Morlino, the Catholic bishop of the  Madison Diocese, adheres to Church teaching and  opposes funeral rites for homosexuals that would cause "scandal and confusion,"  Gays and pro-sodomy advocates have launched a petition that calls on Pope Francis to remove Bishop Morlino from his position.  Simply, the LGBT activists do not want a Catholic bishop to actually  believe in and follow Catholic teaching. They are in effect demanding that he celebrate sexual depravity."

Commentary:  Will Francis consent to their ridiculous demands based on their evil intentions?  We will have to wait and see.  vtb 

"Cardinal Gerhard Müller criticized Pope Francis for transferring the responsibility for liturgical translations to the bishops, “In case of doubt, the final authority cannot be with the bishops’ conferences. This would destroy the unity of the Church's faithcommitment and prayer.”  Talking to the Passauer Neue Presse (November 9) Müller said that he has often seen the bishops' translators “watering down biblical or liturgical texts under the pretext of a better comprehensibility”.

"Fr. Thomas Weinandy, a prolific author and highly accomplished theologian and member of the Vatican’s International Theological Commission  sent a letter to Pope Francis on July 31, in which he expressed deep concerns about the present pontificate. The letter was made public on November 1, the feast of All Saints.  While maintaining complete  respect and charity for the person of the Pope, Fr. Weinandy criticized Francis for  “demeaning” the importance of doctrine, and rebuked the manner in which he seems to  censor and even mock the   defenders of doctrine  as “Pharisaic stone-throwers who embody a merciless rigorism.”  He made it clear to Francis: “Those who devalue  the doctrines of the Church separate themselves from Jesus, the author of truth. What they then possess, and can only possess, is an ideology – one that conforms to the world of sin and death.”  In lamenting the errors of the post-synodal apostolic exhortation, Amoris Laetitia, he stressed that the Holy Spirit is given to the Church, and particularly to the Pope, to “dispel error, not to foster it,” and said it is only the light of truth “that sets women and men free from the blindness of sin, a darkness that  kills the life of the soul.” (John 8:32) 

Commentary: This priest speaks the truth, but will he be listened to by the many spiritually lukewarm cardinals &  bishops, or other priests?  What Pope Francis has done, and  continues to do, (as noted in Father  Weinandy's letter) is gravely sinful and this must also be addressed by the clergy.  vtb

"It came last May, he said, when he was in Rome for a meeting of the International Theological Commission. He said he spent two different sessions in prayer at St. Peter’s Eucharistic Chapel, struggling to decide if he should speak up. In the middle of a sleepless night, he said, he basically  gave God an ultimatum.  “If you want me to write something, you have to give me a clear sign,” Weinandy recalls saying. “Tomorrow morning, I’m going to Saint Mary Major’s to pray, and then I am going to Saint John Lateran.  After that, I’m coming back to Saint Peter’s to have lunch with a seminary  friend of mine.”  “During that interval, I must meet someone that I know but have not seen in a very long time, and would  never expect to see in Rome at this time.  That person cannot be from the United States, Canada or Great Britain.  Moreover, that person has to say to me, ‘Keep up the good writing’.”  Sure enough, Weinandy said, exactly that happened the next day, in a chance meeting with an archbishop he’d known a  long time ago but not seen for over twenty years, who congratulated him for a book on the  Incarnation and then said the right words, “Keep up the good writing.”  “There was no longer any doubt in my mind that Jesus wanted me to write something,” Weinandy said.  “I also think it significant that it was an Archbishop that Jesus used.  I considered it an  apostolic mandate.”

(Father Weinandy) was asked to resign as a consultant to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) -- and he  submitted his resignation -- after a letter he wrote to Pope Francis questioning some aspects of his papacy was made  public."

"I spoke for a few minutes this morning with Fr. Weinandy, and he told me that since the letter’s publication, he has received many  positive and encouraging notes from  theologians, priests, and lay people. However, the USCCB asked him to resign from his current position as consultant to the bishops, and he has submitted his resignation. In making such a request, the USCCB, it would appear,  reinforces Fr. Weinandy’s very point about  fearfulness and lack of transparency.  Fr. Weinandy has graciously allowed CWR to publish both his  letter and an explanation  of how he came to write his letter; both are reprinted in full below...."

"The removal of Father Thomas Weinandy “isn’t an unfortunate consequence, it is a plan”, writes New York Columnist Patrick Archbold on Facebook.  Weinandy was fired as a consulter  of the U.S. bishops after having published a respectful letter,  critical of Francis.  For Archbold this is “not a bug” but “a feature”. “A few high profile unceremonious firings like this for even raising questions is a message to all the other theologians and bishops out there and that message is clear from the top down in the Church. ‘Shut up, get in line, or get out!

"English scholar and blogger Father John Hunwicke minced no words in his reaction.  “This cheap and vulgar ritual humiliation exemplifies the extent to which PF [Pope Francis] is presiding over a bully-boy Church in which midget bishops and mini cardinals compete to defeat each other in the sycophancy stakes,” he wrote, adding, “Just as Tom Weinandy has, in effect, just said.”  “The fact that the  American Episcopal Conference, within minutes, sacked him from being a Consultor of their Doctrine Committee must indicate that America is awash with brilliant theologians,” Father Hunwicke chided.

Jesus the Christ Paperback – May 1, 2003 by (Father) Thomas G. Weinandy 

"In clear language, he begins in Scripture to draw out the plan of salvation, leading the reader through the development of the Church's grappling with the glorious and paradoxical conviction: That no-one less than God Himself has lived nothing less than a human life."

Pope Francis is a product of political leftism and theological Modernism. His mind has been shaped by all of the post-enlightenment heresies and ideologies from Marx to Freud to Darwin. He is the realization of Cardinal Carlo Martini’s vision of a Modernist Church that conforms to the heresies of the Enlightenment. On almost all intellectual fronts, Francis is a follower of the Modernist school."

Commentary: The best recap of the Left-Wing positions of Pope Francis ever written.  After reading just a part of this book, there is only one conclusion you can arrive at: Pope Francis is definitely NOT a good pope.  (Please note: I do not receive any financial compensation for endorsing this book).  vtb


"Predictably, the liberal hate machine has lashed out at Benedict, just as they lashed out at Card. Sarah last year when he suggested that priests should say Mass ad orientem."

Commentary: The "ultra-liberal liturgist Andrea Grillo" does not appear to know the harm he is doing.  To attack a former pope who is now 90 years old is a cowardly, disgraceful act.  He should be severely admonished by Pope Francis or a Vatican official, but since Mr. Grillo is a liberal, the odds are against that happening.  vtb

"A Polish Catholic can hear from his bishops that the remarried cannot receive Holy Communion, while if he goes go to Germany, the opposite will be told to him. The Catholic teaching must not be changed, it must be unified everywhere. The Pope, being the Vicar of Christ, is the only one who can publicly decide on this debate. We are talking about fundamental issues that are sensitive to us. Francis has not given any clear guidance in the past two years. His task, among other things, is to strengthen believers in their faith and to govern the Church."

Commentary: "The Pope of Confusion" continues to live up to his reputation.  Francis only "leads" when it suits his own personal goals, but even then he at times leads us in the wrong direction and sets a bad example by approving of immoral relationships.  On the surface he appears to be very spiritual with deep insights into what the Church needs.  However, at the same time he is wrong on a number of key moral issues and is therefore causing great harm to the unity of the Church and appears to be indifferent about it.  When Francis was elected pope, it is debatable whether it was the work of the Holy Spirit or the work of the devil.  Regardless, at this stage of the papacy of Francis, Satan is pleased, but the Holy Spirit is grieved at the inability of this pope to be a good Shepherd and take proper care of his sheep.  Dangerous times lie ahead for the Church.  vtb

"A Modern Commentary on the Book of Revelation based on Private Revelation."

Commentary: Powerful reading that calls for discernment.  It is good to review these type revelations to increase your awareness of present, as well as future events.  vtb

"The Italian philosopher and politician exercises sharp criticism of the present pontificate. He accuses the Pope of not preaching the gospel, but of making politics."

Commentary: The nonspiritual conduct of Pope Francis should be examined by Cardinals, bishops, priests, and the laity.  However, more out of fear than love, most within the Church choose to remain silent.  vtb

"Rosica condemned on critics of the controversial book Building a Bridge by the gay-ideologist, Father James Martin. Rosica refers to “some bishops’ messages” but Chaput was the only bishop who publicly criticized Martin's book. Rosica belongs to the pro-gay wing in the liberal church."

Commentary: Another example of a cleric who under the influence of our misguided pope, chooses to attack a conservative bishop, while liberal bishops improper conduct goes unnoticed by Vatican officials.  vtb

"The media loves Pope Francis mainly because he is not as ‘rigid‘ as Pope Benedict XVI.  Francis appointing pro-abortion/euthanasia advocates to the Pontifical Academy for Life was the last straw for me. Not Catholic”, Deacon Nick explained, before adding rather mournfully: “I hoped for the best, but my worst fears for the Church are being realized. He is destroying the Catholic nature of the Church.”

Commentary: It has become far more important to reveal the damage Pope Francis is doing to the Church, than the "good" he is doing.  vtb

"Critics have been urging me to rescind my “Decree Regarding Same-sex ‘Marriage’ and Related Pastoral Issues.” However, this decree is a rather straightforward application of existing Catholic doctrine and canon law to the new situation of legal marital status being granted in civil law to same-sex couples, which is contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church. All clergy before they are ordained take an Oath of Fidelity which includes the statement, “In fulfilling the charge entrusted to me in the name of the Church, I shall hold fast to the deposit of faith in its entirety; I shall faithfully hand it on and explain it, and I shall avoid any teachings contrary to it. I shall follow and foster the common discipline of the entire Church and I shall maintain the observance of all ecclesiastical laws, especially those contained in the Code of Canon Law.” Pastors and bishops repeat this oath upon assuming their office to be exercised in the name of the Church. Thus, deacons, priests and bishops cannot contradict Church teachings or refuse to observe ecclesiastical laws without violating their oath, which a promise made to God."

Commentary: Another truly faithful bishop who abides by God's Word and Church doctrine, rather than human opinions.  vtb

"Church Teaching and Church Practice: Repeal of this antiquated law of logic can give us some real peace of mind when it comes to apparent discrepancies between doctrine and pastoral practices. Now we don’t even have to argue about whether our church community should offer “communion before conversion” —it can just be communion without conversion altogether!  If a Church document says one thing, and a later document says another thing, does it really matter? We can just do both things at the same time, or pick one or the other. No pressure. Obedience just co-exists with disobedience. We don’t have to believe what we do, or do what we believe."

Commentary: The Church must never become filled with contradictions.  But that is exactly the direction it is heading.  vtb

"The cardinal said that on the last working day of his five-year term as a prefect of the Congregation for the faith, Pope Francis informed him “within a minute” of the decision not to extend his mandate.  “He did not give a reason,” the 69-year-old cardinal said. “Just as he gave no reason for dismissing three highly competent members of the CDF a few months earlier.”  Cardinal Müller added: “I cannot accept this way of doing things. As a bishop, one cannot treat people in this way.”

Commentary: The pope's reasons are very clear.  He wants to ignore Church doctrine on marriage, and those who desire to follow the Word of God, Church tradition, and doctrine he dismisses, while not having the courage or charity to even tell them why.  vtb

"The priest does not believe the Post-synodal Exhortation allows the distribution of Holy Communion “to divorced people who live in an objective condition of sin.” Instead, he reaffirmed the teachings of (Saint) John Paul II, saying ‘there being a lack of clarity on the part of Francis to the questions asked by the four cardinals,’ and has stuck to the age-old denial of communion to those in adulterous relationships."

Commentary: Another unfortunate result of the false teachings of Pope Francis on marriage.  vtb

"In a major shake up of the Vatican's administration, Pope Francis replaced Catholicism's top theologian, a conservative German cardinal who has been at odds with the pontiff's vision of a more inclusive Church."

Commentary: What Pope Francis really means is he wants a more "liberal" Church that approves of not following Church doctrine.   vtb

"Forte claimed that the pope told him: “If we speak explicitly about Communion for the divorced and remarried, you do not know what a terrible mess we will make. So we won’t speak plainly, do it in a way that the premises are there, then I will draw out the conclusions.”

Commentary: More evidence that Pope Francis is deliberately choosing to cause confusion over his writings on this subject.  Very sad, and not a very good way to lead the Church.  Francis continues to live up to his reputation as "the pope of confusion."  vtb

We certainly in no way pretend that these comments represent the voice or view of the majority – quite the opposite actually.  If you want to read comments praising 'Pope Francis' you need only look to any mainstream (including mainstream 'Catholic') news source.  The comments below, very admittedly, represent only a very small and little heard from minority.  In fact, many Catholics (and the rest of the world) wish they would just be quiet, get in line, and not make waves.  We are glad and grateful that they speak.  Here, we might all remember the words of Saint Athanasius:  "Even if Catholics faithful to tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the True Church of Jesus Christ."

"Though Benedict is still living, Francis is trying to bury him. Upon his election in 2013, Francis began to pursue an agenda that Joseph Ratzinger had opposed throughout his career. A stress on the pastoral over against the doctrinal, a promotion of diverse disciplinary and doctrinal approaches in local churches, the opening of Communion to the divorced and remarried—all these proposals were weighed and rejected by Ratzinger more than ten years ago in a heated debate with Walter Kasper."

Commentary: The differences between a liberal pope who believes in "diversity" to the point of confusion, and a conservative pope who believes the Church must follow tradition and established doctrine.  vtb

In his commitment to defending the sacraments while holding fast to the Church’s teaching against abortion, the Cardinal has frequently insisted that persistently pro-abortion Catholic politicians be denied Holy Communion, as stated by Canon law.  He has called fighting the all-pervasive ‘contraceptive mentality’ “essential” for restoring the culture of life, has defended parents as the primary educators of their children, and has strongly defended marriage as the sacred union of one man and one woman.  Burke has urged Catholics on numerous occasions in the past two years to brace for martyrdom in the face of growing opposition to the Church’s clear teachings on marriage and the family."

Commentary: Burke is being attacked even by other cardinals, while Pope Francis stands by and does nothing.  vtb

Demystifying the Pope Francis Enigma - "Many of Francis’ pronouncements do not have the binding authority of obligatory teaching; i.e., they are not “magisterium” in the proper sense of the term—people are free to listen and pay attention or not, free to let themselves be challenged, motivated, or convinced. The Holy Father’s language touches the hearts of many, perhaps more than their minds—and presumably this is precisely the pope’s intention. He does not offer refined analysis, carefully weighing all aspects in order to arrive at affirmations that are beyond criticism. What he wants to do is surprise, challenge, provoke, or reassure, console, and support."

Commentary: The above explanation does not excuse Pope Francis from clarifying his statements for the good of the Church and for the good of those outside the Church, rather than remaining silent and causing confusion as to exactly where his positions are on certain grave moral issues.  In addition, it does not excuse him from failing to correct cardinals and bishops with radical liberal views that vary from Church doctrines and traditional teachings

Commentary: While I admire much of what Pope Francis says about spiritual things and many of his writings and works involving  compassion and mercy, I cannot give my approval to the  divisions and confusion he is causing.  Therefore, within some of the  CONSERVATIVE NEWS REPORTS on this website that I have brought to the attention of the public and those within the Church, I have included some of the scandal he has created, and continues to create, knowingly or unknowingly.  

However, also following God's Holy Will, he continues to remain in my daily prayers, along with all the clergy and members of religious orders in the Church, so that it will again  become One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. 

"(May) the God of patience and of comfort grant you to be of ONE MIND
 towards another, according to Jesus Christ"
Romans 15:5

Vincent T. Bemowski - Editor: Catholic Messages

"Appointments are a key element in the strategy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. It should suffice to look at how he is reshaping in his image the college of cardinals, which in the future will elect his successor. After the latest batch of cardinals, announced one week ago for the end of June, chances are slimmer that the next pope could mark a return to the past.  Italy aside, however, winning the agreement of the bishops is anything but easy for Francis.  The only national episcopates that he can count on today are those of Germany, Austria, and Belgium, nations in which the Catholic Church is in the most dramatic decline.  While on the contrary the more vital Churches of Africa are those that stood together, in the two combative synods on the family, against the innovations desired by the pope.  If one then looks at the Americas, both North and South, the picture appears even more unfavorable for the pope."

Commentary: The bishops support is scattered, but there are enough to make noise and hopefully counter the "off the traditional road" direction this pope is taking.  vtb

"Because the Pope does not want to answer we do not know. We seem to remember that a Jesuit near him said that the reason was that the questions were ideological. Sorry, but it sounds a bit weak. The task of authority is to clarify their thinking: and thus making it evident..."

Commentary: Pope Francis should be "corrected" by most of cardinals and bishops so a unified front may be in place.  But we know that will never happen because Francis has a certain fearful presence that prevents them from acting.  Therefore they remain cowards while the Church splits apart into a "to each his own" state.  vtb

"Understanding the adage that personnel is policy, Pope Francis has been planting Marxists throughout the Church, including at the top of the troubled religious order to which he belongs. In 2016, the Jesuits, with the blessing of Pope Francis, installed as its general superior a Venezuelan, Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal, whose communist convictions have long been known.  Sosa has written about the “Marxist mediation of the Christian Faith,” arguing that the Church should “understand the existence of Christians who simultaneously call themselves Marxists and commit themselves to the transformation of the capitalist society into a socialist society.” In 1989, he signed a letter praising Fidel Castro."

“The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres (other priests); churches and altars will be sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord."

Commentary: Confusion caused in part by the lack of leadership from Pope Francis.  Without question, we are now living in the time predicted by Our Lady of Akita.  vtb

"A political-science journal that published an oft-cited study claiming conservatives were more likely to show traits associated with “psychoticism” now says it got it wrong. Very wrong.  The American Journal of Political Science published a correction this year saying that the 2012 paper has “an error” — and that liberal political beliefs, not conservative ones, are actually linked to psychoticism."

Commentary: Proving something conservatives knew all along.  vtb

"The Pope responded, “I never make a judgment of a person without listening to them. I believe that I should not do this. In our talk things will come out, I will say what I think, he will say what he thinks, but I never, ever, wanted to make a judgment without hearing the person.”

Commentary:  It is hard to believe Pope Francis "forgot" what he said about President Trump.  Why would Francis lie about these things?  It does not say much for his credibility.  vtb

Also see:

"Pope Francis: "A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,"   Trump wasted no time firing back..."For a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful."

Commentary: Trump is thinking "ONLY" about building a wall?  That is quite a stretch and a very unfair "judgement"  of a world leader.  vtb

And see:

"In times of crisis, we lack judgment, and that is a constant reference for me. Let's look for a savior who gives us back our identity and lets defend ourselves with walls, barbed-wire, whatever, from other peoples that may rob us of our identity."

Commentary: Note that Francis says nothing about Obama, although Obama approves of the murder of millions of unborn human beings and approves of homosexual marriage. Does Francis really believe building a wall to keep America safer is worse than the killing of millions through abortions?  vtb

"Situation ethics can be defined as an individualistic and subjective appeal to the concrete circumstances of actions to justify decisions in opposition to the natural law or God's revealed Will. The magisterial interventions of Pius XII on situation ethics are remarkable, precisely for their prescience in anticipating and directly refuting Pope Francis' key arguments for his own "new morality" in Amoris Laetitia and elsewhere.

“I personally am more suspicious, I prefer the Madonna as Mother, our Mother, and not a woman who’s the head of an office, who every day sends a message at a certain hour. This is not the Mother of Jesus. And these presumed apparitions don’t have a lot of value.”

Commentary: It should not be what Francis "prefers," as if there are limits to what Our Blessed Mother can or wishes to do.  A review of the Messages is what Fancies should be considering, and not a shallow, quick opinion of what he likes or dislikes.  vtb

"The fact is that between Pope Francis and the Venezuelan bishops, concerning the crisis that is ravaging the country, there is an abyss. The bishops stand with the population that is protesting against the dictatorship, and are respected and listened to as authoritative guides. While Bergoglio is judged on a par with Pontius Pilate, unforgivably reckless with Maduro and Chavism, in addition to being incomprehensibly reticent on the victims of the repression and on the aggression that is striking the Church itself."

"The Absence of Conversion: Unlike the Courage apostolate, nowhere in this strategy is repentance or conversion discussed. Instead, the focus is on the overly feminized and therapeutic language objectives of “respect, compassion, and sensitivity.”

Commentary: Another disciple of Pope Francis and his "who am I to judge?" statement.  Homosexual lifestyles will never receive the approval or respect of true Christians.  We can, and should respect the person, but not the grave sins committed by morally depraved homosexuals.  vtb

"I was ashamed when I heard the name," the pontiff told an audience of students at the Vatican.  "A mother gives life and this one gives death, and we call this device a mother. What is going on?" he asked."

Commentary: I agree, but is Pope Francis also "ashamed" when told of the lukewarm state of today's Church and how liberalism, or "the smoke of Satan" has entered the Church?  We know he is not because he has vastly contributed to that "smoke."  vtb

"He began his talk, recognizing that "there is a conflict of interpretations," which "responds to the different ecclesiologies". Hence this conflict constitutes "an x-ray of the various ecclesiological tendencies of the Church today." From those who want to "continue in the dynamic of power" to those who intend to continue "between one bank and the other of the river," passing by those who bet on a "normal and simple Church, which accepts what the Pope says."

Commentary: Theologians are filled with "opinions" and "theories" that are not necessarily according to tradition or even current Church teachings. They are in reality, self-appointed "spokesmen" who often claim to speak for the Magisterium of the Church without being given the authority to do so.  Marciano Vidal is one of those people.  However, there is another thing that is disturbing a growing number of people in the Church.  And that is, why does a pope need other people to interpret what he is saying or writing about?  Why doesn't a pope, before he writes or says something, make sure it will be absolutely clear to his "audience"?  And why when he is requested to do so, does he refusePope Francis is guilty of all these things, and that is one of the great scandals present in today's Church.  The vast majority of Catholics do not want Francis or any other pope to be a leader of confusion, but a leader of solid and true Catholic spirituality.  vtb

"The election of a liberal Jesuit to the papacy thrilled Democrats in the United States, whose unholy alliance with the Catholic left goes back many decades. Barack Obama, one of the pope’s most prominent supporters, has long been a beneficiary of that alliance. The faculty at Jesuit Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., ranked as one of the top donors to his campaign.  In a grim irony, Obama, whose presidency substantially eroded religious freedom in America, rose to power not in spite of the Catholic Church but because of it. The archdiocese of Chicago helped bankroll his radicalism in the 1980s. As he (Obama) recounts in his memoirs, he began his work as a community organizer in the rectory rooms of Holy Rosary parish on Chicago’s South Side. The Alinskyite organization for which he worked — the Developing Communities Project — received tens of thousands of dollars from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development."
Commentary: A sad reminder that against tradition and Christianity, a pope has chosen to associate and find agreement with evil men rather than truly holy men.  vtb

"In these circumstances the only indispensable act of the Pope consists in unambiguously confirming the Divine truth of the indissolubility of marriage not only regarding doctrine, but also regarding the practice, as it did Jesus Christ and according to His example all of His Vicars on earth, the Roman Pontiffs. The central task of a Pope is precisely this: to confirm his brethren in the faith. This task is not optional, but commanded by Christ Himself (cf. Lc 23, 32).

Commentary: Will Francis listen to Bishop Schneider?  It is very doubtful. Francis is firmly set in his ways and accepts no correction from any of his cardinal or bishop brothers.  This is either because he is a spirituality misguided man or a very proud man, neither of which is good for the Church. vtb

"Pope Francis’ Exhortation Amoris Laetitia is not only dividing the Church, but more alarmingly, it is quietly attempting to change Catholic doctrine by means of an “incremental change of praxis,” said two Catholic scholars at an international conference in Rome last week."

"The document is indirect. It says things in an indirect way, but clearly, so the reader gets very clearly the message...What is implied in the whole discourse is very clear and really runs against very important dogmatic articles of the faith," he said.

"Pope Francis reaffirmed the disputed settlement of refugee camps with concentration camps. "This was not a lapsus linguae, (slip of the tongue) there are refugee camps, which are the right (rightfully) concentration camps," he said on Saturday on the return flight from Cairo to Rome. Some are in Italy, others elsewhere" - not in Germany" ...Some Jewish associations had criticized the Pope's "concentration camp" (remark).

Commentary: Refuge camps are definitely not the equivalent of a "Nazi concentration camp."  It may prove to be very offensive to some Jews for the Pope to make this comparison, and then to refuse to correct himself.  Francis also does not tell the truth when he claims he does not interfere with the political affairs of countries.  His rejection of the border wall and saying Trump was not a "Christian" are only two examples of his interference and his personal attacks against a political leader that he justifies as moral observations.  We are reminded that Francis was not directly critical of Obama although Obama was in favor of the killing of the unborn through abortions and homosexual marriage.  vtb

"As a good Jesuit, Jorge Mario Bergoglio instinctively goes along with the signs of the times. He is not even trying to stem the growing diversification within the Church. On the contrary, he is encouraging it.  He is not responding to the cardinals who submit “doubts” to him and ask him to bring clarity.  He is giving free rein to even the most reckless opinions, like those of the new general of the Jesuits, the Venezuelan Arturo Sosa Abascal, according to whom it is not possible to know what Jesus really said “because there were no recorders.”

Commentary: Pope Francis does not appear to be a good pope.  His reckless manner of leading the Church is not winning him any friends that know doctrine and truly love the Church.  But a day of "reckoning" before Almighty God will come for this liberal, misguided pope as it will for each of us.  vtb

"Kamel Abderrahmani is a young Algerian Muslim, known to our readers. He wrote a letter to Pope Francis on the eve of his visit to Egypt. In it he thanks the pontiff for his courage to go to Egypt despite terrorist attacks and for his commitment to peace in the world."

Commentary: A beautifully written letter from a Muslim who has witnessed the persecution of Christians by Muslim "religious" leaders.  His appeals to Pope Francis are very touching and he speaks truth about Muslim terrorism that even Francis cannot ignore.  vtb 

"I find it profoundly saddening that the grave scandal of the distribution of contraceptives and the advancing secularization of the Order which this immoral action represents are now minimized and, effectively, forgotten. All of the many press conferences, interviews and other interventions through the media on the part of the Order, in the time since the reinstatement of the Grand Chancellor, make no reference to the grave scandal and acknowledge no responsibility on the part of the Grand Chancellor for such scandal. From my view, I fear that the obscuring of this scandalous situation at the root of the recent difficulties in the Order is not a good augury for the renewal of the Order, according to its long, noble, and thoroughly Catholic tradition. [emphasis added]"
----Cardinal Burke

Commentary: Hopefully, this was only a miss-communication between Pope Francis and Cardinal Burke.  However, that may be too optimistic.  Pope Francis has not treated Cardinal Burke very well and it appears to be closer to the truth to say that the pope wanted Cardinal Burke out of the way because  Francis regards Burke as a "thorn" in his side and a challenge to his liberal manner of governing the Church.  vtb

"They say they want answers to their “serious questions and misgivings” that have arisen after Francis reinstated within the order a fired condom promoter, forced the Order’s head to resign, and effectively removed their patron, Cardinal Raymond Burke, from his post."

Commentary: It would be a surprise if Pope Francis gave them a direct answer.  Whenever he is challenged, he refuses to explain himself, as if his decisions should not be questioned because he is the pope.  This of course, only causes more dissension and anxiety in the Church.  (Francis's response to a number of previous challenges was that of indifference).  vtb

"Editor's Note: This article was written by an insider in the Knights of Malta who chooses to remain anonymous. We have agreed to publish it as something of an eleventh hour intervention, here on the eve of the all-important election of a new Grand Master this weekend."

“While this whole saga was an internal matter that probably should have stayed that way, it metamorphosed into a clash that showed the divide between conservatives and progressives,” Andrea Tornielli, journalist and author of several books on Francis, said Wednesday."

"The Rev. Ronald Nuzzi, who heads the leadership program for Catholic educators at the University of Notre Dame, said many bishops “are in a pickle.” They want Catholic institutions to be staffed by people who not only teach what the church teaches but whose “whole life will bear witness.”  Nuzzi said he keeps a photo on his desk from the 1940s that shows all the German bishops in their garb, doing the Nazi salute."

Commentary: Notre Dame lost its Catholic identity years ago and Rev. Nuzzi confirms it.  He speaks of "apples & oranges" and is far from being a reliable source for explaining what it is to be a true Catholic.  In addition, some of the comments shown below this article reveal the confused, liberalized state of today's Church, due in part to being led by a liberal pope.  vtb

"To restore SSPX clergy to full communion with Rome while letting them cross their fingers behind their backs on religious freedom (and ecumenism) when they make the profession of faith and take the oath of fidelity would, by a bizarre ultra-traditionalist route, enshrine a “right to dissent” within the Church."

Commentary: Pope Francis has made it very clear that he is not a "traditionalist," therefore a complete reconciliation does not seem possible during his reign.  Francis, although he says and does many good things, sees things from a far more rigid, liberal view and that prevents him from agreeing with those who believe strongly in the teachings of popes and saintly people who were firm in following Church doctrines and the Holy Bible.  vtb

Commentary: This is already going on in the Church.  Confusion and divisions are now common.  The exceptions being when Francis wants something done quickly.  He then takes "command," but not for "unity" in the Church, only to satisfy his own personal desires.  vtb

"Once again, the laity must take the lead in speaking the truth about our situation while the members of the upper hierarchy maintain a timid attitude of reserve or, in the case of the many progressives among them, actively further the Bergoglian debacle.  May Our Lady of Fatima soon come to our rescue. For it is certain there is no help on the way from the Princes of the Church."

"Thus Francis has never referred to Islam in problematic terms, for example with reference to immigration; He continues to say that Islam is a religion of peace and there is no difference between Islamic and Christian violence.  It remains to be understood whether it is simply a strategic "liking operation" or a belief. What is certain is that certain statements do not correspond to reality..."

Commentary: Over educated people (including many Jesuits) rarely have the humility to say they were wrong.  They have to be taught by experiences that put them to shame and make them look foolish.  vtb

Commentary: More attacks against the four devout cardinals, but no criticism of the liberal Pope Francis. This confirms again that the four cardinals are doing the Lord's Holy Will and Pope Francis and his arrogant defenders are not.  vtb

“‘Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture make up a single sacred deposit of the Word of God’ in which, as in a mirror, the pilgrim Church contemplates God, the source of all her riches.”

 “In the dispute over Amoris Laetitia the meaning of three sacraments is implicated: marriage, penance and especially the Eucharist. We have bishops’ conferences, individual bishops, priests, who on the most sensitive issues also give even opposing interpretations and directives. We have such absurdity that, just as an example, the directives to the faithful on access to the Sacraments change not only from country to country but also from diocese to diocese and parish to parish.”

Commentary: For Pope Francis to continue to refuse to clarify his position on these moral issues is cowardly, and sinful.  He is a disgrace to the Catholic Church and to his Holy Office vtb

Collette was fired in 2014 as Holy Family’s music minister because his engagement to longtime partner and now husband, Will Nifong, became known to church officials. The firing was traumatic for the parish, where Collette had served for 17 years. Some 700 parishioners attended a town hall about it and there welcomed Collette with a standing ovation. One parishioner expressed anger and disappointment at the treatment of Collette, saying: “Everybody was welcome… That’s become a lie.”

Commentary: Lukewarm Catholics who don't know the teachings of their Faith would naturally "welcome"sinful lifestyles into their parish.  Francis started this, and he is at the bottom of it and will be held the most accountable by our Lord for the scandal he is encouraging.  vtb

“The doctrines of the Fathers are despised; apostolic traditions are set at naught; the devices of innovators are in vogue in the churches; now men are rather contrivers of cunning systems than theologians; the wisdom of this world wins the highest prize and has rejected the glory of the Cross; shepherds are banished, and in their places are introduced grievous wolves harrying the flock of Christ...”

"A fraternal correction, in the end, is neither an act of hostility, nor a lack of respect, nor an act of disobedience. It is nothing other than a declaration of truth: caritas in veritate. The pope, even before being pope, is our brother, and this is therefore a primordial duty of charity towards him.  We will be called to account for his destiny, as well as that of all those who rely on his guidance. The wicked man, God says through the prophet Ezekiel, "will die for his sin," but if you, watchman, do not warn him, "I will require an account from you of his death" (Ezek. 33.8).

Commentary: Equating a false god to the real God is a poor way to bring about "unity."  Watering down our Catholic Faith to appease Buddhists is a scandal, but such is the thinking of an irresponsible pope like Francis.  Will he ever change?  It is not very likely.  His Jesuit training involved promoting intellectual pride at the expense of true humility.  The truth is slowly coming out about the faults of Pope Francis, however many souls are not aware of it, or are not concerned about it.  Francis's misguided influence is being felt world-wide and only a few are opposing and challenging his erroneous teachings.  vtb

Commentary: It is not what the "critics missed," it is what Pope Francis is missing.  He is assuming ALL immigrants are beneficial to Christian society and working together will bring good.  This is a false way of reasoning because today's Islamist's are not, and will not work with Christians to make a better society.  While it is true it has worked in some countries in the past, that is not a reliable historical view to make today.  Today's Islamist's want control, and they want everyone converted to their Faith.  And once they are in control you will see their true objectives, and that will involve violence and killings on their part.  This pope has a habit of ignoring tradition and ignoring the writings of great saints on this subject, and that blind view of history will come back to haunt him someday.  vtb

Commentary: This so-called "honor" means nothing.  A handful of liberal editors decide who should be on the list, while TIME'S misguided readers are not given a voice.  Another silly, worthless way to get the public's attention and sell more magazines.  vtb

"The film, titled Before The Flood, contained a line-up of left-leaning activists renowned for pushing the theory of man-made global warming. The list included Ban Ki-moon, Bill Clinton, Oprah, Elon Musk, John Kerry, and Barack Obama."

"Tradition itself is regarded with suspicion as that which confines us in error rather than that which maintains us in the truth. So they do it violence. And their violence extends, as Cardinal Sarah (The Catholic World Report, 31 March 2017) recently observed, as far as the Gospel itself. In his remarks to a colloquium on the tenth anniversary of Summorum Pontificum, he speaks of “a horrible, outrageous thing that seem[s] like the desire for ... a complete break with the Church’s past” – as if “the apostolic Church and the Christian communities in the early centuries of Christianity understood nothing of the Gospel,” as if the Gospel has remained all but unrecognized until our own time, as if it were “only in our era" that the plan of salvation brought by Jesus has been understood.”

Commentary: Under Pope Francis, the Church is no longer  ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, AND APOSTOLIC.  It has been torn in two and left to following opinions, rather than following Church Dogma and Canon Law.  vtb

"It’s clear that the traditionalism that’s developed since the 1990s has arisen outside any organized, mass movement of conversion of schismatics.  Francis knows that dealing with traditionalism now is less a matter of outreach to the SSPX than it is an issue to be handled internally."

Commentary: Meaning things have to be put in order within the Church before one can understand those who are considered "outside" the Church with some of their teachings.  vtb

"The pope is the vicar of Christ on earth, but he is not Christ, he can err, sin and even be corrected."  I do not agree with his way of governing.  The Church is today immersed in confusion and disorientation: the faithful need certainties."

Commentary: Pope Francis does many good things, but he has been off center on a number of moral issues.  That does not mean all Conservatives do not "love" him, they simply do not like some of his positions that run contrary to Church doctrine and/or contrary to what a good Christian believes.  He deserves, and does receive many prayers, but to date has not responded to the grace given to him by our Lord.  vtb

"The entire Western world is being swamped by an Islamic invasion. But Muslims aren’t coming in uniforms and carrying guns. They’re arriving en masse with the assistance of Western governments.'  Some call it refugee resettlement. Others simply believe it is just immigration. Few are willing to call it what it is – an “act of conquest,” according to traditional Islam."

Commentary: Muslims are fooling a lot of people, including Pope Francis.  But a time will come when those who are fooled will face reality, and then their previously inflated pride will bring them embarrassment, shame and possibly terror.  vtb

"Francis’ opening was part of his mercy-before-doctrine drive, which welcomes outcasts to the church rather than use dogma to keep people out. But for conservative Catholics, it was another reason to feel aggrieved, after Francis appeared to suggest in 2015 that Lutherans could receive Catholic Communion, and, when asked about gay people in 2013, said, "Who am I to judge?"

Commentary: Church dogma has never kept good people out of the Church, and you do not ignore dogma to appease someone's false idea of "compassion."  How deep this controversy goes depends upon "the Pope of Confusion," Pope Francis.  It is his misguided liberal thinking that brought the Church into a state of confusion and divisions.  Hopefully, he will soon recognize his errors and restore peace to the Church.  vtb

"the far-right candidate said Friday (April 14) she was “extremely religious” but “angry” with the church for getting involved in matters over which it had no concern.  In an interview with the Catholic daily La Croix, Le Pen, whose campaign is based on a forthright anti-immigrant and protectionist platform, openly attacked the pope’s views on migrants.  “The fact that he appeals for charity, for welcoming others, foreigners, does not shock me,” Le Pen said. “But charity should only be personal.”

Commentary: It was only a matter of time before some leaders began to regard Pope Francis's "interference" in the internal affairs of their country to be unwarranted.  Although Francis is  correct with many of his insights regarding the affairs of a number of countries, he also is very misguided concerning the issues and internal affairs of some other countries.  His lack of understanding of the problems connected with uncontrolled  immigration is one of those issues.  vtb

"It’s time for Cardinal Burke to step up to the plate lest time runs out and they find themselves having to answer to Christ for their inaction."

Commentary: Cardinal Burke has a difficult role.  He does not want to create a schism or contribute to any harmful attacks against Pope Francis, so he is trying to be patient and wait for what he believes is the best opportunity to truly "connect" with Francis and hopefully persuade him to clarify his position.  While doing this Burke reluctantly must make excuses as to why the delay in his "promise" to issue the "correction" to Francis.  Since this issue is so important to devout Catholics, it is becoming more and more difficult to wait on Burke, who feels he must wait on Francis.  vtb

"That message aligns very closely with the one espoused by his fellow social-media-savvy Jesuit, Pope Francis, who earlier this week tapped Martin to serve as consultor to the Secretariat of CommunicationVatican “P.R. consultant.”  “I am really on board with the way he’s proceeding and what he’s focusing on,” Martin says of Francis. “I think it’s fantastic.”

Commentary: Father Martin is blinded by his ego and therefore unable to possess any wisdom concerning the issues he chooses to blame Trump for.  But fair is fair, and therefore he, himself, should be put to shame for his ugly pride, lack of priestly spirituality, and disgracing the priesthood.   vtb

"After the fairly conservative papacy of Benedict XVI we have Francis–who is popularly perceived as a progressive. "

"To support his point, Matussek attentively – and with a vivid and sprightly style – enumerates in the following seven pages of his article many of the contradictory scandals..."

“Islamic vigilance is directed especially at anyone who might become a murtadd (an apostate or spiritual renegade).” Some young Muslims attracted to Christianity get sent to Islamic boarding schools to be “purified” and re-educated. Those who persist can lose their friends and jobs, get beaten up and threatened with death. Things are even worse in the rural areas. Some leave Aceh for more tolerant parts of the country, he says, while others hide their faith."

Commentary: Any sane person would know by now that the Islamic religion is a dangerous, false religion, but sanity appears to be lacking in some of our Church leaders, including some at the Vatican.  vtb

"What the Church really needs today is what the saints knew it needed during their lives, and they lived it. It is what the Popes and Bishops of the past, knew it needed, who fought the evils of their day and protected their sheep with the same determination that a Father protects his family. This reminds me of Pope Francis, and his scandalous behavior when he publicly failed to truly shepherd the Church when he said “who am I to judge” when he should have said, “go and sin no more. . . .”

Commentary: Unfortunately, there are no signs that Pope Francis will change, his fate is in the Hands of the Lord.  vtb

"The Pope Emeritus, who turns 90 on Easter Sunday, has taken note of the controversies surrounding the document and how it has been implemented."

Commentary: No doubt, Benedict has strong feelings of disagreement about what Pope Francis has written and is doing, but he does not feel it beneficial to the Church to further add to the confusion and divisions it is currently undergoing.  vtb

"Nor is it surprising that since the 1955 reforms, the faithful have been continually shaken and rendered uncertain in their faith in the Church as the one Ark of Salvation, with the result that most Catholics have become either indifferent or hostile to this truth."

Commentary: Very well stated and it cannot be said enough.  vtb

Vatican’s doctrinal chief: Church hasn’t changed teaching against contraception, divorce, homosexuality
"The Catholic Church under Pope Francis has not changed her teaching on the immorality of cohabitation, adultery, divorce, or homosexuality, and she has certainly not opened the door for civilly-divorced-and-remarried Catholics to receive Holy Communion, said Cardinal Gerhard Muller in a new book-length interview published April 1, 2017.

Commentary: While very hopeful to hear, Cardinal Muller is unfortunately only one voice among many in the Vatican & elsewhere who are offering opinions to the contrary, and that includes Pope Francis.  vtb

"..there is so much confusion in the Church about fundamental questions which are defined with regard to intrinsic moral evil, with regard to Holy Communion and the right disposition to receive Holy Communion and regarding the indissolubility of marriage."

Commentary: Great interview covering President Trump and the current state of the Church.  vtb

"When de fide (“of the faith”) is used in Catholic theology to designate a doctrine, it signifies a truth that pertains to Divine Revelation. The term Divine Revelation refers to truths by which GOD chose to reveal Himself and his will to humanity in order to reconcile the world to himself so men and women might live united with him imperfectly in this world and, after death and judgment, perfectly with him in the Kingdom."

"There are tens of thousands of dead Nigerian, Syrian, and Iraqi Christians who, if they could speak, would warn us that fear of Islam is thoroughly warranted. By failing to tell the full story about Islam, Catholic leaders are failing in their responsibility to their own flock. The Church’s ill-considered embrace of Islam has not furthered the cause of peace and harmony. Instead, it has made the world a more dangerous place."

"In a letter to clergy, Bishop Libasci said the church cannot provide protection from government authorities; that could subject church officials to criminal prosecution and fines for harboringthose not in this country legally."

Commentary: At last another bishop with common sense.  When someone commits a crime and you hide him from the police, you become an accomplice to that crime.  Therefore, how can any bishop approve of this?   vtb

"This document would be disturbing as sexual education in any context, but the fact that it is the product of a Vatican Pontifical Council is scandalous," the evaluation begins. "The document communicates sensitive material through the use of graphic and immoral text and images (taken from secular, 'teen' culture), with the idea that this will resonate more effectively with young people."

Commentary: More sewage coming from some of the misguided leadership at the Vatican.  vtb

Commentary: Pope Francis previously stated: “Yes, every country has the right to control its borders, who comes and who goes and those countries at risk —from terrorism or such things— have even more right to control them more.”  The Pope made these comments to Spanish newspaper El Pais (Jan 23, 2017) just days after the inauguration of American President Donald Trump. 

Therefore if a country has that "right," it must be that it has the right to prevent ILLEGAL immigrants from entering their country.  It is wrong to attempt to change a definition simply to promote your own display of "compassion."  Hopefully, Francis will come to realize his form of compassion has caused great confusion and terror to many European nations.  There comes a point when "compassion" can become foolishness.  vtb

"In an important address to Rome’s pastoral congress in June 2016, Pope Francis spoke of marriage and grace in a way that suggests some confusion of categories is afoot. The address became notorious for the Holy Father’s initial claim that a “great majority” of marriages are invalid. That was quickly corrected in the official record to read that a “portion” of marriages are invalid."

Commentary: If a "great majority" of marriages are truly "invalid," that would mean those couples should not be allowed to receive Holy Communion.  Pope Francis quickly corrected himself, but deep down, did he actually mean what he originally said?  vtb

Commentary: Father Cantalamessa goes deep into explaining the "virtues" of Luther's actions and the resulting "Reformation."  However, he over complicates the messages he wishes to give us and leaves out much of the truth to satisfy Pope Francis's pursuit of a false "unity."  Nowhere does he mention: "But some man will say: Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without works; and I will shew thee, by works, my faith."  (James 2:18).  Nor does he mention: "But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?" (James 2:20)  vtb

"To attain peace of mind in his own law standards he persuaded himself that the Church was wrong in demanding any good works at all. He convinced himself that man is totally depraved, that he has no freewill, that all man's works are evil, and that God does not expect a man to be anything but depraved. Then he invented the consoling gospel that man is saved by faith only, and not by works.  Belief, and not good behavior, was the secret of salvation henceforth taught by Martin Luther...His diaries record shocking excesses of sensuality, which could not be printed in any decent book today. A true apostle of Christ does not give vent to such expressions as, "To be continent and chaste is not in me," or, "Why do I sit soaked in wine?"  Self-control was not in Luther. He gave free rein to his lower passions, calmly saying that a man has to do so, and will not be responsible for such conduct."

Commentary: The above is a more accurate, truthful account of the Reformation and Martin Luther.  The last paragrah (#87) speaks well of the writer's wisdom: "Protestants today are not responsible for division brought about by their ancestors."  vtb

Commentary: Very bad example.  This is another reason people go to Mass dressed in sub-casual, "Saturday" clothes, and women choose not to wear a headdress - the respect due  the Presence of the Lord at Mass has greatly diminished and now Francis wants to diminish the respect due his Holy Office.  vtb

"Two completely different—and logically incompatible—arguments in favor of communion for the divorced and remarried have figured in the synodal process that led up to Amoris Laetitia. Despite their incompatibility, both arguments can be found in Amoris itself, at least according to many of the document’s interpreters."

Commentary: It was basically the fault of many bishops and priests that resulted in the huge numbers of divorced and remarried who failed to get an annulment.  Laypeople must have a certain fear of the Lord to follow Church teachings, but many bishops and priests have for years have only preached "mercy" and "mistakes" rather than sin and Justice.  Unfortunately, this instruction from the Holy Spirit has long been forgotten: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."  (Psalms 110:10).  vtb

"In other words, doctrinal development means that we have come to a deeper understanding of what is the constant teaching of the Church, and are able to give fuller expression to it, but it does not mean that we change the doctrine or that we go away from it, and that’s the difficulty with the people who call this interpretation of the famous chapter 8 a “doctrinal development."  If the doctrinal development means that now, in the Church, those who are living in irregular matrimonial situations may receive the Sacraments, then this isn’t doctrinal development: this is a change in the Church’s teaching."

Commentary: Very insightful interview with Cardinal Burke and worth your time to read it.  vtb

“'Bring clarity.'  With the same title-appeal with which Cardinals Walter Brandmüller, Raymond L. Burke, Carlo Caffarra, and Joachim Meisner made public their 'dubia' on the most controversial points of 'Amoris Laetitia,' a big international conference will be held in Rome on Saturday, April 22, one year after the publication of the post synodal exhortation."

Commentary: Many prayers and Rosaries are needed for this meeting to bring the desired results.  vtb

"As a non-Catholic, Jewish believer in Jesus, I am indebted to Luther’s positive contributions and recognize the hellacious battle he fought with corrupt traditions. But I appeal to followers and admirers of Luther today: Please do not minimize the horror of what he wrote (against the Jews and others)."

"An attentive and rigorous study, free of prejudice and polemics, enables the churches, now in dialogue, to discern and receive all that was positive and legitimate in the Reformation, while distancing themselves from errors, extremes and failures, and acknowledging the sins that led to the division."

Commentary: We must not be free of the TRUTH either.  Pope Francis has again fallen into grave error by ignoring the truth about Luther for the sake of a false "unity."  vtb

"The Catholic bishops of Belgium are allowing a Catholic university to persecute a professor who called abortion “murder.”

Commentary: It is these bishops that should be "persecuted" for preaching such heresy to their flock.  How disgusting is their immoral behavior.  No doubt Pope Francis will remain silent and not admonish them, but what else is new?  vtb

"Undoubtedly the Pope is animated by good intentions and sincere good will to search for dialogue, and no one can put this in doubt," (Father) Samir said. "However, since he does not know much of Islam, he will need more guidance and capable people to give him training."

Commentary: When a Pope is not familiar with the teachings of any religion, he should not speak on that religion without first studying it, that is only common sense.  vtb

“Until these questions are answered, there continues to spread a very harmful confusion in the Church, and one of the fundamental questions is in regards to the truth that there are some acts that are always and everywhere wrong, what we call intrinsically evil acts, and so, we cardinals, will continue to insist that we get a response to these honest questions,” Burke said.

"Our Lord Himself tells the man when He later encounters him in the Temple: “Behold, thou are made whole: sin no more, lest some worse thing happen to thee.”  By these words, writes Father Haydock, “the Savior shows his infirmity was sent in punishment of sin.” By his faith the man had been cleansed of his sins and granted the divine favor of a miraculous cure.  Yet Francis portrays him as a lazy lout who takes his cure for granted, like the free oxygen in the air."

"Catholics should not allow distress over the present situation to shake their faith in Jesus’s promise to preserve the Church from damnable error and to provide a trustworthy barque for the salvation of souls. They mustn’t succumb to Wycliffe, Luther, or Zwingli’s temptation to turn their frustrations with churchmen, however justified, against the Church of Christ herself. They should realize that the Church has suffered from without and within many times over the centuries, and compared to other periods in history—the fourth century Arian heresy, the fourteenth century Great Schism, the French Reign of Terror, the German Kulturkampf—her problems today are mild."

Commentary: That is debatable.  Many will disagree.  They will confirm that the current Church crisis is the greatest the Church has ever faced.  vtb

Mother Angelica on the Latin Mass
“During the Latin Mass you had the missal if you wanted to follow it in English. It was almost mystical. It gave you an awareness of Heaven, of the awesome humility of God who manifests Himself in the guise of bread and wine. The love that He had for us, His desire to remain with us is simply awesome. You could concentrate on that love, because you weren’t distracted by your own language."

Commentary: Contrary to Pope Francis, Mother Angelica and many other holy people knew the spiritual benefits of the Latin Mass.  vtb

"Christianity has played a central role in the development of capitalism, which has lifted millions of people out of poverty throughout the world. Calling for fewer people in the world and denouncing capitalism are not the answers to today’s problems, no matter the good intentions of a pontiff trying to be in touch with the times."

Commentary: It is not surprising that Pope Francis, a Jesuit, would approve of this type of liberalism.  Jesuits, fueled by intellectual pride, have for years gone against solid traditional teachings of the Church and preferred "experimental" ways of teaching that are solely from a "progressive," liberal viewpoint.  vtb

"The dichotomy is clear evidence that the Pope himself, in refusing to clarify despite the formal and public request of the four Cardinals and associated pleas by countless other Catholic clergy and laity, is guilty of betraying the entire Church. By letting this charade continue he has sown confusion into the hearts of the faithful. This confusion could lead to mortal sin and thus eternal damnation."

Commentary: I do not believe it will lead to: "eternal damnation," but it will lead to an acceptance of living in sin that will not actually be considered "sin" by the participating parties.  However, on the part of Pope Francis it does involve the sin of negligence.  vtb

"Francis was drawing an important distinction between the doctrine of papal infallibility and his personal life and prudential decisions. He even insisted—much to his credit—that concerned Catholics “have the right to think that the path upon which he is leading the Church is dangerous or could bring bad results.”

"Pope Pius XI, in his encyclical letter Mortalium animos , affirms that this ecumenical spirit, which seeks union on the basis of common characteristics and not the one Church founded by Christ, is a slip towards indifferentism and modernism."

Commentary: We know the Church must speak with prudence, but it would be nice if the "correction" was at last finished and given to Pope Francis.  There has been a lot of talk about it and the confusion in the Church is only growing larger.  Therefore, some type of action is definitely needed as soon as possible.   vtb

"Luther’s aim was to reform corrupt practices of the papacy. However, the movement for reform and the counter-reaction it provoked soon escalated into a bitter and violent religious war. Paradoxically, the religious wars that engulfed large parts of Europe from 1524 to 1648 weakened the moral standing of not only the Roman Church but also of Christianity."

Commentary:  Luther's pride cost not only him, but the Catholic Church dearly.  However, the Church for the most part recovered, but the Protestant churches to this day continue to be separated in many ways in regard to doctrine and other teachings.  vtb