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Caution: Very few movies made today in Hollywood and elsewhere are pleasing to God.  However, since most movie critics have become "accustomed" to many forms of immorality, they often view immoral portions of a film as "art" or as "necessary" elements that enhance the "quality" of the film. 
Others "tolerate" certain morally offensive portions of a film because being spiritually weak or "lukewarm" in the practice of their Faith, they believe the "overall message" of the film overrides any offensive words, scenes, or images.  Therefore it is recommended you first pray for guidance to avoid bringing harm to your soul and the souls of those near you.
* United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - Office for Film and Broadcasting - Office for Film and Broadcasting - Reviews of movies on television, at the theater, & those being sold on DVD/Videos

Uses Catholic News Service's reviews. Some reviews are too liberal and the rating system can be confusing.  Otherwise contains useful information.

* Plugged In Movie Reviews- Contains detailed reviews for both adults and young people - although some reviews are more liberal, most provide useful information.
* Christian Spotlight on Entertainment - Christian film news, movie, TV & eGame reviews. Very useful & comprehensive guide for concerned parents & young people - includes comments by viewers.