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As noted on myAbout/Contact  page, I hope this website will prove beneficial and spiritually stimulating to Biblical scholars, theologians, bishops, priests, ministers, teachers,  students, and Biblical discussion groups.  But above all, it is hoped that it will benefit those who are in need of spiritual reassurance and confidence concerning the teachings of Christ.
This first study is very important and clearly shows the moral corruption that has taken place in the Green Bay Diocese, although this corruption is wide-spread throughout the USA and other countries in the West.  It is just as timely today as the day it was written.
This is another special study designed for those who have doubts about their faith or have a low self-esteem and need encouragement: 
* BIBLICAL JESUS - His Life & Mission - Writings from the Old Testament confirmed in the New Testament - His birth, life, sufferings, Resurrection, Final Coming.  Plus Scripture for those going through difficult trials and sufferings.  Also contains beautiful works of art.
Also see:
Luisa Piccarreta - "Little Daughter of the Divine Will" - Luisa achieved the highest spiritual state one can receive on earth.  (An explanation of how she is now being slandered).
The following Five Prophecies are also very important and should be read by every concerned believer and non-believer
* African Americans Must Look Inward And Not Outward For Answers
* "Hillary Uncensored" Video
"Tokyo Roses"

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