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"The oil represents the Holy Spirit, as oil was used to anointed spiritual leaders in the Bible, and afterward the Holy Spirit  came upon them (1 Samuel 16:13).  Are our churches alive — anointed, protected — enough?  We think also of sacramental oil: are we using it not only at times when we are ill, but also as a  protection in our homes, forming the Sign of the Cross  with it on our foreheads and in  rooms in our home that may be susceptible to infiltration by the enemy? Do we not now see how just as Christ had to wage warfare —  cast out spirits— before healing, oil should be used by us both in healing and casting spirits out?  In oil is a hidden protection."

"The annulment process showed itself to be an actual, pastoral gift of real healing and self-discovery."

"In the Catholic Church today, we hear little of any crisis in the Church, much less heresy. As Cardinal Robert Sarah  writes, “while the bark of the Church furrows the stormy sea of this  decadent world and the waves crash down on the ship . . . a growing number of Church  leaders and faithful shout, ‘Tout va tres bien, Madame la Marquise!  Everything is just fine, Milady!”  But everything is not fine."

"According to St. Ignatius of Loyola."

"He (Satan) makes things that are contrary to God seem good and harmless.  “The devil’s  greatest trick is making us think that he  doesn’t exist.” These aren’t the words of a  theologian, or even those of a saint: they were written by the French poet Charles Baudelaire.  Satan’s silent but active presence is like an undetected cancer that, in a devious and unperceived  way, corrupts  a body and takes up residence in as many of its organs as possible through a lethal metastasis.  Fr. Paolo Morocutti knows this all too well. He is an exorcist of the  Diocese of Palestrina, one of Rome’s suburbicarian dioceses [six of Rome’s suffragan dioceses, with bishops who are cardinals and a special  historical status – translator’s note]. He is also a member of the AIE (International Association of Exorcists, abbreviated from its name in Italian), and the  teacher of various courses for exorcists."

"Marco Tosatti has denounced “a climate of fear and persecution against those who disagree” in the Vatican and the Church. During his over 35 years as a Vatican journalist  Tosatti “never experienced this before.”  He pinpoints that this situation endures because of the “cowardice and servility” of those persecuted who, albeit the would have the task of denouncing it, do not do so and hence become accomplices."


"Each night, when the visitors have gone, there comes a silence upon the stone and the wood. It is a strange silence. One that reflects the greatest moment in history,  perhaps the most silent as it is that of the  Annunciation; for it is claimed that the  house at Loreto is no replica, but none other than the house in which the Holy Family dwelt, the Holy House."

"Our culture is undergoing a hostile takeover. American society used to be governed by  Judeo-Christian do-unto-others morals. But we have drifted (been pushed, really) into a hedonistic YOLO (You Only Live Once) cultural morass. The upshot of this is a distinct lack of respect for human life in general, as well as a pervasive, insidious obsession with self."

"At this period, however, the partisans of evil seems to be combining together, and to be struggling with united vehemence, led on or assisted by that strongly organized and widespread association called the  Freemasons. No longer making any secret of their purposes, they are now boldly rising up against God Himself. They are planning the  destruction of holy Church publicly and openly, and this with the set purpose of utterly despoiling the nations of Christendom..."


"Progressives style themselves the ones who regard human progress as a moral task.  They intervene to force society into the direction they see as the only correct one. Magic words are: emancipation, integration and inclusion. They see themselves as the avant garde of  global openness and  tolerance. These same progressive comrades have become entangled lately in contradictions that give rise even among their leftist friends to  doubts about the progressiveness of their  positions. Is it not astonishing when logical secularists like them  demand tolerance for an Islam that does not distinguish between  religion and state?"

"While most of the bipartisan crowd honored Owens’ sacrifice with a long standing ovation, many members of the Democratic Party refused to applaud or stand."

"While servile fear “may co-exist with  filial fear,” — and indeed, St. Thomas argues that “servile fear is from the Holy Ghost” — it is to be remembered that “purely servile fear, with no love of God but only self-love  that fears the divine punishments, is at least in theory,  inconsistent with the true love of God.”  In practical terms, servile fear is that fear which is primarily motivated by self-love. It seeks to avoid the loss of some good or goods, position, or status, or even the loss of  Heaven out of the  love of self — not the love of God."

"Saint Joseph was quoted as telling one of the two seers,  Edson Glauber:

“My dear son, Our Lord God has sent me to tell you about all the graces the faithful will receive from my Most Chaste Heart which Jesus and my blessed spouse wish to be honored. I am Saint Joseph and my name means ‘God will grow,’ because I grew every day in Grace and Divine virtues.  

“Through devotion to my Chaste Heart many souls will be saved from the hands of the devil,” he supposedly said.  God Our Lord has allowed for me to reveal to you the promises of my heart. Just as I am fair and righteous in the sight of God, all who have devotion to my heart will also be chaste, righteous, and holy in His sight.  “I will fill you with these graces and virtues, making you grow every day on the road to holiness."

"The Catholic Church offers a partial indulgence for visiting a cemetery  throughout the year, but from November 1 through November 8, the indulgence is offered as a plenary indulgence for a poor soul suffering in purgatory. You can help  release a soul from Purgatory into Heaven  every day  through the first week of November!  Here’s some information about what an indulgence is, and how you can help the poor souls in Purgatory this year."

"This is the fourth in a series of articles on the Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell."

“Although I am touched and honored to be selected for such an award, the ongoing controversy with NFL players’ disrespect for the national flag forces me to decline to participate in the presentation,” Wells wrote in a letter to the team. “I am unable, in good conscience, to enter an NFL stadium while this discourtesy prevails. Since this award is tainted with the dishonorable actions of the NFL and its players, I cannot accept it.”

"Bauman observed that the general trait of individualistic   modern man is to flow through his own life like a tourist,  changing places, jobs, spouses, values and even sexual orientation and gender. Bauman said the modern tendency is to exclude oneself from traditional networks of support,  while at the same time freeing oneself from the  restrictions or requirements those networks impose.  This trend towards such unbridled individualism has created societies in which “everything is unstable and changeable,” Messori noted, and referred to the “rapid change” not only in sexual behavior but also in politics where legislators have given up on  long term  governance.  Quoting Bauman, he said it is becoming acceptable that “change” is the “only permanent thing” and that “uncertainty” has become the “only certainty.”

"Cardinal Gerhard Müller criticized Pope Francis for transferring the responsibility  for  liturgical translations to the bishops, “In case of doubt, the final authority cannot be with the bishops’ conferences. This would  destroy the unity of the Church's faith,  commitment and prayer.”  Talking to the Passauer Neue Presse (November 9) Müller said that he has often seen the bishops' translators “watering down biblical or liturgical texts under the pretext of a better comprehensibility."


"Many saints have claimed to have had  supernatural visions of hell. Of course, all private revelations of the saints are non-authoritative, so you shouldn’t look to these for your theology.  Rather, the saints’ visions of hell should remind us of what our faith already teaches: that hell is a real and terrible place, and people can really go there."

"The 1.00 euro postage stamp issued by the Holy See’s Philatelic Office depicts in the foreground Jesus Crucified, and in the background “a golden and timeless view of the city of Wittenberg,” the Vatican’s description read."

"I will say at once: for us, Orthodox, this date is not an occasion to rejoice and triumph just as we would not have dreamed of celebrating the anniversary of the "great schism" of 1054.  Then the world  Christianity was divided into  two parts - the  eastern and the western.  In  1517, another split occurred - now inside the Western Church, when a significant group of believers, led by Martin Luther, separated  from her.  Every schism inflicts damage on Christian unity, and every reformation, if it  divides  believers into warring camps, is contrary to the spirit of Christ's teaching. For many countries in Europe, the  consequences  of the Reformation were very deplorable: these were numerous  human sacrifices, and  desecrated shrines, and broken stained-glass windows, and  overthrown statues of saints."

Commentary: The Russian Orthodox Church is exercising  more spiritual 
leadership and wisdom than the Roman Catholic Church under Pope Francis in regard to Luther.  vtb

"You don’t have to subscribe to Young Man Luther-style armchair Freudianism to conclude that Luther was a mess. He was  arrogant, self-absorbed, self-dramatizing – and thought the world revolved around him personally  because he was smarter than and spiritually superior to everyone else."

"Why did Pope Pius XI, when he established the Feast of the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ with his encyclical Quas Primas un  1925, not choose for it the last Sunday of the liturgical year (as Paul VI did later for his new mass), but rather the Last Sunday in  October?  The short answer is simple:  Christ the King is the Anti-Luther. The Lord  is not the king of this or that German princedom, changing doctrines according to the whim of the moment. He's the King of the Universe,  unchanging and unchangeable. As a counter-feast of the "Reformation Sunday"  Protestants celebrate on the last Sunday in  October, Pius XI proposed Our Lord, King."

"In Heroes & Heretics,Mr. Campbell employs a dramatic approach to the story, focusing on the lives of several-dozen figures who embraced either the reform/revolt of Luther  or what became the Catholic Counter-Reformation. One senses how  disorienting  the sixteenth century must have been for  Protestants and Catholics alike, although for the latter it was certainly more  dangerous.  Consider: from  1525 to 1528 England was officially Catholic, Protestant, Catholic again, and then Protestant again. And it says a lot that, to this day, Catholics are barred from England’s throne."

"The Reformation was not a reform but a revolution, according to Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, the former Prefect of the  Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, ousted by Pope Francis in July. Writing for La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana Müller explains that the Reformation totally altered the foundations of the Catholic Faith."

"For the salvation of his own soul and our own, to avert the legitimate wrath of God on all of us, to repair the offense inflicted against the honor of Our Lord, Pope Francis should  publicly recant his imprudent utterances as soon as possible and repeat and confirm the solemn condemnation of  Lutheranism in all its aspects."

"In 1517, Martin Luther, a Catholic priest, posted his 95 Theses on the door of a church in Wittenberg, Germany. We are marking the 500th anniversary of the great theological revolt that ensued, known as the Protestant Reformation...  Pope Pius V codified the  Tridentine Mass, and authorized a revised breviary and a new Roman Catechism and Missal.  He promoted the Council’s teachings on the Real Presence of Christ in the  Eucharist, and doctrinal statements on the sacraments of Holy Orders and Matrimony."

Commentary: The holiness of St. Pious V far exceeds that of Pope Francis, whose pride  prevents him from seeing the confusion and damage he is doing to the Church.  vtb

"Cardinal Nichols replied: “The gift of  infallibility is something that Christ gives to the Church which is expressed through the  Pope. Now, that means that we will never, as it were, drift so far from the core revelation of God in Jesus as to get in a total mess. It does  not protect us from every error of judgment, particularly in a conflictual situation.”  In 1997, the Vatican’s then doctrinal chief Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger  said that it was not quite true that “the Holy Spirit picks out the Pope”; rather, “Probably the only assurance He offers is that the thing cannot be totally ruined.”

"Despite the threat of sanctions from the  European Union (EU), the Polish government has decided to not allow any more Muslim migrants into its country to help reduce the risk of radical Islamic terrorism.  “We, Poland, are learning from the mistakes of others … and  we will not open our doors to Islamic migrants,” said Ryszard Czarnecki,  the Polish European Parliament deputy, in early June after the terrorist attack in Manchester, England on May 22."

"Until recently, I had never heard the name “Nabeel Qureshi.” But by chance (providence), I came upon a reference to him. Sadly, it was a notice of his death at the young age of thirty four.  In the death notice,  I discovered that he was the author of several books. The title of one in particular struck me: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity."

"For nearly half a century Ireland has stood almost alone in western Europe in defense  of the right to life of every unborn human being. Yet Ireland is now on the brink of  repealing  her pro-life constitutional amendment and opening the way to the  killing of her unborn children. If she takes this step the reverberations will be felt  across the world. How has Ireland, a nation which so long prided herself on fidelity to the Catholic faith and love of children and the family, reached this point?"

Commentary: Ireland is not alone, moral corruption has infected all the nations of the world and is increasing in intensity.  vtb

"A friend in England alerted me to this video of a speech given in Rome last May by His Eminence Raymond Leo Card. Burke.  The Cardinal speaks, inter alia, of diabolical forces that have entered the Church in our time.  Contrast Card. Burke’s talk with the way  some other bishops talk today."

"In a pastoral letter, Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence RI said that legislation signed into law by Gov. Lincoln Chafee is a “new challenge of the post-Christian era into which, clearly, we have now entered.” A former U.S. senator representing the  Republican party, Chafee is now a liberal independent. Chafee signed a bill making so-called gay marriage  legal in Rhode Island on May 2. It was on that same day that Bishop Tobin issue his missive (message) to Catholics of his diocese. Bishop Tobin leads 680,000 in 143 parishes"

"Churches are in danger of falling into  disrepair, Historic England has warned, as  diminishing congregations mean they are increasingly being added to the "at-risk" register.  The "heritage at risk" list, which was released earlier this week, added 130 new churches, while 115 were removed.  6.3 per cent of listed places of worship are on the  Register.

A British man who moved from his native  Pakistan in search of religious freedom is now warning that intolerance of Christians  is on the rise in the United Kingdom.  The recent comments came after 46-year-old  Tajamal Amar was...assaulted by a group of  Muslims who had allegedly been targeting him for Christian symbols in and on his vehicle."

"And where the soul shall first go, there she shall remain forever. 'If the tree fall to the south or to the north, in what place soever it shall fall there shall it lie.' (Eccl. xi. 3.)  On what side does a tree fall when it is cut down?  It falls on the side to which it  inclines. On what side, brethren, will you fall, when death shall cut down the tree of your life?  You will fall on the side to which you incline. If you shall be found inclining to the  south that is, in favor  with God you shall be forever happy; but if you will fall to the north, you must be forever miserable. There is no middle place: you must be forever happy in Heaven, or overwhelmed with despair in  Hell.  We must all die, says St. Bernard or some other author (de Quat. Noviss.), but we know not which of the two  eternities shall be our lot after death.”

"Earlier the same day, Cruz, a Catholic mortician, tried to comfort an acquaintance who was devastated to find out what would happen to a friend who died and whose family was unwilling to give him a proper burial.

“While driving home and thinking about that day, I realized that my friend’s pet dog had more of a dignified burial than the unclaimed bodies I buried for the government. It troubled me, thinking of how I whispered prayers while burying these poorest of the poor as the government machines  unceremoniously  dumped dirt on their  unmarked graves...”

"Menninger is part of a small but vocal group of theorists who hold that after Lee Harvey Oswald rattled off multiple shots at the motorcade carrying Kennedy past the Texas School Book Depository, a Secret Service agent riding in a car immediately behind the presidential limousine grabbed his Colt AR-15 high-velocity rifle to return fire.  But when his car stopped suddenly, the theory holds, Agent  George Hickey lost his balance and  accidentally discharged his weapon, sending a .223-caliber round rocketing into Kennedy's head — the wound that later killed the 35th president.  "It was entirely accidental," Menninger said. "Unfortunately, fate intervened as this agent was attempting to do his job."

Commentary: Appears to be very logical and make sense as the research indicated TWO  different type of bullets entered Kennedy's body, but perhaps more confirmations are still needed.  vtb

"Halloween in the United States may be all about candy and scary costumes, but for  Italians the dead are no joke. Crux traces back to an ancient curse, buried beneath the walls and ruins of the Vatican in the crypt of St. Peter's, where a series of unexpected deaths spooked popes and the entire city of Rome for centuries."

Father Marius Roque, exorcist for the  Archdiocese of San Fernando, said he had performed exorcism rites involving two young people who had donned spooky clothing.  “One was the case of a teenage girl who wore a black lady costume for a  Halloween party.  After a few weeks, it became obvious she was possessed by evil spirits,” he said.

"According to Bishop Rifan, it is time for the laity to act, “Do not wait for the shepherds. The sheep have the right to defend  themselves against the wolves which attack them.”  Rifan adds, “Speak out, protest, write, alert your children and your friends.” And, “It is necessary that the world hears the voice of the good and knows that there are still good  families and good and courageous people  who do not agree with the imposition of these ideologies.”

"On June 14, 2009, Asia Bibi was thrown into jail. A year later she was sentenced to death for blasphemy, and since 2013, after  two transfers, she has been languishing in one of the three windowless cells on death row in the southern province of Multan in the Punjab Penitentiary. A year after the Supreme Court of Pakistan postponed her appeal amid death threats by 150 muftis (Muslim legal experts) against anyone who would assist  “blasphemers,” the case has  not progressed by one iota. On August 30, Asia Bibi had spent  3,000 days in prison.  This is the prayer she composed last year on the occasion of the  Easter celebrations, and which accompanies her in her detention..."

More than 3,500 people have signed an online petition calling on Pope Francis to remove Bishop Robert Morlino as head of the Diocese of Madison, saying his views on gay and lesbian Catholics are "nothing short of inhumane."  The petition on the website was posted late last week in response to a memo sent by Morlino's vicar general to local priests informing them that they may deny Catholic funerals to LGBT people "to avoid public scandal of the faithful."

Also see:  SIN OF HOMOSEXALITY (Internal link, backspace to return)

Did you ever wonder about the way certain  trends imbue and move through specific ethnicities — and nations?  Those trends can be the influence of spirits, and often not-so-nice ones. Call them, this Halloween season, “ghouls” or kobolds or what they are: demons.  Nowhere exhibits this in sharper relief than the  Caribbean nation of Haiti.  Here, an estimated  fifty percent of the population practices  voodoo (alongside  Christianity).  Call this psychomancy.  As the Catholic author  Roberts Liardon says in Haunted Houses, Ghosts, and Demons, “There are places that have been  dedicated to Satan. I know of an entire country that was dedicated to  Satan — the tiny island nation of Haiti."

"A frail old man lay on his deathbed. In a chair beside his bed, a priest sat with him and wiped away the tears that flowed quietly from the  dying man’s eyes. The old man asked the priest to hear his confession.  After receiving the sacrament, he said to the priest, “My son, if the Lord calls me tonight, ask all my brothers to forgive me for the trouble I’ve caused them. Ask them also to pray for my soul.”  From these words, one might think the old man had many regrets and much to repent. Just a few days earlier, however, the whole town had held a huge celebration to honor him. The year was  1968, and the occasion was the fiftieth  anniversary of the day he had received the stigmata.  The old man was Padre Pio."


"Georgetown’s website proclaims it is “the oldest Catholic and Jesuit institute of higher learning in the United States” and is “deeply rooted in the Catholic faith.” One campus group is learning, however, Georgetown’s roots might not be deep enough."

Commentary: Georgetown is another university, because of our spiritually weak bishops, that lost its Catholic identity  decades ago.  It has become just another  group of buildings  without any real Catholic credentials.  vtb

In that regard, the priest added that the devil also seeks to attack the family through  ideologies and lifestyles, as well as  individualistic thinking and the spread of divorce.  “They think ‘if I don’t like my husband anymore, I would be better off divorcing’ but they forget about the  consequences to the children and society,” he said. “This mentality that works against the family pleases the devil - he knows that a man who is alone without any points of reference is manipulable and unstable."

“The Roman Ritual used to explain how one should confront it. The New Ritual, on the other hand, categorically declared that it is  absolutely forbidden to perform exorcisms in such cases. Absurd. Evil spells are by far the most frequent causes of possessions  and evil procured through the demon: at least ninety percent of cases. It is as good as telling exorcists they can no longer perform exorcisms.”

Commentary: It is not correct to say "MAY."  The so-called "Big Bang theory is one of the most stupid assumptions ever made by any scientist.  There is absolutely no proof  what-so-ever to back up this ridiculous assumption.  vtb

"Through its series “Con Francisco a mi lado” ("With Francis At My Side") it  promotes gender ideology. Dealing with "diversity" the series includes homosexual couples with children as one form of "family". Under the header "self esteem" it promotes the free choice "sexual identity."  In July 2016, returning from Azerbaijan, Francis called gender an "ideological colonisation" and a "malignity."

" genital reconstructive surgeon Miroslav Djordjevic said that his clinics are experiencing an increase in “reversal” surgeries for those who want their  genitalia back. These people express crippling levels of depression and, in some instances,  suicidal thoughts."

"It’s been 54 years since Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech, championing—and hoping for—a day when all people would be judged according to their  character rather than their race. Sadly, since King’s demise, self-appointed “black leaders” have devoted themselves to the big business of making certain King’s dream  never comes true. And in virtually every every case, these demagogic fear mongers  have done so in the  name of King and as agents of the Democratic Party."


"In my previous article, I originally defined atheism as “the rejection of the possibility that ‘God’ exists” because that is how I’ve understood the word from the time I spent studying theodicy (God and the problem of evil). But many “atheist” commentators  disagreed with this definition because their self-designation was based on belief statements that didn’t align with my knowledge statement.  This article explains the differences between the viewpoints and the logic behind them."

"When I was in the seminary in the early  1960's, we were indoctrinated in the notion that the harsh discipline of the Church over the centuries would be a thing of the past  following Vatican II. Supposedly, none of this harshness had ever really worked to safeguard the teaching of the Church, so a new softer approach was needed.  A half-century later, the results are in – and it’s indisputable that the softer approach didn’t work. In addition to the exodus of priests, nuns, and religious, there’s been a massive loss of knowledge  among ordinary lay people about what the Church teaches. And no wonder, since there’s been little effort to make Church teachings  clear in the flight from the bad old days of “harsh discipline.”


"Almost since the election of Donald Trump as President, the Mainstream Media (MSM)  has subjected this country to an almost non-stop deluge of claims that the Trump campaign, if not Trump himself, somehow  colluded with Vladimir Putin to influence the election on his behalf. In the past week we have learned just what a total fraud this was and who was responsible for it. However, it seems to the author that in defending Donald Trump from what we now know were false, made up claims, that a certain question should have been raised right from the start. If Mr. Putin had wanted to influence the 2016 American presidential election, which of the two candidates would it have been to his best interest to attempt to help?"

"According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 52,898 people in the U.S. died from drug overdose in 2015.  In comparison, the Gun Violence Archive  estimates that  13,502 Americans died from gunfire other than suicides, and the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety estimates another 35,092  Americans died from motor vehicle accidents  in 2015.  These figures add up to 48,594 total deaths. This means 4,304 more Americans died in 2015 from drug overdose than from gun homicides and motor vehicle accidents combined."

"Washing fruits and vegetables is not enough to avoid ingesting pesticides. Americans and people all over the world are eating pesticide residue every day, as has been shown by the presence of pesticides in blood and urine samples taken from broad populations.  The health effects could include a greater risk of cancer, reproductive problems, and impaired mental development in children."


"Many people become obsessed with  pornography, sex, or sexual perversion," writes Roberts Liardon in Haunted Houses, Ghosts, and Demons. "Some become obsessed with the occult or New Age teachings. Young people may become obsessed with certain types of music. It's possible to be obsessed with money. Whatever you can think of, it's possible for someone to be obsessed with it."  Very frequently, it's an obsession to do with  other people  relationships, slights. And while on the  surface obsession seems simply a niggling psychological glitch, it can draw  darkness and this is where spirits like to reside: in the dark. Fear can energize the negative. What we obsess about we sometimes get.  Demonic spirits can enter this way and take up residence in a home, a neighborhood, over a community, and even over a nation. They also can hold sway over  religious groups and organizations. All it takes is: obsession."

"Every nation has a right to distinguish between refugees and economic migrants  who don’t share a nation’s culture or religion,  Cardinal Robert Sarah said on Sunday in  Warsaw,  Poland. The cardinal criticized that “some people want to  impose” the logic of  migrant redistribution."  This is the case of the  EU/Germany versus Poland.  One of those people calling for uncontrolled mass immigration is Pope Francis.

Commentary: The Holy Father does not allow uncontrolled immigration into Vatican property, therefore he should not be  promoting it in other areas of the world.  vtb

Pope Francis issued on October 22 an open letter to Cardinal Robert Sarah in which he  corrects Sarah’s recent statement that his congregation is still in charge of liturgical translations.  Francis insists that the document Magnum Principium indeed hands responsibility for liturgical translations over to the local bishops' conferences. The  former practice is no longer supported. Francis obliges Sarah to send a public correction to the web pages... and to all bishops’ conferences."

Commentary: More confusion caused by the "Pope of Confusion."  The translation should only be made by Cardinal Sarah's Congregation to avoid even more confusion.  vtb

"Rosica (Canadian Father Thomas Rosica) condemned on critics of the controversial book Building a Bridge by the  gay-ideologist, Father James Martin. Rosica refers to “some bishops’ messages” but Chaput (Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput) was the only bishop who publicly criticized  Martin's book. Rosica belongs to the pro-gay wing in the liberal church."

Commentary: Pope Francis claims he wants more power given to the bishops, but when a  conservative bishop speaks out against one of Francis's questionable opinions, he quickly corrects him or has someone in the  Vatican "correct" him.  vtb


"The Liberal government of the Province of Ontario is set to enact legislation  that would see a non-violent protester against abortion  jailed for six months. Meanwhile, the City of Ottawa has banned any pro-life flag to fly on City property. This is called  fascism."

Commentary: Parts of Canada is controlled by liberal liars who choose to play God and will suffer the  consequences when they are judged by HIm.  vtb

Commentary: This is not the first time a man of the cloth has criticized the Prophet Jonah.  Francis, or anyone else should never place himself above a Prophet for it is an extremely difficult life.  Almighty God chose  Jonah and there will come a day when Francis will have to  answer to Him for  questioning His Holy Will.  vtb

"Lebanon: The increasing number of refugees who commit crimes in Lebanon has led to  growing rejection among the  local population."


"A few of his most famous quotes. "GOD LOVE YOU!"

Commentary: Stupidity continues to rein in many US cities.  Why is no mention is made of the killings Americans did to Indian tribes?  Columbus did what he thought was  right as did those who mistreated American Indians.  vtb
"In a 2012 article for The Huffington Post, Cheng wrote: 'Same-sex marriages are  sacramental because they are a reflection of the larger grace-filled relationship between  God and humanity.'  

Yet Martin continues to paint himself as the 'victim' of Catholics objecting to the proselytizing of the Holy Father's  catastrophic and endless  promotion of blasphemy and apostasy.  And the gutless ordained man who gushes over the 'theology' of a blasphemer, and appoints him to say the things he doesn't have the  courage to say is the sneakiest of snakes."


"There are so many other concepts in the book that likewise challenge us to reflect on Christendom with different criteria.  Dr. Jones  broaches many disciplines and thus does not have time to elaborate his concepts to their  fullest. His theological considerations can thus be sketchy and  underdeveloped. At times, one wonders if his notions of sovereignty, Church and State are a bit too unstructured."

Commentary: Notre Dame University lost its "Catholic identity" years ago and should not be allowed to use it today.  The bishop of their diocese should take action, and not merely  talk.  vtb

Commentary: The President of Poland is clearly going against the bad advice of Pope Francis in regard to migrants, and that is a  good (thing) for Poland and should give the rest of the EU "food for thought."  vtb

"Swiss national Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga has revealed that the problem of asylum seekers arriving into the country with no papers is so extensive the government does not know the true identities of nine out of 10 migrants."

Commentary: What a terrible way to run a country and treat the remaining citizens!  vtb


"St. Thomas Aquinas,  drawing from the rich tradition of the Church’s history, specifically from St. Paul’s  account of rebuking  St. Peter in Galatians 2 as commented upon by St. Augustine, shows quite clearly that not only is it permissible  for a subordinate to correct fraternally his prelate, but that it is also  necessary for him to do so publicly in certain circumstances."

"Catholics across the globe, from those in the pew to some of our own bishops, appear to have bought into the ideology of sexual orientation, a morally bankrupt rewriting of sexual reality that utterly revitalizes the truth about God’s plan for us."

Commentary: The "Voice of the heart" and a humble spirit  of obedience to Church doctrine must be the moral intentions of those in this situation.  vtb

"Nothing precedes divine worship. With these words, St. Benedict, in his Rule (43.3), established the absolute priority  of divine worship over any other task of monastic life.”

"This archangel fights Satan with the challenge of his own name: Micha-el, meaning Who is like God?"

"Missionaries in the future will, more and more, see that their apostate among the Muslims will be successful in the measure that they preach Our Lady of Fatima. Mary is the advent of Christ, bringing Christ to the people before Christ Himself is born. In an apologetic endeavor, it is always best to start with that which people already accept. Because the Muslims have a devotion to Mary, our missionaries should be satisfied merely to expand and to develop that devotion, with the full realization that Our Blessed Lady will carry the Muslims the rest of the way to her divine Son. She is forever a traitor, in the sense that she will not accept any devotion for herself, but will always bring anyone who is devoted to her to her divine Son. As those who lose devotion to her lose belief in the divinity of Christ, so those who intensify devotion to her gradually acquire that belief."

"Raymond:And that sense of sacrifice and worship that you’ve talked about so eloquently, how do you see that being restored concretely? Will we see a return to the ad orientem posture, facing the East, the priest facing away from the people during the Canon, a return to the Latin, more Latin in the Mass?  Cardinal: Versus orientem, I would say could be a help because it is really a tradition from the Apostolic time..."

"In the last times according to the Bible and Catholic Teaching, there will come an apostasy worse than any time in history.  Rebellion will be seen as a right and a personal interpretation.  People will fall away for less than 30 pieces of silver, sometimes simply for a handshake and a smile."

'We accommodate. We compromise. We avoid conflict — even when conflict is the only proper course,' Archbishop Tartaglia wrote

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”  "It might not seem very “modern” to believe in demons, but that doesn’t change the facts! The Catholic Church very much still teaches about the reality of the demonic in our world today; if fact, the Holy Father Pope Francis has especially emphasized this fact. This is important, because it’s hard to fight against things you don’t acknowledge even exist."

"He touched his tongue, …. and the string of his tongue was loosed.” MARK vii. 33, 35. In this day’s gospel St. Mark relates the miracle which our Savior wrought in healing the man that was dumb by barely touching his tongue. He touched his tongue and the string of his tongue was loosed.” From the last words we may infer that the man was not entirely dumb, but that his tongue was not free, or that his articulation was not distinct."


Commentary: Trumps' healthcare plan would allow even more choices based on your religious beliefs than the failed ObamaCare plan.  If only that small group of fake Republicans would put aside their pride for the sake of our country.  vtb

Commentary:Sometimes your greatest enemies are those within your ranks.  vtb

"The apparitions of Mary of the Rosary of San Nicolás were recently approved as having a “supernatural character” and being worthy of belief by Bishop Héctor Sabatino Cardelli of San Nicolás de los Arroyos in Argentina."

Commentary:I believe exactly how Our Mother Mary looks depends upon the beauty of your soul.  The deeper the love, the deeper you will see the beauty of Mary.  This is the reason she has a different appearance to various souls who have seen her in a vision.  Another option could be that Mary's  appearance depends upon the location and  nationality of the people she is visiting.  vtb

"A Modern Commentary on the Book of Revelation based on Private Revelation."

Commentary: Powerful reading that calls for discernment.  It is good to review these type revelations to increase your awareness of present, as well as future events.  vtb

"I want to teach YOU what the Holy Spirit, Saint John Paul II and the US Marine Corps taught me... namely, to fight, and WIN! I struggled with pornography addiction for more that twenty years, inheriting it from my father when I was just a little boy."

"His insight into Islam at a time England was preoccupied—with Hitler, communism abroad, and a fascist movement at home—was exceptional. And penetrating."

"Rosica condemned on critics of the controversial book Building a Bridge by the gay-ideologist, Father James Martin. Rosica refers to “some bishops’ messages” but Chaput was the only bishop who publicly criticized Martin's book. Rosica belongs to the pro-gay wing in the liberal church."

CommentaryAnother example of a cleric who under the influence of our misguided pope, chooses to attack a conservative bishop, while liberal bishops improper conduct goes unnoticed by Vatican officials.  vtb

"The media loves Pope Francis mainly because he is not as ‘rigid‘ as Pope Benedict XVI.  Francis appointing pro-abortion euthanasia advocates to the Pontifical Academy for Life was the last straw for me. Not Catholic”, Deacon Nick explained, before adding rather mournfully: “I hoped for the best, but my worst fears for the Church are being realized. He is destroying the Catholic nature of the Church.”

Commentary:It has become far more important to reveal the damage Pope Francis is doing to the Church, than the "good" he is doing.  vtb

Commentary: Another truly faithful bishop who abides by God's Word and Church doctrine, rather than human opinions.  vtb

Commentary: The Church must never become filled with contradictions.  But that is exactly the direction it is heading.  vtb