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"When a council finally met in 1545 at Trent, the Church’s intervention was too late: Luther had written all his major treatises, and his followers continued his work after his death one year later. But had there been a Council of Worms, rather than a Diet of Worms, perhaps the early Protestant movement would have collapsed under an unfavorable judgment—by an authority that even Luther had acknowledged.  Luther had initially appealed to a council in an attempt to reform the Catholic Church from within. Without confidence that the Church would convene a legitimate council, he chose to reform the Church from without. Both of their decisions exacerbated a controversy that continues today."

Commentary:  A well written piece, but the fact remains that Luther was not a good person, for he was without question, very arrogant and judgmental in his attacks against the Church and was the cause of great schisms and divisions within Christianity.  vtb

"Protestant ecclesiology tends to hold that the Church is only the collection of the saved (we Catholics disagree, but that’s a question for another day). By this reasoning then, if Luther isn’t a Saint, he’s not even a member of the Church. So what does that make the denomination he started? How can Protestants count on someone outside the Church to reform and recreate the Church?"

"In an interview with LifeSiteNews, Sire stated that the “popular image of Pope Francis is one of the most extraordinary deceptions of the present time, and contrasts totally with the reality of Bergoglio’s character as it was known in Argentina before his election and is known in the Vatican today.”  Sire has stated that his suspension from the Knights of Malta is “illegal.”  The Knights of Malta were dragged into the headlines in 2016 when it was discovered that the Order had been dispensing contraceptives through its charities in Africa. The Order’s Sovereign, Englishman Fra’ Matthew Festing, asked the man deemed responsible, Grand Chancellor Albrecht von Boeselager, to step down. In response, Boeselager appealed to Pope Francis, who subsequently requested Fra’ Matthew’s resignation. The story of the scandal appeared in The Dictator Pope."

"Pope Francis has done his best to prop up the those Catholic Democrats who continue to promote abortion, support government funding of Planned Parenthood, and ignore the church’s teaching on life. His apostolic exhortation does not to change Catholic moral teaching because, as I have shown, the claim the Pope is trying to make cannot be rationally defended.  In spite of the headlines, the Pope’s gift to the Democrats will not be of much use to them in propping up their Catholic credentials. Lay Catholic voters will see through this claim just as they saw through the church’s barrage of anti-Trump rhetoric in the historic 2016 presidential election."

"Pope Francis just issued another apostolic exhortation, and already pro-abortion Catholics are trying to hit pro-lifers over the head with it. Here’s what Stephen Herreid thinks about that!"

"The Church, we have seen, is the last institution in the world to defend reason from scientific constriction and demagogic dismissal. She will also be the last institution in the world to defend the body. Those defenses go together. Thomas Aquinas could have foretold it, centuries ago."

"A new quasi-parish for Catholics interested in the Traditional Latin Mass will open in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia at a church that had been part of a 2014 parish merger.  “In response to a growing interest, it has become timely to provide additional pastoral care for those wishing to participate in Divine Worship in the Extraordinary Form,” Archbishop Charles J. Chaput’s March 14 decree said."

"Kawthari’s other fatwas and lectures are similarly extreme. He advocates chopping off thieves’ hands, and warns Muslims against befriending Jews and Christians, citing religious texts that command: “Do not commence by greeting the Christians and Jews with Salam. If you meet one of them on a pathway, force them to walk on the side.” In 2014, the East London Mosque – considered by mainstream British journalists to be one of the most radical mosques in Europe – even banned Kawthari from speaking at its events…."

"In Islam, a martyr is one who “kills and is killed” for Allah (Qur’an 9:111). Mahmoud al-Khila is trying to make more people think that killing and being killed for Allah, and encouraging others to do so, is a great virtue."

"For the more militantly inclined, the West is ripe for the taking. Their immorality is a shame upon Allah. Whereas in the past, the infidels had armies to defend themselves, now their weakness is an open invitation."

"But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth."
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 3:16]

"A new study suggests the wound healing that follows surgery may trigger this spread.  As the immune system works to heal the surgical scar, it stops restraining cancer cells that have wandered far from the tumor site, according to the study published Wednesday in Science Translational Medicine. Without this brake, those cancer cells are free to grow and become new, more dangerous tumors.  “It's not the actual surgery, but instead, it's the post-surgical wound response,” said Robert Weinberg, the paper’s senior author and a biologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “It is provoking already disseminated cells to begin to grow into clinically detectable metastases.”  The same study suggests there may be a simple solution: taking an anti-inflammatory drug."

"The group found that one third of all conventional, or non-organic, strawberry samples contained 10 or more pesticides. One sample of strawberries was found to have an "astounding" 22 pesticide residues, EWG said.

Spinach, the second produce item on the list, contained pesticide residues in 97 percent of conventional, or non-organic, samples. Additionally, more than 98 percent of samples of strawberries, peaches, potatoes, nectarines, cherries and apples tested positive for residue of at least one pesticide, according to the activist group."


"Romanian hermit speaks directly about the importance of life corresponding to prayer and prayer corresponding to life."

"We have a lot of options militarily," he told reporters. He added that a response would be decided "shortly".  Mr Trump said the US was getting some "good clarity" on who was responsible for the incident in Douma on Saturday.  Medical sources say dozens were killed in the alleged attack but exact numbers are impossible to verify.  Mr Trump also discussed the incident with French President Emmanuel Macron late on Monday, and both leaders expressed a desire for a "firm response", the Elysee Palace said.

"According to a recently released study, visiting beautiful churches and cathedrals are one of the top reasons that influences the youth across the globe in deciding to convert to Christianity.  After seeing the “shocking results, the researchers concluded that “new methods invested in by the Church, such as youth groups, are less effective than prayer or visiting a church building in attracting children to the Church.” The group’s research adds evidence to rising trend of Catholic youth desiring traditional devotions and seeking to experience rich Church history: relics, the saints, liturgies, and beautiful churches."

"We knew that younger Catholics were going to church in fewer numbers than in the past, but what is new about this Gallup poll is the decline among older Catholics. Overall, only 39 percent of Catholics say they attend church weekly, and among those aged 60 and over the figure is 49 percent. This means that “for the first time, a majority of Catholics in no generational group attend weekly.”

"Trump said he is considering all options for how to deal with Syria after the reported chemical weapons attack. But first, the president suggested he wanted to know what happened in the highly suspicious attack, which came not long after Trump suggested that American troops in Syria would soon be coming home."

"The data keep pouring in about how young people are abandoning Christianity in droves. This cuts across all denominational lines. Recent studies like the Shell-Jugendstudie show that church isn’t one of the places young people are likely to be found as a rule.  What exactly is the problem? There are, as usual, a variety of theories, but I think we should take very seriously the argument of Dom Karl Wallner of Heiligenkreuz Abbey in his lecture “The Profanation of the Sacred and the Sacralisation of the Profane.” Here are some choice snippets:"

Commentary:  Your not going to attract more young (or older) people to the Latin Mass by knocking down Masses prayed in English or any other language. The key to full participation at Mass is how devoutly the Mass is prayed, for there are abuses in both types of Masses, although there are far less at Latin Masses in regard to modesty in dress and talking before, during, and after Mass.  

Those who participate at any Mass should devoutly concentrate on the prayers and responses to prepare themselves for receiving JESUS, and eliminate all other thoughts about the world and the abuses taking place at Mass.  You need common ground to attract others to the Latin Mass and that involves being respectful to the manner they choose to practice their Faith.

If you don't have these things in mind, your doing more damage to your cause than good. Those who prefer the Latin Mass must learn that "preaching to the choir" (among their own group of friends) gets very old and boring and does not reflect charity or indicate that you are living a full Christian way of life, but rather, a very narrow one. vtb

"The White House is seriously considering a strategy to cancel tens of billions of dollars of wasteful spending in the $1.3 trillion budget signed by President Donald Trump last month.  It's a great idea, and Republicans should welcome a high-stakes budget showdown with congressional Democrats, given the unpopularity of the omnibus budget. Trump has a potent tool at his disposal to not spend money."

"On Spy Wednesday of 2018, one of the successors of the Apostles, Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles, issued a set of Protocols which authorizes such an incredible range of sacrileges and profanations, it’s a wonder that the diocesan chancery building is still standing."

“The Internet has been a disaster for the Left,” Ann Coulter continued. “The Left already controls all the institutions. They have all the networks. They have all the newspapers. They have the schools. They have the universities. They’re teaching preschoolers ‘white privilege.’ They can’t possibly gain anything from the Internet.”  This is why they are now trying to control it,  Coulter believes, hand-in-glove with left-wing media who have been trying to sell the idea that online conservative news sites manufacture “fake news.”  Coulter praised American president Donald Trump for having thrown the expression back at the left-wing media."

“No president’s had the backbone to take it up publicly before, so I think [Trump’s] exactly right,” Kudlow said. “And I say to everybody on this — the problem here is China. It is not President Trump. China’s been getting away with this for decades. Past American presidents refused to take them on. I think President Trump’s doing exactly the right thing.”

"It’s imperative that we acknowledge and address the reasons for which our country lags behind the 17 nations that are ranked above us,” Ross said Monday, speaking at The Heritage Foundation. “The good news is that thanks to President Trump, we believe our downward slide in the index over the past decade not only has come to a halt, but should be reversing itself.”

"President Trump signed a memorandum ordering agencies to “expeditiously end” the practice known as “catch and release” that allows immigrants caught in the U.S. without proper documents to be released from detention while their cases play out in court."

"Although 40 percent of Catholics in the United States believe that the persecution of Christians around the world is “severe,” they are less concerned about it than about a host of other issues, including human trafficking, poverty, climate change, and the global refugee crisis."

"People living in areas where only one insurer is selling plans in the marketplace now can qualify for a “hardship exemption.” So can people who oppose abortion and live in places where the only available plan covers abortion services. Federal health officials and private researchers have shown that about half of U.S. counties have only one ACA insurer this year."

"A long election day in Hungary has given the ruling right-wing Fidesz of Prime Minister Viktor Orban the third consecutive election victory. Only shortly before 23 o’clock a preliminary result could be announced, after an unexpected onslaught on the polling stations had taken place. After counting around 96 percent of the votes cast Orbans party leads the list of parties clearly with 48.5 percent of the vote. To the lamentations of Roxette’s “Listen To Your Heart” and “Viktor, Viktor!” Calls Orban went to his voters to make his victory speech. This began the Prime Minister with the words: “We won!”

"Due to contradictory interpretations of the Apostolic Exhortation "Amoris laetitia," growing discontent and confusion are spreading among the faithful throughout the world.  The urgent request for a clarification submitted to the Holy Father by approximately one million faithful, more than 250 scholars and several cardinals, has received no response.  Amidst the grave danger to the faith and unity of the Church that has arisen, we baptized and confirmed members of the People of God are called to reaffirm our Catholic faith."

"The left has made innumerable women unhappy, even depressed, with its decades of lying about how female sexual nature and male sexual nature are identical — leading to a “hookup” culture that leaves vast numbers of young women depressed — and its indoctrinating of generations of young women into believing they will be happier through career success than marital success.  And, in some ways scariest of all, the left is poisoning our children with its commitment to ending male and female as distinct categories. One of the great joys of life, celebrating one’s sex, is now deemed nothing more than a hateful idea in many of your children’s schools.  For these and other reasons, if you treasure American and Western civilization, fighting the left — something all liberals and conservatives need to do — is the greatest good you can engage in at this time."

"On CNN this morning, Cuomo claimed:  “Mueller’s team has some type of breakdown of Democrat and Republican. It’s about 50/50.”  But a study conducted by the Daily Caller News Foundation came to a strikingly different conclusion. As the headline of the article reporting on the study reads, “Not A Single Lawyer Known To Work For Mueller Is A Republican.”

"For the past 50 years, every major institution has been captured by the radical secular left. The media, Hollywood, TV, universities, public schools, theater, the arts, literature — they relentlessly promote the false gods of sexual hedonism and radical individualism. Conservatives have ceded the culture to the enemy. Tens of millions of unborn babies have been slaughtered; illegitimacy rates have soared; divorce has skyrocketed; pornography is rampant; drug use has exploded; sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS have killed millions; birth control is a way of life; sex outside of wedlock has become the norm; countless children have been permanently damaged — their innocence lost forever — because of the proliferation of broken homes; and sodomy and homosexuality are celebrated openly. America has become the new Babylon.” 

"China and the United States are on a collision course toward war.  China is preparing for it, while America is not.  It could be ignorance or arrogance, or a combination of both; however, we are not taking the threat of a major war with China seriously."

"Pope Francis is calling for ordinary Catholics to live holy lives in whatever they do, stressing that the “saints next door” are more pleasing to God than religious elites who insist on perfect adherence to rules and doctrine.

Cardinals, bishops, priests and lay faithful issued a declaration in Rome on Saturday in which they testified to the Church’s unchanging teaching on marriage, the sacraments and absolute moral commandments.

"Cardinal Raymond Burke will not issue a formal correction of Amoris Laetitia, as he announced several times during 2017.  Hilary White writes on her blog (April 9) that Brandmüller lost his nerve when the Cardinals Meisner and Caffarra died and told Cardinal Burke that he wouldn’t go any further. Therefore Burke dropped the formal correction.  White calls the recent Declaration of Faith by Burke and Brandmüller “a declaration that they’re standing down."  And, “The Dubia is over as an exercise.”

Commentary:  Cardinal Brandmuller is getting old and Cardinal Burke feels he just does not have the support he needs to issue a formal "correction."  However, their voices from the sidelines should still help their cause.   Its the vast majority of other cardinals that are proving to be cowards, as well as the vast majority of our bishops.  vtb

"A comeback of the illness as predicted by the CDC is affecting many families — here's how to stay healthy and strong now (and at any time)."

"Founder is a former Marine who sought relief and healing for the men and women who've sacrificed much for our country, our freedoms."

"Much of the confusion regarding the idea of free speech stems from a fundamental misunderstanding that somehow the First Amendment of the Constitution invented and constrains the idea. This is hogwash."

“A key and undeniable attribute of a sovereign nation is the ability to control who and what enters its territory,” said Trump in the April 4 memo. “The situation at the border has now reached a point of crisis. The lawlessness that continues at our southern border is fundamentally incompatible with the safety, security, and sovereignty of the American people. My administration has no choice but to act.”

"In the document known as an Apostolic Exhortation called “Gaudete et Exsultate,” (Rejoice and Be Glad), the pope also bewails the amount of defamation and slander spread online by some Roman Catholic bloggers and Twitter users.  Satan gets more than a dozen mentions in the document as Francis talks about how life can be “a constant struggle against the devil, the prince of evil."


"In the first five years of his pontificate, Pope Francis spoke several times of the devil, a tempting being, and on various occasions he also mentioned Hell. The chief punishment of hell, reads the Catechism of the Catholic Church at number 1035, “is eternal separation from God, in whom alone man can possess the life and happiness for which he was created and for which he longs”. The Church’s Magisterium teaches that after earthly death there exists a state, not a place, which belongs to those who died in grave sin and lost sanctifying grace through a personal act. This state involves the painful deprivation of God’s vision."

"England was dedicated as the Dowry of Mary by Cardinal Bernard Griffin in 1948 and according to the tour organizers’ website, the re-dedication aims to once again enlist her “loving care and protection of our country”.The event will take place around the Solemnity of the Annunciation in 2020 and is part of the New Evangelisation programme – a mission initiative of the Catholic Church.  According to the organisers, the phrase “Dowry of Mary” is understood to mean that England has been “set apart” for Mary. It goes back to the time of St Edward the Confessor (1042-1066), but the first recording of the description can be found in a 14th Century painting of King Richard II holding a parchment carrying the words: “This is your dowry, O pious Virgin."

"As President Trump warned Sunday of a 'big price to pay' for yet another suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria, Russia declared that any foreign intervention could “lead to the most serious consequences.”

"The Belgian Islamic party Partij Islam is set to run candidates in 28 municipalities in the upcoming Belgian municipal elections, and have declared their intention to create an Islamic State in which women and men have to ride in separate buses."

"In a series of parliamentary answers, the aid minister, Alistair Burt, has admitted that British taxpayers are funding the salaries of 33,000 teachers implementing a school curriculum that has been criticized for promoting violence against Israel."

(Cardinal) "Zen wove his message to the conference, which was attended by two conservative cardinals who have openly challenged Francis on moral teachings and others who have accused him of heresy, around the theme of periphery (China) and the center of the faith (the Vatican).  “In this moment, our periphery, China is in much difficulty, great difficulty and many voices from this periphery do not reach the center. We who live outside continental China - we bring our experience and we are in constant contact (with Chinese Catholic) - we feel like we represent this periphery,” Zen said.

"An Israeli military spokesman defended the rules of engagement.  “If they are actively attacking the fence, if they are throwing a molotov cocktail that is within striking distance of Israeli troops or similar activities, then those persons, those rioters, become, may become, a target,” said Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus.

"Perhaps the final straw: St. Pius Roman Catholic Church at 92 Main Street in Van Etten, New York.  It has been converted into a non-denominational church called St. Luke’s.  That sounds nice, on the surface — named for Saint Luke, because the church, with sixty regular congregants, along with visitors, advertises itself as a healing place — but it’s owned and pastored by a fellow named Phil Jordan (left), a well-known psychic-clairvoyant-channeler who holds ESP, aura-reading, and table-tilting demonstrations in the memorial rooms downstairs."

"If you haven't been feeling like the nicest or happiest version of yourself, your diet could be to blame. "A high-sugar diet can cause you to have severe mood swings," said Bates. This is "due to the rise and fall in blood glucose levels — think 'hungry.'" We've been there! "This happens because sugar is absorbed much more quickly into your body than fat or protein, so this results in a surge of energy and a very sudden drop. That drop can cause you to feel moody, angry, anxious, annoyed, and really hungry." Limiting your intake of sweets could potentially balance out your mood and lead to more positive feelings overall."

"The Syro-Malabar Church, in Kerala India, is an  Eastern Catholic Major Archiepiscopal Church. Their doctrinal commission recently released a report against the practice of yoga...The Syro-Malabar Church commission stated that Christians cannot understand yoga, as the doctrine is beyond them. They point out that some of the main traits of yoga are conflicting with Christian beliefs.  “The experience of yoga is that the practitioner, nature and God becomes one but according to Christianity, nature and God cannot become one,” the report said.

"THE DISCOVERY is a film about a scientist who makes a discovery so significant it drastically alters the world. He discovers brain waves continue to emit from the mind after a person is dead. What's the big deal? It's scientific proof of an afterlife. Somehow, someway the deceased's brain continues to function after their heart has stopped."

"A bad taste in the mouth every so often is normal. It can be caused by eating a strong-tasting food, drinking alcohol, or experiencing everyday oral health issues.  However, when a person is unable to get rid of the taste by rinsing and brushing, it may be wise to see a doctor or dentist. They can determine the underlying cause."

"The test successfully detected the disease on average eight years before diagnosis in individuals without clinical symptoms.  The tested correctly identified almost 70 percent of the cases, while about 9 percent true negative subjects would wrongly be detected as positive. Overall, the diagnostic accuracy was 86 percent."


“Always fight with the deep conviction that I am with you. Do not be guided by feeling, because it is not always under your control; but all merit lies in the will…I will not delude you with prospects of peace and consolations; on the contrary, prepare for great battles. Know that you are now on a great stage where all heaven and earth are watching you. Fight like a knight, so that I can reward you. Do not be unduly fearful, because you are not alone [1760].”

"Ross said the U.S. has such a large trade deficit with China, it can't be hurt by the brewing trade war between the two economic powerhouses."  "When you're $500 billion down, this isn't a war you can lose, if it gets to be a war," Ross said.  He spoke soon after China said it would hit $50 billion worth of U.S. goods with tariffs, in retaliation for U.S. plans to impose tariffs on a similar amount of Chinese goods. The U.S. move is a response to China's continued theft of U.S. intellectual property rights.  Ross said he agreed with President Trump's tweet from Wednesday morning that insisted the U.S. and China are "not in a trade war" because the U.S. already lost that war "many years ago."

"Communist China’s one-sided, all-out trade war against US – is what DC’s geniuses have for half-a-century bizarrely described as “free trade.”  And is the soul-crushing status quo they are defending – against Trump’s first, tiny steps towards trying to rectify this all-encompassing awfulness.  Because DC is overflowing with geniuses."

"...despite heavy criticism, the US president’s gun slinging diplomacy has got the US where it wants to be – around the negotiating table with nuclear-armed North Korea, and outplaying China on trade."

Nancy Foytik, a retired grandmother, was diagnosed with a dangerous cancer when she visited the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Wisconsin, the only Church recognized apparition in the United States.  Foytik told Today (March 28) that the doctors expected her to die within two years.  At the shrine, Foytik “felt” a voice saying that she would be all right.  After the pilgrimage, a surgery was performed but found that the cancer had vanished. There is no medical explanation for this although spontaneous remissions of cancers are a known phenomenon.

"Beyond validating Jesus’ life as a true Incarnation, His resurrection does something else also. Not only does it confirm that here is where God truly and fully entered the human story, but it serves as a sort of beacon to seekers of the truth who are not yet Christian and may not yet have a concept of an incarnation or a sense that they should be looking for such a thing."

"Mr Barberini said police would be working around the clock on the scene as the investigation into what may have motivated the shooter is still unclear. "We have our crime lab folks out here and we have the coroner out here. It will be a long night," he said.  YouTube spokesman Chris Dale said the company’s “incredibly tight-knit community” was reeling, adding that “today it feels like the entire community of YouTube were victims of a crime."

"Then in this same confusing explanation, Hawking and Mlodinow assert that the universe "will create itself from nothing"! But if it already existed, there would be something, not nothing; and there would be no need for the universe to create itself since it already exists!"

"Canada is fast becoming the Niagara Falls of euthanasia, rushing to join the “infamous three” — the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Belgium — by now permitting the joint euthanasia of elderly couples."

"We must always remember that all children are blessings from our Creator. They are endowed from conception with value, purpose, and human dignity. They are a source of unmatched joy, and they represent our Nation’s future. It is thus our civic and moral responsibility to help every child experience a childhood free from abuse and mistreatment, guiding them toward a future full of hope and promise."

"Heart disease kills more people in the United States than any other two diseases combined. Men and women of all ages can be affected, but you’re more at risk the older you get. Wondering how can you avoid getting heart disease? Your doctor’s answers are the best ones out there."

"Vladimir Putin says Britain will have to say sorry for its ‘mad accusations’ over the nerve-agent attack on a former spy, but Russia’s deputy foreign minister has made an even more startling claim."

"A good example of this is the media’s obsession with the alleged collusion between the campaign of Donald Trump and the Russian government, though as of yet there is zero evidence of collusion and much evidence that this was a contrived scandal by liberal loyalists in the White House and the intelligence agencies. If the media doesn’t cover something, then the logical conclusion would then be that it is not important, such as the media's refusal to cover the Clinton's collusion with the Russians in the Uranium One scandal."

"An extension of the left’s self-loathing is their view of the proper role of America in the world.  In what Obama called, oxymoronically, “leading from behind,” they wish to renounce American sovereignty, virtue, and strength – you know, the kind we displayed in vanquishing the evils of Nazism, fascism and Soviet communism.  Instead, they desire to fall into the waiting arms of a global world order, ceding authority to the United Nations, the Paris Climate Accord, World Trade Organization, etc., all of which seek to render the U.S. increasingly indistinguishable from the other 200 nations of the world."

"The Marines have intensively focused on improving the readiness of the CH-53E since the January 2016 collision of two Super Stallions off the coast of Hawaii, which killed 12 Marines.  An October 2017 crash of a CH-53 in Okinawa led the Marine Corps to temporarily ground its Japan-based fleet; no service members were injured in that crash, which destroyed the aircraft."

"...instead of trying to force consumers into more expensive cars that environmentalists like, the focus at the EPA will be "on making cars that people actually buy and that are efficient."

"Trump called the decision to get the National Guard involved in helping monitor the border a "big step." However, the move wouldn't be completely unprecedented -- the U.S. National Guard has deployed troops to the border in the past at the command of the president.  Both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama have previously called on the National Guard to assist with border patrol."

"Doctors and scientists have been warning us for years that the overuse of antibiotics could result in a “super bug.” An antibiotic-resistant bacteria, they said, could utterly devastate entire populations, and potentially lead to utter catastrophe. Now, with over 200 confirmed cases of various different “nightmare” bacteria already in dozens of US states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are on high alert."

"The announcement by the White House on Wednesday that “the military mission to eradicate ISIS in Syria is coming to a rapid end” is the right approach to take. President Trump understands that the last thing we need is to get sucked into another Middle East war that could go on for decades."

“Getting along with Russia is a good thing,” Trump said. “I think I could have a very good relationship with Russia and with President Putin, and if I did, that would be a great thing. And there’s also a great possibility that that won’t happen. Who knows?”  Trump reiterated his belief that “nobody has been tougher on Russia than I have,” noting he has pushed for increased defense spending to bolster the U.S. military and has aggressively pushed energy production, enabling the United States to become an exporter in competition with Russia."

"U.K. scientists have confirmed the nerve agent used to poison a former Russian spy and his daughter was from the Novichok series, but have not verified its "precise source," the head of the lab studying the substance said Tuesday.  Gary Aitkenhead, chief executive of Britain's Porton Down defence laboratory, said his team set out to identify the agent, but "it's not our job to say where that was actually manufactured.  "We were able to identify it as Novichok, to identify that it was military-grade nerve agent," Aitkenhead told Sky News."

"For us, the situation was appalling from the very beginning, and now, confirmation is gradually starting to come in that the insane accusations, made by the British side a few hours after the assassination attempt [on double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter], are baseless and groundless," Peskov told journalists Tuesday. He was speaking shortly after the Sky News interview in which the head of the Porton Down chemical lab admitted his scientists had found no confirmation the A-234 ("Novichok") chemical agent used in the poisoning came from Russia."

"A member of the EU Commission was reported to have commented on the matter - they stated that the agreement between Turkey and the bloc was negotiated “overnight” and that "is not the way people work in the EU."  A joint letter is understood to have been put together to the Commission by Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Denmark and Finland who have stated that the last sum of €3billion should be paid to Ankara with EU funding.  Jean-Claude Juncker has reportedly refused the suggestion."

"Why is anyone shocked? Target prides itself in its policy that allows biological men to use women’s restrooms. On Sunday in one of their Chicago-area stores, a man entered the ladies restroom and exposed himself to a little girl who was at the store shopping with her mom,” wrote Graham, the CEO of both the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the relief and development organization Samaritan’s Purse."

"Pope Pius XII, on the eve of World War II, outlined the cause of the War: rejection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Since that War, the confusion, the error, the evil has only increased. The diabolical is only on the increase."

"I am the vine: you the branches: he that abideth in me, and I in him, the same beareth much fruit: for without me you can do nothing."  [John 15:5]

"A happy exception would be the growing number of places where the traditional Roman rite or “Extraordinary Form” is being offered, for this rite is saturated with sacrality and nearly compels one to pray, to go deeper into the mysteries of Christ through the outward appearances, just as the disciples at Emmaus “knew him in the breaking of the bread” (Lk 24:35). The liturgical rite is like bread miraculously multiplied down through all the centuries and placed in front of every king and pauper who seeks the food that will not perish. When we break this bread by entering into the rite, we come to know the risen Christ."


"A fire broke out on the upper floors of Trump Tower in Manhattan, the home of President Trump.  The blaze broke out on the 50th floor of the tower just before 6 P.M. Thick black smoke billowed out from Trump Tower as burning debris fell onto Fifth Avenue.  The 67-year-old male occupant of the apartment where the fire started died after being transported to Mount Sinai Roosevelt Hospital in critical condition,"

Commentary:  China is a typical selfish communist nation.  They call America "arrogant," but it is they who are guilty of it.  As long as they have the upper hand and can rake in 500 billion dollars worth of trade surpluses a year from the U.S., they remain friendly.  However, if America simply wants a fair trade deal with both sides benefiting, they get vengeful and want to take some form of economic or other type action against us.  Hopefully, as he has promised, Trump will not let them get away with their threats and unfair trade practices any longer.  

Vincent T. Bemowski - Editor

"The cardinal added that the day of the article’s publication – Holy Thursday – was especially insulting as it is “one of the holiest days of the year,"  The Holy See responded to the Scalfari article by saying that the comments cannot be “considered as a faithful transcription of the words of the Holy Father."  However, Cardinal Burke criticized the response as “strongly inadequate."

Commentary:  Why Pope Francis himself does not respond is another reason why he is called "the Pope of Confusion."  There is no excuse for him remaining silent.  As with other matters, it is his pride that prevents him from clarifying this issue and not allowing this latest scandal to continue.  vtb

"Cardinal Raymond Burke has stressed that popes must safeguard and promote Church unity, and that if a Roman Pontiff fails to act in conformity with Divine Revelation, Sacred Scripture and Tradition, he “must be REJECTED by the faithful...He closed with words of Gratian in his Decretals, the 12th century canonical text, which stated:  “Let no mortal being have the audacity to reprimand a Pope on account of his faults, for he whose duty it is to judge all other men cannot be judged by anybody, UNLESS HE SHOULD BE CALLED TO TASK FOR HAVING DEVIATED FROM THE FAITH."

"The introduction of Communion in the Hand has caused Holy Communion to lose its meaning and importance. This has led to four consequences. First, many particles from the Consecrate Hosts are lost and stepped on because people do not understand that these fragments are consecrated and are, in fact, Jesus. (This has been a dogma of the Catholic Church, since the Council of Trent.) Instead, they are dropped on the floor where many people step on them.  Second, Communion in the Hand has made it easier for people to steal the Consecrated Hosts. Satanists are known to steal Consecrated Hosts to torture Christ. Third, Communion in the Hand is the least amount of reverence or adoration we can show. Since Holy Communion is so important, we should be showing a much reverence as possible. Finally, allowing a person to receive the Blessed Sacrament in their hand and give it to themselves is similar to what is done with common food. This means that is there is no sign that anything sacred or out of the ordinary is going on."


"A USAF A-10 pilot serving in Afghanistan spoke with Business Insider over the phone about how the Warthog "scares the enemy into submission.  The pilot, who preferred to be called "McGraw," has completed five tours in Afghanistan and flown about 300 missions in the war torn country."

Commentary:  Trump IS building the wall, it has already been started.  "Conservative" Ann Coulter at times acts like a spoiled brat and a traitor to the Republican Party.  She should know that there is more to being President than trying to appease the likes of her.  A President needs the support of congress to accomplish his agenda and that takes time.  Trumps first priority was to improve the fighting capability of our military and that he is accomplishing.  His other priorities will be accomplished later.  To date, he has lived up to almost all of his promises and the balance will come later.  

As President Lincoln once stated: 

"You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time."  Ann Coulter should go back to studying her history books.  vtb

“Hell does not exist,” Pope Francis supposedly told atheist journalist Eugenio Scalfari, “what exists is the disappearance of sinful souls.”  The trouble is, there is ample evidence to indicate that Pope Francis affirms the Church’s (and, let us remember, Jesus’) teaching on hell."

"When Jesus says that He is ascending to “My Father and your Father,” He does not use the “and of equivalence” but the “and of comparison.” As a man, Jesus can speak of God as His Father, but His human nature is hypostatically united to His divine nature as God, the Second Person of the Trinity. So, although God is our Father and also Christ’s Father, He is Christ’s Father in a far richer and more profound way.  He says to them, “My God and your God,” not by way of equivalence, but by way of comparison."

"According to Bullivant, religion in Europe was in a “moribund” state. Other than a few exceptions, most young adults do not identify with any religion or practice it. He warned that this will only increase in the future. The professor opined that Christianity as the default European religion is gone and with a large probability of never coming back. 

Commentary: Due to their lack of faith and love for worldly things, many young people, not only in Europe, but in other parts of the world, are turning away from the Word of God and following the opinions of those who love the world.  vtb

"On Easter Sunday, Stephen Colbert’s anti-Trump animated cartoon show on Showtime, Our Cartoon President portrays President Trump as desperate to increase his waning support from evangelical voters.  In “Church and State” he is caught on an open mic saying to Vice President Mike Pence that he would "cut off God’s penis” if his wife were to become pregnant as Joseph’s wife, the Virgin Mary, did. He also mocks the faith of Christians, wondering, "How do grown adults still worship Jesus?"

"The fool hath said in his heart: There is no God, They are corrupt, and are become abominable in their ways: there is none that doth good, no not one."
[Psalms 13:1]

Commentary: Colbert is a hypocrite who indulges in slander and ridicule to get laughs from people who foolishly agree and/or believe there is no God.  vtb

"Easter is a joyous day in the Christian calendar, but for those who are either hateful or ignorant, it is also time to mock Christianity. There was a flurry of such examples in the run-up to Easter this year, though some were rather innocuous while others were more serious."

"With the death last week of “liberal lion” Judge Stephen Reinhardt of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, there are now seven vacancies on the 29-judge court  — a court so liberal that 80 percent of its decision are reversed when appealed to the Supreme Court. However, the unusual number of vacancies means one fourth of the composition of the Ninth Circuit could be Trump nominees, not enough to make it conservative but enough to move the court to the right."

"As many people know, Illinois is a fiscal mess and a national leader in out-migration.  To turn Illinois around, how about our elected officials Take the Pledge this November?  Will our elected officials endorse these eight suggestions?  Does any of these suggestions apply to your state?"

"The two most important words in the above passage are “risk” and “unallowable.” For the corrupt politicians who run California, there is no risk to getting eligibility wrong. Indeed, since the advent of Obamacare, inefficiency pays. The more ineligible enrollees they sign up, the more money they get from Washington. As to claiming “unallowable federal reimbursement,” there’s no real penalty for doing so. If a doctor claims “unallowable” Medicaid reimbursement, he goes to jail for fraud. If California does so, HHS sends a check and has the OIG study the situation. That’s how Californication works. And the taxpayers don’t even get a kiss."

"Asked about anti-Semitism in Saudi Arabia, he said: “Our country doesn’t have a problem with Jews. Our Prophet Muhammad married a Jewish woman. Not just a friend — he married her. Our prophet, his neighbors were Jewish. You will find a lot of Jews in Saudi Arabia coming from America, coming from Europe. There are no problems between Christian and Muslims and Jews. We have problems like you would find anywhere in the world, among some people. But the normal sort of problems.”

"His claim, however, is utter nonsense. In my forthcoming book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, which you can preorder here, I trace the history of jihad worldwide from its beginnings to the present day — this is the only book to have done this. I show that in the places MbS mentions — the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe, as well as in India and elsewhere — the jihad was an unprovoked attack on non-Muslims who had not placed any obstacles in the spread of Islam, or had anything to do with it at all."

"Yet it seems that their abject hatred for Trump has blinded them from seeing that we are rapidly moving toward a new Cuban Missile crisis where, in addition to the Korean Peninsula, the lives of millions American liberals and non-liberals in Honolulu, San Francisco, and Los Angeles could also be at stake."

"The Supreme Court considered a case involving one of the board members of the organization and refused to consider a lower Court ruling that was anti-free Speech in nature."

"From National Public Radio to NBC News to CNN, the mainstream media’s ignorant misrepresentation of basic and central Christian beliefs and doctrines would be understandable if it wasn’t for the fact that Christianity is the religion practiced by some 70% of Americans."

“It has long been clear that one reason Trump is so peevish about stories of Russian interference in the election is that he feels such stories de-legitimize his victory. His willingness to strike back at Russia now, on an unrelated provocation, shows just how much that sensitivity might explain his actions.”  Trump has been consistently tough on the Russians. He has not removed the sanctions against them … indeed he has strengthened them twice. He has made the decision to arm Ukraine. He has had his UN ambassador criticize them repeatedly at the General Assembly."

"Over 25 million Poles will approach the Sacrament of Penance in preparation for Easter, according to the press office of the Bishops’ Conference in Warsaw, which cites data from Poland’s Opinion Polling Institute CBOS, according to which the Easter confession will be attended by over 67% of the population."

"What I am most pleased at is that the book was immediately noticed in high ecclesiastical circles. One cardinal, who knows the Vatican well, has said, “90 per cent of the book is incontrovertible.” This is a re-flexion of the concern that is felt at the way in which Pope Francis is governing the Church."

"Veteran actor James Woods ripped into Google for their failure to publish an Easter themed “Google Doodle,” while regularly using Doodle art to honor socialists, Islamic causes, and other historical events and figures."

"A parish in Brazil has been criticized on social media after video showed a drone flying the Blessed Sacrament into the church...The priest-blogger Fr John Zuhlsdorf described the act as “sacrilegious silliness”. Other commenters on social media branded it “stupid”, “scandalous” and a “profanation."

"What is strange here, besides of course the child marriages themselves, is progressive advocates’ passion and outrage over this in contrast to their equal passion and praise for an identical situation in the Oscar award-winning film, “Call Me By Your Name.” As is well known by now, the movie features a sexual relationship between a 17-year-old boy and a 24-year-old man."

"Washington D.C., Apr 2, 2018 - A federal judge ruled in favor of the Catholic Benefits Association last week, issuing a permanent injunction and declaratory relief against the Department of Health and Human Services’ contraception mandate.This means that organizations belonging to the CBA do not have to provide coverage of drugs, the use of which they believe to be immoral, as dictated by the mandate."

"African-American leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner, who was killed in Memphis, Tennessee, while engaged in a campaign on behalf of African-American workers. A few days later, at the time of the Angelus in St. Peter's Square, Pope Paul VI - who had received him in Vatican City in 1964 - expressed his sorrow for the murder of an "unarmed and Christian prophet of racial integration "

"If black lives mattered to liberals, 17.3 million black women wouldn’t have paid the progeny of Margaret Sanger’s “Negro Project” to murder their babies. If black lives mattered and liberal progressive policies actually helped, between 1976 and 2011, 94 percent of all blacks killed wouldn’t have been killed by other black people."

"When one excludes Iraq and Yemen, not one of the countries on the list of the 10 highest rates of gun ownership also appears on the list of the top ten highest murder rates. In fact, the countries with the highest murder rates have markedly low gun ownership rates."

"The 2017 policy requires that taxpayer-funded shelters for immigrants and refugees offer life-affirming support to girls who are pregnant and prohibits the shelters from facilitating abortions without approval of the office director.  Chutkan, a liberal judge appointed by pro-abortion President Barack Obama, argued the policy places an 'undue burden' on illegal immigrant girls’ access to abortion."

"The horrific cliff plunge of eight people off an isolated northern California highway, and now the revelation that it was likely intentional, ought to raise questions about political correctness, given the abusive backdrop.  What we had here was a lesbian couple virtue-signaling with six adopted black children, who used them publicly for political purposes and then abused them back home, before eventually driving them all off a cliff."

"While we are still recovering from a recent interview by a French priest in which he reveals that Pope Francis had given him his approval for the blessing of homosexual and “remarried” couples, there comes now yet another priest dropping new bombshells. And he, too, has received personal support from the pope. This priest now claims that a female pope is very well a possibility in the future."

"An immigration document revealed Brexit will make it easier for EU migrants to stay in the UK, despite the Government’s promises to “take back control” of our borders.  The policy paper suggests the Government wants to remove requirements dictating permanent residency applicants must show they have sickness insurance and work that is “genuine and effective."

“I’ve been speaking with General Mattis. We’re going to be doing things militarily. Until we can have a wall and proper security, we’re going to be guarding our border with the military. That’s a big step. We really haven’t done that before, or certainly not very much before. But we will be doing things with Mexico, and they have to do it, otherwise, I’m not going to do the NAFTA deal.”

"It looks like President Trump's tweets have had an effect on Mexico.  Whether or not you believe that our southern neighbor will follow through, at least they realize they have a P.R. problem and face some serious consequences for aiding and abetting violations of our border."

"Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) went on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday where he began blasting the United States of America's government, fed up with the obvious corruption, suggesting that Congress will only call out votes if they're aware of the outcome in advance.  The suggestion from Senator Rand Paul is likely going to infuriate millions of Americans, who more often than not have to ask just what the hell are our elected official doing when little to nothing is being accomplished on Capitol Hill?"

Commentary:  Senator Rand Paul has a right to express his opinions, but he himself has obstructed Trump's plans on more than one occasion, even when the vast majority of his fellow Republicans voted the opposite.  He needs to look at the damage he has done to Trump's presidency before going too far with his own political plans, as good as they may or may not be.  vtb

"Standards are hitting new lows across the board in the military, in order to fuel feminists’ fantasies. There are currently no physical standards at the Special Forces Qualification Course. What does this mean? It means that your 90 year old grandma can become a Green Beret now. The Marines recently chucked a grueling physical endurance test they had been using at the Marine Corps’ Officer Basic Course for 50 years. There is no longer a requirement to throw a live grenade successfully at Army Basic Training.  And, Fort Benning, is pumping out female Rangers faster than you can say ‘shotgun wedding."

"I have lived for years in these places in the Middle East and seen with my own eyes the cruelty and abuse that takes place under extremist Islamic law. I have heard the screams of families as their loved ones were tortured and slaughtered for the simplest acts -- singing, dancing, voicing an opinion, or simply being a non-Muslim -- all of which are crimes."

"The solution to government dysfunction can be found in the Constitution, history and common sense. All are being ignored and so government, its cost and its multiple failures expand, leading to an eventual and inevitable breaking point."

"A 14' by 4' piece of linen in northern Italy genuinely appears (after exhaustive scientific testing), to contain a picture of the crucified Christ.  The Shroud of Turin.  But what about the Shroud of Oviedo?  Their combined picture gives new significance to that old song 'nothing but the blood.'"

"This is the main reason why the Erdoğan government has adopted a secret revolving door policy in the criminal justice system to reshuffle jihadists including ISIL suspects to create a pretense of battling the group when in fact it has been facilitating their travel and aiding and abetting them in procuring weapons, obtaining funds and securing logistical supplies. That is why very few ISIL cases are successfully prosecuted in Turkey and the conviction rate for suspects remains very low."

"Seattle instituted a new regulation covering rental property, a “first in time” (FIT) rule. Under the law, landlords were compelled to rent an apartment to the first applicant who met their requirements. If a landlord preferred to wait for other qualified applicants and choose among them, he was in violation of the law and subject to fines."

"When the state gains the power to outlaw certain forms of expression as “hate speech” — a rising demand in some corners of America these days — the result is rarely a decrease in hate but always expanded power for grotesque new forms of bureaucratic busy bodying."

"A hallmark of the modern Democratic Party and Progressive Left in America is keeping racial tensions high. Whether affirmative action reverse discrimination — which is just discrimination — or college quotas or disparate impacts of any variety, the Left sees and lives through a prism of race either for social justice purposes or for cultural power purposes or electoral purposes.  The goal of racial harmony most certainly does not fit anywhere in the spectrum.  A recent New York Times article demonstrates this dynamic perfectly, and adds to the overflowing pot of evidence that most traditional media organizations can simply not be trusted to report honestly on race, along with the pantheon of other political and cultural issues."

"Just because you can conduct at-home DNA testing without the advice of a doctor doesn’t mean you should...But with great power comes great risk: A new study released by diagnostics company Ambry Genetics highlights the perils of these tests—false positives."

"One of the U.S. Navy’s newest littoral combat ship is finally underway to her home port in Mayport, Florida after spending the winter stuck in ice in Montreal.  The ship, USS Little Rock, was supposed to head to Naval Station Mayport following her snowy commissioning in Buffalo, New York last December. But, while transiting the St. Lawrence River on her way to the Atlantic Ocean, some relatively minor damage to cables sent her back to Montreal for repairs. By the time repairs could be made in early January, however, winter ice had already set in and the ship and her crew were stuck pier-side for the winter."


"The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-nine percent (49%) disapprove."

"A recent CNN poll continues a methodology that is sure to make voters mistrust the world of sampling voters in the next election even more than they did in the last. This new poll claims to demonstrate that President Trump is unlikely to be re-elected in 2020. The research carried out by SSRS on behalf of the Clinton News Network (CNN) has some shocking headlines that may make Trump fans fearful of our last best hope, but a deeper dive into the cross tabs and comparisons show some surprising things."

"Bloomberg reluctantly provided the answer last week.  President Donald Trump's popularity may be on the rise, even as he faces accusations of extramarital affairs, mounting legal challenges and never-ending turmoil among his White House staff."

PHOTOS - "President Trump’s Cabinet is made up of department heads and advisers he’s hand-picked – and they all have vastly different backgrounds.  But his Cabinet, which includes the heads of 15 executive departments and others, such as the vice president and White House chief of staff, hasn’t remained the same since he took office. Some members have resigned, and others have shuffled to different positions."

"The city’s scary record of 343 homicides in 2017 affirms the city’s well-known reputation as a dangerous place to live. Even if 2018 has fewer homicides, it doesn’t take a fortune teller to predict that this year’s homicide rate will be high. Until the city substantially reduces its homicide and other crimes rates, people will continue to view the city as dangerous and be reluctant to stay or move here."

"There’s no excuse for Congress’ failure to act to protect America from the dangers of illegal immigration, Judd said:  “The Republicans control the House and the Senate: they do not need the Democrat support to pass any laws they want. They can go the “Nuclear Option” just like what they did on the confirmation. They need to pass laws and end the catch-and-release program.”  If Congress fails to fulfill Trump’s vision, more Americans will die at the hands of illegal aliens, Judd warned..."

“My parents were both hippies,” Rose said, “and I was never exposed to religion growing up in the Philadelphia suburbs. I read a few Bible stories as a child but never went to church. I became an atheist almost 30 years ago, and I was full on and very forceful about it. The biggest regret in my religious life is that I lived so long in such darkness.”  As Rose reached adolescence, he suffered from severe anxiety and depression and felt lonely and isolated in his struggles.  “I was medicated for a lot of years and was in and out of psychiatric hospitals,” he said. “I lived in darkness, and the further I moved away from God or religion the worse I felt.”

"Although it’s important to sincerely find prayer meaningful in your life. If you’re only doing it out of a feeling of obligation or for personal gain, research shows it can actually have a detrimental effect. Whereas, prayer, meditation, or other spiritual practices that maintain a focus outside of yourself have the most benefits."

"Four weeks after the assassination attempt, British and American officials are turning to the question of whether President Vladimir V. Putin himself was aware of, or ordered, the attack.  They say there is no evidence so far of his direct participation, but the Russian president, a former K.G.B."

"If Russia aimed a long range missile like the "Satan 2" it just tested or North Korea suddenly targeted the headquarters of the US nuclear arsenal, top commanders would have a small window to get to safety.  But the US is ready for such a scenario and the four-star general tasked with executing the US response to a nuclear strike would take to the air within minutes. He'd be able to carry out the President's orders and launch a nuclear attack in response from the safety of a specially equipped jet, known as the 'Doomsday' plane."

"Among the dead was one whose brutal murder has stirred anger, an 85-year-old woman who survived the Holocaust only to be slaughtered in her Paris apartment, according to The Washington Post.  As reported by Time magazine, Mireille Knoll was sitting in her apartment late last month when two men burst in, stabbed her 11 times and set the building on fire. Two men, one 22 and the other 29, have been charged with committing an anti-Semitic murder."

"Mrs. Brickenden’s body was wracked by rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory condition that turned her hands into swollen purple claws.  Her heart was failing. She nearly died during an operation after she suffered a heart attack in 2016. That was enough for two doctors – as required by the law – to conclude in early 2017 that Mrs. Brickenden was eligible for an assisted death.  Around the same time, two different physicians assessed Mr. Brickenden. The first felt that Mr. Brickenden’s advanced age and frailty made him a candidate for an assisted death, but the second disagreed because Mr. Brickenden did not have a specific underlying illness that made his death reasonably foreseeable, the standard set out in the legislation.'

"Cell phone radiation causes tumors in mice."

"Against the backdrop of these events, it's difficult to discuss the possibility of holding a summit," Ushakov said, though he added he hopes that "one day, at one time or another, we can arrive at the start of a serious and constructive dialogue."  The White House said Trump and Putin discussed a meeting during a recent phone call, with the White House being one of several options for a site."

"The main lessened learned here is that a good man with a gun prevents murder, and that gun free zones are only safe for murderers. But given (the) rally in Washington, D.C., I don’t think this lesson was learned."

"Scientology is commonly known as the religion of the stars. Its reach inside Hollywood is deep, and celebrity recruitment is a huge component of the group’s marketing strategy. It sounds strange to describe the proselytizing efforts of a religion as a marketing strategy, but Scientology is unlike any other American religion. It operates as a business at best and as a cult at worst....There is yet another component of Scientology that has gone almost entirely unreported: its deep relationship with another troubling religious group, the Nation of Islam (NOI). The CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt, explains why the NOI is so troubling, especially for American Jews..."

"Our livers are in trouble. Up to one in three American adults and one in 10 American children have fatty liver disease, a condition in which fat accumulates in the liver and compromises its function. Yet, despite many doctors calling this a pandemic, it’s making few headlines."


"What is reported by the author in today’s article is the result of his reconstruction, in which the literal words pronounced by the Pope are not quoted.  No quotation of the aforementioned article must therefore be considered as a faithful transcription of the words of the Holy Father.”  Scalfari, a self-proclaimed atheist, is the founder and former editor of Italian leftist newspaper La Repubblica. In an article published on the site March 29, Scalfari claims that Pope Francis told him, “hell doesn’t exist, the disappearance of the souls of sinners exists.”

Commentary:  Associating with atheists is not the wisest practice.  We are warned against doing this, but at times we fail to listen and misunderstandings take place.  Such is the predicament Pope Francis now finds himself in.   vtb

"Bear not the yoke with unbelievers. For what participation hath justice with injustice? Or what fellowship hath light with darkness?"   2 Corinthians 6:14

"In his Message for Lent in 2016, he gave all of us the same warning, making clear that hell is not just for mafiosos: “The danger always remains that by a constant refusal to open the doors of their hearts to Christ who knocks on them in the poor, the proud, rich and powerful will end up condemning themselves and plunging into the eternal abyss of solitude which is hell.”

Commentary:  I believe there have been more than 3 occasions.  Although the above should be sufficient to quiet the unbelievers, that may prove to be questionable since much damage has already been done.  vtb

"He (U.S. District Court Judge David Russell) issued a permanent injunction stopping the federal government from enforcing the mandate against the Catholic Benefits Association (CBA). He also issued a declaratory judgment, holding that the mandate was illegal; it violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act."

"The skeptic, of course, knows that rock may accumulate condensation. There can even be hidden veins of water. The believer knows that God uses nature and sends special feelings (feelings that can’t be captured in a test tube) with it."

"Here are some things you can do in total darkness that will help."


"Let us not forget that the Bergoglian Exhortation...also states:  'Those who manifest a homosexual orientation can receive the assistance they need to understand and fully carry out God’s will in their lives. (AL 250)'"

NOTE: The photo is of Francis displaying his friendship with a homosexual couple.  He never admonishes them, but only shows his "approval" of their immoral relationship.  The Lord never condemns homosexual tendencies or temptations, but does condemn practicing homosexuals who engage in unnatural sexual relations, seek "marriage," or falsely believe they are married.  vtb   

"Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.  In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.  Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done." 
(Romans 1:26-28).

"Though you already know all this, I want to remind you that the Lord at one time delivered his people out of Egypt, but later destroyed those who did not believe.  And the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their proper dwelling—these he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgment on the great Day.  In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion.  They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.  In the very same way, on the strength of their dreams these ungodly people pollute their own bodies, reject authority and heap abuse on celestial beings."  (Jude 1:5-8)

"A French priest has announced in a televised interview that Pope Francis approved of his blessing of homosexual couples. The news comes in the wake of silence from the Pope at the suggestion of one of his main adviser Cardinals that spiritual encouragement of homosexual couples should be undertaken and blessings for homosexual couples should not be ruled out."

Commentary:  A great scandal would or should take place if the above mentioned  "blessing" was endorsed by Pope Francis.  It could prompt a movement by cardinals and bishops to remove him from the Papacy and excommunicate him.  But would they?  Much prayer is needed for this misguided, liberal pope and the spiritually weak bishops and cardinals who are destroying Church unity and ignoring the teachings in the Holy Bible on this subject.   vtb

"Putin’s goal is now neither to recreate the USSR, nor to become part of the West. Rather, the ambition is to build an economic and technological “West” inside Russia, while continuing an aggressive posture towards the West on the outside."

"I spoke with Ben Keene, a student at OCC, who reported just how politically charged the walkout was, and how professors were actually behind much of the organizing, even incentivizing students who joined them for the walkout with extra credit, “This wasn’t the voice of the students,” Keene said. “This was the voice of the teachers union. Teachers coerced students into joining the walkout.” Keene said after the walkout, the students were coached to write letters to Congress. “This was not grassroots at all. Professors walked out and expected students to follow,” Keene said.


"California’s “sanctuary” laws subvert justice by failing to work together with government officials to perfect the rule of law. Liberal officials there set themselves up as a higher moral authority while making a mockery of federal law. Worse yet, these same officials count on the help of Church progressives who seek to give the movement a Christian veneer and to mobilize aging activists."

NOTE: "Pictured above is 'Sanctuary' painted by Richard Burchett in 1867. It depicts Edward IV at Tewkesbury Abbey where the king is prevented by clergy from pursuing Lancastrian fugitives into a church."

"Total betrayal by the Senate and House leadership," said Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, one of Trump's most reliable unofficial spokeswomen. "The president and the people who voted for him have been betrayed by Speaker Paul Ryan and Leader Mitch McConnell. And the people in Kentucky and Wisconsin need to make sure that these guys are defeated in the next election so this president can carry on the agenda that we elected him to do."  Pirro went on: "Folks, I want to be real clear. This is not on Donald Trump. This is on the leadership of the Republican Party, the very people this president should be able to count on. In truth, the president is surrounded by inept, incompetent warriors. And this bill is a reflection of just that . . ."

"What is out of control is California’s ruling class. Much of its political agenda is hostile to basic human liberty and mocks the limits on what government should be allowed to do in an ostensibly free society."

"RALEIGH – Wake County jurors on Monday found a 55-year-old Raleigh man guilty of first-degree murder in the death of his wife and of second-degree murder in the death of their 2-year-old daughter."

"To Change the Church: Pope Francis and the Future of Catholicism seeks to make sense of a pontificate that began with great promise but has now, after five years, deepened division, caused confusion, and “undercut the quest for the common ground.”

"Stealing is forbidden by the 7th Commandment (“You shall not steal”). An important nuance to this teaching, however, is that it’s not really stealing if someone is taking something that they truly need for survival (cf. ST II-II.66.7). However, it’s not clear this applies in this case."

"Pope Benedict XVI has spoken clearly enough. And he has condemned "gay marriage" and abortion as "among the most insidious and dangerous challenges" to society. The Democratic Party advances both."

"Some military strategists believe that China could use the carrier group and its militarized islands to defend its maritime territorial and exclusive economic zone (EEZ), as well as claims in the East China (ECS) and the South China Sea (SCS)."

"The 29-year-old was calculating and careful during his deed. Before he raped the woman for the first time, he handed her her asthma spray that she asked for. “To put it bluntly: The defendant isn’t ill, he is simply evil,” said Haller. The 29-year-old, measly and bald, held his hands in front of his face and accepted the verdict with lowered head."

"What our political elites have a hard time admitting, however, is that diversity is not a one-way street toward harmonious living – what the French call le vivre-ensemble – but a multi lane expressway of competing and often colliding values, norms and ideas. Nowhere has this become as apparent as in the emergence of social conservatism as a political force in Canada."

"The Rally for Life “is the beginning of a path that has to find every Argentine together to defend the life of the women and of unborn children,” Ana Belen Marmora of Unidad Provida told the crowd in Buenos Aires.  “Today, in every rally that is taking place across the country, we’re uniting to tell our representatives who are going to debate this issue in Congress that abortion doesn’t resolve anything, that it’s a social failure and a setback in matters of rights,” she said.

"After China’s leading prelate, Cardinal Joseph Zen, earlier this year sounded the alarm, saying the Vatican “is selling out the Catholic Church in China​” and giving its blessing “on the new...schismatic Church” created by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the heroic blind activist Chen Guangcheng added his voice in support of the Cardinal."

"A former Minneapolis FBI agent who sought to expose what he called "systemic biases" within the bureau has been charged after allegedly leaking secret documents to a national news reporter, according to federal criminal charges filed in Minnesota this week."

"Pope Saint John Paul II once characterized the Holy Priesthood as “the nerve center of the Church’s whole life and mission” (October 27, 1995), the rationale why the Devil operates so strategically to put the wonderful band of ordained brothers into oblivion."

"Patients beware. When you’re admitted to a hospital, you’re routinely encouraged to sign a DNR, short for Do Not Resuscitate order. Don’t assume it will apply only in extreme circumstances. New research shows having those three letters — DNR — on your chart could put you on course to getting less medical and nursing care throughout your stay. Fewer MRIs and CT scans, fewer medications, even fewer bedside visits from doctors. A DNR could cost you your life."

"This can have a dramatic effect.  For the two of them — resting in the Lord with prayer, inhaling the Holy Spirit, and letting charity, your best loving kindness, fall upon everyone you encounter or think about — will bring you toward the ultimate goal of direct entry into Heaven. “Behold, I will cause breath to enter you that you may come to life” (Ezekiel 37:5).

"Love is an emotional feeling on a human level and a faith experience on a supernatural level. It motivates our wills and enables us to attempt the impossible for the good of His kingdom.  Love fills and empties simultaneously. It makes us reach out to God, ready to be pruned, recklessly desiring whatever the cost. It soothes the aching heart and then makes it thirst for more."


"These state laws are preempted by federal law," Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson said. "Our officers actually face penalties under state law if they so much as talk to federal agents for the wrong thing. That's just unacceptable and it's contrary to federal law."

"Cardinal John Tong Hon has voiced support for a proposed deal on the appointment of bishops between the Vatican and China, saying he believes the Chinese government has generally become more tolerant, and an accord would help bring further openness and unity to the Church...Tong is one of two Chinese cardinals, the other being his predecessor, Cardinal Joseph Zen. While Zen has consistently been an outspoken critic of the proposed deal, Hon holds a different opinion."

"Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin had reportedly refused to con-celebrate Mass with an excommunicated government-backed bishop,"

"Students and faculty at many religious institutions are asked to accept a "faith statement" outlining the school's views on such matters as evangelical doctrine, scriptural interpretation and human sexuality. Those statements often include a rejection of homosexual activity and a definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Changing attitudes on sexual ethics and civil rights, however, are making it difficult for some schools, even conservative ones, to ensure broad compliance with their strict positions."

"According to a study published on Monday in the Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology journal, roughly 90% of people infected by the virus, which is incurable but manageable, are unaware they have it.  A vaccine that provides lifelong immunity is available, but only half of all babies globally receive it. Moreover, fewer than 1% of all hepatitis B-infected mothers – who are the primary source of infection, and are at high risk of passing the virus to their children – are receiving appropriate treatment."

"If you’ve seen Dunkirk, or Darkest Hour, you got a glimpse of Britain’s fighting spirit in the face of great peril. If you know a little bit more about that period, you know why Churchill could say of the British people, “this was their finest hour.”  You could hardly say that now. With a few notable exceptions Britain’s spirit of resistance is at a low ebb. The middle and lower classes grudgingly submit to the dictates of the elites, and the elites willingly submit to the Islamization of their country."

"The White House on Monday called Russia’s nerve agent attack on a former spy and his daughter “brazen” and “reckless,” but added President Donald Trump remains open to working with Russia on “areas of mutual concern.”

"Jesus pointed out that my darkened soul was obscuring my beauty, covering my beautiful, glorified body. In a flash, He took me to the table to see the black ‘vest’ up close. It was made up of untrue words that had been spoken over me. He explained, ‘This is a lifetime of words spoken against you, and they continue to affect you.’ With a wave of His Hand, a panoramic view like a large screen appeared, and He began to show me the occasions when those words were spoken."


"Tens of thousands of far left protesters marched in Washington DC on Saturday against gun rights, the NRA, President Trump… and the Catholic Church."

"To listen to Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and a host of other fair-weather friends you would think that President Trump has started eating aborted fetuses for breakfast.  Get a grip people, he signed a short-term Omnibus spending bill, he didn’t give away the keys to the kingdom.  President Trump remains in my opinion the greatest POTUS to come down the pike since the early days of the republic.  I thank God every day that Trump is president, and consider America blessed indeed to have such an intelligent, street savvy, compassionate, stalwart, and courageous patriot at our helm."

"The facts speak for themselves. The board of the “March for Our Lives Action Fund,” according to public records filed in Florida, lists Katz as president, as well as Vernette Walker with BoardSource, and Jeri Rhodes with the far-left Friends Committee on National Legislation, a former top executive at the ultra-far-left Greenpeace. Other directors include fringe left-wing political operatives from California such as Aileen Adams and attorney George Kieffer, chair of UCLA's Board of Regents. The outfit was incorporated in Delaware. And most of its leaders are from Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Chicago."

"This document does not speak for young Catholics. It fails to represent either the Catholic faith or the young people who profess it. It conjures and condemns a Church that is too institutional, too hierarchical, too focused on the sacred at the expense of the world. This image of the Church is a holdover from the 1950s, when the men who now lead the Church were young rebels."

"You hear about it from time to time — a major female demonic entity who some say causes powerful, even ruinous, problems in our lives. This idea gets its start from 1 Kings and 2 Kings, wherein a Queen Jezebel of Israel is portrayed as a nefarious monarch who attacked and in instances slew God’s anointed."

"Like the typical Marxist that he truly is under the skin,  former President Barack Obama is already diving in to fill the vacuum left behind by Facebook and other social media.  Even with all of the advantages stacked on their side, latter day social media is failing at a rate that the masses are noticing.  The first thing that Communists, Socialists and Marxists do when companies and countries fail is to go dumpster-diving into the vacuums left behind by the same crisis they created in the first place."

"In the end, despite its many flaws, the omnibus spending bill has good news for conservatives who are willing to see it. The people griping about this bill are not unlike the Goldilocks Caucus that ended up killing Obamacare repeal because they refused to be realistic about what could and could not be accomplished at the time. But the President doesn’t have the luxury enjoyed by rigid ideologues and armchair critics. He can’t just sit around and kvetch. He has to actually do things. That’s why he signed this bill. Trump has accomplished quite a lot in a short time by dismissing the whiners and skillfully practicing “the art of the real.”

"Not happy with $1.6 billion for the wall," Trump said.  Still, Trump described the sum as an "initial down payment" on the wall that would allow his administration to begin building it right away.  "This is short term funding, but it's immediate," Trump said.

"Scores of alleged victims come forward and describe culture of cover-up in religious group in UK."

"On a balcony of the governorate, he joined the audience in front of the building in chanting “God is great,” the privately-owned Dogan news agency reported.  Unlike most countries where governors are elected, those in Turkey are appointed by the President.  Several days later, Senturk retired due to an age limit."

"While it is amazing Republicans can ever win in such an environment of dominant cultural institutions being leftist and Democratic, this is actually wildly good news.  It means, unbelievable enough, that Americans are still strongly resistant to the kind of collectivist, subservient mindset that is rampant in an ever-diminishing Europe. It means that while Americans are not exactly of the hearty 19th century settler style anymore, we still value our individualism and liberties and recognize America truly is an exceptional nation."

"The president likes former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton. They may not agree on every issue of strategic importance, especially the question of America’s role in “regime change” internationally, but they are kindred spirits in their love of our republic and their commitment to sacrificing the sacred cows of the establishment’s conventional “wisdom.”

"Today’s actions make the United States safer by reducing Russia’s ability to spy on Americans and to conduct covert operations that threaten America’s national security,” Sanders continued. “With these steps, the United States and our allies and partners make clear to Russia that its actions have consequences.”

"No doubt some Christian leaders have gone too far in rationalizing Trump's past personal behavior and excusing his offensive comments while in office. He is a deeply flawed man. But Trump does have one moral quality that deserves admiration: He keeps his promises."


"Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. This is why THE GREATEST DESTROYER OF LOVE AND PEACE IS ABORTION."  
----Mother Teresa

Commentary: When you give your approval to murder an unborn human being through an abortion (as those in the Democratic Party do), you are approving of using VIOLENCE to destroy a human life (Bill & Hillary Clinton were present at this prayer meeting and ignored what Mother Teresa said about abortion).  Therefore, they, and the vast majority of Democrats are greatly contributing to the climate of violence we are experiencing in the United States."  vtb

"Never mind that the March offered no concrete plan to make our schools safe. It couldn’t. That would require a focus on the actual schools, their current security set-ups, and asking questions like, “In the side by side of two school shootings in Florida and Maryland, why were the outcomes so different?”  Instead Hogg and his belligerent band of media hyped know-nothings spout their misunderstood self-researched “facts,” lead chants of “enough is enough,” and then play the untouchables when someone calls them on their inaccuracies."

Commentary:  When are we going to see a "March For THEIR lives"?  Unfortunately, misguided young adults, who are apparently influenced by the press (which is controlled by Democrats), only seek protection for themselves and not for the millions of unborn human beings killed through deliberate ABORTIONS.  A sad reflection of the moral state of many young Americans.  vtb

"The signs that the self-described socially conscious protesters held up high during the march, along with countless other items of trash, were littered on the streets of D.C. like old rags."

"There are many ways to silence young people and make them invisible. Many ways to anesthetize them, to make them keep quiet, ask nothing, question nothing. There are many ways to sedate them, to keep them from getting involved, to make their dreams flat and dreary, petty and plaintive,” he said.

Commentary:  This is another political statement by Pope Francis.  Although on the surface, it appears to be good advice, the underlining fact is it is due to Francis's dislike of President Trump.  It continues to bother him that Trump disagreed with him on the environment, mass immigration, and now apparently, the extent to which we control the number of guns in the U.S.  

Therefore, in a vengeful and prideful manner, he uses every opportunity to get back at Trump.  Although Francis continues to fool  many people, his behavior does not show  the characteristics of a good, holy pope, but a very worldly pope who (unlike Trump) constantly seeks to be popular & go with the crowd.   vtb 

"For do I now persuade men, or God?  Or do I seek to please men?  If I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ."
(Galatians 1:10)


"The Catanian Grand Master Vincenzo Di Benedetto, head of the Most Serene Grand Lodge of Piazza del Gesù, also responded to our specific question: “Various sources indicate the existence of Masonic Lodges also in the Vatican; do you consider it possible?” He replied without hesitation: “Yes, absolutely, regardless of whether you use the name or not.”

"Many Catholics view Freemasonry as a dangerous — even Satanic — conspiracy founded to destroy the Faith.  On the other hand, the Craft likes to present itself as "an ancient Order dedicated to the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God."  Some of the "Brethren" may take that description seriously, depending on which room of the Masonic edifice they inhabit.  But the Lodge has many suites, annexes, and outbuildings whose inmates are not necessarily fraternal towards each other, much less filial towards God."

"Trump just signed an Omnibus bill, NOT a federal budget! The appropriations in the bill are "suggestions" of how Trump SHOULD spend the money. Since this is not a budget, Trump is not bound by The Constitution to spend the money as appropriated. The Demonrats screwed themselves again by not passing a federal budget. I'm here to tell you that Trump's Wall shall indeed be funded with money from this Omnibus bill! President Donald J. Trump outsmarted these fools, once again!!"

"Pinker is a “heroic materialist."  He is heroic because he goes to enormous, passionate and extremely well-argued lengths to erect an alternative narrative to those who want to peddle bad news about mankind: the media, the natural pessimists, even those benighted Christians who look at our Western, post-religious society and draw their own conclusions from its epidemic of drug-taking, its divorce rates and its distressed young people. He is also a materialist because, from the perspective of his scientific world outlook, he believes this world is all there is."

"News of abuses and scandals, including among members of the clergy, remind us of this bitter reality, he added."

"Msgr. Viganò’s resignation was (partially) accepted because of his deception. But no doubt there was frustration too that an otherwise straightforward project should have gone so horribly wrong."

"Sometimes, the Pope said, artists want to focus more on Jesus’s post-resurrection glory, so they will make a crucifix of gold and adorn it with jewels. But when one is feeling lost or frightened or in pain, he said, look at a crucifix “before the glory” and recognize  how Jesus “annihilated himself” to defeat evil and death."

“The sacraments, then, are the armor of choice in this spiritual war,” he wrote in a March 20 column at the Catholic Sun.  “Through them, Jesus continues to heal, to forgive, to strengthen and to sustain us in our fight against the devil and his minions.”  He said this spiritual war is a crucial battle, where the devil and his demons are determined to attack the souls of the faithful. Pointing to the ideology of secular culture, he said the devil’s hostility can be seen in society’s view on sin, heaven, hell, and repentance."

"It is striking, though, that it was thought necessary in a diocesan pastoral plan implementing a papal teaching document to affirm that the Church’s teaching has not changed. This rebuts those who say that Amoris Laetitia has changed Church teaching. It cannot do this because “objective truth remains unaffected.” The Church’s moral doctrine cannot be undone in general or even on a case-by-case basis, in which each person can pick and choose what is right or wrong for him."

"A just-released Quinnipiac poll reveals that 59 percent of the American people disapprove of the way the media cover President Trump, while only 35 percent approve."

"Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz says his country won’t expel Russian diplomats because it considers keeping open channels of communication important."

"China is waging war against our technology industry. It violates the intellectual property rights of our firms by imposing restrictive licensing arrangements in China and by outright cyber-theft. (John provides a list of specific Chinese improper practices in the post immediately below this one). Through these methods, says one tech executive who deals with China, they intend to “eliminate our companies in the Chinese market and then take them on globally.”

"During negotiations at the 62nd Commission on the Status of Women, Canada is championing controversial issues such as comprehensive sexuality education (CSE is a program that seeks to change sexual and gender norms in children as early as possible). Of course, if you've been following Canada's foreign policy under Justin Trudeau, this comes as no surprise. What is surprising however is the fact that on the issue of CSE, our Canadian bureaucrats are so desperate to enforce their vision of sexual education around the world, that they are deceiving other nations to accept it."

"A fence will prevent potentially infected wild boar from running across the border and help hunters to eradicate all wild boar from Denmark,” Larsen said.  A new law is required in order to build the fence, which is expected to be 1.5 metres tall and sunk 50 centimetres into the ground.  On Wednesday, it was announced that night-time shooting of boar will also be permitted, Ritzau reports."

“You can apologize and apologize to survivors, and I would want to put on record again — I don’t know how to express it adequately — how appalled I am and ashamed I am of the Church for what it did,” Welby added at the end of his statement.

"Football, America’s national pastime and most-lucrative professional sport, is “in conflict with God’s law and character” because of the damage it inflicts on those who play the game, says theologian Dan Doriani who thinks the game should be retired."

"There’s a lesson the American people have to learn urgently. Under Barack Obama, we gutted the National Missile Defense Program that President George W. Bush tried to create. It was all but defunded.  Our capabilities are minimal. We are no where close to the layered missile defense that was planned."

"The Catholic Church opposes gay marriage and racism. While neither the gay men nor the white supremacist were openly flouting their convictions, once their status became publicly known, Catholic officials had little choice but to dismiss them. Not to do so would be to give sanction to behaviors that are in direct contradiction to the teachings of the Church."

"Sire released a statement today disputing the Order's claim to have suspended him. "The proceeding against me (of which I was notified yesterday) is wholly illegal. It has been initiated by the Grand Chancellor, with the consent of the Lieutenant of the Order. The laws of the Order stipulate that such a proceeding has to be initiated by my superior, who is the Grand Commander, and he has not been involved. Moreover, the superior has to initiate the process without communicating with the Grand Chancellor. These requirements have been comprehensively ignored."

"The Secretary for Relations with States said so at the Gregorian University during a conference on the “Impact, Interaction and Inculturation” of Christianity in the Chinese Society."

"He added that French experts had come to "the same technical conclusions" as British ones on the case in a "very clear way".  They spoke after a summit at which the EU blamed Russia for trying to kill a former spy in the UK using a chemical weapon and recalled the EU ambassador to Russia from Moscow."

"You already know that broccoli belongs in a healthful, plant-based diet, but this cruciferous vegetable can provide an even bigger wellness boost if you prepare it a certain way (steamed beats boiled — big time). Get the deets on all of the nutritious benefits of broccoli below, plus info on the best cooking methods you’ll want to turn to again and again for a healthy weeknight dinner."


“When the publicity cameras are off him, Pope Francis turns into a different figure: arrogant, dismissive of people, prodigal of bad language and notorious for furious outbursts of temper which are known to everyone from the cardinals to the chauffeurs,” he (Henry Sire, author of ‘THE DICTATOR POPE’) declared."

"I am pleased to announce that, effective 4/9/18, John Bolton will be my new National Security Adviser. I am very thankful for the service of General H.R. McMaster who has done an outstanding job & will always remain my friend. There will be an official contact handover on 4/9,” Trump tweeted."

"Conditt, the suspect in a spate of bombings that terrorized Austin, died early Wednesday after detonating an explosive inside his vehicle as a SWAT team tried to apprehend him on the side of a highway, officials said."

"The idea he’s (Trump) being soft on Russia is crap. He approved Javelin missiles to Ukraine, closed the consulate in San Francisco, approved the sanctions. ... But ... he doesn’t want his personal relationship [with Putin] to be acrimonious."
Trump's view is there’s a lot of business to be done, and overlapping interests, and if the relationship between the two countries "is to rebuilt, the line has to be through the personal, leader-to-leader level.”

Commentary: Democrats and their allies in the press give the impression they would rather risk war with Russia than seek peace.  Obama never got along with Putin because Obama is a self-righteous, arrogant man who always wants to be in charge and could not take the fact that Putin thought him to be immature and a weak leader.  Of course Putin was correct, therefore Obama (due to his warped personality) chose to break off relations with Russia and put our nation at risk of going to war.   vtb

Essentially, the West should be horrified not because 76% of Russians voted for Putin, but because this elections have demonstrated that 95% of Russia’s population supports conservative-patriotic, communist and nationalist ideas. That means that liberal ideas are barely surviving among measly 5% of population.  And that’s your fault, my Western friends. It was you who pushed us into “Russians never surrender” mode."

"Donald J. Trump;  "I called President Putin of Russia to congratulate him on his election victory (in past, Obama called him also). The Fake News Media is crazed because they wanted me to excoriate him. They are wrong!  Getting along with Russia (and others) is a good thing, not a bad thing... They can help solve problems with North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, ISIS, Iran and even the coming Arms Race. Bush tried to get along, but didn’t have the “smarts.” Obama and Clinton tried, but didn’t have the energy or chemistry..."

(See examples of Muslim violence in article)

"MOSCOW (AP) - The war of words between Russia and Britain over an ex-spy’s poisoning got uglier Wednesday as the U.K. foreign secretary called it vomit-inducing that Russian President Vladimir Putin is rejoicing over hosting the World Cup. Russia shot back that Boris Johnson is “poisoned with venom of malice and hate.”

"WARSAW, Poland – Russia's minority Catholic Church has pledged to help build a civil society after the nation's March 18 election and called on President Vladimir Putin to "justify voters' confidence" after his victory."

"According to the church primate, results of people's choice prove that their hopes correspond to Putin's views on Russia's future as "a peace-loving, truly sovereign state that secures human rights and freedoms and bears responsibility for preserving and multiplying spiritual, moral and cultural values that formed our country."

"Based on current refugee statistics, he said that the administration will likely allow in far less than the proposed ceiling of 45,000. “I personally think it will come in at half that. I think it will come in at 25,000 or so,” said Barnett. “It’s not going to come anywhere near 45,000,” he added.  Obama averaged 75,000 refugee admissions every year, he said."

"President Donald Trump on Tuesday underscored the threat posed by sanctuary cities, saying they release thousands of criminal aliens back into the community, and blamed Democrats for protecting them."

“Over 63,000 Americans have been killed since 9/11 by illegal aliens,” Mendoza continued. “It’s a crime spree being left unchecked and these sanctuary state and city officials are putting American lives in harm every single day. We have become collateral damage to their personal agenda.”

"As the Austin bomber sensed that authorities were closing in on him on Tuesday night, he took out his cell phone and recorded a 25-minute video confessing to building the explosive devices -- but didn't explain why he targeted his victims, interim Austin police Chief Brian Manley said."

"Gun ownership is not our problem. Our problem is a widespread decline in moral values that has nothing to do with guns. That decline includes disrespect for those in authority, disrespect for oneself, little accountability for anti-social behavior, and a scuttling of religious teachings that reinforced moral values."

"According to an official — who asked to remain anonymous because they are not authorized to speak on the issue — the new directive is already in place and has led to some difficult situations for civil servants.  "It happens that we talk to people and we ask, 'What is the name of parent number one?' People do not understand," said the official."

"When the Church “blesses” someone, it usually does so for one of two reasons: to ask God to protect that person from evil, or to confirm that person in the good. Because our spiritual lives are dynamic—at no point are we “holy” enough to rest on our laurels—those two reasons are usually two sides of the same coin: protection against evil should lead us at the same time to progressive growth towards the good."

"He could have gone national. And he would have been in the company of at least three ministers of national security. Peter Phillips had famously remarked that the horrendous and horrible crime situation on his watch was as if an evil spirit had been let loose over the land."

“Democrats like to campaign as moderates but they always govern like radicals,” Mr. Trump said. “These days there are no such thing as a Blue Dog Democrat, a red state Democrat…because they are all Pelosi Democrats.”

"For Bertalan Kiss, president of the youth movement Foaederatio Internationalis Juventutem, a devotion to the extraordinary form of the Roman rite (the Mass used before the Second Vatican Council) is not about going back, but going forward."

"Pope Francis' communications chief resigned on Wednesday after a scandal over a doctored letter, a public relations fiasco for the Vatican two months after the pope had warned of the dangers of fake news...Vigano released a photo of the first page, but the bottom part was blurred and most of the second page hidden by books.  A press release also omitted a paragraph in which Benedict apologized for not having had the time to read all 11 volumes and thus declining a request to write an introduction."

"The Pope needs to make his position clearer...The many positive elements in Pope Francis’ pontificate shouldn’t be ignored, but neither should the shortcomings. Ever since the 1960s, confusion has spread throughout the Church about the truths of faith and morals, despite the efforts of the Popes to defend the truth. Pope Francis rightly speaks of a field hospital.  Unfortunately his approach is not helping. Instead confusion is increasing, and the Church’s enemies, within and without, are making full use of that confusion."

"I could have been talking to the devil rather than a man ordained as a Catholic priest. He clings to the title “Father” while operating far outside the Church. During an interview with him for another article, at one point he yelled, “Screw the Catholic Church!” ..."Some of those clinging onto the Catholic faith while profaning it, like to point to the priest sex scandal as pushing them to apostasy. Yes, there have been scandals perpetuated by sinful men in the Church, but it was the sinful behavior and not the Catholic teaching at fault. If it is the teaching they hate—which is the real issue— then they hate what Jesus established."

"People are always trying to simplify God in one direction or the other, toward inflexible justice or indulgent sentimentality. But when we find severity and mercy together, it has the authentic note. The child mystics of Fatima, for instance, were told of the most horrifying and the most consoling truths. Again, there are priests who are admired as “a lion in the pulpit, a lamb in the confessional.”

"The Vatican recently released a letter written by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI which was preferred as proof that the Pope Emeritus was content with the Francis Papacy. The letter didn’t even mention Veritatis Splendor, the encyclical written by Pope John Paul II, which numerous theologians have cited in support of moral theology errors in Pope Francis’ very controversial Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia."

"Scientists now think they’ve found the answer. According to a new study published in the journal Development, scientists at Trinity College Dublin found that babies move around because they are trying to develop strong bones and joints."

“The goal of this bill is to first of all continue to get the word out that life does begin at conception and move the debate in that direction, and to protect unborn Ohioans from being aborted,” Hood said, according to The Hill.  “We make it very clear in the state of Ohio we consider the unborn child a person just like you, me or any other person that has a right to life,” he continued.

Commentary: A better description would be "human being."  It is a scientific fact that when a "being" exists in the womb, it is human, no matter what the stage of development. It cannot be described as anything but human, for if it is not human, what is it?   vtb

"I have not and never will change my views” that women “must have” the legal power to abort their children, Rauner said in a press conference announcing his decision. He had earlier promised to veto the legislation.  Following the decision, Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich said that Rauner “broke his word to the people, especially those who have continued to speak on behalf of the vulnerable child in the womb.”

Commentary:  The truth is Rauner believes that "women must have the legal power to MURDER their children.   vtb

"There's more and more evidence for the idea that fasting could have powerful health benefits for both the body and brain."


"The interventions of laypeople and faithful priests are important, but are unlikely to influence the decisions of the Pope. Only fraternal episcopal interventions can now hope to avert what is sure otherwise to be a spiritual catastrophe for the Catholic Church.  For if the "new paradigm" is officially applied to contraceptive acts, all the norms of Catholic sexual morality will fall like dominos. Great evil will occur. And many souls will be lost. God, of course, will bring good out of it. But not without immeasurable loss."

"Some of Mueller’s investigators indeed have contributed to Democratic political candidates including Hillary Clinton, but Justice Department policy and federal service law bar discrimination in the hiring of career positions on the basis of political affiliation. Mueller is a Republican."

Commentary: The above statement by three AP reporters makes no sense.  They are saying it is ok to be biased on the part of using all Democrats, but it is "discrimination" to include Republicans on the committee.   (AP has long been known for publishing Left-Wing biased news opinions and this article is no exception).  vtb

"Mystery surrounds Robert Mueller and his investigation into Russia and President Trump. Some think he is the ultimate professional, others that he is a Democrat lackey, still others maintain he is working on Trump’s side."

"It is therefore clear that, given what Benedict XVI writes in the second half of his letter, the first half also takes on a new significance, entirely different from the one that Viganò wanted to attribute to it in his mangled and biased press release."

"Reflection.—St. Joseph, the shadow of the Eternal Father upon earth, the protector of Jesus in His home at Nazareth, and a lover of all children for the sake of the Holy Child, should be the chosen guardian and pattern of every true Christian family."

"Statistics show fathers are indispensable in passing on the Faith to their children"

"Blessed (Saint) Pope John Paul II says in the church document Guardian of the Redeemer, “According to Jewish custom, marriage took place in two stages: first, the legal, or true marriage was celebrated, and then, only after a certain period of time, the husband brought the wife into his home.” The first stage was known as the betrothal and the second stage was the great wedding feast such as that of the 10 maidens in Matt. 25:1-13 or that at Cana in John 2:1-11."

"Pope Francis said that the crucifix is not just something decorative to hang on the wall or wear, it is an important sign of our beliefs - and should be truly looked at and prayed before as the source of our salvation."

"My children, pray for the strength of faith, trust in the Heavenly Father, and do not be afraid. Know that not a single creature who belongs to God will be lost but will live forever. Every pain has its end and then life in freedom begins there where all of my children come - where everything is returned."

"The latest of four bombings in the Austin area in the past 16 days has a "higher level of sophistication" than the previous three, according to an update from Austin Interim Police Chief Brian Manley."

"If this explosion was the result of a bomb using trip wire technology, that is showing a different level of skill above that we were already concerned that this suspect or suspects may possess," Austin Police Chief Brian Manley told ABC's "Good Morning America"...

"US Navy leaders have announced that the first-of-its kind carrier-launched F-35C stealth fighter will deploy for its first operational deployment on the USS Carl Vinson -- in 2021."

"First known pedestrian death involving a self-driving vehicle.  Incident may raise questions about safety of technology."

"A former Obama campaign official is claiming that Facebook knowingly allowed them to mine massive amounts of Facebook data — more than they would’ve allowed someone else to do — because they were supportive of the campaign."

Commentary:  Since the Democrats planned on winning the election, they assumed they would not be caught using underhanded tactics, and if they did get caught, the biased press would not expose them.  However, their foolish plans backfired when they lost the election.  vtb  

"In his first interview with an American television network, Mohammed bin Salman shared his thoughts on Iran, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, his country’s troubled past and its hopeful future."

"Republican Gov. Phil Bryant signed House Bill 1510, which bans most abortions after 15 weeks of gestation, on Monday in a closed ceremony attended by legislative supporters and abortion opponents.  More: Judge upholds Mississippi mandate on doctors who perform abortions  “We are saving more of the unborn than any state in America and what better thing can we do?” Bryant said in a video his office posted on social media."

Commentary:  It is a good start, but has a ways to go.  Also note that those who approve of abortion in the video call it a "right" to kill the unborn, and only consider their own body and dismiss the body of the unborn human being.  vtb

"Some people were clued in a long time ago, but were asked to keep it under wraps.  Now it is out in the open."

"Pope Francis is popular with many Catholics and non-Catholics, less so with the most active members of the Church. He’s taken a high-risk gamble that downplaying doctrinal matters will lead to renewal. It could with equal probability lead to schism and disaster."

"But with the Orthodox churches, the matter is altogether different. Since these have the true priesthood and the Blessed Eucharist, a certain sharing in the Sacraments of the Eucharist, Penance, and Extreme Unction is possible. But there are certain conditions, of course."

"The UK public is enraged over Muslim rape gangs brutalizing their young girls wantonly, while police and social workers were all found to be covering up the rape gang activity for fear of being called “racist.” Even after this became a scandal that rocked Britain, the attacks on girls have not stopped, but continue to spread, as public anger rightly continues to grow."

"In this new video, I explain why Christian communities that have existed in the Middle East since the time of Christ have in recent years been attacked, and in many cases obliterated, by Islamic jihadis. Why are the jihadis attacking the Christians now? I reveal here the shocking reason."

"It is clear which students are in charge in Berlin schools. It is unlikely that Merkel’s Germany is going to do anything about this. They have created this situation, and they are perpetuating it with ever more Muslim migrants. They must know that Islam will quickly assert a dominant role in German society. If they don’t know that, they’re fools. But if they do know it, they’re traitors."

"TEL AVIV – Palestinian terror groups have come out in praise of what they called a “heroic” West Bank car-ramming attack in which two IDF soldiers were killed on Friday afternoon."

"MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin won a fourth presidential term with nearly 77 percent of the vote — his highest score ever and a massive mandate to pursue his nationalist, assertive policies for another six years in power."

"Has Russia really converted?  This is asked due to Mary’s prediction in the Fatima secrets that, 

“If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace. If not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church.”

"Fresh off an electoral victory, the Russian president has dismissed allegations that Moscow poisoned ex-spy Sergei Skripal in the UK. The EU has called on Moscow to provide "complete disclosure" of its Novichok program."

"If the so-called 72.5 percent polled who “believe that Vladimir Putin and the government of Russia pose a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States, our NATO allies in Europe, and our Mideast allies, such as Israel” could see that America’s biggest enemy lies within, America would soon be Great Again."

"Sexually exploited women and girls do not come out of nothing. They do not choose to become prostitutes; they are tricked into it. Poor areas are vulnerable to traffickers who “dress up their evil as benevolence. “[T]here is always greed, always vulnerability and always deception” as well as a place of “origin – a location”. For the nun, “where I work, I am almost alone. And there are so many like me.”

"U.S. crude oil exports in 2017 were nearly double those of 2016, and China accounted for 202,000 b/d (20 percent) of the 527,000 b/d total increase.  As a result, China surpassed the U.K. and the Netherlands to become the second-largest importing destination. However, similar to previous years, Canada remained the top destination for U.S. crude oil exports. Canada’s share of total U.S. crude oil exports continued to decrease in 2017, down from 61 percent in 2016 to 29 percent."

"The UK cannot get a legally watertight transition deal until it resolves the status of the Irish border as part of a wider divorce settlement with the EU, sources have said, as Brexit talks move into an intense phase."

"In early 1999, when I first became aware of the Islamization of Europe, I didn't think that nineteen  years later I'd be worried more about the future of the UK than about that of any other nation in Europe."

"According to various sources, almost 
70,000 White People have been murdered by Blacks in South Africa since 1994! These people were shot, bludgeoned, hacked, tortured, burnt, stabbed and mutilated. There is no official list available with the names of all these victims and since 2007 it has become very difficult to keep any kind of record as police no longer mention the race of the victim nor the perpetrator on the official reports."

"While there has been considerable, and warranted, criticism lately about censorship of conservatives by the big tech companies, let’s not forget that the emergence of social media cracked the left’s media dominance. People moved from reading print newspapers and magazines to congregating on Facebook and Twitter. They moved from network television to YouTube videos and streaming news services."

"Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom told FNC's Maria Bartiromo on 'Sunday Morning Futures' that "high-ranking people throughout the government... had a plot to not have Hillary Clinton indicted so that she could remain the flawed candidate that she was."  Kallstrom said the "plot" to fix the 2016 election goes "right to the top," meaning President Obama and former CIA director John Brennan."

"In a survey conducted by the Civey Polling Institute, participants were asked whether "Islam is part of Germany". 54.6% responded "definitely not" while 19.7% responded "probably not." Only a 6.4% minority replied that Islam "definitely" belonged in Germany, while 14.9% replied "probably yes". Another 4.4% abstained.

"A certain man in Germany had committed a great sin, and was ashamed to confess it, yet on the other hand he could not endure the remorse which he felt, and went to cast himself into the river; but just as he was on the point of doing so, he stopped, and bursting into tears, prayed God to pardon him without confession."

"In the Shrine the Pope greeted the religious Community of the Capuchins and venerated the body of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina and the Crucifix of the Stigmata, leaving as a gift a stole for the Exposition; he subsequently met with and greeted those Friars who were sick, before finally proceeding to the Saint’s room."

Ok advice, but caution needed - filled with advertisements.  vtb


"Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s seemingly sudden dismissal by President Donald Trump comes after a year of constant stories about his impending departure.
He had a number of significant policy and messaging disputes with the president, and every one of them was followed by a chorus of unnamed administration sources telling reporters that Tillerson’s ouster was imminent."

Liberalism Defined - Martin Luther’s Legacy - Why Liberalism Is a Sin - Liberalism in the Church - Liberal Journalists - Liberals vs Catholics - Why Liberalism Has Triumphed - Combating Liberalism - Deluded Catholics

"Liberalism is a sin, Sarda concludes. “Liberalism strikes at the very foundations of faith. It is heresy radical and universal, because within it are comprehended all heresies …. It repudiates dogma altogether and substitutes opinion."

"Pompeo graduated first in his class from West Point Military Academy, and later received a JD from Harvard.  Moving on to his views on Russia, Pompeo differs from Tillerson in two important ways. The first, according to Citi, probably made him extremely attractive to Trump: Pompeo doesn't believe that Russia tried to interfere in the 2016 election."

"The director of a group founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood was among the first to signal strong objection to President Trump’s nomination of Mike Pompeo to succeed Rex Tillerson as secretary of state."

“Salespeople with whom I’ve spoken were really happy because finally they have Sunday for themselves,” he reported. “From my perspective, I didn’t see dissatisfaction among consumers. People simply plan to do their shopping on another day.”

"A full assessment of Islamic rule in medieval Spain requires examining how the forces of the Islamic Caliphate gained control of this region. The ruthless tactics they often employed foreshadowed some of the measures by which later Andalusian rulers would maintain their power."

"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi doubled down Tuesday on her inference that the Russians have some sort of hold over President Trump, charging that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had been fired for “standing up for our allies against Russian aggression.”

Commentary:  It is reasonable to assume that it is also gravely sinful to even bring this issue up, as it involves scandal.  vtb

"Just look at what he's done for the economy, for Israel, for the courts, for our religious rights. And he's about to meet with the president of North Korea in what could be one of the greatest diplomatic breakthroughs of our era. Plus, he's virtually destroyed ISIS."

“Beware the priest who has NO BOOKS in his room, because he’s probably not keeping up with his intellectual formation. Beware also the priest who has LOTS OF BOOKS in the room and the binding is not cracked on any of them, because he has allowed himself to become just a book collector.”

“If you don’t have a wall system, we’re not going to have a country,” Trump said earlier at the site of the prototypes. “There’s a lot of problems in Mexico. They have a lot of problems over there. And they have the cartels. And we’re fighting the cartels, and we’re fighting them hard. … But the fact is, if you don’t have a wall system, it would be bedlam, I imagine.”

"The continental border between the U.S. and Mexico stretches for nearly 2,000 miles. The land border reaches across four states: Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.  The entire border extends from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean."

"Rep Conaway told Tucker the intelligence committee found NO EVIDENCE that Russian President Vladimir Putin had a preference of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton."

"They're forcing us to follow and obey hypocritical bishops who have mistresses and fathered children, who pervert the teachings of Jesus Christ, and who kowtow to the Golden Calf."

"Despite perceptions in some quarters that they represent competing visions of the world, U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday reached out to Pope Francis, offering him congratulations on behalf of the American people on the fifth anniversary of his election to the papacy."

"The Church has never been in the business of “social work”; her devoted religious and laity simply love God’s poor with the love of Christ and want to raise them out of their misery, so that they too can become aware of their dignity as children of God, called to be co-heirs of Christ. The devoted Catholic sees in every man, woman, and child the face of Christ, and this face calls forth one response: the gift of oneself, the offering of one’s life on behalf of the lives of others—self-denying, self-emptying love."

"Breaking from the recent past, the Trump administration’s new national security strategy takes a clear-eyed view of the threat from Russia, stating that Russia seeks to “shape a world antithetical to U.S. values and interests” that “aims to weaken U.S. influence in the world and divide us from our allies and partners.”

"The tragic loss of beauty in liturgy we should not dismiss lightly, for if there is one thing we can glean from Scripture, and from the Church’s two millennia of Tradition, it is that we should offer the very best to God in our worship of Him; yet what we often experience, sadly, is tawdriness and mediocrity, a second-hand sacrifice like Cain of old."

"Lord Pearson dares to grasp the third rail and ask if there is anything in the Qur’an that could explain the phenomenon of Muslim rape gangs (yes; see 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50 and 70:30), and if the government will ask Muslim leaders to issue a fatwa against it. “Can we talk about Islam without being accused of hate crime?”

"It is unfortunate that the Holy Father’s overall emphasis on legalism is such that he never addresses the antithesis of legalism, namely, antinomianism, leaving us with a lopsided picture of contemporary culture."

"Ford Motor said Wednesday it is issuing a safety recall for the 2014 through 2018 model-year Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ sedans."

"Nobody wanted to play with me because they were Hindus and I wasn't," Reena, now 19, recalled. "When I didn't take part in their rituals, they would scold me for it. After school, I just came home and entertained myself. My parents explained that persecution will come when you are a Christian. And I wasn't jealous of the Hindus because Jesus gave me joy inside."

"A  recent poll of U.S. Catholics reveals that they are more concerned about climate change and the global refugee crisis than about the global persecution of Christians.  According to Aid to the Church in Need, “Christians are the victims of at least 75 percent of all religiously motivated violence and oppression.” The report adds that some 215 million Christians face severe persecution, mostly at the hands of Muslims."

"According to the report, the government took in $238.2 billion in taxes in February. The year before, tax revenues were $236.8 billion."

"During the debate, Hanegraff (who at that time was an Evangelical Christian but who last year converted to Eastern Orthodox Christianity) asked his guests something that prompted the non-Catholic apologist to bemoan the fact that most Protestants do not know why they are Protestant and that too many “former” Catholics have left the Church for reasons other than theological disagreement with the teachings of the Church. He said that most former Catholics leave because they were offended by someone in the Church or some similar non-theological reason."

"The program — initiated by former President Barack Obama by executive action in 2012 — allows those who arrived in the United States before they turned 16 the ability to apply for renewable two-year deferments on deportation.  “Federal Judge in Maryland has just ruled that ‘President Trump has the right to end DACA,'” Trump tweeted on Tuesday. “President Obama had 8 years to fix this problem, and didn’t. I am waiting for the Dems, they are running for the hills!”

"Keane notes other signs of possible rebirth and recovery, including some features of the ministry of Pope Francis, but makes clear that no one can sit back and expect Irish parish church traditions to lead to resurrection by themselves. He and the main figures he quotes are utterly realistic about the present, but they have hope."

"These huge numbers are a rising of the people against the media and political elites and against the powerful international abortion industry who have poured millions into a campaign attacking our pro-life laws. Ireland is at a defining point in our history, and we are challenging the people to reject the abortion industry and to demand a better answer for mothers and babies,” she said. “Abortion has no place in a compassionate and progressive society.”

"Witches (AND DEVILS) are said to fear bells. In England, a bell dropped into the river by seven witches is to have been heard rolling from under the waves during great storms, according to legend."


"Sanger: It’s ‘merciful’ to kill infants from large families...Planned Parenthood student group admits Sanger was racist...Despite claiming that “Black Lives Matter,” Planned Parenthood has joined with the ACLU to fight in federal appeals court for the right to commit abortions based on the baby’s race, sex, or possible disability.  Planned Parenthood receives nearly half a billion dollars from the U.S. government annually.

"You'll find no offence like these in Canadian law. They exist only in relation to abortion. The closest thing I could think of are laws against obscenity or hate crimes, since they are prohibitions on certain kinds of communication (read the legislative 'debate' on Ontario's bill and you might get the impression that pro-life outreach is a hate crime)."

"First of all, the pope’s viewpoint represents an impious attitude towards all of the Church’s Tradition, that he accuses of having odiously betrayed the Gospel. Secondly, it seems to disregard of the gravity of sin, that makes a person lose his moral human dignity and deserve a proportionate punishment."

"Political consultant Mary Matalin praised President Trump as “a great overall president,” calling his job performance “stunning” and adding that she can “die happy now.”  In 2016, Matalin left the Republican Party and registered as a Libertarian but the pundit told PJM she “can’t leave the party because it’s Hotel California.”

"What is certain is that negotiations are indeed underway, and that leaders of the Catholic Church are negotiating with a government that is communist and a state that has openly professed its aim to eradicate religious faith, having time and again persecuted Christians. Anyone who believes that China’s communist party has changed its attitudes and behaviors toward Christianity should pay closer attention to what has transpired over the past several months."

"Xi Jinping, already China’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong, received a vastly expanded mandate Sunday as lawmakers abolished presidential term limits that have been in place for more than 35 years and wrote his political philosophy into the country’s constitution.  In one swift vote, the rubber-stamp legislature opened up the possibility of Xi serving as president for life, returning China to the one-man-rule system that prevailed during the era of Mao and the emperors who came before him."

"As FOX 11 reported on the legal battle between local nuns and Katy Perry over a Los Feliz convent, we learned that one of the nuns involved in the case collapsed and died Friday during a court proceeding related to the case.  89-year-old Sister Catherine Rose Holzman spoke to us just hours earlier in what we now know was her final interview...the Sisters say, the case never should have gone to local court in the first place. They say their convent is under the direct control of the Vatican and has never been a part of the LA Archdiocese.  The nuns say they are now appealing to Pope Francis directly to give them their convent back."

"In a videotaped private meeting with Communist Party members, Cuban Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel — often portrayed as a moderate politician with a quiet disposition — took on an all too familiar hardline tone that offered a rare glimpse into his ideology.  In the video, which has quickly spread across social media platforms, Díaz-Canel lashed out against Cuban dissidents, independent media and embassies of several European countries, accusing them all of supporting subversive projects.  For the United States, he had this message: Cuba will not make any concessions."

"Nearly four years before school shooter Nikolas Cruz gunned down 17 students and educators at a Parkland high school, he confided in a therapist that he saw himself in a dream drenched in human blood.  A May 3, 2014, notation in a Broward County schools psychiatric file said Cruz “reported [a dream] last week of him killing people and covered in blood. He smiled and told the therapist that sometimes he says things for shock value.”

"An Ohio prelate is warning the faithful about a talk offered by pro-gay priest Fr. James Martin, SJ.   On Friday, Abp. Dennis Schnurr of Cincinnati published a statement making clear Martin's talk, scheduled for March 24 at the University of Cincinnati, "is in no way sponsored by, sanctioned by, or associated with the Catholic Church." Other speakers include censured religious Sr. Jeannine Gramick and self-professed lesbian Jamie Manson."

"If you enter a clinic for a service or an abortion, they count everything they do as a separate service. They literally they could cite multiple services for one visit. Every year in this country, abortion accounts for 25 percent of all deaths while guns are 1.5 percent."

"Call Me By Your Name” also won an Oscar. It’s the story of a “romance” between a 24-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy.  “Variety” heralded the film as “the lyrical sensations of erotic and emotional discovery.” The Los Angeles Daily News called it “refreshingly fun, erotic, non-judgmental and both intellectually and emotionally smart.” And the Los Angeles Times declared it “a powerfully erotic and affecting love story.”  For some context, Fox News reports a 23-year-old North Carolina school teacher was arrested in 2017 for having a “romantic” relationship with a 17-year-old boy.

"The tense encounters in the film are a reminder of the world's need for what the Catholic Church so readily offers -- the sacrament of confession."

"In all 63 of the largest developed nations, boys are falling behind girls in all academic subjects – especially the biggest predictors of success, reading and writing. They’re also falling behind in their mental health (depression, suicides), physical health (lower sperm counts), IQ, ability to create friends, and so on."

“Top 10” features the top news stories of the week— many of which went misreported by the mainstream media and some of which weren’t reported at all."

"Modern society tells girls to look to pop stars and business women and politicians for womanly inspiration. They ought to look here instead. To the foot of the Cross. To pain and beauty and redemption. To a mother and her son."

"Invoked with faith, the Lord extends His Hand, breaks the coils that encircle the person at prayer, dries the tears from his eyes, and stops what might otherwise be a precipitous descent. “Prayer helps to discover the loving Face of God,” said John Paul II. “He never abandons his people but guarantees that, notwithstanding trials and suffering, in the end good triumphs.”

"You may think you know everything about your heart but you may be missing an important piece of the puzzle. Your ticker is equipped with four heart valves, with the main one being the aortic valve. "It's the valve that controls blood flow coming out of your heart into the rest of your body. It's under the greatest stress," says Elizabeth Klodas, MD, founder of Preventive Cardiology Consultants in Edina, Minnesota. After all, it's working overtime for you. "It's amazing that our valves don't give out when we're five. The aortic valve opens and closes like a door 60 times a minute 24/7. It's a resilient, almost miraculous design that can keep going for 100 years-plus," she adds."

"The Nation of Islam’s history of bigotry and hate has been well documented. One would think that nobody on the left would want anything to do with a group such as this. But if you think about it, the Democrats and the Nation of Islam are perfect bedfellows."

"If a parade that is meant to honor a great saint is being used to promote a sinful agenda, it should be cancelled rather than allow it to be used in such a way. It is one thing for a parade committee to fold under pressure, but it is quite another that the Cardinal Archbishop of New York would be asked to lend his name and office to the parade. Such an action can be viewed in no other way than total capitulation to gay identity groups."

"In his address, he urged young priests, future priests and penitentiaries, to be “witnesses of mercy, be humble listeners to the young and to God’s will for them, always be respectful towards the conscience and freedom of those who approach the confessional, because God Himself loves their freedom.” He also told them to entrust penitents to she who is the refuge of sinners, and Mother of mercy."


"Augustine says in his Rule: ‘Show mercy not only to yourselves, but also to him who, being in the higher position among you, is therefore in greater danger.’ But fraternal correction is a work of mercy. Therefore even prelates ought to be corrected.” St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica II, II, q. 33, a. 4, Sed Contra."

"Trump's 'Madman Approach' to North Korea Gets Credit From Mainstream Media."

"In his tweet, Trump relayed that Kim, in his discussions with the South Korean delegation, had spoken of denuclearization, “not just a freeze.”  “Also, no missile testing by North Korea during this period of time,” he tweeted. “Great progress being made but sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached. Meeting being planned!”  In her brief statement, Sanders said, “We look forward to the denuclearization of North Korea. In the meantime, all sanctions and maximum pressure must remain.”

“I think what is going to happen is a tragedy, a real tragedy,” he said, deeming the proposed agreement a “betrayal of the faith.”

"The original arguments Congress made for ‘springing ahead’ have been thoroughly debunked. So why are they still being used today?"

"Under the Uniform Time Act of 1966, states may chose whether to use Daylight Saving Time. But those that do must follow the federal government’s time change schedule — currently from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November."

"In its 2014 business plan, the rail authority optimistically projected that it could begin carrying passengers in just seven years. But the warning signs of uncontrolled cost growth had already started mounting then, even though until this year the rail authority has vehemently denied that it was facing a problem."

"I think what's interesting is that the Catholic Church probably thinks that it is accepting of gay people, because its message is 'gay people exist and we should love them and not discriminate against them. But because the Church also tells gay people essentially that they need to be celibate, what the Church is saying is 'you cannot live fully. You can be gay but you can't live that life.' And so that inherently is discriminatory."

Commentary:  It is not "discriminatory,"  The above is a distorted opinion that is corrected within the article. Also see below article.  vtb

"If you are reading this and you suffer from same-sex attraction or you know someone who does (and who doesn’t?), please watch the videos described/linked below.  Yes, one is short and one is very long, but even if you watch only the first few minutes of Fr. Schmitz’ video, you will see a stark contrast between two priests, Fr. Schmitz and Fr. James Martin, SJ."

“You can tell everything about someone from his friends.” Historians will look at the men Pope Francis promoted. They will draw interesting conclusions."

"As an additional important piece of news, there now comes to us a report about some words recently spoken by the pope himself to rectors of German-speaking seminaries – which of course are known for their lack of seminarians."

“The common misconceptions people have about celibacy: sexual repression, the confusion between celibacy and chastity, and that [priests] didn’t want or couldn’t handle marriage,” Ayre told CNA.  “No, this is a healthy lifestyle. It’s the way Jesus lived. If Jesus can live it then with his grace we can live it too.”

"Dr. John McAdams is appealing to the Wisconsin Supreme Court after being fired from Marquette University."

"The Trump administration has put a pro-life advocate in charge of one of Planned Parenthood’s major taxpayer funding streams."

"How would a liberal theologian come up with something new? Liberalism is most often derivative, critical and deconstructionalist. How do those premises come up with something original?"

"You speak of the liturgy as having “settled down.” This indeed it has done—into a routine of mediocrity, banality, and superficiality. If you have only ever found devout people led by priests who reverently celebrate the sacred mysteries, your travels have been fortunate indeed. Perhaps you need to travel some more in the United States, South America, and other places where liturgical abuses have become institutionalized and clergy can be persecuted if they challenge the status quo."

"A new report on child abuse has revealed that clerical abuse makes up a statistically negligible proportion of abuse in Ireland."

"The move comes as the Supreme Court ruled the unborn will have no legal rights without the Eighth Amendment."

"While Francis remains quite popular, there are signs that American Catholics are less enamored with him than was once the case. For instance, the share of American Catholics who say Pope Francis is “too liberal” has jumped 15 percentage points between 2015 and today, from 19% to 34%. And about a quarter of U.S. Catholics (24%) now say he is naïve, up from 15% in 2015."

"Today’s Church authorities seem positively Pollyannaish in comparison. Their rosy view of human nature seems based, not so much on the Bible as on Jean Jacques Rousseau—Rousseau and other advocates of natural goodness such as psychologists Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers.  How else to explain the willingness of Church leaders to put their trust in an assortment of rogue dictators, apocalyptic ayatollahs, wanabee caliphs, and oppressive communist regimes?"

"The Declaration of Independence is split into three main parts. First, it states the principles of government as spelled out in the universal laws of nature, which transcend space and time. Second, the Founders provided a list of specific grievances — each of which prove that Britain violated these universal principles. Lastly, on basis of universal principles, the Declaration draws the necessary conclusion — the colonists, whose rights were trampled upon by the crown, must now govern themselves independently."

"While said Catholics are justified in admonishing an immoral presentation, they err in two ways: (1) by promoting an individual’s “right” to liberty of conscience and (2) by supporting a secular education system. Religious liberty is not the solution, but the root cause of the incident in Rocklin. Public school systems are also culprits in the affair, as institutions not yoked in the Catholic faith inevitably promote error and sinful activities."

"Compulsory hijab laws are not the only challenge that Iranian women face. Just last month, the Iranian state television ran a program calling for victims of domestic abuse to “kiss their husband’s feet.” A ban on women in sports stadiums led to at least 35 women being arrested for attempting to attend a soccer match.  A woman cannot get married without the consent of her male guardian. Married women cannot leave the country without their husband’s permission. Even Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has described the idea of gender equality as unacceptable for society."

"North Korea (Christians in Pakistan) – Nestled in a country which is worst persecutor of Christians, the believers are determined not to pray for a change in the leadership in the country. In line with an anti-persecution group Release International North Korean Christians never pray for removal of Kim Jung-Un from power. They say that a change in the leader won’t bring peace it is only the Prince of peace who can bring peace in hearts of people."

"How will a “100% leave” party reunite a country where 48% voted to remain? That’s still being drafted."

"Fortitude is more than mere bravery. It is a beautiful virtue that considers great things, enduring difficulties to attain to them, but doing so via the middle path, avoiding both cowardice and foolhardiness."

"Cleanse your life of the rubbish accumulated over so many years, we are instructed. Cleanse the heart by being poor -- humble -- in spirit. Live in the present. Treat each moment as if it would be your last. Live life to its fullest and purest, always. Seek nothing but His desires. Waste no time. A deep Lenten message."

"How many people ask their MD questions about chemotherapy? Have you ever wondered how such a toxic substance (so toxic that those who administer it must wear gowns and gloves) became the “standard of care” for cancer? The truth of its origin is as far away from a scientific laboratory as one could imagine!"

"Learn who is at higher risk for melanoma and what features are more concerning for this aggressive type of skin cancer."

"There was a time when ministers could be more non-partisan and remain above the fray. But the times have changed and I’m not convinced any preacher who will do his duty to both God and fellowman can be complicit by silence with a political structure that has become much of the focus of EVIL in our day."

"As the continent looks to the East for aid and trade, US officials are increasingly focused on security and counter terrorism efforts. This is evident in all the nations Tillerson has or is due to visit—Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Chad, and Nigeria—which continue to fight terrorist groups like al-Shabaab or Boko Haram."

"Russian President Vladimir Putin says he doesn’t care about alleged Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election because the actions weren’t connected to his government."

"The most violent cities on earth are below our southern border, and the left wants that to be left wide open, all because it means votes for their party."

"The state of California and the sanctuary city laws that make it a safe-haven for criminal illegal aliens is likely responsible for at least 5,000 crimes that were committed by criminal illegal aliens released by local authorities rather than being handed over to federal immigration officials."

"The countries that treat us the worst on trade and on military are our ‘allies,’ as they like to call them. The workers who poured their souls into building this great nation were betrayed. But that betrayal is now over.  We’re going to be very fair, we’re going to be very flexible but we’re going to protect the American worker as I said I would do in my campaign.”
----Donald J. Trump

"The public behavior by several Obama officials since Donald Trump’s election has been shameful and shameless. It would be easy to write it off as sour grapes, to treat them like a sad group of ex-wives grumbling about why they got dumped. But their actions are more insidious—and unprecedented—than that. Bitter about their unexpected defeat in November 2016 and terrified that their Trump-Russia conspiracy scheme will be exposed in full by Congress, Obama loyalists have been working overtime to discredit the president, smear Republican lawmakers, and keep the focus on Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign."

"It’s up to the Navy to better inform their personnel of these limitations! This young man didn’t deserve to have his life ruined because of lack of information on Navy regulations."

"Congratulations to Kristian Saucier, a man who has served proudly in the Navy, on your newly found Freedom. Now you can go out and have the life you deserve!"
---Donald J. Trump

"Admired by Trump and feared by rivals - Vladimir Putin was a KGB colonel, Boris Yeltsin’s right-hand man and might now be the richest man in the world."

"Holder's obstruction of justice and lying to Congress were crimes that went unpunished.  As Rep. Darrell Issa, who headed the House Oversight Committee during the Fast and Furious investigation, has noted.  But as with the current scandals involving Hillary Clinton and Uranium One, pay-for-play at the Clinton Foundation, and the corruption of the FISA court process by the FBI and DOJ to aid one party's attempt to collude with the Russians to overturn a sitting president, Holder was not counting on a Trump election to expose his corruption..."

"The news on the economic front continues to be excellent. The Labor Department’s February jobs number came in at 313,000, smashing all forecasts. In addition, jobs numbers for both December and January were upgraded. The number of those employed surged in February by 785,000."

"A former FBI agent and 69-year-old father of seven, Bob Levinson was working as a private detective on a cigarette smuggling case on Kish Island, an Iranian resort port in the Persian Gulf with looser entrance requirements. He disappeared on March 9, 2007; a hostage video of Levinson was sent to the family in late 2010, and in April 2011 they received photos of him. They released the photos in January 2013 out of frustration that not enough was being done by the government."

“And the First Amendment Defense Act simply ensures that this will always be true in America – that federal bureaucrats will never have the authority to require those who believe in the traditional definition of marriage to choose between their living in accordance with those beliefs and maintaining their occupation or their tax status...”

"The Jesuit historian John Schumacher claims “no whole people, at least prior to the 19th century, has ever in the history of the Church been so thoroughly evangelized as were the Filipinos.” The Christianization of the country was more than a change of heart of the people; the conversion included systematic lifestyle change."

"California officials have implemented high tax rates to fund an array of expensive services for an ever-growing population of illegal aliens. Their statewide elected politicians, such as Governor Jerry Brown, support open borders and sanctuary status for illegal aliens. In fact, the entire state has become a sanctuary for those who break our immigration laws."

"He didn’t need to throw himself down from the pinnacle of the temple and have his angels save him to prove that he was the Son of God because he was already secure in his divinity. May God grant us all the discernment during Lent to distinguish the difference between the superfluous and the necessary."


"The Department of Justice and the Trump Administration are going to fight these unjust, unfair, and unconstitutional policies," Attorney General Jeff Sessions was expected to tell California law enforcement officers on Wednesday. "We are fighting to make your jobs safer and to help you reduce crime in America."

"President Donald Trump said his tariffs on steel and aluminum would be implemented in a “very loving way.”  Trump said, “We’ll have to see. When we are behind on every single country, trade wars aren’t so bad. Do you understand what I mean by that? When we’re down by $30 billion, $40 billion, $60 billion, $100 billion, the trade war hurts them, not us. You can also take it, in some cases we lose on trade plus give them military where we’re subsidizing them tremendously. So not only do we lose on trade, we lose on military. Hence we have these massive deficit numbers in our country.”

"A key backer (Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer - school board of San Francisco) granting illegal aliens and non-citizens the right to cast ballots in school elections now wants the city to spend as much as $500,000 a year to warn undocumented residents that registering to vote could point the feds their way."

"They still require a safety driver behind the wheel during operation. In the meantime, shippers use Uber Freight to book a trucker, who arrives in a conventional long-haul truck. The trucker then drives a short-haul trip to a transfer hub outside of town, where they are met by one of Uber’s self-driving trucks (with an Uber-employed safety driver on board)."

"You look at what's happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden. They took in large numbers. They're having problems like they never thought possible. You look at what's happening in Brussels. You look at what's happening all over the world. Take a look at Nice. Take a look at Paris. We've allowed thousands and thousands of people into our country and there was no way to vet those people. There was no documentation. There was no nothing. So we're going to keep our country safe,"  - President Trump.

"Nearly 500,000 people left Puerto Rico for the mainland during the past decade, according to the Pew Research Center, pushing the stateside Puerto Rican population past the number living on the island last year — an estimated 3.3 million."

"If one of the many hot spots around the world erupts — such as North Korea — the Air Force could find itself in a situation where the crucial planes it needs to respond are out of commission.  “The risk [of such a scenario] continues to go up,” Carlisle said.  To fix it, “we need to buy more airplanes, we need to increase our end strength, and we need to modernize and recapitalize our fleet,” he said.  Otherwise, this problem could have serious repercussions on the Air Force’s combat capabilities."

"France plans to fix the legal age of sexual consent at 15, meaning sex with someone younger than that would be considered rape."

“We still don’t know what causes most cases of male infertility, which means we don’t have the tools to correct them,” he said.

"Inviting symptom less men for the one-off blood test detects some tumors unlikely to be harmful - while still missing others that were fatal, researchers warned...Prostate cancer is different to other forms of the disease in that while some are aggressive, most do not cause any symptoms...Experts said the findings, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed an urgent need to find a new way to diagnose - prostate cancer, which is the second biggest cause of cancer deaths in men."

“We believe that we cannot accept the kind of restrictions that California placed on federal law officers, and we believe that their actions exceeded the Constitution, and we will win in the courts eventually,” he said.

"The two leaders met on the sidelines of international summits last year. Putin praised Trump as a "balanced" man, who easily gets into the gist of various issues and listens to his interlocutor."

"That came into sharp relief last weekend, when he declared the memorial for her for the Monday following Pentecost (this year May 21), placing her in our consciousness alongside descent of the Holy Spirit.  It is to be a global memorial etched into the authoritative canonical calendar, and in its universality is one of the stronger papal actions concerning the Blessed Mother in the past century."


"President Trump tweeted hours after South Korea’s presidential national security director, Chung Eui-yong, released a statement detailing his rare two-day visit to North Korea. He praised the "possible progress" but remained cautious."

"Formulating pastoral practices based on 'individual cases' is a 'rhetorical trick' that undermines the unity of the faith, said Cardinal Gerhard Müller..."

"A widely criticized footnote in the exhortation’s eighth chapter seemed to some critics to suggest that there could be a path for couples in “irregular unions” to partake in the Eucharist following an examination of conscience. This has become a subject of considerable debate, and some cardinals have requested that Pope Francis clarify certain elements of the exhortation.  Wuerl’s pastoral plan includes a subsection emphasizing that Amoris Laetitia did not change what the Church teaches on any topic. While Catholics should use their own consciences to make decisions, Wuerl states plainly that, “Prudential judgments of individuals about their own situation do not set aside the objective moral order.”

Commentary: In spite of what is said in this article, it appears Cardinal Wuerl has "opened the door" to divorced couples who have remarried & have not sought an annulment to be able to receive Holy Communion.  With the passing of time this may be confirmed since he is a "disciple" of Pope Francis.  vtb

"A Media Research Center analysis of the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts in January and February found ten times more negative comments about the President than positive statements, and found the ongoing Russia investigation once again swamped all other topics."

"What if you were oblivious to the reality that America is the least racist nation on earth? Or that most of the world’s major inventions that have so richly blessed all of humanity – from the light bulb to miracle drugs to the microchip – were invented by Americans?"

"Plans are being drawn up and formulated to file a petition with the IRS to have the tax-exempt status of the Church in Texas completely stripped. It that were to happen, the dollar cost to the dioceses of Texas would run into the hundreds of millions of dollars and bankrupt many dioceses."

"Flenley says Russian president Vladimir Putin was not necessarily the source of such acts: “There’s tendency to assume everything is orchestrated by Putin, and of course he likes that, it amplifies his power, but there are other possibilities, there are business groups and mafia-like groups who could be seeking revenge.”

“The European Union is a club run by unelected bureaucrats, bullies — and they’re used to getting their own way,” Farage said. “And this story at the moment is being portrayed as Trump is the bad guy, the European Union is the good guys. Trump is the protectionist. The European Union are the free traders. It is deep hypocrisy for the EU to be doing this. They have already put tariffs on aluminum and steel. And the fact that Trump does it — so it’s OK for the European Union to do it, but it’s not OK for Trump to do it.”

"Christians in Iran face a significant struggle with isolation as they live in fear of infiltration by state authorities. Lack of community and fellowship makes it difficult for Christians to be disciples and grow in their faith. Even so, the church continues to grow at a phenomenal rate."

"Is the Bible’s account of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah just a myth?  Not likely, says an archaeologist who believes, following 12 years of sifting sand near the Dead Sea in Jordan, that he has found the ruins of the largest twin cities in the area, one that fits all the criteria of the Bible account."

"St. Patrick himself once had a vision of the extinguishing of Catholicism in Ireland. It has largely come to pass: 30 years ago, 90% of the people attended weekly Mass, now barely 30% do. Next week the Irish will vote on whether or not to legalize abortion. Recent polls show a rising tide of pro-life sentiment. Will a return to the Church follow?"

"The public, and the specially exhorted Catholic public, having been called “to oppose vigorously and by every democratic means” state and federal promotion of birth control — were left with nothing but the dying echo of the trumpet call. Far from being provided with any sort of detailed information on the issues by the statement’s authors who had raised them, or guidelines to the action sought, the Catholic laity of the United States never heard another word about the whole subject."

"New study finds little-known resistance by a dangerous bacteria to a last-resort antibiotic, part of a worrisome trend."

"The tragedy of the loss of beauty in liturgy is not something which we should dismiss lightly, for if there is one thing we can glean from Scripture, and from the Church’s two millennia of Tradition, it is that we should offer the very best to God in our worship of him; yet what we often experience, sadly, is tawdriness and mediocrity, a second-hand sacrifice like Cain of old."

"Black Pro-Life Union focused her remarks on Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. Sanger founded the Negro Project in 1939. “The whole idea of the Negro Project was to eliminate the growth of blacks in this country,” said Gardner.

"Tech Giants Google and Facebook are currently purging conservative content from Facebook and YouTube — They are hiding conservative stories on Google — They are shadow-banning conservative news on all social media."

"So now they are going to keep track of people’s situations. Easily one can imagine a don’t ask don’t tell atmosphere which is probably already happening in a lot of places. All of it leads to confusion, not to clarity and peace of mind on what one’s responsibilities and/or status might be."

"God will forgive us only if we forgive others without any rancor. Delivering a homily during Mass Tuesday morning at the Vatican’s Casa Santa Marta chapel, Pope Francis once more returned to one of his favorite themes -  forgiveness.  He warned about the danger of allowing ourselves to being enslaved by hatred.  He reminded Christians that the first requisite for being pardoned by God is to recognize ourselves as sinners."

"500,000 alleged cases of demonic possession recorded in Italy each year.  With a population of around 60 million, this means the Devil is apparently active in one of every 120 Italians."

Commentary:  There is no way of proving this.  If he is trying to make a point, he should at least be more realistic.  vtb

"Cardinal Robert Sarah, the Vatican’s most senior liturgical official, has accused some senior Catholic prelates from rich countries of trying to dilute Christian morality by changing teaching on abortion, euthanasia and “other problematic family situations."

"When did Sunday go from being the Day of the Lord to an hour for the Lord…maybe…unless…you know….there is something more interesting or important in my life?"

"An atheist’s attempt at trying to explain anything ultimately explains nothing."

"If  the sentence means that priests must “respect the decision” of divorced-and-civilly-remarried Catholics, living as though married to each other, to approach for holy Communion, and administer the Sacrament to them, then the admonition fails for violating Canon 915 and the Eucharistic discipline which that canon has always represented."

"It appeared to have been punished by voters for persistently high unemployment, a laggardly economy and the reception of 600,000 migrants arriving by boat from Libya in the last four years."

"He also took a tough stance against uncontrolled immigration, especially following the 2015 migrant influx into Europe. Communities in European states, including Italy and Germany, have voiced serious concerns that they have been left alone while being overwhelmed by the numbers of migrants."

"President Donald Trump says "we're not backing down" on his push to impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminum despite criticism from fellow Republicans. Asked by a reporter during an Oval Office meeting with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump said the tariffs "could be part of NAFTA."

"The U.S. will overtake Russia to become the world’s largest oil producer by 2023, accounting for most of the global growth in petroleum supplies, a top industry monitor said Monday.  U.S. crude production is expected to reach a record of 12.1 million barrels a day in 2023, up about 2 million barrels a day from this year..."

"The current rise in Arctic temperature is due not to changes in global average temperature but to changes in regional weather patterns. Changes in the weather system across the Scandinavian region are pushing very warm, moisture-laden Atlantic air into the Arctic and very cold Arctic air into Northern Eurasia, leading much of Europe into a deep freeze this week.  (Those who count the Arctic warmth as evidence for global warming should count the Eurasian code as evidence for global cooling.)"

"Likud MK Amir Ohana wondered: “How did this absurd situation continue until now, with the State of Israel transferring money to the PA, which engages in glorification and pays families of terrorists. This bill is part of the fight against terrorism, and the economic arena is also a place for this fight.”

"Mularczyk said that $850 billion is a reasonable amount that will compensate the damage caused by the destruction of Polish towns and villages, economic and industrial infrastructure, as well as the “lost demographic potential.”

"My fellow Christians, if some kind of crime of such an evil nature is known, even if it be by a leader in the Church, bring it to the authorities right away."

Commentary: This was not done by many bishops when a priest in their diocese was found to be guilty of sexual abuse of a minor or homosexual activity.  Unfortunately, they simply chose to move that priest to another parish, thereby covering up a crime and becoming a part of the scandal.  vtb

"According to the Military Times, Congress is considering fitness waivers for new recruits because so many can’t pass the rigid physical requirements. As it turns out, soldiers need to have developed muscles somewhere besides their thumbs."

"One of the oldest and rarest pieces of Christian writing, a third-century mosaic declaring Jesus as a deity is to go on display to the public for the first time."

"Today I was blessed to attend the Traditional Latin Mass. Whenever I hear the beautiful words from the Extraordinary Form, I am always reminded of how this Mass saved my life. If it had not been for the Tridentine Mass, and the priests who bravely offered it back in 1999, I would have left the Catholic Church very quickly after I entered it. If that would have happened, today I’d be dead or co-starring in very low-budget porn."

"Parisian public transport company RATP has partnered with a tech firm on a mobile app which allows travelers to match up with others making similar journeys so they can avoid being targeted by criminals on public transit."

"The economy is being destroyed,” said opposition lawmaker and economist Jose Guerra at a presentation of the figures at the opposition-controlled National Assembly."

"The new Fake News narrative is that there is CHAOS in the White House. Wrong! People will always come & go, and I want strong dialogue before making a final decision. I still have some people that I want to change (always seeking perfection). There is no Chaos, only great Energy!" 

“I don’t know where it’s going to all end – if it’s dead forever – but 90 percent of the media is far left wing, and they are totally reliant on getting clicks and playing to their base and to their owners to support what their owners want,” he added.

Commentary: Patriotism is good provided it does not evolve into aggression and inflate egos.  vtb


"Muslim Slaughter of Christians - Muslim Rape of Christians - Muslim Attacks on Apostates to Christianity - Muslim Attacks on “Blasphemous” Christians - Muslim Attacks on Christian Churches - Muslim Hate Preaching and General Contempt for Christians."

Commentary: While this priest was certainly justified in being angry with his wife whom he caught cheating on him, he was not justified in hitting her.  In doing so, he ignored the example Jesus gave us:

"And said to him: this woman was even now taken in adultery.  Now Moses in the law commanded us to stone such a one. But what sayest thou?  And this they said tempting him, that they might accuse him. But Jesus bowing himself down, wrote with his finger on the ground.  When therefore they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said to them: HE THAT IS WITHOUT SIN AMONG YOU, LET HIM FIRST CAST A STONE AT HER.   John 8:4-7

This is also an example of why married priests would run the danger of devoting too much time to church duties and not enough time to family duties.  Among them are spending a suitable amount of time with his wife and giving her the attention she needs and deserves.  vtb

"France is in the process of passing from the eldest daughter of the Catholic Church to the little niece of Islam"--so spoke Marion Marechal-Le Pen at CPAC."

"Twenty states filed a lawsuit Monday arguing the new law President Trump signed last year revoking Obamacare’s individual mandate actually makes the rest of the 2010 health law unconstitutional as well."

"Aziz has long been known for his inflammatory sermons, anti-American ideology, for sparking global jihadist movements and supporting designated terrorist groups. In 2014, he even named his school’s library the “Martyr Usama Bin Laden Library” in honor of the former Al Qaeda leader and 911 financier."

"As we near the five-year anniversary of Francis’s election to the papacy next month, it’s becoming steadily clearer that a core aspect of his legacy may be a deconstruction of the strong “imperial papacy” many observers believe has taken shape over the last century or so."

Commentary: Is this the right time to let our bishops fend for themselves?  Sin is everywhere in the Church, as is confusion and divisions.  The Church needs leadership and not an "every bishop for himself" approach.  vtb

"The rate of layoffs as measured by U.S. jobless claims fell to the lowest level since 1969, reflecting the strongest labor market since the end of the dotcom boom nearly two decades ago."

"The cardinal also said the West was ‘committing suicide’ by losing its Christian faith."

"I discuss a fake “anti-Muslim hate crime” in Toronto that garnered international headlines, along with other fake “Islamophobia” incidents, and explains why they are so frequently manufactured."

"I was near the radiator; I was fully attentive to those moments, but I didn’t do anything.” Before he lost consciousness, Padre Pio repeated, “Jesus, Mary, Jesus, Mary,” without hearing what the doctor said. His gaze was lost in empty space. When he lost consciousness, “Doctor Scarale tried to resuscitate him several times, but to no effect.”

"A report by The Daily Caller said that YouTube, which is owned by Google, is using the Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-wing activist nonprofit that bills itself as an objective civil rights organization, to assist in policing content on its video-sharing website."

"Months later, the “Martini Pope”—as Sandro Magister puts it—now reigned. Pope Francis soon praised Martini as “prophetic” —a “father for the whole church”—and hailed his agenda of “focusing” on synods. In 1999, Martini “had a dream” of hurtling the Church into “permanent” synodality—that is, permanent revolution. The decentralized, “synodal” Church would foment changes on marriage, sexuality, penitential practice, priestly celibacy, women in the Church, ecumenism."

"Poverty, crime soar in Germany amid continued migrant influx."

"Which books on the pope’s reading list have you read? Which would you like to read?"

"There are some less than awesome things that can be rightfully blamed on our favorite morning brew, like insomnia, jitters, and heartburn. But people tend to overlook the truly incredible things that coffee does for us."

"The once hard-boiled journalists at The New York Times have outed themselves as a bunch of whining snowflakes, demanding that the newspaper of record become a safe space, free of any micro-aggressions that might trigger their precious, precious feelings."

"Fr. Morini has behaved this way for approximately 20 years, stealing and deceiving the elderly and those most in need, all seemingly under the protection of the powerful."

"Part of the problem with liturgy today is that we do not see it as work. Many times, worship becomes passive, boring, plain, and focused on feeling and affirmation. Worship, rather, requires the concentrated effort of a group of people, uniting in the task of giving glory and honor to God."

Another powerful prayer: 


"God does not change. Again, He will take the initiative and act in a way we could never expect. Our task is to remain faithful no matter what happens and regardless of how many are unfaithful. The Light is in the world; remain in the Light by living the Truth!"

"The question affects the number of seats in the House of Representatives, and the number of presidential electors allocated to each state."

"The Kentucky county clerk has written a memoir recounting the legal battle that ensued when she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples after the Supreme Court’s 2015 marriage equality ruling."

Also see: 

"Harvard's largest Christian group has been put on probation because they take Christian thought seriously."

"Our Steel and Aluminum industries (and many others) have been decimated by decades of unfair trade and bad policy with countries from around the world. We must not let our country, companies and workers be taken advantage of any longer. We want free, fair and SMART TRADE!"
---President Donald Trump

"The former prefect at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith speaks to the Register about the Vatican’s handling of clergy sexual abuse and controversial interference by some prelates in individual cases."

"LifeSiteNews reported a few days ago the inspiring piece of news that in Poland, 140,000 Catholics signed a petition to their bishops asking them to protect their teaching “from German errors.” At the same time, the German bishops had their spring assembly, during which they invited speakers who described the Polish Catholics as understandably “backward” due to their own Communist history and separation from the West and its ongoing discussions."

"On Feb. 17, a tweet by an obscure figure named Tony Annett – who has 650 followers and a penchant for tweeting out in favor of Pope Francis – called for EWTN to be censured by placing the organization under interdict until it fired Raymond Arroyo."

"Every prayer in the traditional rite which stated specifically the essential role of a priest as a man ordained to offer propitiatory sacrifice for the living and dead has been removed."

"The first Christian altar was the Cross, and when we come to the altar to celebrate Mass, our memory goes <back> to the altar of the Cross, where the first sacrifice was made. The priest, who represents Christ in the Mass, carries out what the Lord Himself did and entrusted to the disciples in the Last Supper: He took the bread and the chalice, rendered thanks, and gave them to the disciples, saying: “Take, eat . . . drink: this is my Body . . . this is the chalice of my Blood. Do this in memory of Me.”
---Pope Francis

"The thrust of Fr. Weinandy's landmark speech at the University of Notre Dame in Sydney, Australia, Feb. 24 was that, only when Catholics grasp that the Church’s unity, holiness, catholicity and apostolicity are under attack by the Church’s current leadership will they be able to respond to the present ecclesial crisis and find positive solutions to it."

"The only way to ensure that political correctness continues to lose is if we tell the truth. Not useless abrasiveness. Not meanness. Not false attacks on institutions. We have to tell the truth. Now, listen: this is the hard part; this is the hard part. We can’t become tribal; the easiest thing to do is attacking people who have been pushing PC."

"Panic attack is when someone has an episode during which he or she suffers — suddenly, temporarily, and as an isolated event — intense fear or discomfort, without the reason always being clear to them or to those around them; this can happen at any time, without warning."

"Most people have felt anxious at one time or another. Situational anxiety is unpleasant enough (though it serves a purpose) in limited doses, but when it becomes incessant and crippling, we need...


"Never give in, never give in—never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.  Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.—Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) “Never Give In Speech” Harrow School, 1941"

"The call for an “interdict” to be imposed on the Catholic media empire started by Mother Angelica came from Anthony Annett, Assistant to the Director at the International Monetary Fund’s Communications Department."

"What he (Tony Annett) is talking about here is pretty much impossible.  But it is indicative of an attitude of panic.  I suspect that we are going to see quite a bit of this in the future.   We’ve already seen how Jesuits act in the face of opposition through their machinations with outlets like BuzzFeed."

"Gordon Giampietro, nominated for the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, is currently an assistant general counsel of the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, whose past statements in various forums have raised the ire of progressives and, in particular, the LGBT community."

"And if we all work together and come up with the right idea — school safety. It is not about gun laws. That is another fight, another battle. Let’s fix the schools and then you guys can battle it out whatever you want. But we need our children safe. Monday, tomorrow, whatever day it is, your kids are going to go to school. You think everyone’s kids are safe?"

"In a face-to-face confrontation with the students, Foreman explained what he really thinks about Planned Parenthood’s work.   "Abortion is murder. I stand against it. I am a Roman Catholic. I am a conservative Republican. I think what you guys do stinks,” he said. 


"People of several other states—have demanded that steps be taken to prevent buying and selling fetal remains for research and to dispose of fetal remains humanely. The Texas law provides that fetal remains at health care facilities be disposed of by interment, cremation, incineration followed by interment, or steam disinfection followed by interment."

"Mr. Graham had dealt with a number of illnesses in his last years, including prostate cancer, hydrocephalus (a buildup of fluid in the brain) and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease."

"The Navy has deployed the guided-missile destroyer Carney to join the destroyer Ross in the Black Sea in a move that U.S. military officials told CNN is intended to “desensitize” Russia to the presence of American military assets in the strategically important region."

"France’s government presented a bill Wednesday to toughen immigration and asylum laws by doubling the time migrants can be detained, strengthening police powers to search them, and shortening the time migrants have to appeal rejected asylum claims."

"Tech company Nvidia announced Thursday that it has partnered with AI developer Any Vision to bring a new type of surveillance technology to smart cities."

"Previously unseen government records detail ‘deeply worrying’ incidents in pork and poultry plants, raising fears of ‘dirty meat’ entering the UK under a post-Brexit trade deal."

"As the vicar general of Speyer diocese Jung has reduced the number of parishes from 350 to 70. He is expected to do the same in Würzburg."

"Rist points out that a Pope is supposed to provide for unity. But, “Francis has caused massive confusion and division."

"The investigation revealed trash littered across every block," the station reported. "The survey also found 41 blocks dotted with needles and 96 blocks sullied with piles of feces."

"Proposal would expand short-term, limited-duration plans that need not comply with Obamacare's lengthy list of mandatory benefits."

"Researchers from Northwestern University, in Chicago, noticed that some of the eggs burn brighter than others, showing that they are more likely to produce a healthy baby."

"The evidence shows that when physician practices are acquired by hospitals, three things happen: Prices go up after the acquisition, total spending goes up and referral patterns change," Martin Gaynor, professor of economics and health policy at Carnegie Mellon, previously told Modern Healthcare. "All those are causes for concern."

"The Russians spent a reported $100,000 on Facebook ads during the election.  Barack Obama spent $350,000 to interfere with the Israeli elections to unseat pro-US Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."

"It chokes me up as a soldier and a patriot who loves this country."

"The first page of the document requires basic information, including the buyer’s full name, address, sex, birthday and ethnicity. A Social Security number is encouraged, but not required.  The form also asks the buyer about criminal background, immigration status and mental health — information that could result in a consumer being denied. Those questions include..."

Russia "is, without question, our number one geopolitical foe," Romney opined on CNN, sounding like a 2018 Democrat.  "The idea that our president is planning on doing something with them that he's not willing to tell the American people before the election is something I find very, very alarming," Romney said.

"I do believe the evidence supported the misdemeanor charges, and we proceeded on those charges," Echols said. "Acts of vandalism, regardless of noble intent, are still violations of law." 

“Marijuana isn’t as valuable, so they switched to a more profitable product,” said Javier Ávila, a Jesuit priest in this region rife with drug cartel activities."

"Research has found a correlation between pornography use and mental and physical illnesses, difficulty forming and maintaining intimate relationships, unhealthy brain development and cognitive function, and deviant, problematic or dangerous sexual behavior," said Rep. Spano.

"In another 19 states, more than 40 percent of the babies born in 2016 were born to unmarried mothers.  Only three states in the union had fewer than 30 percent of the babies born there in 2016 born to unmarried mothers."

"Rezaei said, “If they [Israel] carry out the slightest unwise move against Iran, we will level Tel Aviv to the ground and will not give any opportunity to Netanyahu to flee.”

"The US ambassador to the UN responded to a previous comment from the top Palestinian negotiator suggesting that she “shut up,” cautioning the Palestinians that the US will not “chase after them.”

"The vicious MS-13 gang, stifled under former President George W. Bush, exploded during the Obama era fueled by 300,000 illegals, including those given amnesty under the DACA program, and has now been linked to crimes in 22 states, according to a new report."

"Trump said, “After the deadly shooting in Las Vegas, I directed the attorney general to clarify whether certain bump stock devices, like the one used in Las Vegas, are illegal under current law. That process began in December. And just a few moments ago, I signed a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns. I expect that these critical regulations will be finalized, Jeff, very soon.”

"Since 1974, Turkey has been a proud and unapologetic occupier in Cyprus.  Now Turkish authorities are targeting Afrin, knowing from past experience that they will not be held accountable. They can kill and torture civilians and commit campaigns of ethnic cleansing wherever they wish. Yesterday, their target was northern Cyprus; today it is northern Syria. What country will be the next target? Before even greater catastrophes occur in the region, Turkey has to be reminded that the Ottoman Empire is dead and will never be resurrected."

"The construction of a more substantial replacement wall will better ensure the safety of agents and the public and create a better atmosphere for business and commerce, all while enhancing overall border security."

"I wish that I could tell you that my life in Bangkok is better with very few guns in the city, but now I have to watch out for bombs."

"After a year or two, your trusty smartphone may not race along at the same speed it used to. You might feel like it has slowed down a little, but before you go in for an upgrade, you should be more scientific about your hunch. To know for sure whether there's a drop-off, here's how to run some benchmarks and speed tests on your phone—and boost its performance if it falls short."

"Faithful Christians believe that the Ark of the Covenant was taken from Jerusalem 3,000 years ago, to a place called Aksum, in northern Ethiopia, where it has remained ever since — housed in a small unassuming church, and zealously guarded by the monks of Saint Mary of Zion."


"Dr. Rist rightly observes that “It is the function of the Pope to provide unity in the Church by scrutinizing new ideas to see if they are compatible with the inherited regula fidei [rule of faith]. Instead of unity Pope Francis has caused massive confusion and division – and many sad clergy are afraid of being sanctioned if they speak out.”

"There is one factor that was very much present to the conscience of Christians back then, and instead today tends not to be recognized anymore, while it is decisive in the manner of confronting it: it is that of “krisis,” meaning the judgment that is capable of “bringing into crisis” the worldly culture, and of “chresis,” meaning the capacity to “use in the right way” that which this culture possesses but no longer knows how to use correctly."

"The Communicántes prayer is said during the Canon of the Mass shortly before the Consecration.   We are familiar with Our Lady, St. Joseph and the Apostles but except for St. Lawrence,the second set of saints are less studied by today's Catholics."

"These 6 practices can help you become a true contemplative."

"The Pope wrote that anyone being kept on (bishop or cardinal) is not being done a “favor” or being thanked for services rendered. Instead, such individuals are being asked to see important projects to their finish, or bridge a difficult period of transition. In theory, this makes excellent sense, and is the reason many officials of different ranks have previously been kept on past 75."

"Cadet Peter Wang, 15, did everything in his power to help other students make it out of the mass shooting alive. Wong and other JROTC members hid between 60 and 70 students under Kevlar blankets.  Now, people want to honor his memory by giving him the credit he deserves."

"Jesus - said the pontiff before today's Angelus - to prepare Himself for His mission in the world. He has no need of conversion, but, insofar as He is man, He must pass through this trial, both for Himself, to obey the will of the Father, and for us, to give us the grace to overcome temptation. 

"For us, too, Lent is a time of spiritual "training" [It: agonismo], of spiritual combat: we are called to face the Evil one through prayer, to be able, with God’s help, to overcome him in our daily life. We know, unfortunately, that evil is at work in our existence and all around us, wherever violence, rejection of the other, being closed, wars, or injustices occur."


"The DOJ made clear that the indictment does not allege that any of the interference changed the outcome of the presidential race."

"It’s time we stop the outlandish partisan attacks, wild and false allegations, and far-fetched theories, which only serve to further the agendas of bad actors, like Russia, and do nothing to protect the principles of our institutions," he said. "We must unite as Americans to protect the integrity of our democracy and our elections.”  
---President Trump

"Attorney Sol Wisenberg and Rep. Ron DeSantis of Florida agree Mueller's multiple indictments Friday come close to vindicating president."

"Without the complementary of the male and female skaters, the event ceases to exist.   Yet much of the world has been blinded to the fact that this very natural truth applies even more to marriage than it does to skating.  

These gay (homosexual) skaters know it innately: They wouldn't have an Olympic event if they didn't have a female partner.  Gays––and the entire world which admires the beauty of these couple’s performances understand that.  And so despite being same-sex attracted, despite the demands of LGBT ideology, they choose not a same-sex partner, but a woman."

"President Trump on Thursday condemned the school shooting massacre in Florida as a “scene of terrible violence, hatred, and evil,” while vowing to address mental health issues amid a renewed debate in Washington over how to stop these recurring attacks."

"The indictment represents the latest mutation of Russian interference allegations that have dragged on for over a year. As this author previously noted, the definition of Russian interference has shifted from unsubstantiated claims of Russian hacking, to Russian collusion, and finally to Russian social media trolling."

"John Paul II and Benedict XVI could have had a similar deal with China but refused: “Both declined, because they knew it was not a step toward greater freedom for the Catholic Church in China but a step toward greater Catholic subservience to the Chinese Communist regime.”

"The Vatican said Thursday that Pope Francis meets frequently with victims of sexual abuse, seeking to defuse a mounting scandal over his unbridled support for a Chilean bishop accused by victims of witnessing and ignoring their abuse."

"The national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) announced its endorsement of Jeanne Ives for governor of Illinois, challenging incumbent Republican governor Bruce Rauner, who signed into law a bill that mandates taxpayer funding of abortion through the state’s Medicaid program months after stating he would oppose it."

"Tanya Granic Allen says she will repeal the Liberal government’s “radical sex-ed curriculum” and give parents “ultimate responsibility to take care of their kids” if elected leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party and premier of Ontario."

"British prime minister, Theresa May, uses her speech at the Munich security conference to call for continued military, intelligence and counter-terrorism cooperation after Britain leaves the EU."

"A Christian convert from Islam in Cameroon has said that for over a decade now his Muslim family has been trying to get him killed, with even his own wife going before local leaders asking that he be beheaded for his faith."

"In his book, Archbishop Welby proposes that Christianity has a vital part to play in the reimagining of society, and could be the driving force behind change. It remains, he says, foundational to ethics and values in the UK."

"Experts say it’s nearly impossible to track the extent to which these pro-Russian positions are directly shaped by the Kremlin. Indeed, to be most effective, Moscow does not invent issues out of whole cloth, they say. Instead, disinformation attacks seek to inflame existing tensions by putting out viral web stories that would then be republished by local news outlets and on social media to distort political debates about wedge issues like the European Union, immigration, and NATO."

"Chase’s teacher is not looking for a new seating chart or “exceptional citizens.” Chase’s teacher is looking for lonely children. She’s looking for children who are struggling to connect with other children. She’s identifying the little ones who are falling through the cracks of the class’s social life. She is discovering whose gifts are going unnoticed by their peers. And she’s pinning down—right away—who’s being bullied and who is doing the bullying."

"What would my child look like? Was it a boy or a girl? I can picture walking and talking with my child…watching his or her first steps…holding them when they cry and rejoicing with them when they succeed. But these are just dreams in my mind; dreams that often leave me heartbroken."

"On Ash Wednesday we were reminded that we are dust and unto dust we shall return. Each of us is going to die, and we don’t get to say when or how. On account of Jesus, our death will usher in new life if we are faithful.  Keep us faithful, Lord, unto our certain death and let no worldly thing so impress us that we forget that its time is limited."

"As the Wall Street Journal observes in the related editorial today (behind the Journal’s paywall): “The 37-page indictment contains no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, but it does show a systematic effort to discredit the result of the 2016 election. On the evidence so far, President Trump has been the biggest victim of that effort, and he ought to be furious at Vladimir Putin.”

"Idaho’s experiment is a bold one, and it is sure to be challenged in court if anyone can figure out how to do it. But already it has helped quantify the punishing and unnecessary expense that Obamacare has imposed upon the 9 percent of people who buy insurance on the individual market."


“We cannot see any possibility that the coming agreement can result in the Chinese government stopping its persecution of the church and ceasing its violations of religious freedom.”

"Scalise added that mental illness and "gun-free zones" seem to be commonalities in such shootings."

"Put in all sorts of common sense measures if you want. I’m not opposed to it. I reckon they would be a good thing.  But don’t imagine it is going to stop the killing. Don’t imagine that controlling guns will control people. Don’t imagine that the heart of darkness in American society is going to be cured with such a superficial thing as gun control."   Father Dwight Longenecker

"Patients whose illnesses could be cured or arrested and who could thereby live longer lives, could be instead be left to die. It is a particularly blood curdling form of triage. It is morally unacceptable."

"They really hate Christians, especially Catholics. Indeed, that is the most defining characteristic of those employed by Comedy Central. It is not certain whether they screen for bigots, or whether only bigots apply."

"Saying Poles were complicit in Holocaust crimes is as inappropriate as saying that Jews were complicit. Poles and Jews were both victims of the Nazis."


Commentary: To acknowledge publicly you are a homosexual would create scandal and that is not the mark of a truly devout Catholic.  If you are dealing with homosexual tendencies, but not actually having homosexuals relations that would not be sinful.  If, to avoid giving the wrong impression, you made that fact public, that would indicate you are sincere about not creating scandal.  In these areas, the article contains assumptions and does not fully satisfy the reader as to what is actually the truth.  vtb  

Commentary: Internet search engines like Google and Bing must also be held accountable for promoting filth.  vtb

"If you didn’t know that the Best Picture–nominated Call Me By Your Name is an uncritically rapturous celebration of a same-sex relationship between an inexperienced youth played by Timothée Chalamet and an experienced man played by Armie Hammer, you might almost guess it from the opening titles, an arty overture for the film that follows."


"His modesty and humility have made him a popular figure around the world. But inside the church, his reforms have infuriated conservatives and sparked a revolt."

Commentary: While I admire much of what Pope Francis says about spiritual things and many of his writings and works involving  compassion and mercy, I cannot give my approval to the divisions and confusion he is causing.  Therefore, within some of the  CONSERVATIVE NEWS REPORTS on this website that I have brought to the attention of the public and those within the Church, I have included some of the scandal he has created, and continues to create, knowingly or unknowingly.  

However, also following God's Holy Will, he continues to remain in my daily prayers,  along with all the clergy and members of religious orders in the Church, so that it will  again  become One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. 

Vincent T. Bemowski

"When we see the miseries of this world — you don’t have to look far in life or the headlines to find them – we can find some respite in living the words of the Sermon on the Mount. And so, thanks be to God for the likes of Billy Graham who saw that and tried to help others to as well."

"The first preacher with a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame was an entrepreneurial evangelical who consciously emulated masters of secular communication such as newscasters Drew Pearson, Walter Winchell, and H. V. Kaltenborn. Wielding the adverbs “nearly” and “only,” Graham, says Wacker, would warn that all is nearly lost and the only hope is Christ’s forgiveness."

"It is sometimes possible to understand a text without reference to the footnotes. But the heart of this pontificate is understood more in the footnotes than the main text. They require careful reading."

"Beyond mere Baconian-Masonic encryption, Sarah was an adherent to Theosophy, a deeply dark occult philosophy or pseudo-religion formulated by a medium named Madame Blavatsky, widely considered the mother of the New Age Movement and in her own turn a student of Aleister Crowley, the founding father of modern satanism."

"While eating fast food may not always be the healthiest option, and we certainly can’t guarantee the safety of our food if we don’t prepare it ourselves, many rumors of the fast food industry’s incompetence are greatly overstated."

"The text of the Quran, which is said to have come directly from Allah through Mohammed, was put together in such a way that it could not be verified. Most of the original texts on which it was based were destroyed so that the final text could not be re-examined in the light of its composition. However, at least some of these cast-away texts have been located and are under study."

"He (Fr Michael Schmitz) exposes as a lie the belief that “God made me this way” when we experience “an attraction to sin” and constantly emphasizes that “God’s plan for your life is freedom, His plan for your life is redemption, His plan for your life is love.” He is also clear, contrary what society tells us all the time, that we are not defined by our sexual orientation but by our relationship to our Creator, in which our destiny is “life eternal with God.”

"Consider the words he ( Don Fredo Olivero, Rector of the Church of San Rocco in Turin) offered to explain his action: “Do you know why I’m not going to say the Creed? Because I don’t believe it! As if anyone understands it – but as for myself after many years I’ve realized that it was something I didn’t understand and couldn’t accept. Let’s sing something else that presents the essential things of the faith.”

"It appears the German Bishops’ Conference is preparing to play fast and loose with the source and summit of Christian life. They risk treating the Eucharist as a mere expression of unity between Catholics and Protestants – and so committing the serious error of placing our communion with each other ahead of communion with God and the Church."

"When the CVA (Child Victims Act) is finally passed in New York State, and it looks like this could be the year, the Roman Catholic Church, along with all the other institutions that profess to hold our souls in their care, will suffer an even more dramatic decline of faith in their leadership than we can already see at present...Their elite leadership (US Bishops) might not survive such a cataclysm, but good works, compassion, helping those less fortunate and spreading the good news of love and equality in the sight of God will have no difficulty living on without them.

Brian R Toale
Survivor of sexual abuse while attending Chaminade High School in Mineola
Advocate for Child Victims Act
New York, New York

"Sitting on a plane last Wednesday evening, I mistakenly tweeted a message meant as a private communication with one of my sisters. When I arrived in Newark two hours later, friends informed me of the error and I immediately removed it...”

"Last year, the City of St. Louis declared itself a “sanctuary city for abortion,” an action meant to destroy pro-life pregnancy centers by forcing them to hire pro-abortion activists and refer women for abortions under threat of prosecution or other legal action."

"Activists promote gender identity policies in the name of equality, but isn’t it a violation of equality when biological males compete against females in sports and other arenas where sex differences are relevant? Already a high school girl has lost a state track championship to a boy who was allowed to compete against girls."

"Assisted suicide/euthanasia is completely contrary to the hospice vision espoused by the late great medical humanitarian Cecily Saunders, who created the modern hospice movement. She stood steadfastly against assisted-suicide legalization. Indeed, suicide prevention is one of hospice’s most fundamental services, I would say close in importance to pain control. As Saunders told me when I had the great honor of interviewing her in London, assisted suicide denies the intrinsic dignity of hospice patients."

"Physicians in China's eastern Jiangsu province declared renowned Christian human rights lawyer Li Baiguang dead today despite a previous record of clean health, indicating that he was murdered by the Chinese Communist Party, whom he often opposed."

"The attacks by Democrats and leftists on federal law, on national borders, and on the idea of assimilation into an American culture can only be understood as attacks on the nation itself."

"A report by Italy's intelligence agency claims that the risk of terror attacks in the country is 'concrete and present.' The agency also warned of the 'the danger posed by homegrown terrorists, moved by autonomous motivations and inspirations', or piloted by 'terror directors.'"

"The hijab is worn in Islam in order to keep men from being tempted. So this is sexualizing these little girls. It’s sick. And no one dares offend Muslims by speaking out against it. Instead, the British government hounds and persecutes foes of jihad terror, and keeps foreign ones (including me) out of the country altogether."

“Strike Their Necks and Strike Each One of Their Sons.” It says: “Let every Muslim know that the blood of those combatant Christians and their money is permissible and that taking any of them as hostages for ransom or to swap with a Muslim prisoner is also permissible.”

"After he lied to enter Britain and then was deported from France back to Britain, why did the British authorities grant him temporary release?  Were they too busy keeping out foreign foes of jihad terror and hounding and persecuting British ones to take notice of a gentle fellow such as Zana Abbas Sulieman?"


"Francis would do well to take a page from John Paul II's book. Francis would also do well to take to heart the Gospel of Matthew, where it reads: “You are the light of the world. A city seated on a mountain cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but upon a candlestick, that it may shine to all that are in the house.”

"Reverend Graham added that although the liberal media attack Trump and "condemn him" as a bad example of a Christian, he is at least "defending the faith and standing strong on that." Graham stressed that he himself is not the "greatest example" of a Christian either, but the point is to believe in Christ and strive to do one's best..."What I love about our president is that our president defends the Christian faith," said Rev. Graham.  

"Our past presidents scolded Christians. This president is defending Christians and he’s very open about the Christian faith."..."I love that about President Trump and, of course at the prayer breakfast just a few days ago he was tremendous that America is a nation of believers," said Graham.  "And we’re strengthened by the power of prayer, he reminded everyone." 

"He also reminded us that faith is central to American life. It is. It is central to our life as a nation. I’m very thankful that Donald Trump takes this stand.".."Many people condemn him that he is not an example of the Christian faith," said Graham.  "Well, he may not be the greatest example – well neither am I. But at least he’s defending the faith and standing strong on that."  When asked about the unrelenting attacks on the president by the liberal media, Hollywood, and academia, Rev. Graham said, "He’s very open. He doesn’t care if he gets criticized. He’s just going to speak what he believes. I really believe that he believes in God."


"We are now in a cold one — the Cold Civil War of 2018. Never before, not during the protests over Viet Nam, not during the race riots, even the hippie-music-drug rebellion of the Sixties, has the United States (“one nation, indivisible”) been so divided. On both sides of the cultural and political aisles, the attitude is no longer compromise, in the tradition of Adams, Jefferson, of the Founding Fathers, but battles over every aspect of modern life, with the taking of no prisoners."

"Bear not the yoke with unbelievers. For what participation hath justice with injustice? Or what fellowship hath light with darkness?"   2 Corinthians 6:14

"The political blunders paled in comparison with the more visible cultural missteps. On several occasions Trudeau and his family appeared dressed in traditional Indian clothing, something other Western politicians don't usually attempt with such vigor."

"He calls it the “JustinKase.” It’s a product made of steel that latches to a door frame to bar entry.  “Unlike other products, JustinKase does not allow a door to open even a crack which means students & staff can remain safe while emergency personnel race to the scene,” creator Justin Rivard, a student at Somerset High School in Wisconsin, explains on his website.  Rivard came up with the idea for the safety product, which he sells online for $95, two years ago – when he was just 15. He spent months refining it."

"Ewing has taken former President Barack Obama to task in her writings for not listening to activists as the development has progressed."

"In these instances of extreme shame, the person can “make an anonymous phone call to a priest in the city and tell him about this problem.” Confession itself cannot take place over the phone, but “in many cases, the phone conversation will be enough so the penitent can get up his confidence and can approach the kind of above-mentioned confessional.”

"HBCUs have also looked inward at another longstanding problem: the lack of alumni support. Barely one in 10 graduates gave money back to their college, U.S. News & World Report reported. At Princeton, the most recent alumni giving rate was more than 60 percent, U.S. News said. At Morehouse, about 20 percent of alumni donate to the school."

"The sound that woke him that night, however, was like nothing he had heard before. It was the roar of an army attacking: hammers and axes smashing walls, heavy chains being dragged across stone floors, and, then, the cries of those subject to violence unimaginable."

"As she delved more into the occult, Aleacha enjoyed the sense of control she felt it gave her. “I wanted to have that recognition, I wanted to be known, and become one of the world’s powerful witches. I wanted to do what I wanted to do, and no one telling me what to do."

"Besides frequent attacks on church buildings, church personnel in the Congo have also been subject to kidnappings, and have even been murdered."

"The irony has reached a cacophonous climax in the Vatican. Last month, Pope Francis banned the sale of cigarettes in the Vatican. ‘No profit can be legitimate if it puts lives at risk,’ said a Vatican statement. The ban comes into effect this month. Last week, Pope Francis honored Dutch politician and vocal agitator for abortion rights Lilianne Ploumen with the pontifical medal of knighthood."

"I learned the usus recentior and then later learned about how to celebrate the usus antiquior. The practice of holding the fingers does strike me as devout and careful. I have held those fingers at nearly every single Mass I’ve ever said. The first 30 or so Masses I said were without this practice."

“If any of you Catholics are thinking about going into the public service be reassured that society is willing to accept your fundamental beliefs and allow you to advance your arguments.”

"President Donald Trump holds a listening session with students, teachers, and families regarding gun violence at the White House."

"Foreman confronted the pro-abortion activists in the Capitol building lobby. One of the Planned Parenthood supporters recorded part of Foreman's embittered speech on video. The state senator said, "Abortion is murder. I stand against it. I am a Roman Catholic. I am a conservative Republican. I think what you guys do stinks."

“My son is two years of age and he’s been sentenced to the death penalty,” the father of Alfie Evans said outside the courtroom. “Nobody, I repeat nobody in this country will take my son away.”

"Inside the ciborium were 40 hosts whose color, shape and scent were unchanged. Even though the quake took place nearly a year and a half ago, the hosts “seemed to have been made yesterday,”

"This is not the first time the last-place cable channel has attacked an innocent civilian. Over a silly video that mocked CNN, CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski openly threatened its creator, warning him that if he ever did it again CNN would “dox” him, or publish his private information so the Internet could abuse him."

“CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions,” he told the station, “and it ended up being all scripted.”

"Palilla blamed the rise in demand on a growing number of people seeking the services of fortune tellers and Tarot readers. Such practices "open the door to the devil and to possession", he claimed. However, he noted that many cases were not actually related to demonic possession, but to spiritual or psychological problems."

"The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem will open in May to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Israel declaring its independence."

"Democrat San Fran Nan, in a rare moment of lucidity, admitted to a pair of reporters yesterday that “Yes, people are getting a little more in their paychecks” due to the Trump tax cuts.  This belated concession to reality comes after months of lying shamelessly to the American public that the tax law would raise everyone’s taxes, was a dark cloud hanging over the country, was unpatriotic and would actually kill people."

"A team of researchers in northern Australia have documented kites and falcons, “firehawks,” intentionally carrying burning sticks to spread fire: It is just one example of western science catching up to Indigenous Traditional Knowledge."

"Mazar writes that the new find, one of the many clay seal impressions known as bullae found at the site, was near the bullae already discovered to have a mark from a seal of the Biblical King Hezekiah. He notes, “alongside the bullae of Hezekiah … [were] 22 additional bullae … among these is the bulla of ‘Yesha‘yah[u] Nvy[?].’” That is Hebrew for Isaiah the Prophet."

“I think it’s a shame that the day somebody hears about a shooting, the first thing they think about is, ‘How can I go promote my gun control agenda?’ as opposed to saying, ‘How do I go pray and help the families that are suffering?'” – Congressman Steve Scalise

"Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro spoke at CPAC, electrifying the crowd, which gave him numerous standing ovations as he declared that 'the era of political correctness is over." Shapiro passionately preached that the only way for conservatives to ultimately triumph is to always tell the truth, no matter which side of the political aisle they are addressing.'"

"Except for one senator, who came into a room at 3 o’clock in the morning and went like that, we would have had health care too, we would have had health care too, think of that," Trump told the Conservative Political Action Conference, imitating the thumbs down motion that McCain made during a late-night vote to pass a repeal measure."

"In addition to the 12% who say they have been raped, 58% have been subjected to disturbing propositions and 43% to "sexual touching without consent", the study says.

“We stand with the conservative movement,” he continued.  “And come to think of it, we always stand for our flag and our national anthem as well.”  The crowd immediately broke out into cheers of “U-S-A! U-S-A!” while Pence smiled from the podium."

"The Democrats have forfeited all credibility on this case. They haven’t told the truth from day one. Pete, here’s what even more tragically amusing about the Democrats. They step — they lie so much they step on their own story. They told us before the release of the Nunes Republican memo oh my gosh sources and methods, it’s going to jeopardize national security. Nobody should see this. Cover it up. Sweep it under the rug. 

Then the memo came out oh this is a big nothing burger. This is a total dud. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. They have not told the truth from day one on this. They have forfeited all their credibility. This is important. They are covering up what I believe to be the biggest scandal in modern political history. That is the being on of the trump team by the Obama Administration with no evidence to do so.”


"In the preface to a new book on the subject, Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, writes: “The most insidious diabolical attack consists in trying to extinguish faith in the Eucharist, by sowing errors and fostering an unsuitable way of receiving it. Truly the war between Michael and his Angels on one side, and Lucifer on the other, continues in the hearts of the faithful.”  “Satan’s target is the Sacrifice of the Mass and the Real Presence of Jesus in the consecrated Host,” he said.

"New Jersey's new Democratic governor signed a bill Wednesday that restores $7.5 million in family planning funds to Planned Parenthood and other medical facilities, reversing a longstanding veto of his predecessor, Republican Gov. Chris Christie.

"Nineteen-year-old Maggie only saw rejection and judgment ahead if she told her Christian friends and family that she was pregnant. She didn’t think she could have a baby. But on the way to her appointment at Planned Parenthood, the signs from a local pro-life pregnancy center advertising free pregnancy tests caught her eye.  “I didn’t want to go to Planned Parenthood,” she remembers. “I didn’t want it to feel all surgical and sterile and cold.”  She canceled her appointment and walked into Pregnancy Care Clinic in El Cajon, California.  Instead of judgment, Maggie found all the support, encouragement, and help she needed to choose life for her baby.


"In the past few weeks the story of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign has taken a turn that the progressive socialist wing of the Democrat party did not expect. While proving in its length and far reaching investigation, the Special Council has all but proven that the collusion charges started by Hillary Clinton and her sycophants in the mainstream media is nothing more than the wishful thinking based on a baseless lie."


"One Catholic bishop is denying communion to pro-abortion Democrat Dick Durbin, a top Democrat in the Senate who has long supported and promoted abortion. Durbin joined other Democrats to block a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks.  Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois says Durbin is “cooperating in evil” and persisting in “manifest grave sin” because of his abortion advocacy and must therefore “not be admitted to Holy Communion until he repents of his sin.”

“We have a culture that is desensitized to death, that is desensitized to the value of life,” he told reporters, “and we celebrate death through our musical lyrics, we celebrate death through video games that literally reward you with extra points for going back and finishing people off.”  The governor blames the increasingly graphic and realistic depictions of violence in video games, music lyrics, movies and television shows for removing the sense of right and wrong from children’s minds."

"Dr James Nicholls, director of policy and research development at Alcohol Research UK, said the concerns raised by the study were very serious. “If heavy alcohol use increases the risk of dementia then there are enormous social and economic implications,” he said

"Perceiving a spiritual gift, Raphael spent a year with a religious community, trained now to minister to homeless. He was approaching his twenties and visiting with his mother in Barretos when one day he wandered to the town's central square and there saw five beggars. Raphael invited them for meals and accommodations but only one accepted -- the most pitiful of the group."

"Many religious communities are dying out. It is not a coincidence that the Norbertine canonesses are burgeoning. Women, even and especially the younger ones, are drawn to this pure, authentic and true representation and living of the Catholic faith. The added benefit is the beautiful setting in the Tehachapi mountains of silence and solitude where they can live a grounded and purpose-filled life."

"The way I save people, it's like I'm seeing a friend," said Shige, 73, a retired policeman with a floppy fishing hat and a gentle demeanor. "It's not exciting or anything. I'm like, 'Hey, how are you doing?' These people are asking for help. They're just waiting for someone to speak with them."

"The story of Billy Graham’s relationship with the Catholic Church is a fascinating one, and would make for an excellent doctoral thesis at some point. In the meantime, while this is in no way meant to be comprehensive, here are a few interesting notes regarding Billy’s interactions with the Church of Rome that may come as a surprise to some."

"The program at St. Martin’s Academy, a boarding high school for boys opening in 2018, seeks to remedy this devaluation of the masculine in young men’s education. Situated on a 200 acre sustainable farm in southeast Kansas, St. Martin’s will immerse its students in an environment that teaches through every aspect and action of each day."

"For in the Eucharist we are made one with Christ and one with one another as together we profess and joyfully acclaim our one apostolic and universal faith, a faith that is imbued with the holiness of the Spirit, and so as one ecclesial community we worship and glorify God the Father – the source and end of all.  Within the Eucharist, then, the Church’s four marks most beautifully shine."

"Labour candidate Safia Noor not only claimed that the Islamic State did not exist, but she displayed an insensitive hostility toward victims in her overt attempt to excuse jihad murder and crimes against humanity. Safia Noor “told her followers to relax and even liked an article which suggested the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the West to justify the war on terror.” Still, Noor has been endorsed to represent Britons, regardless of the fact that her very motive for entering politics is dubious."

"In the past 45 years, an estimated 60 million innocent human beings have been killed in the United States with the consent of our government, and this crime against humanity continues to this day."

“For me (the “New Momentum” series) looks like a cheer leading, propaganda-type session in which everybody’s going to say, ‘Look, all those conservatives and traditionalists, they no longer count; John Paul II, (his teaching) was true back then, it is no longer true …,'” Murray said. “This is a disaster. The Catholic Church is not a political party that changes its platform every four years at a convention. The Catholic Church is the herald of God’s truth.”

"We’ve compiled a number of videos from our own work and from around the Web to give you a better picture of the nature and scope of persecution that Christians face around the world."

"One can, in fact, sin against the Catholic faith not only by denying some of its contents but also by reformulating its formal principles of knowledge."

"In December 2017, Canada’s Liberal Party government, headed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, barred organizations that oppose abortion from receiving funds from the Summer Jobs Canada program. This program subsidizes wages for small businesses, public entities, and nonprofits (including churches and faith-based groups) that provide “quality” summer jobs for young people who are full-time students."

"When we feel overwhelmed with temptation, we should cry out to God by invoking the name of Jesus. As St. Paul writes, “at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth” (Philippians 2:10). There are countless stories of saints who, when tempted by Satan, simply invoked the name of Jesus over and over again until the temptation subsided. It is a simple but powerful way to remain faithful to Christ in the midst of a strong urge to go against his commandments."

"Fr. Michael Kelly S.J., takes issue with Cardinal Zen. In an article published in the modernist, La Croix, Kelly proceeds to malign and insult, the saintly Prelate behind a mask of twisted and not comparable historical situations."

"Private chapels are rare in England, perhaps also a little decadent, certainly rich with ornament, wealth and privilege. Yet perhaps their rather hidden secret is that most harbored a passionate desire to keep a forbidden flame alive.  Catholic families of England at the time of the Reformation were finding that their identity was being crushed. England’s private chapels were needed most when those worshiping in them had to go underground to withdraw from public religion. As Catholicism became progressively outlawed through the 16th and 17th centuries, they became centres of resistance."


"Overnight Iran launched its first direct military operation against Israel, dispatching a drone commanded from the Tiyas Airbase in Syria’s central Homs region.  The Israelis used an Apache helicopter to intercept and down the drone, then sent four jets to destroy the command center (an Israeli military spokesperson confirmed “accurate hits of Iranian UAV control facility." 

One of the Israeli F-16s was abandoned by its pilots over Israel, amid what the Israelis describe as “massive Syrian anti-air fire.”  Syrian anti-aircraft fire reached Israeli territory, triggering extended emergency activities in Israel’s northern communities."


Commentary: On the surface it looks like more deficits, but more jobs & new trade deals with other countries are still in the works that should vastly reduce the deficit.  vtb

"Another strategy that Father Martin apologists use is to bypass his problematic affirmation with homosexuality and say his scheduled topic at a given Catholic venue was to focus on something other than LGBT issues — ignoring the scandal of his overall efforts to normalize homosexuality."

"She is most certainly a feminist, but not the sort you might find leading a protest in the street, throwing rocks, and shouting profanities. No, Marta Rodriguez is a feminist in the heart of the Church, with a heart like Mary."

"Violent attacks by unscrupulous persons, among whom are terrorists masquerading as herdsmen, have led to a near civil war situation in many parts of the country."


"Philadelphia Abp. Charles Chaput also criticized Marx's comments, saying, "On the surface, the idea may sound generous and reasonable. But the imprudence of such public statements is — and should be — the cause of serious concern."  He continued, "[A]ny such 'blessing rite' would cooperate in a morally forbidden act, no matter how sincere the persons seeking the blessing," adding, "Such a rite would undermine the Catholic witness on the nature of marriage and the family. It would confuse and mislead the faithful. And it would wound the unity of our Church because it could not be ignored or met with silence."


"Despite his tremendous expertise and his personal connection to the Church’s current debates, Benedict remains silent in his Roman cloister. No doubt he does so from the conviction that it would do more harm than good if he were to speak. On one hand, one is inclined to second-guess him. At this moment, does not the Church need the wisdom of a bishop and theologian who has been at the heart of the Church since the Second Vatican Council? 

On the other hand, whose conscience is better formed than Joseph Ratzinger’s? If even an erring but earnest conscience is inviolable, how inviolable is a conscience that is not especially likely to err? As much as we might want one of Benedict’s limpid, logical interventions on the questions convulsing the Church, we must respect Benedict’s decision to keep silence."

"Describing a world marked by signs of “the end of time,” including false prophets and cold hearts, Pope Francis on Tuesday urged Catholics to use Lent to counteract this “great tribulation” through prayer, almsgiving and fasting."

"It has become quite predictable. President Trump proposes a logical, reasonable solution to the nation’s immigration problems and the left locks and loads their verbal firepower for extreme, inane rhetoric. Such is the case today as the president proposes a National Vetting Center which will sift through the bevy of immigrants and visitors entering the U.S."

"Lampe recognized that the issue is not about discrimination against same-sex couples.  “The state is not petitioning the court to order defendants to sell a cake. The state asks this court to compel Miller to use her talents to design and create a cake she has not yet conceived with the knowledge that her work will be displayed in celebration of a marital union her religion forbids. For this court to force such compliance would do violence to the essentials of Free Speech guaranteed under the First Amendment,” he wrote.

"Only 13 percent of refugees admitted during the first quarter of FY 2018, or 715 out of 5,323, were Muslim, while 60 percent, or 3,210 out of 5,323, were Christian, according to the State Department’s interactive website.  In contrast, 46 percent of refugees admitted during the first quarter of FY 2017, or 11,851 out of 25,671, were Muslim, while 44 percent, or 11,377 out of 25,671, were Christian."  

"Senate leaders announced Wednesday they have sealed agreement on a two-year budget pact that would shower both the Pentagon and domestic programs with almost $300 billion above existing limits, giving wins to both GOP defense hawks and Democrats seeking billions for infrastructure projects and combating opioid abuse.  The agreement is likely to be added to a stopgap spending bill that passed the House on Tuesday, aimed at averting a government shutdown Thursday at midnight. Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York called the Senate agreement “a genuine breakthrough.”

"In a conversation with Arutz Sheva, Yehezkeli explains that the world already understands ISIS terror and stands up to it, but is now facing a new and quiet jihad, which according to Islam is the last Jihad, the Apocalyptic Jihad where Islam takes over the West not by war, but by quietly penetrating Western societies.  Yehezkeli notes that a ruling of the 1990s by a senior Muslim jurist states: "The occupation of the West will be done without war but quietly, with infiltration and subversion."

"It is difficult to know where to begin and to hold ones rage, righteous rage, righteous anger at a man so vile, so corrupt, so profoundly evil that to think that he is even a priest, let alone an Archbishop, leaves one to almost sink into despair that such a deceitful man could ever be ordained."


"Now that we know what the declassified House memo says about government misconduct, we also know what it means: The Washington swamp — the deep state — is bigger, more vicious and more dangerous to American liberty than even a cynic could have imagined.  Because of the memo and previous revelations, we know that swamp creatures are embedded in the top of the FBI and the Department of Justice. Some used their power to try to tip a presidential campaign based on their personal politics."

Trump added: "Somebody said treasonous. I mean, yeah, I guess why not. Can we call that treason? Why not. They certainly didn't seem to love our country very much."

"They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if that holds true, Democrats will seriously come to regret their decision to sit on their hands while President Trump touted the positive developments his policies have had on the lives of everyday Americans during his first State of the Union address."

"It described itself as a pastoral council, and it sought to repackage the teaching, life and worship of the Church to suit a world in flux. For this very reason the Council was necessarily going to have a best-before date. That date has been passed. The sad thing is that its milk turned sour very soon after packaging,,.

Thus it makes no sense to be constantly referencing every contemporary initiative to Vatican II, for justification or acceptance-value. It is time to move from a post-conciliar Church to a post-post-conciliar Church; which is to say, it is time to reclaim the Church as She has always been in her essence and her stable form, which has been able to function viably and vitally in every age and circumstance since the time of Christ."

"Leftists who hate America as founded dominate fake news media, Hollywood, public education, and social media. Their mission is to bring America down from her status as the world power. This is why leftists are so repulsed by Trump's desire to make America great again. 

Leftists hate the free market and seek to replace it with socialism; a big brother government controlling every aspect of our lives.  Leftists are liberals. Most people think "liberal" means having a live and let live attitude. The reality is that liberals are super aggressive, using government to force their ungodly agenda items down the throats of the masses."


"Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, because it is an abomination."
[Leviticus 18:22]

"Christians of any time prior to the mid-20th century would have taken the reverse approach. They would have been shocked that any Christian would even consider attempting to adopt a Hindu spiritual exercise."


"The repeated, though for now misguided, calls for excommunication in these cases, and the repeated, but worth-considering, calls for withholding holy Communion in these cases share this: they spring almost completely from Catholic laity and are almost completely ignored by ecclesiastical leadership."

"Veritatis Splendor states that intrinsically evil acts “do not allow for any legitimate exception,” nor do they “leave room, in any morally acceptable way, for the ‘creativity’ of any contrary determination whatsoever.”  The Church teaches that abortion, contraception, homosexual acts, adultery, and other gravely sinful actions are deemed “intrinsically evil.”  Rendering the term obsolete therefore potentially radically changes the Church’s moral teaching, according to the anonymous moral theologian, “undermining the whole notion of morality.”

"The staggering rise of violent crime from gangs from “multicultural backgrounds” (much like we see in Europe) and the follow-up migrant-protection arguments of fear mongering and backlash from leftwing agitators and talking heads (much like we see in Europe) are destroying Western societies and making the most mundane activities and social recreations increasingly dangerous."

"I cannot of myself do any thing. As I hear, so I judge and my judgment is  just; because I seek not my own will, but the will of HIM that sent me."  [John 5:30]

"I am the true vine; and my FATHER   is the husbandman."  [John 15:1]

"Not every one that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but he that doth the will of my FATHER who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven."  [Matthew 7:21]

"Every one therefore that shall confess me before men, I will also confess him before my Father who is  in heaven."  [Matthew 10:32]

"To start, she chastised those who bring extra people to the hospital saying it’s “a cesspool of funky flu at the ER right now.” Don’t bring your kid’s sports team, don’t bring your "healthy children" and definitely don’t bring your newborn babies, Lockler said.


"I am very close to cleansing My priests of the impurities that defile them. Soon, very soon, I will pour out graces of spiritual healing upon all My priests. I will separate those who will accept the gift of My Divine friendship from those who will harden their hearts against Me."

"Bear in mind that I have tried not to frighten you very much, and so I have not described these things in all their horror as I saw them and as they impressed me. We know that Our Lord always portrayed Hell in symbols because had He described it as it really is, we would not have understood Him. No mortal can comprehend these things. The Lord knows them, and He reveals them to whomever He wills."


"Applause at the State of the Union is not the total measure of a successful address to the nation. But it can indicate the strength and popularity of a president’s message to the nation as well as his ability to reach out to the opposing party."




"Overall, ‘the more frequently you go to Mass, the more likely you are to oppose abortion,’ says Mark Gray, of CARA out of Georgetown University...

Among Catholics in the United States surveyed in the study, 48% said they were in favor of legal abortion, while 47% said they were opposed to it and 5% said they didn’t know.  

Unitarian Universalists are the most likely religious group to support legal abortion, at 90%, while Jehovah’s Witnesses were the least likely to support it, at 18%, according to the study.  Among both atheists and agnostics, 87% support legal abortion; as do 83% of Jews; 82% of Buddhists; 68% of Hindus; 55% of Muslims; and 27% of Mormons. Among Orthodox Christians, 53% support legal abortion."

ST. PAUL:  "For I would that all men were even as myself: but every one hath his proper gift from God; one after this manner, and another after that.  But I say to the unmarried, and to the widows: It is good for them if they so continue, even as I." 
1 Corinthians 7: 7-8 


He believes God will use the current U.S. president, “as crazy as Trump seems,” in the revival. “God will use him. Impossible things are happening. 

"The survey found that Fox News — far above of The New York Times, CNN, and the BBC — ranks as the most objective information source.  Twenty-four percent said Fox News was the most objective, followed by 13 percent saying CNN, and 10 percent saying NPR. Just three percent said The New York Times was objective, which means that 97 percent of people know they (NYT) are a far-left leaning arm for the Democrats."



TOUGH TALK FROM A TOUGH MAN PLEASES PATRIOTS AND SCARES COWARDS - Trump Refuses to Back Down, Threatens KJU After Leader Boasts About Nuclear Button

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“The liturgy is supposed to be a communal event, but American postmodern culture is really focused on individualism,” McCallion said. “I’d argue that our liturgy has been affected by individualism. Sometimes as, Emile Durkheim (a sociologist who studied the Mass) said, the ‘secular invades the sacred.'”

"Only vivid faith in Jesus Christ, abnegating evil, life in Holy Spirit, prayer, sacraments, fasting and reading the Holy Script can make saints, even of the worst people and free them from their torment or obsession."



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