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November 13, 2000
Your Holiness,
Attached is a picture of my wife, Loretta.  Because of the grave sins, and the lukewarmness in the Church, (especially in the West), Loretta has suffered spiritually, mentally, and physically, for the past 15 years from a disease of the brain and central nervous system called "Huntington's Chorea." 
A priest has told us, and all who know her realize, that she is a "victim soul," chosen by Almighty God to suffer for His Church.  Because of this, The Holy Spirit has given this writer the gift of Wisdom, to be used in a very powerful way for the good of the Church, so that the bishops and priests in the U.S.A. will awaken from their "sleep" and return to fulfilling the vows they made to the Lord. 
If they continue to ignore the Lord's warnings, a great and terrible punishment shall come upon, not only the West, but upon the whole world.  This punishment can be lessened if sufficient numbers change and again seek to please God, rather than man, but to date, my appeals to Cardinals, Bishops, and priests, has for the most part, gone spiritually unnoticed.
Therefore, I ask your approval, and your blessing upon my Mission, which is revealed in the Messages as written down in the enclosed booklet, entitled: IS TODAY'S CHURCH PLEASING TO GOD? and THE MESSAGES TO THE CHURCHES.
I also ask your blessing for my dear wife, Loretta.  With your blessing I shall re-write the Bishops, and give them another copy of the booklet.  Then I am sure they will respond in a manner much more pleasing to Jesus.
Also enclosed are some additions I made to the booklet, a letter (dated June 4, 1999) from Bishop Banks (my Bishop), and an endorsement letter from Cardinal Stickler.  And included is the warning given by Our Lady at Akita, Japan, which I was unaware of, until after I wrote the booklet.
A servant of the Lord,
Vincent T. Bemowski
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