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Note: I realize this a poor reproduction - A faxed copy will be sent to you if you desire it.
This letter was written by a Protestant Pastor from Wisconsin, who in June of 1993 was sent a copy of the booklet this servant of the Lord wrote for the good of the Church.  He wishes to remain anonymous, but his letter is shown here as an example of true humility.  As you can easily see, this man is more concerned with pleasing the Lord than he is with pleasing others. This letter has been retyped below for ease of readership (I have highlighted certain words):
Dear Friend,
Thank you for THE MESSAGES.  My first inclination was one of skepticism.  The claim of authorship by the Holy Spirit strikes me as unacceptable.  But I read what you had written.  I still thank you.  I do know that the Word of God which is quoted is of the Holy Spirit and that is important to me.
As a pastor of a challenging congregation, I find myself in need of spiritual feeding.  Too often people have a faulty impression of a pastor as being some kind of super spiritual individual, much unlike themselves.  We are not!  My prayer in preparation of teaching and preaching the Word of God is that the Holy Spirit will guide and direct my thoughts and use me as His instrument to accomplish His will with the souls Jesus Christ has redeemed.
But I grow weary. I grow lax.  I, too, am distracted by the things of this life and world.  I, too, can be tempted by the self instead of seeking the Lordship of Jesus in my personal life.  I don't always do the right thing, say the right thing, think the right thing.  I am in need of repentance and forgiveness.  I am in need of a humble heart lest my sinful nature take charge and I think that my right arm has given me a victory.  I must be dust and ashes before my Lord, a humble servant seeking to do the Master's will.
It makes no difference to me who you are, only to know that you are serving the Lord Jesus and in serving Him you have served me, your fellow servant.
Again, thank you in Christ:
MEMO TO READERS: If only all bishops and priests in the Catholic Church had this type of deep humility!  What a beautiful Church we would have!  - Vincent T. Bemowski
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