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Anti-obesity Medication - from Wikipedia - "Anti-obesity medication or weight loss drugs refer to all pharmacological agents that reduce or control weight.  These drugs alter one of the fundamental processes of the human body, weight regulation, by either altering appetite, metabolism, or absorption of calories.  It is common for them to be tried and if there is little or no benefit from them to discontinue treatment. The main treatment modalities for overweight and obesity are dieting and physical exercise."
Catholic Mom Recipe Exchange -"Cookbooks for the Catholic Family - Healthy Meals for the Family - Cookies: A Favorite Holiday Treat - Cooking Throughout Winter - Family Recipes Tell a Story - Thanksgiving Recipes from our Moms - Creating Recipes with Coupon Foods...."
Dieting - from Wikipedia - "Types of dieting - In children and young adults - Thermoregulation - Physical exercise - Fat loss versus muscle loss - Energy obtained from food - Proper nutrition - The impact of meal frequency - How the body gets rid of fat - Psychological aspects of weight-loss dieting - Weight loss groups..."
Recipe Goldmine - "Better than a thousand cookbooks." Large variety of recipes.
Recipe Guide - from AARP - "Whether you're looking for a quick recipe for dinner or are planning a party, we've got hundreds of delicious recipes to satisfy all types of tastes, events, and dietary needs."
Recipes from the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo - Recipes from various parishes for all occasions.
Recipes from St. Norbert Catholic Parish - Casseroles & other recipes.
Sea Food Recipes - Southern Fried Shrimp - This link requested by some beautiful young children from the Children's Cancer Center in New Jersey.
The Light Weigh (Catholic) - "A 12 week Video Series - Bible Study where you will learn a new approach to eating and to prayer...members learn to eat the foods they enjoy in moderation.. international and is done throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland and Australia.  All Light Weigh groups use the same format." - "The mission of VegSource is to offer the most up to date health and diet information possible, and to encourage the many good reasons for a plant-based diet.  We do this by sponsoring leading authorities and organizations and promoting their critical message."
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