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Therese Neumann was a German stigmatist and mystic, who for many years did not sleep and lived without food or liquids except for the daily Eucharist.
When asked by an American GI if the United States would ever be destroyed or invaded in a war, her answer was: "No, but at the end of this century America will be destroyed economically by a series of NATURAL DISASTERS."
Those who study prophecies know that "the end of this century" does not necessarily mean directly before or immediately after the year 2000, because prophecies are not always fulfilled at an exact period of time. However, we also know that this prophecy has already partly come true because during the past few years the following disasters have occurred with greater frequency and/or greater intensity: flooding, heat waves, drought, hurricanes, severe storms, cold waves, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, and odd weather patterns.
As with many prophecies, they are fulfilled to the extent that people are willing to amend their lives, truly practice their Faith, and live by God's Laws as given through the Holy Bible and the teachings of the Church.  A punishment can be very severe, or lessened in intensity, depending upon the number of people who are willing to return to the Lord and follow HIS teachings, rather than the temptations of the devil and the teachings of the world.
Because the Lord is not quick to punish, many people foolishly believe no punishment will ever come.  The lessons of the previous century, and the great sufferings of the millions who were killed, tortured and imprisoned at the hands of atheistic madmen have been forgotten.  A new generation awaits proof of the existence of God.
When disasters & wars take place, the vast majority of people, (even leaders within the Church) do not recognize they are coming from the Lord since He is ALLOWING them to happen.  Many express "compassion" for those who have suffered harm, but very few have the wisdom to truly see or express WHY "natural" disasters & wars happen.  Others remain ignorant because as in all punishments, the INNOCENT suffer along with the GUILTY and they lack the spiritual knowledge to understand why that is GOD'S WILL.
In addition to their indifference, lukewarm spiritual state, and approval of abortion, what are the other reasons God would inflict a punishment upon the people of the United States?
Those "reasons" can also be found in the Sacred Scriptures:
"And the Lord said: 'For as much as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips glorify me, their heart is far from me, and they have feared me with the commandments and doctrines (wishes & teachings) of men.  Therefore behold I will proceed to cause an admiration in this people, by a great and wonderful miracle; for wisdom shall perish from their wise men, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid.'" (Isaiah 29:13-14).
The above Scripture is also coming true for very few today have the wisdom to lead our country in a manner that is pleasing to God, and beneficial to the welfare of our country.  There are no Democrats who have the moral qualifications necessary to lead our country because the vast majority of them believe you have the "right to kill" unborn Americans through abortions.  Even among the Conservative Republicans who may be qualified, their voices are not being heard due to the indifference of a morally corrupt society filled with many selfish people who don't love or fear God.
The Sacred Scriptures also  enlighten and inform us as to other reasons why many people in the United States are deserving of punishments, and the terrible consequences those who do not return to Him will experience:
"For because sentence is not speedily pronounced against the evil, the children of men commit evils without any fear"  (Ecclesiastes 8:11).
"Wherefore, God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanness; to dishonor their own bodies among themselves.  Who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
For this cause, God delivered them up (withdrew His Grace) to shameful affections.  For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature.  And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts, one towards another: men with men, working that which is filthy and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error. 
And as they liked not to have God in their knowledge, God delivered them up (withdrew His grace) to a reprobate sense, to do those things (that are evil & sinful) which are not convenient (not suitable or not morally correct for a child of God).
Being filled with all iniquity, malice, fornication (engaging in sex without being married), avarice, wickedness: full of envy, murder, contention, deceit, malignity: whisperers.  Detractors, hateful to God, contumelious, proud, haughty, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents.  Foolish, dissolute: without affection, without fidelity, without mercy.  Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death (the punishment of Hell) - and not only they that do them, but they also that consent (participate in their evil deeds, or approve of their actions) to them that do them"  (Romans 1:24-32)
Although things look very dark, and are getting darker as sin is increasing all around us, we still have the spiritual resources (priests & Sacraments) within the Church to bring people back to God
Therefore let us continue to have hope, and continue to pray for the conversion of sinners, for nothing is impossible with God.  vtb
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